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Orlando's Stan Van Gundy speaks his mind on David Stern and rips the Miami Heat. Stan is the man!

Mar 8, 2011|

Not only does he look like porn legend Ron Jeremy, Stan Van Gundy grew a set as big and went off about Dwight Howard being suspended in 'David Stern's NBA' and also has some words for the Miami Heat, who he believes are getting everything they deserve. We have all the audio, and discuss it amongst Glenn, Michael and our callers.

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I think despite everything they shed. You know -- contrary. Do you think I'm -- and Eric and the coaches or their front office but I think the players. Thought it was going to be this. Now and that they're gonna roll over. And it hasn't materialized. That way up to this point himself. I I am. I had to chuckle a little bit when they sort of complain about the scrutiny. Yet. You know I mean my suggestion would be if you don't want to scrutiny and you don't hold that championship celebration. Before you leave the practice together. -- I mean it's hard to like go out yourself. Ends up in flight -- kind of crowd in celebration. In attention and then when things aren't the one well sort of bemoaned the fact that you're getting that attention I don't. To me that doesn't fault but. -- yes it does for them. Standing -- coach of the Orlando Magic talking about the Miami eighty could not be more for rap about marriage but you know what this is. This is where I disagree with them I think he's being a tad disingenuous. He knows damn well. That maybe the front office in the head coach didn't think it would be easy. -- -- Front office allow that to happen the front office allowed them to. Not to say welcome to Miami in OK you know hit it here Dwyane Wade in and LeBron james' response -- -- stage in your Miami Heat uniform and there. What why would you why would you allowed that spectacle to take place you've been around to talk to -- that. It tells why they did to sell tickets and did excuse for something that someone dying. The night before LeBron James told the nation was going to Miami you think you're having problems selling season ticket. All put that eight they got caught up in the whole marketing run there as you try to attract sponsorship to your team and whatever. So you'd get caught up into that and you. It's -- machine you get caught up into it and you think you're actually adding. -- your business. And in effect after awhile. You're probably setting high expectations of very high bar for your team to winning did 22 went. So yeah I I think they got caught up into it and put your. Actually correct they cause their own problems and big -- -- is correct because there are all problems this is what they want it. Did the -- and it made it a spectacle. I think there's one guy who didn't want the spectacle and I don't think was -- -- was Spoelstra. -- Spoelstra. -- more pressure on him than anybody else more pressure than LeBron James because you're in new LeBron James a two time MVP you know it was gonna go to Miami and play well okay. Is it as well as everybody expected. Does he look like you know hands down the best apparently no he doesn't. On LeBron James is still playing a LeBron james' game there there's there's not much difference there. The -- -- gonna play etc. that's part of the problem of the team. Right but playing the same game. Dwight way it's gonna play this game responses gonna play this game Pat Riley is going to be the godfather he's the guy he's got rings and he's got all the phrases and you know people he's got his reputation of the of of some -- so why is basketball -- One guy. Who felt the most pressure was Erik Spoelstra so he probably. Was trapped in his pants when that was going. Don't want that you don't what that pressures try to manage expectations. And all of a sudden his best player. Depending on where you from a pistol that LeBron has their best player his best players come out saying oh that's gonna win a couple of championships and went five won't just went six. Every seven -- I I don't think this Miami Heat experiment is going anywhere this year. I think the F two -- change up what they do maybe he'll have a little bit more success next year. If your -- right. It's easy right now. Everybody can blame it in Miami certainly maybe not around the rest of the -- but it Miami you can write it off is Erik Spoelstra was not ready to takeover. This type of line OK just not ready for and as you said that does it not ready for. If -- pat Ryan. You take this job now you are hall of Famer. You are a guy that has a phenomenal reputation for what you've done in the business. Everybody is expecting. Spoelstra was a complete faith Pat Riley now is gonna put him over the top and they're gonna win not one. Not so good -- not story. Not so it's not like you can have a little bit of success if you come in here. And takeovers head coach if your pet -- you have to have a whole boatload of success. Does he do. Is is -- that big or does he look at it and say. -- Days got a reputation but you know what -- His last it was last year coach in the heat. You put them in position. To draft Michael