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Shaquille O'Neal, Celtics Center

Mar 10, 2011|

Shaq talked about how he is physically feeling, where he is now with his current rehab and if he still has pain, what it was like when he heard about the Kendrick Perkins trade, getting to play with so many new role players, how his book with Jackie MacMullan is coming along, his take on the Miami Heat situation, how he matches up with Dwight Howard, his impact in the Celtics' locker room and that he is at 84.227115566442222%

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Shaquille O'Neal joins this year on the eighteenth -- hot line. -- it's -- Lou how are you. Remember removed from awards -- with the fifth. Red Sox meant different different -- -- Jack old blue truck hit a -- -- of -- -- -- it is a lot of time in the minor leagues for me check. Now knowing your -- -- token it's always -- didn't date of this -- You don't turn on ninety you know our people our car. -- slow. It is. -- -- -- -- We know he's injured thirty ninth birthday of the journal news in -- -- Don't say it on the air we put that out other artists Thirtysomething outwit -- in the same area don't talk about what that number I'm gonna turn it a couple of months he would now and -- like you said in nineteen. Things to come back a little bit easier for you where where are you now and we heard before maybe a week -- -- goal and how you feel and 85% that we -- Your daughter is due stronger those -- a little tired. Of the initial problems -- October orders open. Now is that -- callers or something where you look at them to listen I can play right now you tell me when you want me on the court. Circle circle -- dark no no very dark -- sooner than there are Americans better shooter though. And fiscal two or let you know removed them deliberately change we're crossing here. So who -- you can throw it won't change the world. Pushing his -- revolution. Overwhelmed sort of suspicion for the pollsters throws. That's when. That's what really counts. Jacqui talked about grown close of perk again during your years here what was -- like when he found out about the trade. -- Rose I was nurturing. And our structures. Those currently. Is currently most or do you know. Director -- Nor -- -- Berkshire's worker appears do little resolution. From churches should call from churches and -- overruled. Those exposed to all who were shortages of those talk talk shop closed. And -- -- but loses you there's sort of local basketball because those totals will be your Orlando Magic word from a -- We're. Group whose future. You talked about the old school where UN doc came from parked strikes me is a guy who would have been -- -- would've been okay with those old school player. Group preserve physical wear long long national colors are not vote -- -- -- -- -- -- Opel. Will do as well. You know cardinals -- northern missile. Also -- this -- door for -- you know Paulson. A community. You know you can give them -- gentlemen. You are from new where were from Northrop. -- -- a long long time you don't bring a couple guys the trade deadline expect it will be easier to mix them into the system. When you bring you like this team 56 new guys how difficult is especially this time a year. Almost as difficult when it is not difficult to corruption or who brought them. Sister. Roll killers -- -- stupid rule rulers Roosevelt room you can get the first options. You know. And the notion that was -- -- who do -- brings -- sort of royal. So Christians themselves so in order everybody's going to play well with victory. You know. You know so you know. -- golden -- in the Capitol Hill overlooking the old look good write -- Of these -- of universal. You know all we know. -- Well two players were mentioned mentioned you know -- -- -- -- is something different something that a caller you can point. -- -- -- -- beautiful can -- Paulson. -- -- grave and darkened can vote fossil. Fuels also your job unfortunately moderates. He's -- message -- steps. Will -- for a there's you know. Where does news vigorous way. The eighteenth when he five T -- that are very emotional -- -- Do an orchestra can serve as. That we -- your business minutes we heard from Jack McMullen. Earlier in the show talking about. You -- get together apparently and doing a book together how's that work with Jack -- we've known her for a long time. Is working world you know churches -- smaller. These -- issues negotiator action removed during you know forgot about. Or two about talking -- -- towards -- euros. No assurance can question that I that was taken by the mole checker -- the morgue thirteen years ago book. Little weirder is certain book no holes or. You know -- you know prosciutto book. Right before my -- You say it's no holds barred is this kind of is this a tell all about your MBA career -- -- -- Able who would do to correct it would do to correct term. True people -- -- -- -- brother John Barton remote killer might give attribution is brought us the question of the -- -- compliance. Good -- you know what that's a good Segway -- urine of what we've seen with the Miami Heat the last weaker so as someone who plays in the league and a coach who. Says they're guys were crying and in the locker room after regular season game. You know. Original. Celtics organization. That we have. Calls. Rules he