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Heath Evans calls Adrian Peterson an Idiot and other thoughts on the Lockout

Mar 16, 2011|

Former Patriot Heath Evans joins D&C to give his thoughts on the lockout. He calls out Adrian Peterson, Nick Collins and some other of his fellow players.

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Let's talk on the AT&T -- -- -- the what's possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T -- possible. With former patriot -- Evans now of the saints beat how aria. I'm good you really believe that about eight CMC gold property called all the. I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know the only network a lot of people want to. By somebody -- whole area. Good read it -- -- it has been too long and it did you have as an overview and. Unsettled feeling about your future or do you think this will this somehow some way whether through litigation or back to mediation -- back to the bargaining table. Is going to get done and we're not -- miss football in the fall. It'll hey I Obama great place to -- -- -- in years and I've had my double -- days and you know the broadcasting world have been nice to me so I've got options I do feel bad for somebody young guys are we gonna -- this season no. I told guys all along that you know what. Plan on missing one -- two -- so plan on this and a couple paychecks but I all the fans everywhere have been hurt you know the last couple weeks insisting it started to build. Seriously. -- relaxed will consist Donna's probably fashion you'll blogger for all on Sundays and Mondays and Thursday. He's that the brain power that ran the NFL players association before the game to certify that -- Jeffrey Kessler and a more Smith. Think it was a good public relations idea to try to somehow. Torpedo the draft on draft day at radio city music call because from a public relations standpoint it's not gold over very well. While it obviously I mean from the south and I read in the -- I get on my Twitter FaceBook MySpace page views are my fancy little may have bought me. Love the work of the foundation. You know we've never really been able to win this you know court of their battle public opinion you know so I don't think -- -- work about I don't think the guys that have. Brought into this stuff. The Brady's robberies of -- -- -- many economic numbers but about hate him so much. The you know it's I don't think we're also we're worried about I guess we love our fans and yes we. What we we owed them a tremendous respect but ultimately. All we've got to try to swing as much power art direction as possible and obviously the owners who -- cut the check. And they do have a lot of power of the we've got to kind of battled back I think it's torpedo or. You cola I don't even know what the proper word is I think it is just try to. What we've got to gain every bit of control we -- your literally trying to win a court battle here -- and that's what you do with any little. Do you think the rookies should stay away from draft day in if you were rookie of your kid. Coming out of Auburn and and look forward to that debuted a first round pick. Would you. Go in Marron and hold up the Jersey and put on the hat -- and the commissioner. You know what I would hold. That I wouldn't but obviously -- 122 years of age. You know my wife would play a little device -- -- -- ever you you know college professor would second that motion but I had a -- Still my my my thing is this you have got those someone asked me last night and it's more like. Filled the table or you get married I've never quite figured out -- guys to get -- commit their life could this person. The other broad strip club into all that stuff now I you do -- -- great but for me it's almost problem like the same thing if you're committing to this group of guys are committing to this side of the battle. The wire you gonna go kind of what your appetite it basically pleasure allegiance somewhere else I hate to say that Congo that's. But it it really kinda. You know there's been a lot of stuff put out by the owners of by the NFL. And I really don't wanna say that perhaps troops I talked to drew almost on a daily basis give me and that's -- very is going on on the drew the most. Mild -- mild mannered person I've ever been around my life yet because simply walks away just. Completely offended by these meetings and that's hard for drew to get to that point. What what offends him so much it sounds like. He's getting emotional -- -- the competitor in him the emotion emotional leader in him it's coming out is he able to remain. Ago level headed and above the fray and and -- would just as as business strictly business. Well I think the so the one thing that -- I think obviously if there's there is no competitor I don't think -- lawyer a great one that does not walk -- a courtroom doesn't get emotional over what it does is that's also what makes him great have been around some great lawyers in my -- book. Ultimately I think it's just that the statistical residents that everyone kind of -- back on us like we're the -- they are so what more money. Lesson never once we ask for more money never once we've -- we will take a pay cut we're just asking us please tell us why what our game is at all I'm height. Despite the economy why now we understand it you know my dad had to cut back at this construction crew -- the construction are probably thought. The NFL doesn't pockets always getting better so just show us why we never come to support or -- -- -- -- -- -- take a take a look at these. We wouldn't be good business but we wouldn't be smart we will leave you I think you know -- -- up -- of god rest his soul I mean we'd be slapping him in the face if we move back. For celebrities created. Over the last you know numbers of years for its work force of good -- that's -- such a all the -- work a lot of luck actually you can call ourselves businessmen. Heath -- would you agree that it might have gone a little bit better in those seventeen days of mediation. Had the players union actually come back with a proposal that had some movement to it. 888 it in essence and I and and I know it's it's it's been from one side has been from the other side but the owners and it's it's. Clearly charted have moved on some of the issues the total compensation at salary cap and benefits and -- not telling you anything you don't know. B 161 and 2014. To 14% raise over 2011. No -- salaries would be cut that's probably music to your ears the union would not even -- know what most thought was easy throw an item the rookie wage scale. And and -- what are. As they keep making proposals and they say they met you halfway and my guess is