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Mar 10, 2011|

Doc Rivers joins Dale and Gerry to talk about the loss to the Clippers, Shaq's return, meeting the President and the Miami Heat.

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Some explaining to do well this is one of the highlights of my week filling in for John Dennis it's the opportunity to talk with the head coach of the Boston celtics' Doc Rivers is with a stock. Dale and Jerry how -- Great thanks I think the Andre Jordan just dunked again. Moments the other not a Muslim -- -- mad at guys and I know him hit did you have a guy -- six point seven points a game going into the game he looked like he couldn't mess. No I guess we -- -- yards you know yeah. Mel is unlikely to have to play -- score and obviously did you have a great Denmark -- in the dark but. It is really -- talked about him before the day in the know are refreshing and lived the feel young kid who really. Then didn't score doesn't really want to score. Good morning there's no -- except to destroy the principal and and Bill Bennett from road well. You're an optimistic guy by nature do you go home got underway on driving home less than you think it that was a pretty good come back we we showed some some heart. And on the game that not a lot of things went right. Well you don't like some of the things that happened last night but there's far more that you didn't like you know just the -- -- given optimists and prisoners the base. Promote the day's mixed leagues no little shuttle -- but promote the game there and fixes. That makes you feel a little bit. It's a bad defense. The man didn't play good defense. I wouldn't go to that made a lot of Milan Italy suddenly threes. But I thought we engagement we started you know when you start out today and then and you get a team going because you're not playing good defense. No you -- cleaned -- the confidence we couldn't run tomorrow. Doc I'm not trying to make excuses that I know you don't make for yourself but your lack of big man presence -- looked like really had an effect -- was sort of joked about the end -- Jordan. But there weren't a lot of guys who could who could help hold him off inside last night. No and we -- Gordon again and you would want more you know and and the stuff before the game and no. In them with a walk through one of the things we -- look -- convincing the American bigs Kevin and in this -- now. That they couldn't afford -- didn't foul trouble and you wouldn't know what can you do look at some of renewed hope for is that that that means being more primitive. -- pull away and and that doesn't play. We we we thought Troy Murphy was a big at least on the boards on defense. I played four and a half minutes is -- not in game shape yet -- -- -- I would you have voted for the big time and I'm I'm not concerned with it. But he didn't know global public perception can just you know on this computer in the wrong place but it could then duet and oh -- they don't run in the second have you wanted to risk of we'll put him back on the floor. The -- important and point guard who just cannot just got off the plane and he looked. Pretty comfortable I was a royal able to fit in at least for this nights or appear to fit in some nicely when a guy like Troy Murphy has struggled. Well -- -- at the top bid for the opposition liberal Barlow drove in front of him ultimately. You know he's just go to our report. -- -- a lot of our stuff probably complaint against the in the twelve would have led nowhere and -- himself more you know essentially you can -- And it'll probably good for -- but did you go to the ball. -- -- rotation and -- -- big a lot. At one point -- in the second quarter last night you had five guys on the court who were members of your teen two weeks ago. How much of that is affecting the things you can do the things you can call of the plays that you can run when you know that half this team does know what the -- going on yet. -- didn't have a big impact and know you like yes we try to do. The -- one guy on the floor. No good -- load -- just stuff I would go to school you do win on the floor. You know we didn't -- that we could run. And -- would mention to gently let. But did not know -- he -- well. There have been so many okay no problem is that the unit. -- miners. -- better overall in the procurement yesterday to -- into the -- -- Couldn't make open you know the first but. We have a -- of -- chuckle to myself American women and Michael McClinton and in the -- -- good McMoran. When Kevin Garnett has five for nineteen from the field that is exactly what you're talking about usually I expect him to be fifteen for ninety. I presented player and know boom boom -- demanded that he would -- for -- and I jumped. Good that the nightly. The -- determined to make and shut and he wouldn't agree central Tibetan religion and look into the -- And Andy shut down Blake Griffin if you wanna look at it at the bright side people went to the game taken. You know he doesn't win the Blake Griffin and have some group big highlight film things and and neither happened. No obviously you did a pretty good job would Helm. The bedroom do double and -- I thought there are still all the other guys to play would do well. -- twenty games left is that enough time for all the guys all the new guys half the team. To get comfortable or it does it to pay as an individual -- some guys can fit in right away look at Krstic and and others is gonna take. The more time and maybe some -- never. Be comfortable. That it can be compatible food and