knows he -- -- organizations. The problem but he. Has -- -- storms in recorded history. In real world issues here in. Washington so government institutions. To come vote you know control. -- Fullerton you know organizations. Almost and were of course prosecutors. Put sort of -- -- started to default as a. -- -- -- -- -- So. -- -- I think are already said little will mention delayed we'll talk about -- -- L wanted to ask you lot of people around the other stuff and to include. Rondo in the to speak three calling it big for -- -- you see him in that category now and he played in the past and what's it like playing with -- now. Reporter. No prayers are completely -- of these -- from there to secure surrenders. The struggle as a approach first where no other youngsters were I'm and they want. Religion and intentional shot you'll put. No she's she's different. Europe it's four. When you look at the road ahead here for 1825. Do you -- a mentally Shaq prepare yourself for -- when you're like come back these games are going to be. Pretty meaningful leading into the post season you have. Whose -- resolve or little. Global corporations -- all along look. So you know alternately handles contains -- but it won't trust. There's a concern with Perkins gone we talk about how he defended a guy like Dwight Howard how we can handle him one don't want to allow everybody defend the perimeter. -- Cleveland brought you win that was one of things they were looking at they're trying to defend Orlando not think in the Celtics would be the team. The EB going up against do you look at that situation is now welcoming it -- commander Superman and figure out who the real oneness. Lauren over to trigger the rule is. If you look closely to just -- -- -- bill Carter's term. A war because when do you putative evidence. First a little tough guys. -- quote you know there over your brains to beauty you know -- Don't -- -- accusations of also the live -- -- vision for a moment -- in front of if there -- little part of encouraged or so ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't struggle our QQQ sixty. -- -- And so what you know and there's a brilliance. Through the ceiling. And vegetables. No older moviegoers at the university. You know old is. You said you're gonna mention that name in the air. That age on the year. Our beautiful morals they. Go to go to much over the forward. -- -- -- You're you're you're making us laugh right now Kevin Garnett recently talked about how you sort of you that you changed that the atmosphere this locker room a little bit where you're able. Come down a Gallic shack -- is that just being your own self is that sort has that warmed Kevin Garnett is that. He says it's it's changed a lot grumbled about it. -- -- -- Well into the you know our other two -- dream has been in business term -- -- Uses terminology. I've -- She you know the road portion. Corporation so and a lot of inaudible and extracts. And -- is. Or the users so humble you know commercial or humorous leader. You know my action you know -- actually work in almost picture right now. Whom you talk about difference between you receive an aggressive traders are concerned Mosul a sort of more so the black Steve Jobs. That you -- -- -- so you know registered. You know making Luby's you chuckled when you look at gardeners. The group where the -- virtual recruitment racial. Diversity. Alone so well speaker and a little joke. They'll we -- we've been very busy off the court here in Boston doing a number of things whether the Boston Pops. Statue at Harvard you're the birthday part of Jones museum. But he price focusing on basketball another should we expect anything new to leave anything else coming up in the area. -- The little regular friend bill. Oh lead oh lead person. Wants me to come by their place. And I know what I'm sure are accepted. So -- we'll be doing hold. We're doing a -- More than that aren't working. With over -- over the people while oracle Olympic moment ago with insurance. He peaceful place and bingo. You -- doesn't -- to -- Would have -- -- And there -- and goes all wonderful. Two which -- you know what channels -- broken opens it. But he and bring him peace of the world certainties of course problems. Yeah I know we need us for fifteen -- had Jackie broke his opponents trim the impound -- Have been working. Last one if we had a maybe ten got a date -- you're fan what when Q what do you give us a date may be we may see you back in a Celtics uniform. Parker parker can do very deserved a little -- -- -- -- Roberto -- a dark and in the service. And talk who McCain. Don't you don't even come talk to 1201%. More every -- and local option. You know. It was -- so what this. -- -- during the draw and we're going as it is on the and cobra. Are you know you said 85% the other day what's the percentage today. Figure four point two and so 115566. Full fortune attention to and we ground that a little of the -- What sort of 2.2. This regularly on the votes. Good at will figured I'd repeats and dance that's great answer thus here Shaquille O'Neal -- thank you so much we appreciate the -- an -- -- Various -- joining us here on -- Maloney. Interview where Shaq brought to you by the new blows video wave entertainment system you simply have to experience it. Who believe.

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