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Bill Walton tips a Guiness with the Big Show

Mar 16, 2011|

NBA/Celtics legend Bill Walton joined the Big Show to talk hoops and drop many Guiness plugs... you can catch Bill in a Guiness commercial during the NCAA tourney. We try and get a word in edgewise.

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ID. You -- that the average American ends up each year with three unused vacation days. You know them like I did -- did not know now. -- According to the people aren't -- -- -- I know you haven't I gave up five last year that his gaze back this year. I finally get -- -- -- It. It no players that don't you know not not that anybody who leaves you so this is done the research which I applaud. That they found that Americans each year give up three unused vacation. And our friend Bill Walton has teamed up with -- because Walton is -- -- -- clear more than ever. This is the year to step up at the day off from work apparently drink get I would mr. -- is that true. I'm gonna go a step further away. All agreed by the way don't of his shot popped and one right now and million clients poured every day it. Around this great global war of the globe the most perfect war -- just like the basketball the basketball work by itself it does nothing. What do you make it an extension of your mind the way that Rondo does that we did did you -- stated that the jury is there is evidence. Jerry's -- It's obvious all the guys. What you're able to make an extension of your mind of what it is eager to what is life whether -- curricula. Give this responsibly whether your balance of that magic basketball with excel agrees that you could make a difference. And that's what -- your polling everybody to do to borrow Saint Patrick's Day. Started the college turn amid the ball perfect robotic convergence. The bold stand -- quit your job. So I'm. Almost 10% is people are unemployed this economy -- make your job your. 37 years ago gland out by by the way good -- today and it's the second one down here we're -- -- -- -- New York under the bought. It's called it's rainy it's it's Iguodala and bill you ever 'cause I know you've elected -- tussaud's I was not surprised would get -- -- -- -- But you -- when you're up you're never drank that green beer did you let that stuff. -- Two days ago. -- water. Hot water fully describe. That's ready that's. All -- its -- -- -- Deliveries spiritual -- Common -- we were blessed just were so let's talk about how many dinners that they had -- Will rule we're our we're we're we're on the record pitch down here and -- the top of Portland has been -- an exciting day they were getting ready for the -- that I just. I love this judge ever forget these -- he is no rules and he is to use the combination of -- and Larry. And -- Egypt JG Pereira and he just got it all and I just so happy for him. -- -- So if they're not going anywhere in the tournament now because they lost they lost Davies the Cologne and it does not gonna see him from -- -- just. Watch him play this war Dennis is that he's out of the tournament. And it if he doesn't. It you know if he doesn't go far just go back him and -- want you to find these games by just highlight films to this guy is shall we expiration week so far and we're. We talked about inspiration a -- as if all the guys. Because in my mind is in my life which is now fifty years. -- -- the player people to inspire the whole crowd the way Larry Bird. And there were -- Bill Russell play it personal assault on public visual lot. But of all the other guys that song is great players will control the magic. Jordan. I'd say like he -- -- Rick Perry at Walt Frazier -- never never did it -- when it spider. That crowd can -- do whatever it takes. Forty -- what are you gonna say that excel what you wanna Portland radio station there. I'll always told the truth Delaware directorate -- -- away what it is -- reproach him Charlie Sheen now. He gets fired from from his job now he's gonna do like these live one man shows or whatever to -- -- ever approached Cuba doing a reality show. I get a reality show years ago. And we had a great time doing it was it was a message delivered purpose driven show what the you know one of the great things in my life is that I've had. Unbelievable parents. I had remarkable coaches should support all the table talk about -- -- -- read our back right here because we would do anything. For our coaches really love those guys. But I also ahead heroes I didn't heroes that I could look up to aspire to as a -- -- That's like Bill Russell and while literally pushed -- it just material accumulation physical gratification. Is not about stuff. With that there was about people with about -- and other people's republic of people's dreams come true and they sacrificed everything. -- pic of Bill Russell I'd look around a basketball players. People are so driven by stats it is absolutely -- -- trees give me impact could be control until Russell control ever read. He controlled the entire sport for fifteen years and never had or would this mean. It Bill Russell I got to be curious to become which ran the same with Mohammed Ali that they were better people that they will play -- And to have that experience in your -- -- to be able to com. And be a member of the bosses so between your dreams come true it was a rather you heard it's it is it's unbelievable you know -- pop another Guinness this. Interpret the other good news is huge if you're listening you can't tell you can't even tell you -- Maginnis -- -- -- seamless as it disrupted the flow of -- -- -- This morning started it is started. More than 44. Let's put this morning Soledad and they're called action was to take a day off we're talking about saving their vacation day. You know who want to lead a watered down last. Mind that it up and people forget just take it a bit to quit your job -- court's job that's nobody's figured. Read your job that's what. I was able to do but. My parents they asked me to this very day. So Billy did you ever get a job. Closer than ever to be able to say. That this is so special. The remarkable thing you know about it. In our world is that in the mother country Ireland. Think Patrick is a national policy. Is in Canada