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Did you hear why Dez Bryant was banned from a Dallas mall?

Mar 23, 2011|

Dez Bryant was banned from a Dallas mall for being a jerk. Listen to Dino tell you what he did.

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All of -- but it might be a great idea of patriots could somehow got their hands on Dez Bryant raise your hands all thousands of fans. Are going up all over New England. A widely. Wildly talented wide receiver fair to say yes this does -- qualify as much more trouble than he's worth. It's a good question I think it's a sign. Bigger problems. Of a bad attitude. I mean I don't think the fact I don't think what he did yesterday is yesterday yes coupled couple days ago what -- a couple days Saturday. As did over the weekend I don't think that would disqualify him you know wouldn't cross some off the list and never won him on my team again -- any marks. Worked out pretty well here and he's the biggest the horrible time. This guy it will be adventure for the rest of his career to Dallas Cowboys or the comment while right -- somewhere else does -- -- to move around a little bit. I wonder how much of which are about to hear about Dez Bryant is him just sort of embracing and playing the role it's expected to think much of that gold on this guy just them. Leap -- arguably. I think since he was eight without the deepens when hold the Randy Moss was when somebody said. He is so -- she's special seven and it didn't happen -- Jerry Rice. In focus you know ran for 740. C and -- it and work harder but but it did happen with. Would you name Steve Smith Chad Ochocinco. I mean these guys are. Loans or Al all star with the well. I mean -- were divas from there yes since they were seven years is Andre Johnson exception not the rule yes. Yes yes these exception not the rule. Well does Bryant finds himself of that long line of whacked out wideout -- Receivers in the National Football League and this is only going to enhance his resume as he goes for other cowboys wide receiver. Was given a criminal trespass warning. From off duty police officers at -- Dallas shopping mall Saturday. Others that upset right there which are expecting strip club or nightclub when something bad happened on the Saturday. -- middle of the day. At a at a upscale Dallas shopping mall the -- where he hangs out this is like yeah it's now -- -- -- artist Julian you think you would give it registry. I've rented really artists of tenacity literally be got a criminal trespass well you can't guess. According to the police report Dez Bryant and his pals were involved in an incident where security asked them to wait for it. Pull up your pants because your underwear showing. Bryant told. ESPN Dallas dot com here's pants were up it was his friends' parents who were dragon. Was he ask fragile strangest fashion statement at the -- insists -- and -- do. -- that's a look comfortable it's it doesn't feel could. In this looks good it doesn't make you look -- -- -- On the united it's it's a kiss my statement. See someone's underwear this plant -- really pissed at kiss my. Exactly. I got I'm not up on these you watch weren TV and I do a lot of -- don't -- away mentioned about the story Dina -- paragraphs is seminary looking via. There's no mention of the. It was me really in the wrong and it's not even an issue now Bryant has been banned from the mall for three months for what happened. Wrote me -- -- -- husband drives like he's thrown an orange Julius against the last month Miller thought in the mall now. This account on the days in the in the area and three months or more days looking to back -- -- back Mike says he's won back their before the treatment is over he's according to. According to the police report. Bryant used profanity and created commotion when confronted by the officers. What the bleak he said you stop me like guy stole something. That's as close to the targeting because Utica shoplift at some athletic stole some but here up Bryant also told police he was leaving and as a Angeles attorney. Got to the scene. Now -- the police report Brian has a history of problems at this very mall. Including -- incident at a store. We're police said intervene after the wide receiver cut in line. -- have a bunch of other customers. Out in a parking citation and a separate incidents. Or just parking his car in the fire laying out front. It's at a pickup if you really escalate the 22 -- right here I'll be right back got to get a couple of. Why was he at the mall this it did you get that quote there no I didn't try to knew -- -- to get her on this -- a bronze. To say so baggy pants that cover up in new Brunswick new ones that once he -- and so now. Beyond the cutting in line and parking in the fire -- he was also involved in eight major disturbance. At one of the malls restaurants with -- unknown women. A woman it got so bad cops were called in restaurant people had called 911. And by the time they arrival Bryant and the woman were gone. Before they arrived Bryant said. I told the guy I'm really trying to get in trouble here. NFL rookie kind of borderline. Hasn't obviously topic make money but hasn't proved anything yet. Wouldn't just say yeah Serb police pants up or that now he looks at Kevin James rolling up on him in a segue in the mall. As disrespectful and some sort of sub Serbia little green fly. But should kiss my -- but cotton and line and power item on the fires no -- he says don't you know -- I -- you know use that -- front exit -- you know we. Yet we are everywhere whereas with a doctor Raj. If Utica. -- it start now as Estes as pathetic insult that is. Are you on -- rush people out of me in the TV show I mean the on -- rush people. But little dead flies that hang around and so around Charlie sheen's head. The guys it's gotta run to Dez Bryant is Dez Bryant does -- -- the most pathetic of the mall yet you know capsules let's just brightens and I accomplish something right great athlete to make a lot of money on what playing for the America's team the Dallas Cowboys. The world knows who I am these guys of their just to use a back in the in the -- days. Leon springs had this on -- rush of Mobil's who did have one guy who's in charge of running ahead of Leon. Opening the door next time I saw Leone was Agee and don't YNC act in the Saint Louis threatened -- often force but. The the entourage is that will look at look at Brandon -- situation. This shooting and they can't pick any of the entourage in the green flies surrounding have to say which one has money you know. And they and they identified Brandon big NFL -- what's the point -- -- anybody Els but. It's it's almost like a larger problem. -- I was like about this of the of the day week we admire. -- Respect talent. -- talent just pure athletic well yeah one we do that it's like it's like respecting. Height respecting. You know -- here in you which is board despite was born about braves. Respecting brain. That acts more little odd that so much but. In a minute issue aboard the case of Bill Gates. Do you respect -- of -- some real smart guy like the Kevin Bacon character in that diner. To sit on the couch and watch a pretty -- every answer yeah but he was looser -- and and in and didn't make due respect that at a singles also threatens it respects it's like respect and talent. If you work really hard and get the most out on the mean the best that's the best. Of the best generally that's. And go back to Jerry Rice again you know the best. -- Jerry Rice the because that Jason Varitek and hardest working right a lot of territory. But if it's just talent. And they don't make the most of why we stepped back when they want about what makes you. Respect physical that's the culture in this country Gerri -- problem and and you know we don't talk about it much and -- you know -- identified the problem but. It's starts young when their kids when they're high school it's like if the -- is really athletically talented you know parents adults if for a month. Would he do it. All the back -- -- they transferred to other schools and given to programs where it went exactly Qaeda was about to be the Nobel prize winner in science and is on the honest way is probably get squirrelly -- -- -- -- stopped in the locker camera. But but it's beyond that it's just it's like a guy who's. Not at a physical -- it just works and so yeah and makes that team and money talking about like Rudy and talk -- A good player. Is working extremely hard and -- in in doesn't have the -- Troy Brown don't yet like. And respect him but somehow we respect. You know this that Randy Moss right all right and it's you know it's wrong it's. It's just a gift from god I mean it's an accident of birth. That you can you know don't know it's an action of -- that you can run a war for forty. I think I now know why they wear their -- slow in addition to kiss my but some answers about seventeen different techsters halves. A text and us the answer we'll explain Q why at least textures say. The pants worn low by Dez Bryant and his on -- rush the mall.

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