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NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement: Hurry Up and Wait?

Mar 4, 2011|

You know things look dismal when people are applauding a one week extension in negotiations. Will this CBA get done soon? We discuss it.

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Off I feel so much better now. While what happened NFL -- NFL players association saying. It's okay if we can't get it all done. Today which don't seven day extension until we can extend his thing now -- what can we can make this work. Players -- rather the NFL owners are going along with a seven day extension. Because they have to. Because they -- they -- to -- it took a huge hit absolutely took a huge hit earlier this week right. And now get to find out look at and negotiators we have on both sides because. Usually in these cases. Either of the union had a strong. And the commissioner is weaker vice Versa where you have -- jobs. What hey look Jane ups last time around -- Upshaw negotiated a hell of a deal -- some -- don't now in this case it looks like you've got. You competent party's. Leading their respective sides. Not gonna happen rapper real negotiation. I think there's one losing and you are absolutely correct in the ruling the other day by the judge David -- in the Minneapolis courtroom. What deputy is that gave some leverage to the players association took some away from the owners but -- what it'll also -- it. Is I think dealers are realizing out there and I guarantee they're doing the research. There got you doing polls and are finding out that the population there is not necessarily siding with the owners and I can't pick of the negotiation before. In professional sports and anyone of these sports where the public hasn't cited on the whole. With the owners in this case I think it's just the opposite because it's the first one in which you actually have the players saying. Right time right now we're asking for more right. Spot you could say well the rest of society. Is taking cuts left and right people are getting laid off but here's the difference you're doing it because their companies are going under or about to go under. In this case National Football League is going against the -- -- -- doing great while the rest of the world is going. All you know it it's and I agree with you I think a lot of people are looking at this -- that simple word lock out. -- you flipped it around in the players that were going -- Reich. Which it did 1987 to strike. Okay. Now the public is gonna side with the owners because they can't really relate to somebody saying. Forget it I don't wanna play this game I'm not I'm not gonna take it I want a little more money or whoever it is what -- the players owners saying I want more money. And it's like -- more money this sport does not operate like it normally does. Fans will present wherever that is I don't think fans naturally lean toward owners -- players say they they side with people. What the games to continue at -- -- Now. I don't know what's gonna happen here out of I was gonna happen generally you would think before. Before the judge ruled in favor of the players who say it's going to be along knockout. And we may not be having now we may not have a resolution until August or September. The players now that's something in the pockets. We actually may get a deal the deal actually happened this. Prediction this month delay happened. Yeah -- It started. While Wilson. On. Wilson who acknowledged that. It got -- every hour it changes your marriage and are ready to go to well I dedicate gave up this morning and and it's at least tweeting and suddenly optimistic and and our little boy in the news. It goes from out our I believe what's going on right on the reporting that's going on in Washington. The reporters are telling you. The impressions the last person they spoke -- open it up right now is that reporting. The last yet talked to put this thing is so volatile. Of Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports probably and it is the best run -- I've seen yet try to break it. All down I think it's very fragile and appoint you brought up was great about -- out. Because you can't sit there is a fan. If if the players walk out there striking it's them get all of that more -- Understand what I'm doing three jobs to book like. You don't. In this case. Players are willing to work the orders as -- locked out. Go to winning well out here in in the gym and football world you know what it's another thing. And you you would think most. Commissioners. Wouldn't we haven't these thoughts. You know 23 years. To their commissioner -- we're talking about -- could -- we said the other day. He sees himself as a super here on this guy's got a little bit of an eagle -- I don't know if you agree with that are not -- that you've got -- a massive -- I think he likes his reputation I haven't noticed about the sheriff to what needs that share was leaving out the national football always he's forgotten spike. Oh yeah he's moved and and Michael got Michael makes so little beetle he's not allowed that -- right but I think this guy. Currently. Wants to be remembered as something special. And this is how it works with the pro football writers association. The writers who were responsible for the Hall of Fame. And maybe some of these guys die off. They won't think this way anymore right now they have such a long memories to hold grudges. And Paul Tagliabue is not an -- of thing. Thought he goes on off and why because of the last deal. Because the deal the Gene Upshaw won because they felt like he let the National Football League in a tough top position on the way out the door. So give Roger Goodell. It's the commissioner in charge and games are lost. That's gonna affect his legacy and that matters to him that really matters to. I think eight you know that something. Think that's opening thinks about. This why this thing is so. A strange because you're not if you and also did a much different negotiation and we should be -- negotiation come up this summer it's going to be much different. Because it's a league that is seventeen of their teams right now that -- losing money and another thing. And that case got one guy -- strong David Stern. And Billy Hunter who's who's not. And so. The owners get a deal that they won in the NBA I just know that I mean if you just look at it's like jobs. It's it's it's boxing one don't want what the tale of the tape. Detailed of the paper this situation -- you have no idea advocate you've got to newbies here going at -- indeed more Smith and Roger Goodell in the case of David Starr vs Billy Hunter. David Stern has taken him to the cleaners before and will probably do it again. That you also have owners that are losing money right now so it doesn't make sense if you can seventeen teams are losing. Why should I go back to work -- open up my shop opened