that last year alone doesn't. The it candidate state predators and national -- will we have somewhere someway got lost the war -- Award the past. Along the golden -- to undivided devotion we have them arbor day just to be an -- and as we talk about getting lost how about defected. These -- on Nelson Jerry tort case the recent this. Drupal will or not in the basketball. Administration excellent what is happening to war world and it. -- original and make the final cut this year. -- -- -- Reggie Miller not like to find Russell -- and you are certainly embarrassing. I'm not sure what they're thinking. And you know the basketball payment for people who play basketball. Who made basketball what is changed history. Is that it is just incredible that we -- toward Ireland and ordered Dublin who advocate this -- they have all the break it. I get there already is so. Owners of the world's moral support. -- the result -- second it's -- or who's the true story at his in his induction. It's at all flame out in spring fully gets out there. On an eight and 99. And everybody's supposed to have like three minutes despite a five minute all of the video -- -- 2017. Minutes. And -- figured that three there they are to the people that weren't speaking mostly figgins steal their -- Well and the first thing he says there. Was what's the first thing you said it accepted that a what do you remember. They advocate of blatantly. You did and then the next line was it's been quite a whirlwind tour for me. I got this week to appear on wheel of fortune. No real fortunate -- -- The second greatest accomplishment of my life after learning how to speak. -- and I've played for the Celtics over the horrendous Federer -- see anything but it was unbelievable because that they've marched. But he can't 1980 communal payment the seventeen minute -- like five minutes of allotted time. Got to be in VA job was to monitor this situation to get us through the Chinese fans have been sent the seventeen minutes and goes on wall and that's the thing. You're ever in your region lasted longer than your career did. -- -- Nah hey hey bill what what what are your jobs now is. Every now and then you're watching the Celtics are working hard Comcast sports net chitchat and what what do you think of what do you think the Celtics entered their chances of when and location. Still the -- vehemently that. The Celtics what Ridnour Beck and Larry Bird this occupation did use. And it's that it -- to be the same thing for. And just so happy for sure -- You know you have to be concerned because he's not playing when you're up -- it and made every march. How you're gonna be poignantly draw but if Shaq can play as well as. -- the beginning of the year and played that well be at the views of what's -- should. And Chicago is good yep Miami's -- yet they're yell what they're gonna do. Their plan is gonna be run run run the shall we should not -- -- to keep up. But the Celtics are better. The Celtics are better in every aspect right now the Chicago and why they'd better than Los Angeles better than it is the lakers. And that's why the home court advantage is so critical all the games so. Monumental event the last ten days with these cryptic losses to the clippers come on the clippers. -- built that they'll be up to. New Jersey colonial scoreboard 78 points and you're gonna win the game -- the role -- is about to offense they. With all that is that I don't think they should fire the coach -- God they have got they have all -- they want they had a five game lead over the lakers took the lakers are going to be a there's nobody out the west you can do at. -- district opted senatorial they'll make a little bit of noise but they're not picking up and up -- -- -- The Celtics have everybody they've got KG -- -- player who's gonna determine this year's championship. Along with Colby abroad -- bought an original leads you got Paul Pierce she got pretty down but not all you got Rondo. I wanna see of Rondo -- Rick roll natural to Islam. Delegate Shaq back in there you gotta keep Crist did -- when you got a week. Jeff Green up against him is that the level of physical fitness that they should be required. It's all right there of a big believer in the eighties I trusted -- he put -- Team for the ages together. -- ride that tidal wave that -- How much do you think that -- utilized for how much you did this in a plane while all right now terror gap -- how much of this do you think is. You church you're trying to put a lot of new players into the equation -- got to -- But -- get out there and run good up there and work and don't look over the sideline the coach just. Assumed responsibility to -- that would give this is all about. Given a world of it is accurate -- -- fermentation at least to report generosity but do it responsibly and that you're looking around blame and other people that you're not willing to stand tall people are willing to quit your job situation dream. What do you do will be on the Boston Celtics is still what are the two sets of three from John would know. Whine don't complain don't make excuses don't -- don't cheat don't steal that cover a lot of grass. Did you submit additional Turkey more Guinness isn't these rather light of this -- -- eleven we got I don't wanna ask you one more question it's an important what you are you alluded to every question is important particularly what US you know what you're so nice. The stuttering problem you have. All I do and when I remember it because I have an interview how I get paid -- bill I'd interview bill on a regular basis. -- it was uncomfortable when you were interviewing him because you wanted to help them a good dog couldn't talk awful and it's amazing listening to right. Now this afternoon the doping measures it can we please go back to -- this is a nobody president they've all used to like bill. That he learned that a taught how did you go I'd just how to Specter get this how to solve the problem of the drinking Guinness outages all. Marty -- The legendary broadcaster you know I've been touched by about life in broadcasting you know -- my whole life. She occurred was the first guy. Ralph Lawler built shortly clippers -- blazers. Johnny vote you Glenn. Now Mike Foreman -- you know power behind top