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Talking Hoops Ep. 5: The Celtics transformation and the Bulls rise

Mar 14, 2011|

In episode 5 of Talking Hoops with Paul Flannery, the WEEI.com Celtics writer is joined by Kelly Dwyer from Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie blog. The guys talk about the rise of the Chicago Bulls, the Celtics transformation and whether the Sixers or Knicks are a bigger sleeper. Plus, Kelly tries to convince Flannery to listen to ELO.

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And now. Own WEEI -- No ordinary everything you wanted to know about the Boston Celtics in the sport of around bowling general only one blaze Duncan -- we've all Flynn Gary Cohn WEEI. John. All right joining me on the phone Kelly Dwyer one of the few people I can confidently say watches way more NBA basketball -- you Kelly how are you reference. Our crew are sure to -- Get the other reason I want you on here today it's aside from the fact that I miss you have taught you since the NBA finals. In person at least on the phone or rear report. It was a good time we did -- -- Is that very few people notables as well as Yukio and I really wanted to have you on 222. To break down the bulls to get all your log in Boston we've been focused on two teams Miami in the lakers and all of the sudden here in the bulls. Neck and neck with the Celtics have about fifteen games left to go in the regular season. And you know I think I think some people are still a little bit surprised at how the bulls have been able to pull this together. In it during the course of the season so so help me out here is. What is the biggest what is the biggest reason for the bulls making his jump from this 4045 win team into -- upper Echelon of teams. Well the -- than the currently cities but I mean I quote in what was anyone and I'm as surprised as -- I mean I'm I'm I'm. There every game I'm I'm sort in the moment that ended commitment. Stepped back from both shocked at how well the -- means for them to be tied with the Celtics over the weakened without even eat its its -- blows my mind. Yet because it's that the people in the second right now. The defense the content -- the air and -- open after he's but it's it's what you won't let it. Really our aim now was by the way. Yeah there was there was no those -- watchers who was it is that public that in. Defense because they're sort of middle of the road offensively -- shut up a bit in the in the countries in utility of the right now you don't burn one. But it's it's strange he got a lot of plays that are -- way over there and in relative terms to where they were last year the year before a lot of guys that. We're sort of noted as the hundreds of events eloped and about the dollar the current stance again in -- corner under in the notes it's it's. But the real good altered -- that they're just they're -- them out of some of the part. And then we like playing each other hand the result you know speak for themselves who recently seen. After as you mentioned to 500 -- Yeah I'm I'm cares what how much do you think this is the system and of -- has haven't been around for the last couple years. Clearly I mean the guy knows how to you know teach defense but I was I was a I was I thought there's going to be a a bit more of a learning curve as far as him being in the head coach's chair. Pat how -- you yeah go ahead. I I'm I'm more worried about the -- early I but that it you know there -- compatible with. Would hate operators may have been happy you go because you have to be on call one they. Yeah I mean defense is. -- depending on who you ask you to become more of an offense or by experts in terms mean in the attention and commitment should be where. I don't see that you remind me of the group's musical Jackson had lots and musical acts but they -- full -- of the country -- -- -- the -- and -- after that it would it would -- -- is definitely championship and -- -- about -- -- Evil about Kobe a couple of months since doubled to about -- who either stand. In Oakland in which in this effort here about what happened. And up and but yet that it's an amazing to watch and and I just think these guys. We like playing under someone who knows what they're doing and that is -- -- and don't -- grow -- vote that way I just think these are guys that. Without getting into like. General columnists talk about -- -- -- up by the boot it does some of the team that just. Really really likes playing under guy that knows exactly what the next play is and knows where to go go what do it. And I I just think they're inspired by this guy how long that will last I have no idea that in Scotland made of would -- right now. Right I think that's that you had also -- I think it's a very under it apart and people don't really take the time to understand this is NBA players want they they wanna be coached. Now sometimes they rebel against the coaching that's true but in general they want a guy who's gonna put him in the right position to succeed on the floor and he's