Beasley number two overall because they were terrible. Sixty something games people don't under Pat Riley because he won a championship money. He won with Shaquille O'Neal and Dwyane Wade right they forget about that year -- like what it's all said and done people are gonna for. Well maybe you'll forget 07 with the patriots but the government -- the three. Rings that they Brady picked up that did Belichick picked up right off wondered if Pat Riley because. Because value -- about pressure all the pressure's on that right Spoelstra is gone he sure excuse it was the kids fall. Couldn't handle big the big players with the -- we couldn't you know mix it up well and not give it to you right now. Pat Riley has huge. Influence on that team on practices and what they do I'll tell guarantee you -- of course that's over now but so. Image of public image of the year. -- during the celtics' game maybe the second Celtics game that you know opening night and -- you know but the second game in Miami. -- rally here. She is sitting there. With our red hair in the and here he figures the fingers just like nobody's writing down idea got these notes I mean it's got to it's got a page full of notes with the red pant. So you don't just not gonna Bobby got a -- a -- -- -- okay glue on these it's my observations. Okay black it's a substance that ought to be read now imputed. This is something I'm gonna call Erik Spoelstra to my house if he's come to the house for the we got Saddam I gotta show him how we run and I gotta show him how we play pick and roll defense because he's gotten hammered right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pat Riley doesn't -- coach guy wants to coach he's not gonna get. If it's up to Danny Ainge he's not gonna get. Right here right it was -- that's been rumored to on their -- and edit an accurate he wants doctor coach that team. And I did at the ducks to smart to do it -- what it's gonna go to W would you work for Pat Riley. In no matter who it is. You've got to beyond that Riley program you've gotta say he he has a vision for. Outlook coach should relate to players and how coach should run its practices in how we should be before the games and and Doc Rivers -- -- -- you know he's won this championship already he's been successful players so I just don't think that dock would be on board. Being under pat Riley's. Talk about leverage. Though for Doc -- this is a guy that. Was debating and I think most people felt that he was going to leave after last season that was going to be yet. He was just gonna take the rough go back to broadcasting for a bit sit around for a couple of years watches kids grow and then maybe come back. And coach somewhere down -- he can pick it chooses on his own gig. And instead it's a guy because of the Miami situation. It's probably gonna have. Tremendous leverage in this offseason -- view the Celtics. You can't let that happen so these are probably gonna be the guy even more. Killed when it happened -- out of Minnesota it'll come down to I think for the Celtic -- you know Doc Rivers he would either come back here. Or he's going to broadcast but -- I can't imagine. Danny Ainge sat there. Listening to Doc Rivers say I'm not gonna come back here but. I want to coach the Miami. This would happen if you imagine what it would some like that the garden -- the Miami Heat came down with will be brought a benefit of it. Which might but I but I think I you know I know and -- you know this MBA is not necessarily a coaching league coaches are important but got to have players. I don't think that I think. They're probably a culture way a different coach away from from being great have a don't think this is the right coach for them he's got a nice job. Of getting them to play defense. I I think is a good coach for just now for this group. I think they needed they needed different coach. One of those one of those championship whispers. I Doc Rivers who were or Phil Jackson's ex or Pat Riley one of those guys but they can you -- Pat Riley and Phil Jackson working together. -- ever had -- I can't I can't. Without -- just don't see that -- working again I we take a break we come back. Standing -- had more to say because you probably heard that his big guy. Dwight Howard got suspended now why did he get suspended. He gets suspended because he reached the peak of sixty technical files which were all fearful last year the Kendrick Perkins was going to reach remember that. But it now puts him in jeopardy. He's got to be on his best behavior or -- -- -- lose Dwight Howard for pull off games and if they do that they are in serious serious trouble. But he has some choice words to throw out to the commissioner will hear it next to an eviction before we get this and then Gundy. Monumental way. The Boston Red -- not in a positive way but in negative way what happens to my daughter. They normally. Capacity at City of Palms Park down there in Fort Myers is 7000. 298. And as you know like here in Boston they have had this. Elongated. Sellout streak. A million -- something. Since 2003 they've -- -- park every single day the announced crowd today. 4000. 