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Don "Grapes" Cherry, Hockey Night in Canada

Mar 22, 2011|

Don Cherry joins D&C to talk about Matt Cooke, this current Bruins team and his days coaching in Boston

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They should make our next guest feel right at home I think it's safe to say that very few athletes -- very few commentators in fact very few people. On the entire planet. Can be called one -- time but our next guest John Kerry certainly qualifies you courses BC ABC television Jerry calls the coach's corner and emissions segment. The long running Canadians work program Hockey Night in Canada in addition as recently joined ESPN in the US as a commentator during the latter stages of the Stanley Cup -- dog -- Jerry joins us on the AT&T hot line. But it's possible that nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible. Good morning on long time no talk -- -- -- I don't -- military. I do like Puerto arguing about -- and. Pay it if -- just be just what you -- Aaron I'm just kind of I think the picture this do you have one of your loud sport coats on. All I have -- and unloaded technology and green -- who. At a Toronto maple leaf sweater on and I guess -- that they could do at Morgan. Hey Don before we get in the serious hockey talk I'm gonna take you back in 1979. It's actually the last time you and I were to gather I don't know if you remember this. It was a day that -- fired you you invited certain members of the media up to your house and hand over. You've sat on the couch you red blue sitting on your lap and the two of you drank Budweiser on camera or call that day. I never did and all the players to vote later members stepped outside date for me. There are that is -- -- -- that -- but I tell you and I remember boot. It was very out of first drive they're really not like -- with me I guess he knew. A -- things are happening but. Eight network I turn out for there was the well everybody blamed Harry but I certainly think what might he might -- I would love bug -- -- though the -- -- good -- any coach to have -- Bruins never yeah outside the gulf. So so you -- do you think you might Cheryl little blame with the the discord between you and Harry. Well don't look back now I think I turned the whole city against Harriet. What they carried into individual you've got beat paranoid here but -- -- -- -- these good luck we've got to win -- that are here we've -- -- the first product that they picked it and make make everybody haven't so what I did was I -- that he. Mean they get the world we thought we were in we never had anybody else are we -- a 116 point. -- all quiet though didn't we we were like I think if the world and area would be the world that I hope -- get lectured at some of the -- not much though. -- Egon was 7778. When you have eleven players with twenty goals or more. Your best team your favorite team. -- it's certainly what I want everybody to think about this -- eleven. Twenty or more ball from thirty to 43 -- that that have you know what it'll abroad but part of a broad picture they have or that the Canadians have three I can go down the left they'll be lucky that we 88 came up anyway I put on right. With the checker. And at a golf score that I mean I was really competent park within their -- with tornadoes are. Our topic that the that I would point -- met every out of body out courtesy yep. Oh my goodness that would have been a cakewalk. -- -- at the truth be told -- tortured guy in Boston who was the guy that you admired the most played the way you wanted to brought the attitude just did it the way you wanted to it was its daily. With Stanley you're gonna -- the executive but I have to -- on my favorite on that he was Bobby shabbat. A lot of people don't realize that year in the playoffs he's glad he led all of the playoffs then the appointment viewed. If the column doctor hook we gonna evolve I think I Gator fight night but he had that stick there was little equalizer and eight dated somebody that -- keep up these these are gonna turn into a beaver I would you I don't the -- he was my we would call a drop off. It was the game better than done. I don't know what their what the there's no doubt about it it was tougher I mean that's the problem we got now we go to rock throwing around with -- They -- their top. Whereas the old date -- is the corporate got the suspended by the media ever did that John repellent and -- with the -- and he should have been legitimate talk for the heartbeat that that didn't have a -- there is an absolutely brutal for that night I went crazy on -- -- team because you -- -- -- -- my favorite that the -- apparently -- imposed on any player who delivered an attempt to injure or who deliberately it has -- -- -- any -- that's -- 21 I'm not overruled but there was right there. He died everything got four minutes he'd never got anything for that if he had a got twenty game then. He would have been -- maybe straightened out he beat me if he should have been suspended for that what he did the -- and he got it. Outcome -- up you ought to this story ever told that before I rip the -- red two years ago. When that when there therein in the final and it is -- Carolina and he and I'd given to -- because those bits and collect obviate separated shoulder for no reason at all outlined the worst. Any comprised medium haul and that I wanna I wanna know what you're gonna have a -- the -- -- the MySpace which is set on TV I gotta coordinate -- -- that but I can't tell you what -- that are arguably put out here you know there are no good backstabbing little boy and then. I hear about -- he was gonna do something like that on the -- -- -- -- didn't tornado at thirty is backed out of my district know little radical. We talked about last week it was a piece in the Boston Globe given DuPont's talked about the the in the new way the game is played in its in its skate seek and destroy everybody is skating around. Faster than ever stronger than ever trying to take out other players are not fighting. And not stick handling the not play in the