not gonna waste their time. And you know one thing about it though is that he is I mean this is this is his world you know he is that he is he's the priest in the temple this is what he does. And as long as you have a team that's mature enough to be ready to handle that and it's. It's interesting thing is he clearly knows what he's doing and I'm not sure I'm not street instead about all thirty guys at this point who are who have NBA head coaching jobs. They I think you can I did I not -- -- you know he's got no coward that I just think you're articulate that a lot better than. The last of the city that -- not gonna say that John Kuester doesn't know he's doing it just doesn't act like he goes will be doing either of them on the view people. You know pivotal might not be the -- -- -- -- they have -- day out in terms of you know. Now you see contributed to turn into day in -- out because he has established roles each of these guys and these guys know that a deal would become the work every day. And like into the results speak for themselves they're very happy to click this banner happens via a winner and they're happy to. You know share of the credit even if they have these nutrients for their vote -- -- -- Ha ha well good Segway and by the way thank you they're gonna no coward reference that dismayed podcast and ordered her and could easily their -- to Derrick Rose we -- talk about this now I. I don't know the word zero but I think we're kind of on the same wave length of this is that we are both. Our I'll just say me I'm very impressed with the with the steps he's taken this year and how far he's come. And the things he added and responsibilities taken on his shoulders bots. I subtleties MG day. Now I'd what needs it. It confirmed and I and the climate comedian he's the best player in the right respectively about whether it be that these companies that Howard. And to let -- LeBron James. But I can't and I would expect those who. Even with -- creative portable to put the body on the line. You know even if he does it like it's much that we wasted it reminded lately of companies going to grow up around him to stop in the and what exactly he might be the prettiest player in the -- watch you. That it would -- they reference though like development shot that he is just gorgeous the watch potentially towards the way. You don't like rod Strickland accepted an image appear warm -- matter on the river reminds the last people. He's just and these static -- to -- I and I don't think he MVP that. He's just the -- -- with a dominant but there's something about in that respect and leadership next season. Someone you can rely when when things went up the second quarter were third quarter or when you know on the bench unit that they'll come -- -- -- -- By the time is bailing them. Over its export the reports were -- within their -- any minute to comment get a couple they have won in but the crowd on its heels on the road or to -- -- on the side and -- he's he's really as a sports. Even the -- -- the -- you know even people who shouldn't 34% from long range you know. You know is -- the best apps the world he's just. It is special player and and media and fans and the react to such players he's not as over the top I would want to one but it does remind me of that of that turn he's he's got that. He's got that stance he's got that. People want to -- repair roads and you know I can't deny them that play. Sharon no absolutely and it's it's it's unfortunate the stated that when you when you try to make a coherent argument that so and so is not or is the MVP evening you know you hate someone or your hater this and others. It's so counterproductive but two things interesting about a virus actually covered those teams as early 2000 Philly teams and I can I can definitely see that parallel while. Where you know people look at those teams -- well here's this guy he's he's he's the whole reason where. If you really look beyond that you saw of an incredibly well coached team and a whole bunch a role players who didn't mind staying within their roles and it was all connected. They're getting tapping your from the media perspective is that I think rose is really kind of seize the mantle that was supposed to be two rants of the anti LeBron. You know I mean as well this was supposed to be. Two rants you know if he was set he had consciously -- set himself up to media time LeBron. Here comes Derrick Rose to. Didn't even really try but just you know that whole no peace until LeBron about come here if you want that's fine. Sort of set him apart from the other sort of sick of fancy guys around only -- you know doing everything -- to have -- brought here. And here's Derrick Rose is saying okay. I'm here you gotta can be mean let's go and I think people really have gravitated to that this year. Yeah I mean and it's sort of popped that bubble people of gravity of evidence of -- -- term care is greatest threat is he's sort of a you know. 2.0. Pretty is that whatever two point over a Carmelo Anthony you're not -- curveball that can't have the second. -- -- rise up and eloquent but whether it's -- amazing but he's not a guy that's gonna. You know calmed the crowd down at the screen. You know do an inseparable when it you know. -- quick but -- too into it but we haven't happened fact that we're so appeared. And put on our feet to people who gravitate to that. -- I mean he's what people -- after the guy that does remind them of that you know of the police but these seem that way to Miami. And what Boston. You know as sort of the template. You can we find them between Boston and the lakers. You know people -- -- realized that. Kobe might not be -- that way right now -- -- it -- -- with my cigarette sort of you know made in my opinion that back but just. Acting -- themselves and winning but not the bad guys. You -- come for the poor and you know yet but he said it is unfortunate I mean I'm Kent. He's from Chicago he wanted to wear number 25 in honor and will soon. You know he's got the whole pedigree. You just let up all of our. Individual alleys but you know if he's not the best player in the NBA he's not exciting clipped me in the NBA. He can be -- devastated by in the NB a and -- certainly. The guy that if either but what it. -- I would commit that would put political -- that I haven't with the unthinkable equipment certainly it is and could Kobe you'd go between or what LeBron. Or even during this year he's he's just the sports and he's charismatic without having to be -- -- I'm just happy that. You know he's he's -- extra equipment to dominant defensively -- -- reduced -- Yeah and it's it's it is great for Chicago because you've got a guy now for the next ten years. That's -- yeah I know you would hope and I think you know I think Boston people are going to wake up. Soon and realize that they have Rondo for the next ten years and they're going to be they're gonna. They're gonna enjoy watching the second generation of Rondo or the third generation maybe even component that way once these guys are number. I don't have a -- too much before we move on from the bulls. But the jet they are in your minds a legitimate championship contender this year or no. Yes there because he gets seven games and lots of things can happen. -- competitive jumper on the baseline of what it's for an ankle. But the wanted to approach -- -- -- -- that it have to pick remain cooler than he put it happened but they defense and when you defend. You know that out that that allows you to do myriad things with your offense would be running a liability on down into it the -- -- Taken advantage of review of these new game on the road to we have on your home court. Yes -- they are championship contender. Because they get better every game they defend well and they clearly are looking to win in the but they do at the right way it really do need that basically the right way they move the ball. They help each other they talked during timeouts is don't give up -- really honest. Out of the goodness me. The likes of which I haven't seen it who is going to Boston but out and -- and I don't see this in the NBA for the ball which these -- -- Are are clearly. Above the -- other teams might wanna this year but this is that the real special -- And you know it remind them about the ball in. That's that the highest compliment yes. Died until later than if you look at these teams that ado let's turn of the Celtics now they are the matchups there would be would be quite enticing. Is you have Rosen -- you have knowing Garnett god help us. And you don't have. You know pierce and Deng and -- Ray -- and -- but OK but then -- Osama core burn through -- Ronnie -- I mean -- the match -- are fantastic -- -- I I think they're on a collision course there really do but I want to get your sense on the Celtics because when they made the trades. You very strongly came out and said what the hell. What -- -- deal and I'm just curious what your what you're taking is I guess we're like seminary games past that a couple weeks pass and what's your take now. Well in my defense who is more worries me is that good -- we loved watching -- even. You know group was around for awhile I. I'd I'd just worried about you know unlikely that -- you that's what equipment and -- and I actually will be denied. Might not see that check pulled a hamstring or if it was bothering him as -- And be connected who. As far as what I've seen I haven't seen a lot because -- it's been a weird he -- have apparently been part out of nowhere -- who pitched like of their. For the option off the bench in not just for option but you know okay you come such that would limit -- -- -- -- -- in the NBA. It and it to the release strange team I trusted me I really do and I can understand I really hope people don't take this and they. He's -- the -- queens as sort of you know this in addition to peel off you know quite -- Natalee the next thing but I do equipment room. -- between doc would help him. If if -- thought this would work -- -- wasn't really aware of what was going on what the trade