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Anthony Castonzo - Future 1st Round NFL Pick

Mar 4, 2011|

Former BC O-Lineman Anthony Castonzo joins us to talk about his time at the NFL Combine and where he thinks he will go in the draft.

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-- us gonzo is some of the top rated offensive lineman in the entire National Football League upcoming draft. I just for the record and to begin the first true freshman to start on the Boston College offensive line in ten years. He started all 41 games during his first three seasons at Boston College just back from the Columbine Anthony joins us on the AT&T hot light -- -- what's possible. The nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible according happening -- aria. -- we're doing very well overall what would you say how would you describe your com by an experience Anthony. I'm a great experience I mean -- -- from Google tactic. A coming -- prepare for what what the Senior Bowl because -- really I think you put. I mean it was as you know assuming you finish what you write to connect it. But a lot and it's a lot like mental stress to them the last thing about the physical structures and a noting that put up good numbers. Everybody knows about the dash of the cones on the vertical leap and all that sort of stuff but I think more mysterious. What happens behind closed doors when you meet with teams they try to pick your brain and interview you. A what does that process like what kind of things that they ask you and how do you think you -- -- the problem that recording you you don't to a room. -- you meet with public and people horse and thorough. I don't GM had coaches like coaches -- all the important people and in. A program. And then. Fifteen minutes of portable. Like army eligibility go to an extra actually -- that it in that interview for three extra hours. -- skirt but you'll be the they set you know I certainly few about a -- like we need to work on technique was. And a couple you actually put -- them -- -- been analyzes. Who created. The Geneva the patriots. I did not knock out the -- they. Let -- is appropriate ticket yeah they -- there. A slide that would you be surprised entity if you're not a first round pick. After a -- what I what I've heard that has. To come by it and you know so what. Don't -- scout and -- have been aren't I I would be surprised yet. Do you do you get any sense of where in the first I mean top 20/20 to 25. Did anyone tell you if -- there which take in Japan now. Our world -- ago -- literally have actually no idea you know everybody's been shorting out in trip that you know -- they're pretty. Cool about that level interest and are still got two more for the trap so that the a lot of that -- be worked out. Arm but he had that nobody really said on your art we're gonna pick a better. -- milk diapers right you might not be making a lot of friends -- -- -- he says so you're going number 22 to the colts that's gonna (%expletive) off some people. I that the positive -- New England policy that I got drug or your default Talladega. Tea out of what we're going to go to the Senior Bowl when you go to these All Star Games when you go to the -- by obviously a look at Ronnie look at around other guys. Were offensive linemen is that an intimidating thing or were the intimidate or were they looking you say oh my god this is the best guy out here -- I I. I aspired to be what he is out here on the field. On what -- Economic -- not to look around other guys in the mean I can't control the -- you know like electoral liability bump up their chemical also. You know it is diligently and currency -- -- and I'm basically does. Element body out of every -- -- they'll be worked out as part like an -- I -- it Alec and Billy yet have a way to do it up. Are you I and it really paid that other people -- we're looking now understand but I guess that's a little but I got -- -- You know -- the out scouting and analyzing college. Guys going into the draft at any position is is certainly a science. I'm looking at the offensive tackle specific traits the all the offensive tackle guys get applied to them and you are above average in every single one and it's amazing how. How much information terrorism and I can't read -- lobbies on up time. But the they talk about -- tall long arms big hands very great athlete presides wingspan Agile quick first up and coming forward. Wins with angles and positioning -- very good awareness -- a run blocker -- block remarkable -- but as ever cannot be questioned. Of all those things and they're a hundred more what do you think it is you do best that would help you in the National Football League and what do you think it you're weak point that you really have to work on between now and whenever. All of then I get that question though it by beating that -- being -- problem. I mean part of -- makes negative effect I'm not really ever satisfied with. Well with what I'm doing it I don't wanna get better so actually know partly in the perfect and but the the blood on -- physical straighten my -- -- -- -- my -- -- the kind of due out in Poland and picked entrapment. I'm only going to be here on the edge. Well column file that we like -- be developed weaknesses whoever they are. You did 28 reps with 225 was that kind of disappointing ticket from Oregon State. Oregon or Oregon -- and it did 49. So. Is that important -- Well you know it -- people called let it -- -- fail. It's satellite it -- you get above a certain number you know -- in the mid forties are voter vote there and -- -- got the strength but you can. You can't really go go compete at that