game that just hitting do you see it that way Don is that the problem. Well and everybody says he's not the speed is that -- particular attribute it all over every injury. That was that was caught when he hit it being. This is going sideways not the speed it's that they go locker go right equipment are brutal now. It -- equipment back in the seventies they have those little caps that were on the little Cooper acknowledged arbor. -- the armor it's not for protection anymore that addition to the -- -- that no doubt that brought the the problem is we don't have they don't pay the price anymore Purdue would something like I again I go back to my Bruin to have their. Can you imagine caught doing that one of our club like that data -- dogged Gary -- one time. And we've followed him around between routine he had the -- somebody every game. But the work was it's. The same thing you went Gretzky played -- but then he went for anger that advocate he was never touch except for the hit and the guy that hit America and yet again they all. There's no repercussion there's no we used to police the game's -- like cook and guides like that. It would there byters paying it down and all that stuff there that they would've been straightened out along time ago the investigator wrote would put in and it and that -- -- never been that they sent know if it's not respect period they don't have any fear of repercussions. Grade do you think or should I inferred that Matt -- punishment regular season in the first round was not enough. Yesterday. Thought I was an -- -- -- that was pretty good I would I would give them if you really wanted to make a point I would give them about that to hold. Well developed they give their crowd becomes fact they're not gonna go anywhere -- up given the whole playoffs because. This guy has gone around. And he wrote -- -- Kenya on magical with all that stuff going on with head shot. Nobody could be ridiculous that I didn't you gotta gotta gotta pick these burial of the review. One of the biggest bullies I've ever seen he come up he comes up and -- what that they -- he takes he says. We have to -- riveted shot at and the owner Dave morehead we have yet -- shot at in the federation or learn -- like that that they think in general manager. -- -- happens. They got the guys they had shot I have all participated pay -- what about you hypocrite help it. It does Chara have to worry about being arrested next time it crosses the border. You didn't go to Iraq but -- -- and yet. You don't have to worry about that naive. And -- really have nobody that I wanted you know to do -- to move would. And that the games -- But that'll happen is the big east is. -- candidate that here's a guy for thirteen years they've never had debit suspended. Never I've never I've heard anybody could kill people and there's no way that he did that in fact I use it was. He was just taken a guy Oden and and I really give it to the owners of multiple that they didn't have more padding on that turn buckle which they have now put more on when you get back in there you'll be at the tournament out of the it would about straight top. They really call 911 up there the fans Canadian fans. Express into the number for 91 candidate that that are. Did the date when they serious about that that they thought -- -- -- was over the line that it was old line and and obviously. Well you've seen worse you see worse every night of the week I assume. -- I don't know I go I've never heard that 911 who told -- I'd never heard doubled in the paper that the Bill Mueller called 911. They want a -- arrested. All well -- -- didn't even backed group all they're not. But he had group ball all over the place simply can't help. And and then Air Canada came out another sponsors came out said they were not happy with that they were -- police. All right I really -- that the -- rail I was via rail and I really rip didn't we all -- big the only -- west -- up here we're going. By the way two -- to an opposite of the rail and Air Canada it just happened to be in Montreal and that should do yeah. A -- I didn't hear that hue and cry from the Canadians the Canadian fans on rapture ready just about killed marquee back in December -- -- -- -- -- -- Volume you never hear it they're still -- and a I don't know what that -- that would when it happens here guys but I -- that was ridiculous that -- he had a ticket the ticket animal or they had I would a dialogue with the bigger rock and a guy and along the boards and the guy and I get hit like that I was ridiculous that that was not. That was not intentional Paula you're dead thirteen years never been suspended -- -- he could kill people if you want to it's it's what -- I -- talked about Boston Bruins past let's talk about Boston Bruins present and with his recent school there's been a lot of -- Weeping and gnashing of teeth and people question whether Claude Julian has the right got a lead this team. The rest of regular season and the playoffs is -- the right guy. You know -- what it they united had that happen volatile mix up when I was there you play I think he's got that they think -- was doing great they get New Jersey and they said the same thing do why he can't change now. I mean heavy -- -- He's the guy stole the many games for yet. How what he was kind ordinary had -- you're not gonna win but you know you decapitate. The coaches with fifteen games left -- that video they'll bounce back. I have to admit that you don't coveted got to get all the he can't beat. You know throwing a stick around it and it -- I have to admit that he that the number greater than pretty good but they're probably get a -- that kid did you just don't do that surely you're sick and or -- defense and underneath the bus. From what you can tell Don is this Bruins team built break deep run into the playoffs or is this a one and done. I don't think so I think they're really playing good in -- got a 29 goals than they did I if I I guess I -- thought they. You know I I I there's something wrong there you know right now. There's something wrong with the team that doesn't. Did I -- unit -- product usually -- -- writes from Ontario played really great here you're absolutely awful but if you're gonna pick -- -- today at the time to do what I remember and I had when we went the final we're in March we had a tough time for the rule but I I just don't and I would like to -- -- -- the other place that much. -- Kelly Kevin I'm not -- and Kelly Kelly Kelly but. It played a lot of and that the blowout in trying to put the -- before -- only played about nine minutes I would latest direct leadership is that it is that he's -- he's the broad merger. -- have a coach to get our communal I didn't -- the Rockies I mean after that. What a new coach again and and did you -- and did you just not wanna take the pay cut. Well I think -- great on radio and look it's not like he let that dog are invited. There was I went over ten years that I thought it was -- up but not. And I got the break on hockey night Canada which is a big deal appears so -- is that but I did I nearly did I really didn't have the broom ball I was. I was the one we're like we had a swagger that -- team we will swagger in the building -- Brad two point have a few Beers we had more fun. That you talked it is the Bruins we had on back -- that we're the top in the sport. I -- -- ever and that it was on guys I -- the -- but they've got all but think what government and. A great when you go on vacation and if you wanted to drop out of sight and not be recognized is that even humanly possible that you could go a couple of hours in Canada in cog veto. Well I'm afraid not I don't go to anybody late I don't why did the big thing with video -- a reported two years in the minor nobody knew I was delighted the I get a big kick out of it -- of people. All occupied Canada's the big deal appears well I get a big kick out of its value truth than dollars although American going Canada whether it be and recognized -- the idea that the price -- -- I love it. As we mentioned earlier daily Jonathan -- kept up of them you know -- what he's doing is he alive and well. Where they're about five nation yes. Indian reserve appear with -- that I went over to column Indian city -- may have ultimately charged and Vietnamese are great guys in my little -- ball boy and everybody out meet with a couple of -- -- you ever ever stop and and would stand on every time he fought somebody he hurt. Somebody asked -- -- is that doubles Garrett. -- asked Bouchard who's the toughest guy. Oh man that was done if he broke his nose cheekbones. You know at that it has been indicted smoke but he never ever played -- get at the last they have assured after that wait is never gonna play the National Hockey League that gap by pick up the organ. It with a little guy I ever boy he that you couldn't hurt to get -- with a baseball -- to your partner of. That was the amazing thing about that particular fight if you watched that fight. The first ten punches were five for Bouchard and five for Jonathan and all Atlanta on their targets and Rashard -- swing and and and Staley just -- limited into submission. What happened there what he had that -- that nobody I've never beat. He can throw it right -- -- always with a late in the day motion and a Winger played here all we get that a lot of lefthander you get them a lot of righthander. He could which hadn't been and that's what he did with maturity which. I came back with a left that -- -- great on the ringer and broken nose and on the way down I would put a -- -- it. Both fighters when they got a guy on the way down or they get a -- right now and they'll stop. They let you get a plate with Natalie and everybody know it it he Eric on the way down and he got it down he didn't stop and I was that's what everybody with the I remembered they've hammered shall and is book that camera he had done. I I really couldn't -- what I was going -- the above -- I couldn't sleep the night before you we have bite type. -- guys but they had five guys who -- -- that the cycle through. -- -- -- Brought Bruins Canadians Thursday do we expect retaliation should. What happened there really don't have anybody like that in that it both gave no way and they'll be. Everybody will be there you know on all of -- president commission call that will be there but I don't -- -- it ever get the big blowout either way it there could be a lot of fun but usually when that the when that game back after public -- not that ever happened. -- and went almighty called Mario Lemieux the biggest phonies -- just because of his stance on the head shots. Absolutely we can't come out then I'm gonna get out of a out of the league and I I'd bet that the parent ball. I really have to look at the FHL start knock in the -- NHL and then he cited kitty paychecks for -- Because that's ridiculous because. Because -- -- -- about a long time ago he couldn't go to get that shot and got their heads cut dialogue I'm ridiculous. Great to Boris say good -- who wins the cup this year. Like Vancouver the way they're gonna -- they locked up -- my hold the other night and boy he was as tough guy on the but he thought but thankfully they only if they got a great goaltenders -- it's thought that it had the good old days -- was either Canadians are. Islanders are the brawn but it anymore where anybody can win -- -- up -- almost but it barely made the playoffs all but about the public money on output on Vancouver. How much did you make 22 years in the mine is the -- did you make more and those pointy ears are like last week on the job you have now. -- made -- I what I started I've made 4500 dollars and 84500. Dollars Freddie short dot net and that didn't hear they cut it up 4200. But at the at and you suit brought because more than that now. No you're not kidding I mean they queue up for tips. -- Gerri always a pleasure talking with -- let's wait thirty years before we do it again I'll enjoy it very about it aren't -- at Derek. Dogs -- Dennis and Callahan and AT&T hotline. -- and what's possible -- fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible we'll be right back.

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