but. -- got recanted then he would be upset and he would talk about it and he hasn't been on record that I heard. And their defense as it was obvious yesterday. As great and Chris it is quite out of mind right now that team and hope -- Shaq can come back quickly and -- You know I never thought they won a championship and even -- during the world with of that there's been lamented that trade it was obvious that they had been -- That's record of east without Perkins -- he could from the and connect have a clear here and Allen -- and -- be the dominant force them and if they would still going to be championship contender I just I just work as a quarterback in the -- about. You know especially to build on -- we think you know -- that. A lot of green who -- Ottawa who probably for the common aptly. Quick minute -- -- he's going cryptic you know wept when it comes back. You know like I just worry because I really want that he'd be at its peak in June. Look out of place. But the Celtic -- because he sent him there in Africa and the team and they scare people and that's enough right now other companies in the results. And after the eardrum the last few weeks long been beaten so. Read it is very strange because having been around this team -- before they may -- I can tell you exactly what they are gonna do. Five minutes before they were gonna do it and I mean -- material but. In terms of rotations in terms of sets they were gonna run in terms of where they're gonna go we -- this was ordinary anger here at the -- were their anger there. And I watch this team now and number it's like a sort of blank slate. I -- I honestly don't know what they're gonna do. You know Sunday's game against Milwaukee sort of brought some sanity back to proceedings of the defense of first team never him playing defense first lately. But I. I honestly don't know what to make them at this point I mean I'm I'm with you I think as long as they have those four guys. The -- all stars. Operate healthy they're obviously you know. Add a force to be reckoned with -- Which which of these new guys do you think is the most important I don't think it's Jeff Green and I've never been a huge fan of his game. You know I like him okay as a player I think maybe date in in this in this setting they can unlock some some some potential in him but. Who do you think is the of the five new additions they guy who's going to be the most important to them. Don't inept secret that good agreeing to kind of redundant in the situation and whether make in the small forward. It's gotta be cryptic because historically such an eagle Shaq even more -- in right away -- -- how we could be you who goes where. They have been this when -- that help you know back up there. You know -- -- -- go but. Could pick up the good guys and the fact that he's helping -- constantly -- -- -- -- -- -- -- so -- that -- -- good things. Yeah it's it's it's gotta be quick but and this is the utility for your -- that would and people would be equating one because he's responsible. But not importantly that it needs -- to -- -- have these guilt or. I'm not you know at the bottom of a -- -- -- I I I do lucrative by the way. The the sort of amplified beyond you know recovered -- who threw out all the funding he. He really is what -- back remote via. A bit of a prep sometimes we should the people he's he's a guy he's definitely not expertly -- he plan as -- as -- -- -- And it's only offensive glass which I mean it's it's not something date they emphasized that they were. Awful on the offensive glass Minnesota what you gotta get but some kind of effort out there. -- well as you've noted nine cents or by design but that silly yet help out how -- he could -- the ball back we really tried without -- and that. But you know picks you know he's not everyone that you can bad deal with -- -- getting back on before. Yet he's he's far -- the guy who looks who because they're not it was good people is what its people it below average either and they still have. I mean this is the championship game between the with a seven game is one of these though. -- between battered -- Certain that the cook. Quote whoever we're -- so you. Yet if it's on cryptic it really is green it's it's gonna be. That -- -- -- -- -- -- green uniforms on over on the wonders about. But life is gonna be three years now in credit union and then disappeared in but it. You know -- -- I don't know you know I can try to predominantly of yesterday that was. Hilarious but I don't know if he's he's got a little while ago and he's -- -- defender but he can also of record at three innings to record of twenty -- which. He advocates that from want to get that from David consistently and get it back to you really good -- I don't know how much how many minutes it would get. And -- west coming back is going to be huge pieces and that's things statements some statements with Avery Bradley was not cookbooks. Now are now and yet Delonte is a huge part of what. I I this the one they are worried about is that they've been talking