909. Apparently there's a little caveat here little reason why. Agent reached the 729 because like rescheduled game and split the dinners whatever and this game can. Throw them at the last second or something like that but the street gets. Here's the question does the streak and this year at Fenway Park. This year. -- Got the wrong your body right it was gonna and it was gonna in -- last night in -- bottom left and right here this year this too much hype going into the season and people are gonna. Just throw that typically do you think. I know and -- know they bring out and talk about all the time. John Henry Larry Lucchino and Tom Warner a couple of the street. You really think that means some concern. And it Fort -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In Boston. David ought to what are you Michael Glenn Craig it represents. -- they can eat it constantly makes it look. At its interest in Larry Lucchino watchable way. Because. I think they wanna continue it on because it shows -- wrong boring -- India. And how. Everybody buys these tickets and everybody shows up of the games -- then on the other hand. He likes to get out here and -- make himself. Available to the public. When he holds that ticket sales are down a little bits of ignored radio -- -- debate it and we got good kids are very well. That gives the phone number and gives the of the online address -- So they want it both -- But yeah I think they do I think it it shows how solid it is and then once you hear this availability but it teaches. Those tickets right away and usually -- -- bad seats you know behind polls -- I'm not necessarily need the diocese of a I think last year there was no doubt there was soft sell out now. They might get burned up on the secondary market they may have been people who just ate the tickets and didn't show up at the ballpark numerous times what I thought there were few empty seats to your four year twelve year yet to play. What you are definitely but I guess he gets to the point where they say. All the tickets are accounted for. Don't it doesn't matter and has him -- -- out -- it in another matter if you see 650 empty seats this is still. Our. 600 is 60951. Or whatever the streak is up to I don't know the -- is up like pre season with. Of all sold we got our cash right might -- -- off that -- that we got. Because if the tradeoff we had -- is somewhere in and you and you took it yeah that's a bait. I'll get to display our stuff was standing and -- Howard gets a one game suspension they lose like it was last night at there was -- at -- -- again. They went in -- adding. -- check -- their game but they played last night. And down he has to send out. So stand being on the address is it because this could be a potential major problem. With the Orlando Magic because how we can't help himself it is a great flight would you describe as a great player yes there are great. Who can't help himself if you think that -- Ditched all the time this guy goes out of his what if he doesn't which I think this is off officials even more because he's got that big. -- beating great you know it's -- right that's. Aren't they did lose their 8985. Possibly okay so. It was Stan Van Gundy had to say about the commissioner and about the commission's ruling and the sixteen games in which he has sixteen technicals. -- came out yesterday he's been well 593. Times this year and you guys can estimate how many of those were. Hard hits and how many of those were above the shoulders. And for you to retaliate as few times as he has by the way not one of those 593. Hits. With all those who don't know what -- a million has been above the shoulders and -- -- -- has been deemed flagrant out and no one. 593. Amazing restraint for those guys are hitting that hard. And not go over the line get a flavor of well that's what's gonna story in the only retaliated from that. Getting no protection from the left reaches only retaliated -- -- a handful of times. You can say he's losing control I would say. Just the opposite I would say his control. It's amazing yeah. It was amazing and basically what we're saying okay for those of us at work out go run on the treadmill for 4344. Minutes that he plays and I get to come. I thought I was actually got that for just isn't there are -- -- I brought that up that are part. That stop right there. Hold on spam van -- Just said -- both of us who work out. Talking about an. -- Florida that's what reports -- would connect category zero. Guys like gods for those of us that work out. About. -- Winston. Is actually tried to turn this around get sixteen ET's. Because he has lost control. And he claims it's just the opposite. That Dwight Howard Hughes and roll -- he's. Michael reminders and. He's he has written over but you've -- closer to the number -- Listen and -- can't break the single flagrant 593. A lot of about the shall. I have many places -- so the basically standard things gets slapped in the race to get slapped her neck right. So if the guy gets hit that much -- doesn't retaliate. Head coach is impressed. With his restrict the utility gets sixteen iTunes has dropped a couple of bombs. Said okay. It's probably looked at a couple of officials thrown his hands up. Probably said what was that. Or call