that wasn't close to halfway. But you have to admit there was some movement by the owners who said we're going to come towards you and yet the players association said. No we're not coming off of our original demand it's almost as if you were trying to force the litigation. Look knowledge systems they've gotten a lot you know after our realize is that I -- block out this series major I -- I hold on the market here. On the one selling -- right so someone brings me an awful the first person that brought an offer. I didn't even come back with an -- because it was just it was a little political nonsense -- built from our standpoint it and how do we make an offer. Okay do do we go there you'll maybe get 10% of all look bigger problem go to CEO 5% of all wanna go out. Yes it's called negotiation that's that's the deal you gotta -- a little -- just if somebody offers me if somebody offered me a 100000 dollar from my house. I think it's worth 500000 and amassing 500000. I might counter with 450000. I would think -- offering a hundred might say well I maybe go to -- I. Would ignore the mom would you eat that's it that's not a serious. Did. But here here's the deal -- don't I all I know what it's worth. Anybody that has any concerns about -- go get your compared to murder analysis say it's an all around here the last eighteen months sold for -- about a dollar to square foot. But that we have no idea other than the gross revenues of our businesses produce it which is also the world -- the last four years since some -- side. Why shouldn't we. I mean honestly what do they were -- Caldwell will also contract in the bottom line is the owner needs us. If you wanna put originally players out there you're -- illegal more rookies got to do what you wanna do this gable pulpit so fast. It'll make your -- it and the owners know that to a sense. But I think that the -- and I keep getting back from Drew -- it's the players you know that we can't hurt damages and we do know we will lose a strong fan base. The owners do not grasp that principle -- -- -- fiscal nature of these and that we're battling it's such that they think it's game is indestructible I completely district. It won't think you're gonna have trouble do when he is staying together clearly. The draft issue -- -- is split we just played this cut from Nick Collins and Obama player I'm going of the draft to cantor prod them of that then this. Idiotic comment from Adrian Peterson comparing you got the slaves. How hard is second of -- to keep 15115100. Guys young guys some crazy guys Antonio Cromartie keep. The guy a guy like ramadi keep him on the same page is a guy like Drew Brees. Well first off I wish I had the athletic ability of AP useful like little thing I. But in unity -- -- what is that was just what was was more ironic at best. Are you hit the -- -- -- that we got 19100 plus guys to keep on the same page. What we have to avoid -- the -- -- comment what we have to avoid is look from our that we have to avoid on a a better -- it solidify in this league. Financially as well as on the field would display. Really kind of jumping ship and those commentary they heard I think ultimately that's what the owners are banking on. Because that's what we can do the -- 32 compared to nineteen under they've got all the power that got every advantage show. We've got to fight ahead of us we know that but that doesn't mean we cave in and they'll do try to do the right thing along the way. He that would seem to me that may be of the 19100 the 28 or 29% almost a full third of the workforce is not under contract. Both guys went August turns in the September and mob wants to know where we're eleven and where we're gonna you know settled -- -- what school put the kids in. The other guys or undercut contract even if you miss a gamer too are going to come back in in and start. You know cashing paychecks again. That 29%. Of the workforce the doesn't know where they're gonna go on what team is gonna pick them up those might be the ones I think I'm on a -- and a fumbled the union. Yeah I know you're definitely right will hope -- your old -- mama and carrier. I've been -- and listening to all the talk a lot of years and people say people don't what that outcome because. Honest people want about -- -- you could not have done a better job and prepping. -- -- a union and your players for the fight at hand and you know what I think. Again -- did an amazing job. But what we're battling we couldn't have a better person at the -- and you know what I told my guys all along. Be smart that things comments the owners have all the leverage and they're gonna use it. And you know what that's that's just that's just part of the NAFTA is but I I would just tell these guys. I got total for the last eighteen months. You'll listen don't give them now because you're gonna look back fifty years from now you're -- -- -- replacement surgery like I'm gonna get where you're paid for out of pocket. You're needs something on your brain and it's not going to be covered event about a 46 you know so. Let and that's in the battle were fighting and I know people look they have all we don't really -- that because they've never strap on the helmet that's not a slap in the face. It's always worth fighting for much more than money it's are less about money out of what people really think it is. Beat up a scenario by you and it's the way I think it it happen and I wish him the -- -- -- who were wrong to me that I'm completely right because I'm not sure. The question was please why won't you show us your books NFL owners who wanna see how much money you're making how much money you're losing -- much money you're not making. My understanding the owners offered to do that for the last five years not in totality not all 32 obviously limited number. The players said that's not good enough we -- -- all 32 teams for ten years well first of model think the last ten years really matters because we've had a and on the economic upheaval in this country in the last three or four. But the fact of the matter is could you not accepted that premise taken what -- they were going to offer you in terms of how many books how many teams you're gonna see for five years and that asked the mediator to rule on whether you get to see all 32 or twenty -- 21. Well on the media standpoint that neither the -- or unwilling to let them have any power that was more or less DR -- I think on both our parts to be honest with you but here's the deal. They supposedly the NFL supposedly offered -- numbers last year last week it -- a single piece of paper. With two numbers the last five years. Apiece -- period of having their numbers being kind of wonder if Roger Goodell