about it's going to be great and we Donte' back since October. You know because it missed the first Indians and suspension and he got hurt and it's I never like it when a team is relying on injured player to return. Because it just never works out well. Yeah they're -- good injured player and note that in any notices some unease and he's got talent and the other that's fair but it certainly is you know he's not the only thing that you know where -- of the world combat the corporate he's. He had a bad luck on the court he's had some. Issues off the court that you know -- -- -- -- -- you are but then again I'm not in the locker room predate your own you know -- that -- probably. And picked him as an outsider anything oversight panel which is going to be parts comedians that -- -- so. I I I still think by the way that Jermaine O'Neal's gonna have some and I'm probably the only one laughed. But -- target. And I really did that -- yeah -- as he really well I mean I'm never without. Competitive and as for being the Battier he was. Really good even though it was a mile wide -- yet how budgets you don't worry more about about the pensioner who would we get him back -- -- -- Chart now we got a -- -- garner a little bit because I know that. You've belong you know. -- -- -- his game and you got a little frustrated with his some of the things he's done which he seems to have. Cooled off a little bit on which I'm glad -- -- and -- that but this year this year. I'm really glad that he's been able to do this because I wasn't sure if this was ever gonna happen for him again and I think I hope people are really appreciating. The game that he's been playing this year because you may not see it much longer and he's been really really good. And just curious what you know when you thought about what what you have thought about Garnett this year. I can't really have much -- -- You know the best thing about these people both the -- people considered seeing him in Japan -- in Ottawa and on the national stage he is. As good as he's ever been -- -- simply announcing that about him in 2011. Think if we don't seem that you know to use in two months one month after what happened he just. He's over the place defensively to just he just knows what bill and yeah I mean. He's -- -- -- be equivalent to -- because -- so long in the to watch some sort of meltdown in the use. Optical it means insecurity they used. You know frustration in line in the -- stuff that -- succeed -- sort of meltdown the last couple years it was unfortunately is. This is the guy that we take these could handle things from and the we admire those things about the things that are chalked up the rebounds and the block you'll just watching quote I'll watch them you know show on the -- a lot of little things he goes to -- -- But yet he's been going at this it and so on the watch it and I. You know he got the destructive put the like Howard is it can't be playing you know 32. Minutes on is that. He's right there for me that'll -- Douglas Grant Hill political of the country wanna bring up but he is a quote. -- -- -- -- clear -- -- because he should make one quite so much easier without having that you know swept the top of the backboard. And its people Bowman and -- You know the -- -- so well it and the end of the marvel and on top of that they'll come down a trail of a break -- -- -- twenty footer and they'll think twice about it because we've -- auction site and then five. And yeah it could. You know fingers crossed. I really hope that this -- through May and early summer. And people can understand how of these in the year he had just been as good as it's ever gonna matter and hand you know -- -- but he's. I honestly he's just one of the kind and he's right up there with Duncan and people don't freak and that such an up and put. Yeah now it's. I -- -- that took yesterday off so actually watched the game which animals you know you can't it's it's harder than you are I don't write it's it's -- in my job to actually watch gain some times. And I decide I focus on Garnett defense -- as defense for like a six or seven possessions treachery I think you're starting your mood today by lieutenant. And even though the guys not an office -- threat. He was in the perfect position for their unemployment was in the current position on every single play. And then reacted to everything -- I mean it was a textbook you know if you wanna show a young post player how to play. Team defense just eight this only being -- here but just watch that it's it's it's it's it's so good. And yet so I I hope he can keep his emotions under control little bit because you know he does need that edge I had -- haven't been around for this long I don't think it's -- -- I don't think it's. Contrived or anything like it. Maria great yeah it's on Wednesday after when did -- when -- -- -- -- and against the background. And prevent. You know that part Kobe should open you know put evolving in Miami definitely don't let it be that copy of that might quit. Don't go round of extra