the prop. What did you want you -- -- Out of -- Being amazing control an old -- that be amazing control. For those of us that work out -- run on the treadmill for 4344. Million. Yeah I get to come by three times and at 43 minutes and smack you as hard as I want upside the head. I want you. To retaliate less than once out of every fifteen days that I do that three times. And so the people who say. You know he's not under control and the whole thing. I think that you know while we certainly don't want to miss any games. That's. Incredibly unfair representation. I would say that. Virtually everybody I'm not talking just about basketball players I'm talking about everybody walking the street. Would retaliate a lot more often and a lot more violently then then -- OK okay shot right he's right. If somebody smacks you on the street. You're probably gonna get pissed off you go you can -- -- to go to smack them back. -- playing under the rules of the MP a basketball game -- -- -- bottomless. Or on the treadmill. Running treadmill. Somebody you run and on the treadmill. The margins can be up and ends match -- -- experience that happens that if -- its shipment. That that's. Not fair out of -- exorbitant aren't cool or perhaps. You -- -- -- There's no case to present to the end and -- like what you call. Keep talking. I wouldn't expect it to and hasn't changed on here and when expected to. Where the fence and so when it comes these stores like way out you have to ask David Stern about -- he obviously thinks it's better than success. Should there. Is there another witness without a suspect and give it up to talk to David Stern he likes the he likes the system -- hand. He thinks that. You know. Why should sit out tonight in this that 20000 people shouldn't get shipments. To school I mean -- he likes the system. Obviously. There. In this. And validation that our. Don't not at all -- doesn't mean anything even near the near fight again this is. This is the system David Stern and his minions like it in. Yeah so that's the system. I can't answer I mean. You know and I certainly can't have an opinion can -- us. -- external a lot of leaders we've seen in this world lately don't really tolerate. Other people's opinions or free security things. I'm not I'm not really allowed to have an opinion so it's up to him he he decides and he likes the system did this to be yet. There aren't. I don't even remember. That she waves no I do not. I just said David Stern does not. How does not want other people's opinions. And he does not tolerate. Something has. You know. It is not tolerate freedom of speech when it comes to a NBA. Issues he did -- called TO did come close to comparing them to Gadhafi dead he came this close. Don't compare it to real life. And what's going on in the Middle East I can't do that that's just dumb like a lot of leaders her hopes there. -- don't like prepared to listen I I thought they ever started the believer in free demonstrates. Recordings there were dozens picnic here here's here's the do what this -- going to be what these are going to be me you -- the you know what it's five BP is saying that David Stern will not allow him I haven't a tribute to our -- tribute by giving -- one. Stemming ending battle command about Mandelson had a bottle lot of people -- but -- battle but. When you look at it this situation. If you look at coach. Why go that stern why do you go at the league -- if anything. You've got to come -- you've got the playoffs coming right now. And you're kind of enabling. Dwight Howard instead of sitting blade powered down maybe he's doing privately but why you do in this publicly I don't know. And you -- bouncing it fell. I know they're not giving any breaks. And your big guy in -- muscular your physical -- push people around athletic you've got too much -- for yet. And so they're seeing stuff that we don't want concede -- dornin. Is we can't afford to lose you and now that you've hit the sixteen max. Anytime you get one for here on it weren't trouble -- -- what happens and play fast we all set here last year. How many of them. -- with Perkins and appreciate your remembered for the playoffs that they go to remember that the question we had a it's going to be able the last in the post season. Without getting the suspension it turns out he utilized but it was an injury that he is suffered in game six of the NBA fine. And I think we. You know involved kind of knocked Dwight Howard in the past and he has taken his game to another level this year but in the past. We knocked him for all the Superman suffered -- remember last year. He's doing an interview with himself. Before before playoff game. It was during the there was a Celtics it was a -- -- -- he's brought back from four original man where indicated Superman but the right our it was stupid -- -- Maybe we've missed red display have been because he's had he's had a history. Of getting technicals and so they're not on him is that. He's a little he's a little too happy. Little too content. Would happy content get all the technical that weekend and in his customs of does that cost and beautiful mountain that's on it I. If I'm if Yahoo! and a -- ever -- god yet I'm sit