comes back and every NFL locker room I'm -- during training camp and we ask them. Why not show the books. And it is intelligent wording he basically said the players and their representation. Is not smart enough. Understand Al Gore asked the minutia that is the NFL financial books. Well listen when you look at a guy could Drew Brees quarterback Tom Brady go to guy like this. You don't say things like that you'll get things like that I've got to fight non profit that we run like a fortune 500 company. We're billionaires -- millionaires that Ahmad board that are constantly struck me in the -- the businessman so that's -- we look ourselves a bit different than the guys viewed themselves twenty years ago in this league so don't sit there and say okay. Our management team isn't smart enough to handle that this is why you're not -- that your book is not a bunch of nonsense and that they've they've picked a fight that isn't going away. Do you view it and keep that -- and -- Kevin more wise said. This is a fight between owners Boomer Esiason said it is not so much play as a result -- the owners vs owners and that's another reason they're reluctant to open their books is their books will look so much different. Did that's is that it did feel that way TU. Through the negotiating sessions in Washington. You know what I would I would definitely gradient and to be honest I haven't set. I haven't sat in the news media I've never been a player rep I'd say form for the last eight years I enjoy this process. But that probably televised interview I'll wait too opinionated to sit and room because I don't care who you I don't care -- some rejection not. Wrong -- -- -- on the call wrong so it's it's slow again it's no different than what we deal with day in day out with sexual abuse you on the cult status made. But I think you'd get I think you have the mister Kraft paper I think you have the mr. Benson down here that happened. I champions square like patriot place. That are in and around their organization that thrive off of that's probably -- try to push the envelope a little bit more to get -- owners to -- get a deal done it and -- back to. Let's just get it -- won't make our money that's not be overly greedy and -- that you have a lot smaller market seems owners are probably -- there are no we need more revenues shared dollar when he gets when you bat. You know I don't know what's going on between those 32 FBI do know this Green Bay Packers would always seem that opened up their books and last year and some of the hardest economical times our country seem. But it clear they profit they made 22 million dollars so our question is an old bottle on the saints won the Super Bowl what are we. You know what of the Dallas Cowboys make what you're away if I don't make a Washington even though they're not very good their fan -- just huge show. That's an -- it great maybe I can point to Mozilla folks we've seen over the ultimately have to go off of all we're saying they're losing money. Why do you want -- not -- losing money juicy you can proper more that'll never accepted doesn't make sense there's not a paper that -- electrician and not a lot of not a doctor. I would do anything different than what the players are doing right yeah. There's not a pain or a lawyer or doctor that's getting 60% off the top not even in the movie industry. You can you can call it simply don't call sixty we've -- about everyone is seeing these numbers they all make sense. We've all seen a piece of the pie that the NFL tries to create and we've -- the realistic I that is it's 50%. You predicted they'll be games next year any chance to be eighteen games -- -- And that's just another hypocritical -- I don't -- -- average defense. Any band that supposedly loves required by the great -- -- above the -- -- jerseys back in the day whatever it is. I could not -- Kyoto just pray that we care about there's lower players we want to help seal well see why is awful awful lot. -- are -- are -- to -- every single year because of the violence in this game is increasing the speed -- -- the straight. That he's got like that -- is only getting bigger better batter. So you take eighteen games you know you go back to think about seventy dolphins that you know we were chasing back in those seven. If not a game they played well we're at now tiger -- at another two more. You know debate this does this this is sort of critical they have ever. You know that we need more money let's be better businessman let's get together with the players and be honest and say how do we create. A bigger better buzz around our game which social media is doing via Twitter and FaceBook and everything else. Don't add more game. It's. I don't all the public opinion matters in this fight on either side is not gonna settle Atlanta where the other but it seems to me that this eighteen gamers of the sixteen game format. Isn't something that the fans have a lot of support for my point is I don't think a lot of people look at the players and say. Oh what's the matter with them they don't wanna play AT I think most people were happy with sixteen I I think it's something that the owners would would eventually give in on and and Luzon. Eventually and honestly I think I was bargaining power I don't think they had ever entered. I'll take you eighteen game right and there's always different scenario that messes up an offender got a witness on apple. -- catches up to it were sickened by the Heath Evans foundation what do you do on what -- 2000 Golan. And we have grown a -- as we left and the New England area but. It was Philip Sabin wanted battling the call the shot of sexual abuse we offer free of charge counseling people go to. You know what -- -- to do well you know all the large you to read that we do it. Which seemed just the impact of sexual abuse -- what -- can do our personal so that we're battling and we always need everyone's help. So whether they want help or would like to help Heath Evans dot org will be the place to find it. Better that if there happens to be a victim of sexual abuse lose and my boys right now go to I'm a victim dot com. It is a Internet that are Internet -- the old site that I created. To get people quite Stabile and the other anonymous -- you can find other storage problem like yourself that you were a victim. And you know what blog your own story out and maybe start your own processes feeling that -- Heath Evans could catch up with the hope to talk it down the road. Thank god Heath Evans -- Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T outline -- possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. -- possible.

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