problem or is it gonna vote or didn't vote -- -- -- With. Yeah I saw yeah I'd tell them you I mean you know I I hope a movie is a chance for -- really -- clever -- and sales but. And it it -- -- actually our problem but when you -- a couple weeks. The pathetic team that went to I will -- it essentially kicked out under didn't circumvent -- disrespectful. Went to a new city you know -- -- -- -- like -- a year and a good thing could use and then went to the Croat. And conduct what -- we want about you know -- -- who entered in the to who it is my absolute coconut content -- and was the per credit at all that's who you are on. The article of the code and turned into park with more fundamental player in of this generation. Is -- amazing. I I think that is the that is the most underrated part of the Garnett story. Is that that debt that time he spent a year between South Carolina and Chicago. -- you know I've I've talked to talk a lot do about this -- sort of -- Garnett colleges they yes and you know one of the people as Archie was -- Kara. Who -- it yet security sciences degree assault but. You know it's sunny with so impressed with the fact that. He he he decided on his own he did there was no onto -- there was no there. There's no sick of anti -- you people like hanging around him -- -- didn't really exist but I guess did but not to this extent. But this was. Garnett did this on his own and it's not like he went to some. Ridiculous prep school somewhere in New Hampshire if you know this -- and and so I've. Not ignorant and crazy you know Oak Hill Bible for crying you know -- by the answer than right here. In the news. This is not about we talk about gonna Alabama. One a switch gears a little bit in the east can I think this is this is setting up to be really really wish -- There's a public teams in the bottom half of the east. Been in the playoff bracket better going to be difficult MI MF -- in New York. And I don't know of anybody really wants to play these guys in the first round series for completely different reasons. But which which team out Al east you do you think sets up as a sleeper depending on the matchup. What the ball much weaker Europe was weird because it which -- a couple of them -- them. And Phillies strange because. You know we're gathered there on orthodox. Sort of I -- -- -- You know they bailout but thirtieth and a lot easier -- he the man he can rely on the you could totally and completely -- -- topped -- -- took him to. I would say the next. It just because gains could quote out of it and I mean their content they -- -- -- -- and grow. Can't have got to go to the end of the game really is different because there's not -- not grant him a great -- there's not a lot on secretly you -- rely on him. It's it's that we strange that -- strange even started. We continue to support that they've been gleaned from them. When you think people want to play them and did you don't wanna play anyone in the dock and as much the other day. You don't wanna put Indiana in you know -- can find something in the raptors in the -- to them that they can you know. Let's not carried away with -- -- -- -- In regards to Cole is not to talk about -- Canadian friends by the lakers NBA fans the world Erica. And the sense of the debate -- 2000 he would probably go down by one of them that. Yet. Really I would honestly want to -- who will who might be the problem is the better in the green mountain and again the greatest band in the world you -- confirm that we might be the better overall team. But they're consistent and I worry about Lou Williams show I was about to holiday label -- -- Or you -- me is these. Are. Now we're about brilliantly in the year I do think for the better clean -- I don't either of those -- not enough there's not enough so -- that he read the magic. I could -- the -- Are -- picking up the ball but since the Carmelo trade up and it made them work he might they match -- quite simple my apartment they don't have to be instantly. Yeah yeah it's at its volatility to serve an unorthodox orthodox. You know they could -- -- -- -- got some strange players and yet they play mr. McConnell system and yeah I mean. I think I think there's so much value in getting the top seed right now. And aunts I think. Don't sound very you don't. I wrote them inclusion married up married up -- elect so let's let's let let's closes out with some phones the last couple minutes here. Fab five US documentary the other night. I did yeah it took my brother to sleep but then again you cannot relate them as. We watch it together and explain them that I. Was in the -- her actions from my cooperative 1992 and that -- I loved it I didn't like -- you've been repaired in -- commonalities of whatever year that was everybody's -- me some yeah. We are known to have someone who honestly ensure that bag he was wearing you know entrants like that and the sanctions -- -- in the middle of suburbia that was that much sense but it could. I think would be well done and obviously -- -- in -- -- does it to us okay