him down you can't do pitcher strike out. You can't do this but I think he makes it worse because by throwing the attention back at the league and by the commission are good at what happened what what all of all all of the final the final be huge but guess what if you want those officials. That is slapped the T out of you know these officials you'll around this week for awhile where you start I start. These guys -- legal okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm telling you you're not gonna make me out to be chump opulent office are out of the -- right edges of his minions zambians minions like that's never good. Like a lot of leaders have been. For leniency minions. Richard Hatch would say. You little people those millions. I'm not I'm not really allowed to have him so it's up to him he decides and he likes the system who didn't. -- -- -- Aren't -- yeah. I don't want. They get that sense when he brought that world beaters. World leaders David's spirit has been. Great to talk about I don't know. There's is it -- in them Malden Joba yeah. -- Art that you are a good job -- in on what's going on. Good good shouldered the that the whole tiger figured out how they are you got a couple of technical fault will be coaching and you could do a better job document it. And it -- call for most is technical fault or would not people should jump moderately Pro Bowl oh. Almost like you should do it to protect or does not fight him every sailor and the scope to. Yeah I would say that most of that is correct actually. Lot of times it's at noble followed by that that's smile I said that we beating smile that. Irritate irritate a lot of officials but you're right. -- when we talk about money out he's an all that won't be brought out the window. Let you got -- It remained pretty cruel W Omar -- -- here's the deal you'd better players in the league the guys to get more playing time. And the guys that are emotional players of the ones that are gonna get -- white power it is the most at sixteen. Stoudemire is fifteen Stephen Jackson has fourteen Carmelo Anthony thirteen Colby has twelve. Kevin Garnett has and -- she urged. I think I'm probably older content might even get -- local in the August. It's just. -- do what you -- about the look at wonder what you call -- to supple body double -- stupid stuff without looking at each other what you call the political game that's exactly what. We got beat up you -- the -- not a millionaire. Well I don't know like I can't tell you how many times -- watched Dwight Howard and a said to myself man he is thrown those elbows around. Or -- Which can continue do alone you can't continue to allow you to do. I cannot. You got an adequate than that and kept it shop in the market them in the -- -- -- -- in the back. Dwight Howard to account plunged 500. Mile so we talk Warwick RX seven feet probably 275. To eighty. Punishment -- know -- -- get it at all last week the smaller guys chop you up we operated in Iraq. Above the above the shoulders though. Those guys to be hit it out of the needs somewhere. And there are. They would you have been. And you call up a lot of console mostly -- some people try to stop you from an auto and you know brilliant thought that might tell all book on the Bonaduce straight left this actually yeah. Let me tell you I think that standing Gundy went on that -- And like most Ian van Gundy -- they get out of control. -- -- it is additional intended and no I think his initial intent was to get to David Stern and his minions to China buys something with her first player. And I can't go -- -- -- that I am not unraveled it got out. -- -- the initial intent was -- for every reporter in that little cluster. Were were put their stories war in their broadcast. 593 for a 593 hits on Dwight Howard that was his message to bring -- that most above the shall yet. Then his second message was a prominent I guess overall message is and one of honesty and -- and protect our player. People are are all from -- take attention away from the suspension just in case you guys think about writing he has been selfish you let -- his team. I'm gonna tell you that this guy has been he's been wrong. -- Howard has been wrong. For anyone to pick a shot -- David Stern and went two for a Kenya really fine again. For stating his opinion. That he's not allowed to give an opinion -- -- Now this this would be Mark Cuban can't open it was mild but -- -- 200 -- Mark Cuban is giving an opinion standard god he is pretty much say. I'm not allowed to give an opinion because David Stern doesn't want -- Give an opinion I think he gave his opinion that for half minute. He basically gave you he had facts to back it up 500 -- -- -- -- every file you want you guys on a single play it hard for them. Don't get fired for that after you've got it he was backing up his caddie was giving an opinion okay David Stern. It doesn't run a democracy that he controls and -- overall job that. That's US David Stern that would give them a fine its interest in that he is getting refined for basically saying he's not allowed them -- I feel like. How I felt that -- excel at 6777. -- early Thursday.

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