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Erik Spoelstra backtracks and says players weren't crying

Mar 8, 2011|

After Sunday's loss to the Bulls, Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said there were players in the locker room crying. The following day Spoelstra was singing a totally different tune and Mut and Lou dissect the recent comments.

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We spent a lot of time yesterday Lou. In dissecting the comments of Erik Spoelstra had coached Miami Heat. What I think made national lose by admitting his players were were crying it's been noted this story nationally for a couple of days now and in case you missed that. Coach Bo this is after the 8076 loss to Chicago on Sunday. Made a pretty revealing comment to the media as part of Boesky. This is a painful for every single one of us going through this that are. Couple guys crying and in the locker room. Right now it is not a matter of want it was a matter of doing. And continuing to put ourselves in this position until we breakthrough. Okay so. Just a lot I'm not crazy. There's a line there that he says is. There's a couple of guys cry I didn't miss it might -- -- -- is not broken. Couple guys crying in the in the locker room -- -- that. He he said not a media member. Not somebody on his quote unquote -- this Eric -- the head coach. Says it's all the same page because yesterday. Coach -- sounding a little bit different Lou about what happened after that loss to Chicago on Sunday. Guys are very. Emotional about it in the -- and heads were down. -- Glossy eyes that's about it -- everything else is probably exaggeration and it's probably the story line for you guys but. That's okay. And exaggeration. If he came out and said glossy guide. And we the media came -- and said while guys are crying. They'll be called an exaggeration. -- glossy eyed but we can't say -- players actually crying. In your locker room. We want it was exaggerating. Is that the media make it a story at and nothing but what set it. It's it's coach -- making. Trying to make. The reverse of this that he wants the story to go away may not get the impression Pat Riley comes in. And Pat Riley says make his story go away I don't wanna hear about this anymore. I don't wanna hear about our players crying how can you -- your mail and -- like that how how can you expose our guys. And so we goes on the offensive glossy -- and may get -- what's that Alex the clarity clarity and if it's glossy I'd just said. At and at 24 hours later. As we sort of thought he might do. He has backed off that already got and yet again and bear. Is himself and his team and backtrack and comments it is embarrassing to put those two together. There's no way to exaggerate what he told us that guys were crying. You can. You can't exaggerate that you'd told us that. Glossy -- big difference. -- Shiite upset. Best okay. Riding. Big difference is no exaggeration mean -- make this up says crying in the in the locker room acute. He said it. At that and now what sort of sit there say that we exaggerated distinct you've got us. Glossy eyes -- big difference so what's. All crying to -- -- in terms of of the Miami Heat now you guys did a very I thought funny. But the -- up this last night on sports tonight Willie Gary of a lot of fun. I could tell -- But the you gave that the same impression that we all sort of have it it's speaks to a team. And the crying part of it speaks to a team that's not mentally tough enough. -- in the postseason they built this thing LeBron James you've heard the quote. -- went 67. Championships you've heard back while. It's tough to believe badly get the toughness when you are crying after a game in your coach exposes you for that -- it shows to BA lack of toughness. With that basketball team. That's what it shows it's gonna head coach it doesn't just doesn't have a handle on this group who goes up their. It says it keep an in house these shows how fragile. This team is. And that's something -- you'd come playoff time. You can't be fragile you can be fragile -- -- -- meet Mary no the numbers we don't they are they can't beat good teams have been very good needs to. At it and now you're talking body fragile emotionally fragile ball club. And it's not but that's not cut the -- -- check and make it even -- you believe none of the people for words that you said. We take out of context you told us what it was. Night coming out saying notes that's on it and our guys were doing it. Fine LeBron and Dwyane Wade came out as well and they said. Whatever coach said what happened but he could have been making really good at making it up. So now we don't know what to believe when when Erik Spoelstra takes the the podium after a game. It just it bothers me edit it that -- it's being handled this way button and -- adds heat team eventually going to be judged. On what they do in the post season. But this is a sign that. They're not built for a long run this year they're not built for championship on the Celtics are a tough basketball team but he do not appear to be mentally tough. I think everybody knows that mean Danone had not in the south class right now as far as that goes this is that Celtics team has been proven that's been through it. This he teams delusional they are. And self esteem right now trying to really find themselves -- -- dandy. But the bench catastrophe and how to how to play with one another. Shaquille O'Neal yesterday. The thirty ninth birthday party announced -- 85% Butler play Wednesday and be weaker so. That might be little more than a week. That and it's a little bit more than a week for Shaquille O'Neal and they can net's three weeks as a matter does it matter it doesn't matter what Shaq comes back along with these play in the postseason Lou they consider about until. Post season game one at this point they have a 3 game lead the Eastern Conference. Shaq sitting is fine Jermaine O'Neal sitting is fine let these guys can actually they got a spot coming up tomato Jermaine O'Neal iced -- even. He's completely out of the picture to me. Federal where Jermaine O'Neal is in radio brings a little bit a defense but I'm going to take about two minutes. Doing this can defensively getting help yet -- the rotation. -- the other thing would this team when they get healthy who the -- plane I mean look at this club. And and you see the bench that they do have and it's gonna take some time in healthy Jermaine old Neal comes back. Krstic out of the mix. -- baby's going to be helping a lot of depth there but -- near me. What a crazy about the signing period I think he brought anything. On the -- less crazy about a right now. He's got a lot of time off. But this Celtics team you continue to hear whispers that he's gonna be ready and don't count on you don't bank on it. I'm banking on Shaq coming back I mean I'm convinced that this guy's gonna help this basketball team. It Jermaine -- as they -- former peace there and you have. Twelve extra fouls to use yet against a Dwight Howard in a big spot we'll against pal -- all -- get that for. Against the Tim Duncan. And I'll be icing on the cake but the the Shaq stuff. You're reading it today. Hold this guy back ease admitting that the that the Big Three years and pay or play and we don't need your right now. It's adding up your games in six nights and a chance for this group the G all the way they -- and a close went on Sonny gets the box. Boy it's I like that it's an important piece so to get back there's no concern right now because there's still an awful lot of time but that you need Shaquille O'Neal I think I think you need a big body in the middle I mean you need. Proceed going up against some of these other big bodies come post season teams -- gonna have to go through. He's he's going to be a big factor but I agree by holding amount you wanna give him a week or two before this postseason starts. You don't play every single day and after the first two or three weeks if there is some probably talked about how. I've been shot up before he could shoot up and in numb that Achilles heel area continue to play the play right now he's already said that. It's you don't wanna start that process now need a one -- they're now playing in dealing with the pains we -- --

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