up my team for those players involved losing money under the same conditions over yet. The differences of the national football only. There were all making money what they foresee here is they foresee. Different. Market conditions going forward. Because of what's happening in the rest of the -- there's certainly don't we have to -- just I'll give them credit. For picking three steps ahead and here's why I think the players are going to get an awful lot of support I never bought -- To the Mike Vrabel line. That the players should be enjoying. The fruits in the profits awful patriot. That a body into the because it's a separate thing. It happens to be the owners. Of the patriots who by the way not only made their money in football but they made their money in the box industry in the paper industry right or many other industries they made -- -- and they -- -- that. Money according risque and a patriot -- and get out. It sure to make it an awful lot of -- don't think so credit coming up well a lot of risk right now. We're not do what I didn't didn't it opened at just the wrong time yes did it opened just the as the economy right you're going to toilet exactly so. -- don't Vrabel is right that. -- the patriots are definitely capitalizing on the success of the football team if there are not three championships in a four year period there's no patriot place. But you can't take that information. And make the outrageously that. Because you -- patriot place in because yours successful with that or not we think. There's somehow the players should be getting some trickle down here's the difference. I need. I need Mike Vrabel to sell a number fifty patriots sure. Okay because he's part of that. I don't need him to sell lingerie at Victoria's Secret next door and a patriot -- why does he doesn't. Army I architect don't -- others. So print -- -- promotion visual but here's the difference coordinators and warns about your size could try this on an old line. Well that's up from Christmas and but here's here's the here's the difference and here's what the players I think. Are going to get a lot of support and that is what the orders are asking them detailed the orders to sit and -- -- conditions have changed. We can't get cities and states to build us stadiums anymore so what we want you to do is who want to take lessons apply. So we can invest in to read more into that now because we -- states and -- cities to invest in the in the stadiums so we need you to give us more so we can invest -- idiot you're gonna make money. Well we know the owners are gonna make money out of that deal but the present -- players enough. The future employers might make money out of it it may continue to rolling cycle. But -- tell you something if you're present -- player I don't you care about the next time of course not of course -- does it. What the game to continue you don't what's your paychecks. To be affected up let me ask you and everybody out there. Are you nervous yet because I'm not and maybe I'm not nervous because of the extension now -- there'd been no extension last night and 1159. There's a lock out. In the National Football League then I'd be nervous in May be a little upset but but the but the extension and next week. -- and the only thing I feared Oakland is that a deal has got to get done and as a result you know both sides will give a little. As a result. 1818 games happen eighteen and that's what I thought hey I just described thought that was just bogus I -- climate that was negotiating ploy -- up owners were destroyed it out there. Give what they actually -- from the players. But it's that seems real -- -- they're gonna get and not on the. Reports that though they are going to definitely get an 181 of all I'm not nervous and I'll tell you why. I'm not sure it gets done on your timetable not short it's done in the next seven days of us. Even better. But here's why I'm not -- Because if you go past the seven days and all you going to do is accelerate. Process. And forced leverage by either side so that you get the decertification. Of the union and then you get them going into court Brady. -- again here record now now not gonna Brady goes in there with you know all Manning and eulogize. And American and they coordinator Andy challenge some. That the NFL owners right now we have always been able to use -- and their back pocket. To protect anybody else from going out trying to do the business the plea deal so it actually -- so I think that. You're forcing the process. By the time we get to August. They're gonna come back and they're gonna work out at the they have to because they're. -- making. I don't know if you dugard the FDA is a different story the NHL is a difference all right all those. Ports they've got they've got the best deal going in sports we know that got the best television deal but they are they are going against all of the -- It all the other major sports in this country. -- -- we love the Red Sox and don't let the Red Sox and yankees what a great rivalry -- is the Red Sox spend money in the Yankees spend money but look at Major League break Major League Baseball. Haves and have not a lot of teams that are in major trouble. Matters greatly to give our National Hockey League saying story NBA. Same store. National Football League. Really trouble. I had a buffalo says -- in trouble. Cincinnati I don't know. I don't follow Obama -- in trouble for their own deal can -- -- some of that some of that. Is outside of of of -- Roman that is that client employment. It's a much different communities that we have here wages are far lower unemployment a lot higher lot of the the factories have closed -- its markets aren't you. -- -- -- buffalo breath as these other Marc rice but why. If Ralph is dealing with any other sport. He's getting the share that he gets out of this. I mean he's getting a lot of the share of the patriots success and Dallas success and the giants' success so in other words in other words he's in another sport he would had a give up the team a long time ago exactly. And you know what it's been proven that small market teams can do well into the system in the national football excellent Indianapolis. Look at the Super -- chair exactly. So I mean. What is it when people start looking at you can't compare the others and as I said yesterday. If Ralph really wanted to make extra bucks fund company that that wants to have their stadium. You know -- their logo on the -- -- stadium instead of calling it Ralph Wilson Stadium how much when you get from there. Its money coming up and you'll get some money like anti -- for ten or fifteen years that's what you do you tie them up it's a revenue stream at every single year CNG are available. See him -- -- is available through. Better effect if you asked Jonathan I think in the background they still have some -- whole energy yard field it's.

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