the -- You know all the guys. -- -- Obviously you know and didn't welcomed -- and go to nine. God and wait for the most part of our plume will not play. And I -- Wednesday and before you know which -- of the value. Of the guys on the sidelines for you now is Delonte the most. That that it will he be the one that returned the soonest of guys like Glen Davis and Shaquille O'Neal and Delonte and obviously Jermaine O'Neal. Much larger given the Glen Davis. -- would let him. Deployed by Sunday. And I think a lot of they have the chance to play and on Sunday and the medal play the following day and but I couldn't judge -- -- this person. Right now with a guy that album didn't the most important quickly one more bid but. To just two days. Those real glasses are those like a fashion statement on. I looked good in their session. He knows those are. Yeah how he looks like Clark Kent and he should wear them when he plays like -- club like Rambus out there make them even scarier. A dock when you meet the president what are you thinking about what are you thinking about like. What where you came from you think about your mother your father what do you think about when you actually hang in with the president of the United States. Million total but you know you want you used to have but wouldn't say you're gonna conduct offensive the president of the United States. No Portland for four minutes the second time and obviously. President Bush and didn't know me know President Obama Biden -- an amazing thing to -- in -- I love the reaction of everyone who is -- look around -- No my players the loved him you know that you can work mr. and yes and and I almost following. -- -- -- -- It's there and development program Obama loves basketball he doesn't know. Also admitted that even nicer. You are the only person I know of to refuse a call from the president of the united myself to do that aren't. Twelve well -- that would love. Boiling -- blogs. Including lows and gold -- program Obama -- member Obama told us through to number and you know pushed the door and I've been -- crowded limited Norton who didn't. And it didn't happen until could totally do when. I'm looking for Hilton -- the garden and then finally after the fall. Did he say why want to take my clock stock. Well most remote mountainous coastal rivers then get after the president of. If there was anyone who call. The food drug and that that I -- have been kept implies a certain. Then goodwill and other dual -- of them and could implement the most important. They're no different you know President Obama there will clearly. I know you don't mention I'm gonna move into my golf. Course. I know we ashes before but did you have a live near magic and what when he was in Chicago where you are -- -- removed on. I had already moved on. I don't know I know it's funny that compliment gobbled before. This president. But I had never actually. Documentation hope on Google phone -- you're available throughout graduate student at duke number and considered him. How far away this year -- -- say your mother live from where he lived. -- -- -- -- Both sell side is right. I -- there. And throughout. You're you're White Sox right. No one talks you -- all the way you want to out of business and boom boom. Meant nothing about -- he's been. Blueprint which elements there. Well and apparently he thanks you for giving him Tom Thibodeau. They would do -- you know you -- And since then you don't know a lot of -- dirt road London Oakland with the dignity would definitely have suddenly it is. I didn't do it and then put down below which is good alternative development. Are the president -- -- -- about it. Really damned when you're. Look at the standings did you have any sense that the the though calm was going to be this successful this fast I mean they're right on your heels. I did I do sort of build community was really good to know -- people don't -- become -- -- of the jobs and the Melvin -- Roland. Chicago and ignored that the time would result -- more money. This is the door in the finals in Madrid and I was fit mentally I'm gonna pick up the good of the -- -- -- different. The boom helped clear that will undergo the month follow at the divorce. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well you've taken credit for them. -- That's true that's true but but I mean you knew that the -- or you felt pretty confident that he could do this that. I did it I really did you never know. No because if you didn't have it. But there's no guided. It could build more -- Newton talked. Hey doc has there ever been crying in your locker room after regulators last night's -- look crime last night. Not a -- -- -- -- and another million have been you know I don't remember when it was. But no moon is that not all bad guys have been emotional. You know. Good Glen Davis -- by the -- and categories. You know locker room. They didn't come by accident as well. -- -- left inside the memo to admit mistakes and it was met. Are doing is I thought to be a big commitment is gonna decide. And then I realized that it is really -- not. You don't have to worry about him getting in trouble with his tweets focus they'll make any sense with follows tweets -- images. That is G emerged. Awesome I'm impressed local militant group reported that Boehner -- Well guys we. We follow the law itself if Shaq and Jermaine O'Neal they didn't play a single game the next one he didn't play any of the next when he. Could they be effective in the post season. Slept good because besides Adam Benjamin -- although I just think -- know yet to play I don't know exactly. Just couldn't go on the floor. We'll have an impact you know if you look so you couldn't play at all. In the road this season but it to be different strip employees know what what this city have been yes -- still be effective. Doc we always appreciate time best of luck to -- we'll talk again. Our guys thank you mad dog do. Take care that is that Doc Rivers the head coach at Boston Celtics joining us here. AT&T hotline find out with possible with the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. -- you know my feelings about the president's so I was invited. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How Putin now I Shactman I've met I notice she goes to you know like host parties and and that. And sing happy birthday to there's six year old shows up. He is and -- with the president at the museum on equipment to President. George Bush obviously 41. I've been Wimbledon charity golf tournament for a number here's what year he brought Bill Clinton who turn. And I don't care where you are politically I don't care you agree with disagree with conservative liberal no matter what. If you get the opportunity to meet a man who held the title of president of the United States made you feel like I was -- you know. -- it's it's convenient ago I suppose but in that would. It now if Obama war next door on this one medium medium. Again that's especially one -- you. If you want in my opinion on something I'd -- for a little island right now. It just -- we I don't look at that list of guys who were there at the finance and there are. Damage in port 25 from GB agent. Kitten he probably sends half that can -- the parking. That whose contributions where's that list. It's act wasn't there. It is. It's close it was to -- and you missed your opportunity. Would you walk across the street to meet her probably. In the you know. I meant W when he beat me -- still drink and that you against them to check them out on an -- at some some speaking -- -- -- -- nobody it was karma closes 25. You know via coach his 25 anniversary celebration -- -- Waldorf Astoria and JW was to dreams Texas ranger -- and. Why I made good friend of -- former. Brother in law. And they used to hang a lot like golf I was playing golf Monday -- them and we're on the par three. And I said if your whole one here is that yes I guess guess who might witness was -- I don't know who is president of the United States that water is -- -- -- GM George W and someone else at his former brother in. Yeah he's. -- -- Divorced from bush is just okay. George code -- that this is still brother in law but but the list of guys -- there rivers Rondo Arroyo Garnett pierce green Murphy. Every idly and Glen Davis. Now I can't do the -- all and then of course Ray Allen but that's not everybody my point -- techsters says Shaq was said that he wasn't informed about it until the last minute. I might my schedule I had the opportunity approach than someone's got some explain why he would not want Shaq there will be Achilles might have been bothered. Check the day before -- of a couple days before was that you know Chucky cheese. And I'm making an appearance jumping in the little balls inject him busy tweeting check check. Is Alaska and the world who would pass on the chance do anything fun in that photo op with a pro audio kitten. So if that's true of some PR guy didn't call him. -- they always made big apology because I don't think. I mean on the politics whatever interest mine right. He would say yeah I mean is probably had every president the most titles in the White House as a true and he's right to give RSS. -- you think it's all made it yet I always -- -- fine -- is probably not his favorite place not -- the amendment where it is I don't care and it's like. Wanna go now I mean -- -- wouldn't wanna go there but what -- -- associated if you were invited to go meet the president yes even President Obama you wouldn't go. How much shorter work doesn't entail they said okay you can meet him you'll meet you in. Uganda tomorrow -- ago at the Museum of Fine Arts so you -- mart parking over there all GI -- -- -- destructed on Uganda I'm sick of them an example of how much trouble it would be. Yes my answer I think dale would be yes. Quite I would shake -- and I would say hello I wouldn't shake Clinton's hand as you know -- man I'm telling this test and you wouldn't believe he's the most. Charming. Real earth I gotta tell you. My mind how. Up pleasant he was and how downed -- was I think people feel very comfortable let me as if you were children and turn it really he's usually go for the no I don't I just saw the turn it like I did not have the three parliament holds. I did see imply he was playing -- Brady. You know what I call you guys that's right I got there and I'm just sell oil was at -- rich Bridget Bridget was there with. Was Clinton -- in which she was writing -- we -- to she was fighting with -- -- -- she was in the golf cart with Barbara following around watching Brady. Bush Clinton. And yeah Clinton's goddesses with the -- no use of foot -- I'm not but I saw. But I will fall all those text the word vacation 85850 right now after your chance to win a pair of tickets to a future Celtics on game. Every one who matters will also be eligible to win a trip for two to -- the Celtics play in Miami in April. Brought you by Southwest Airlines the official airline of the Boston Celtics I only have ten minutes to text and text the word vacation price relative -- stop at 85850 right now.

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