in 1956. Years with the Celtics have now he's finally tired going out there to California in the wintertime. You know. And I'm the luckiest -- of the world because it. The -- -- we care if it was so great so. But what do well one of visionaries come behind it it just it's funny to my wife Laurie who. You don't like basketball a lot more to achievement -- But I got the -- -- -- and it's it's he's walking back and forth that you don't watch any brigade but -- of the commercial comes on. She just jump likable or isn't that cute -- laughs at all but that was the games are going wrong and Tommy's not broadcasting. She looks to me says I can't hobbies do all the cute and he's just such a creative educators such as that. A leader such a a visionary. For the what we're gonna do where we're gonna -- how the Celtic nation is gonna talk for one more time. After all we happen if you really stand tall people quit your job which feature agree. Gotta get to backed road did you -- bill. You're gonna tell the story Marty Glickman helped you with stutter out -- to lot of what -- My life -- -- still do. And a five minute conversation at a charity event and he restored. Pole but he was so forties is you put Vietnamese these two we've got to fix this. That. I would say a word he could just listed in that five minute conversation he laid out all the steps. And -- of briefly run rule. I wrote the whole story up a public website to Walt dot com results -- -- holding it would the proudest accomplishment my life is that. I did survive the foundation board for a number of national stuttering organizations. And so. Here in -- major party was to -- Slow your brain. Discipline yourself for the other after chew -- district in the bustle in your in your belt to all. Actually you have whole of your songs of your jaw and all the things are going to speaking -- -- speech. Communication that is its fuel a fuel like -- turnaround jump shot like an outlet -- drop step like that incited pivot. So that must be developed refined. Polished and then read out loud. -- out identify all the sound and from either and -- -- they change all the time we QB he's he is as is w.'s. -- -- I have problems with it. Identify those sounded fine written passages make little difference what you read. Read out allowed those -- you're practicing what before law verdict after. Demonstration. Correction. Imitation. Don't you have that repetition. Repetition that's has to be able to re created time and time again. And that people work through after reading out loud after reading an outbound front of the mirror to that you -- to be comfortable with yourself -- people like yourself. How to anybody else to like you and then the final step is to become the future and going out there with young people going up there with guys. We're just desperate for knowledge wanna be in the game like want somebody to care for them. Ended his pro war people practice because. These young people the children they won't cater to -- they -- -- -- your. Read here and a big old freckles and beat her Republican faces -- all the time -- -- dated agreed to consider revisited Sony has now they're gonna care that you're this year. And when. You care about them they won't care about Hewitt had to practice and to a life time. Of experimentation. The media. Please be polite one more time and opportunity that we it -- -- -- these. How how frustrating was it free you. Having this problem people hear you now know that your guy. That loves to talk Pickett talked about and I've sat with you for hours talking about music and life and basketball I would pick right politics right exactly how frustrating was it for you wouldn't that you couldn't get it out. Was horrendous. It is so embarrassing. It is it is very much like back pain and it in this you've been there you have no idea how debilitating. And how much Rasheed. And now. Devastating this and that. As rival. Being able to climb back over the last year. -- after three and a half years of absolute mystery of my life is basically be or. You know you just think back -- lot of time to reflect that in and that's why we went to come back from where I've been. -- in bold stand that toll quit your job in case you missed the easiest thing in the world and people will go. Who have not been there they don't understand and and and and that's why I'm here forgiveness -- -- tell everybody that tomorrow strength after stick -- a skull. Start the party you're the pop one early get that pipe -- -- -- That's stands for being able to all books. That sense of being able -- what Bill Russell. We wish you change the world probably exactly this it with the opportunity -- The previews for. In -- I'm so happy that that you're happy right now you really sound happy and I. Though I know a year ago I had no idea glad I had no idea what life was like without back. I just thought that was the way it once did I I grew up. I grew up because that everybody's feature for all the talk and we've been lucky people could talk and after it broke my back -- college on January 7 accuse them before I just thought that. That's the -- -- and everybody back for all the time to there was -- no way out by having got so bad that I had no choice but to have this. Unbelievably typical of -- Challenging experimental. Operation and it worked that would make this for some reason I had. The white view what life was like -- -- them back -- McCain allies but things from my work is -- for your patience. And things -- not wanting to go to outlook works is. I'll I'll hold you to Celtic nation in the. I'm happy smiling again I'm -- I won't take the day off tomorrow they won't let me like that but I'll have a I'll have a get old I'll all. -- -- -- so that some people would enjoy that. I'll have a Guinness on you know and -- and I tell you -- one I tell you what we go let's let's make it a date or to meet me on the burden shortly turn it you know. Or a holy water following this let's make it a -- playoffs. Playoffs we'll be we'll get back on the how's that tobacco Rodrigo red line to agree mine get -- and Arabic. What did you back under real I Bill Clinton thank you for your patience. Absolutely it's hardly ever -- -- -- -- -- --

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