so I'm a little than you because I was in high school when they were I was a senior in high school and her freshman in college. And so -- as a as a freshman -- has go watch Bobby Hurley plays last high school game and it the first ever New Jersey terminal champions whose own team we -- to hair. Jerry walker Roderic roads and those guys were on another planet I mean it was just they were aliens to me. And forever or Hillary or be acquired showed that. Dad got up and it's weird because the machine kids were clearly from another planet and yet I'd totally identified them -- they -- my age. And that team had such an impact on and on sort of my air -- you know I said this today -- one of them and are gonna sort of divided my high school right down the middle. You know I'd wanna know you if you were into the fab five and on my senior year high school this it's it's interesting because. They've had such a deeper impact then. Than a lot of other teams and I I think that impact is still fell and yet there is still this weird air of mystery kind of basically all revolve around -- And what he did what he didn't do in the fact that he will never interested I think makes them yet their compelling movie subject I'm not sure how -- teen may actually work. Well -- if you'd think -- who between people of who Bolick and Robert -- let you know that that -- through it and he's the -- do it. -- -- -- for the unit and the best way you try to actually remember -- watch in the north remembers when the final reason no one remembers when five years ago. When when air Montrose dumped. In the -- social commitment between title game I want. Com that's right here Matra and who I could remember anyone -- team eventually that's clean for you know group collecting watching. Watching -- living -- what they you know completely racist. Father of a friend of mine was. Half sleeping and then woke up long enough that -- called -- stupid which made my -- even more you know vitriolic but you know which can affect -- -- results -- the -- -- You know he would come with a long. Yeah they were they were. -- there they would be and they were right there at the -- they would they would. You know they represent a local and they didn't break it -- really great -- those -- just by guys that work. There were born in you know 97 for about 97 and that -- sometimes that the huge cultural shift and they represented that and they think they stated it well it didn't hurt that it would all tremendous players and haven't haven't you know against the watch. Rise again I was such a meeting with -- -- -- but denial that I thought Harold miner was gonna make it to someone I don't need to -- from over rather. I don't want -- yeah that's right out of if you are -- as a guy as good as you forensic -- taken I realize that between two of us we probably wants me to enhancements of college basketball this year that might be pushing it so I won't. I live in -- college bound to write to prophetic -- -- you know -- -- -- I literally don't get media since then but sometimes it's if the bomber on Saturday afternoon the public and it's you know. Good synergy you're going to be that commons you know while -- -- Right well I teach at BUN I have a prison connection so there you guy got a sixteen and thirteen meaning in Manassas if it's him that mr. All right so now Kelly in the time we have left convince me to like yellow because I just don't. Oh I've got to look into a farm on the drive almost forgotten about what might that -- I think could be the perfect. With the yellow they're terrible but there are. How to get out -- Beatles week and so my parents spend with from the only view album that I was in danger of making record -- -- -- And -- that was that just will never do so they had to. This is serious they had to get together to figure out. Mentioned it and which program but the try to make -- -- -- that he would not you know -- so and they -- you know. And since then it's it's it's ridiculous it's over the top of Chile that also has electric piano. And while this sort of and now these harmonies and it's just went up my the -- That I can understand what people. We despise them right now -- literally -- to a album and -- below what was when that. It's weird but you know -- -- That's hilarious and listen to nothing a wire for the last month and an element and I. -- It is for the opposite opposite spectrum the it it. Maybe they should just were produced. Do it but you know it could. You should be responsive but you know I level but I like a lot of weird -- go over it and comes in. Literally holding them you know OP right now on the hand and I've got it in the crack the case like kind of weird but that's what company. That's been 78. That's fantastic Kelly Dwyer Yahoo! ball don't lie KD on hoops. If you don't follow this man if you read this man in what you're thinking Kelly thanks so much for joining us and hopefully will get a chance to each other in the playoffs. Program -- or our thanks go.

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