level. You know it it's by the mean if you put up forty ninth that took a preacher at the what it was but ever to on the Specter. Yeah and and what can you do if you or can you do want switch your Macs on the bench. -- -- We will -- a similar boat here at my training -- port 45. That's the same as meter par out here out -- -- -- all you can see guys. That's my match it's pretty much reminds -- I'm guessing you didn't have much trouble with the wonder licked it bio chem major who wants to cure cancer. After each donor football you wonder what really challenges you look like -- the Vince Young sixty thank. Effort adult life -- at all that the there were three or four we're sure about publicly that Ali Al Hayat forty maybe maybe that elusive -- it publicly -- forty's. Don't you know that there are some football buddy what his pinky can be too smart especially linemen. They don't want to be too smart to -- it should be allowed just all in all directions follow orders. -- I mean. I think date picnic and and in the beatings took it how about that comic who -- to outsmart them will go up their massive skull and apple -- looked -- or. -- every bit did you learn anything and specifically. You know people ask you up until that come -- and I'll call you are you always say what six foot seven right. Usually six foot seven and an eight. I did not know that I had that it or can you let go unclear -- the and what do you think you wait what did you actually win when you got the Columbine. Bob I mean that I -- big week. My goal weight for what I waited pick -- Bible. -- -- twelve -- get up there and I and I character out there that we can at 311 which was right might target. It it was real cute. It is an amazing -- meter and Anthony 67 and 18 311. And one of the references -- needs to add some -- boot this for -- you really that evident. I'll agree that the to have been good battles my. Should receive that these -- up yet food avail available at all our -- And I looked over to reporter Michael Vick. I had met all and I think I'm doing to currently -- -- I bet I bet could add a little bit more on the that maybe they've got a point there -- -- it public and outbound. Remember after a freshman year talked to you about that you were to fifty human obesity to type in the cut a lot of harbor a military academy that was the knock on you which -- -- -- duke or fork union ministers and -- -- -- Thank you for Q prepared for fuel meter that. That's last will be that I get those -- stop it. I'm sure that's probably still on the minds of some talent evaluated when they dig deep in your past they'll say taken is to keep the weight on right. I mean. The public think inevitably use they've thought about history -- putting away are gaining. Speaking to portico of the year so popular ago. They're pretty competent. That the -- won't be a problem. One of the OC didn't get any scholarship offers a high school union bio that you walk on at BC. Why would you do and I did a year did you do a year military academy just so he could get a scholarship offer. Exactly I went there are full of football actually -- their part about their. But with all you know what the school person out there that I picked up an offer from Boston College and I can look depending midyear. We're talking to answer because the and so from Boston College heatley Leo via the -- line. What do -- observers at the at the Columbine said Anthony is one of the -- loss offensive linemen that has a six pack. That was your during your absence -- Miller Lite. Like okay well. That's what happens like that you need the big guys that -- there. There. I've been deported. Put up waive the right way at. I beat up that much else I would -- the mayor and at that too much jiggle it so Conor that well that's how it will never happen. What's the process going for between now on draft day are you somewhere special work it out he working at a BC your your home what are you doing -- the plan. I'm actually and Florida I NG academy it's but all inclusive -- -- -- a resort only that a relaxing your work it out you have every right here but but he also. Actually. I'm a year for another month until my -- Croat area that I am an old to work out all of remotely via the draft. Other bunch of guys their first round picks -- prospects. All they're you know they're they're all about fifteen to forty guys the year and there's about you know very -- Projected round but. -- good it's if -- prickly sort out. Including mark Hurst looks down there with Iran. And how's he look I know the projections have him going in the fifth round if you must be extremely. Ornery when he sees that projection right. -- -- -- -- Really make competitive markets in lake effect. That he survived cancer so I've been in the therapies that secretaries feel this article trapped -- that he's got a great way to look. In -- eat eat eat eat banquet -- -- -- and it a huge value at the same thing because. I mean equipment -- let you know adding jobs got a lot put it like -- -- -- good you're gonna be upcoming. They have that before we say good bye to make a deal here that the day after the draft even if you get drafted by the colts we can talk again and check in with you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The stock -- play well and Indianapolis. Our oil. But you never have to worry about run blocking again. -- ever be good luck to appreciate the time this morning. -- like Anthony just -- though from Boston College soon to be in the National Football League joining us on the AT&T allies will take a break. Adam shift -- join us later in this hour.

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