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KG Postgame Guest & Wrap-Up

Mar 2, 2011|

Kevin Garnett joins Grande & Max on our Postgame show after the Celtics beat the Suns tonight at the Garden.

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Thank you -- what Olympic team won all three -- tonight you know Garnett Japan in the celtics' locker room -- you go yeah you always chastised me for not you know -- Reading it trying to union announced that -- Cam -- If you're a subtle about the cell phone -- his lowest and they say -- need to -- the and I know what is the answer might -- one to today listen this isn't Jonah wow well homelessness here. -- before they determine if you don't have. To make it the there was -- You know what I think he would have known anyway. When you come back -- the West Coast trip is traditionally free Eastern Conference -- East Coast -- can be of a lot of energy. Is the way the dock it means this team you've got to manage yourself in the minutes one of the reasons it readable would be so flash especially offensively situation like this. I -- -- -- but. We have we have quite a bit of energy I think -- that at times we do give them rest we do great jobs taken that. I'm -- an -- nicely and looks like you have -- a lot so was soccer though -- written out. And we're making them a group you know -- overtime reviewed. You know light reflect all the office of the others got to sit and talk we got a little program with a -- that. Probably this. Given. I believe it would also be yes sir it looked like you a little bit more in the view from Vista rather at night we'll bring you over you know on. Go a little bit -- -- last from novel like because they're well placed on their pass something in my heart. And on like there is no fan zone they don't know you know so when people out there make enough. No rude and -- you know comments. Is just not right so development definite statement on -- One -- quietly so Aso told my game that the quite that waving in the -- -- -- -- that was quietly I would ever allow school remote code in the best came across -- it looks so little five. That's what news. Is that in your head during the during the year it's been impressed that you -- this time everybody's weak stuff in the FaceBook and everybody -- in this. Do you go up -- -- we are slaves to waffle from Los Erica. Norms you know social networking and all the stuff that's going on the world given access -- -- also -- -- -- be you know where sentinel. That he going Abbas Tomo would lose to Obama read -- Lenovo mobile phone club ultimately best. That's that's that's such adjustment you know. On policy Tom we have this but it's how we have a lock on time almost ourselves players vehicles for the quote book. -- arcade packet to -- who to who does that they got the rules for estimated by. It is what it is but. You know mama always told me that actually speak about you -- so that's what what next spoke pretty tonight nobody. It is more to teach me that he feels more vocal -- -- for you and week out 560s in this tree. Are you more comfortable now with two with a new group Tom -- everything you know -- very emotional about partly even. Don't think we all war we ought to go on you know I think everybody in this organization to go out to be anonymous. I would doorsteps and like a community Tom here -- -- all wounds and you know privileged cherry. And understandable involves no pickup in some value its own -- Jeff -- is -- the one the most personal revisions was seen in my life. Chris is a -- because he's a big hit to 1719 for the -- -- this right there with companies to Sonoma itself -- To me he's come back. No big baby don't know we got choice so you don't versatility so you can. He could pretty much put -- -- -- its -- -- and yes they won't December's. It's about the left litigate. You know you had chances rather it is rather quokka. The statement is that -- he's taken a shot at the very unique it's about you know you know we got it with I gotta take. You know phenomenon passed me in and and -- common on the way about. You know -- some tickets for the playoffs. And I got detect. -- -- -- -- you know I told like do some tickets to come serious and you know in the first round without you know when he -- vacation -- -- yeah you know they want trap and stop the clock and you know you know continue to put the ball in the basket of the next week to the holder got Leo. So we're -- the play clock you know. We're you know the old days of golf course you know you'll know -- enough submitted you know ball he -- the ball. They still conduct house to me after class all. This is a classically let's let's not let's not just moments ago now that you already know. Forward -- -- you've got to -- David Ortiz and dream about about playing with you guys in the playoffs but they're puppy they'll crumble marry your systems all mixed effect. A lot about the importance of we can -- Malaysia. We it would allow rapper starts do you do you escape to exit the -- alarmist -- -- Austin market -- -- corporate it's always good store owners. -- about this then go. Can reduce all. To a two doses. The one the only feature all Famer and one of the first times. It really it's the next we spent. Lot of people know -- now yours. And you have to now the and you have to be very. Careful what you ask questions asked to do with just him and team. He normally 99 cents -- injury he's going to. Sort of you know the flick a paper or promote something else. Well it it's like it was cool you know he just -- 91 talk about pizza -- because he's human being and the one of the story lines of the league this year has been everybody saying whatever they want to say. About Kevin Garnett whether he's changes a player whether -- a everybody's dad and you. We know what happens in ski accident on the court. Needless to say he's not rule book then it's okay with everybody talking about history -- he says he knows mattered to him and it was good gear safe whether it was. I mean he he did exactly that he he played the game. And did talk about the game he was he's about -- -- -- it would -- -- -- you shot -- -- that. He controlled Kenny -- Be it literally does put its fifth in the mountains that look you don't see anything it's plummeted so he was dominant in that way and it was great to see. What I didn't understand about this game and make a -- I'm gonna go back I will always talked about. It's when that's the Gallic Rondo take that last shot but then again it was like tit for -- He truth comes out it shoots it straight at the Rondo with the second -- -- so it was it was just nastiness between the two teams. Here's one thing. I almost with the suns were planned in the Eastern Conference because. This could be a very nice ugly rivalry between two teams can get really nasty that's -- who basketball -- But as Kevin Garnett was saying it and be any more matches this year between with the swelling and he -- he says go get help with some tickets to the game. He could tell it's really -- deep deep within the -- symptoms you got to connect the dots for yourself. Alvin Gentry was vocal about Kevin Garnett after the last. Alvin Gentry took over. And some would suggest undermined to -- reporter when he was -- -- in the Phoenix Suns to reporter for a close friend of Doc Rivers so. -- all you know there's you know pocket ever hear dockers are open bad -- who were starting the it's -- start to pile on. Now between these two to I mean this is just something we use the things go back and -- it's the most in NBA games that that are in the beginning it's it's mellow with the end when the other team concedes or -- though. Pass that basketball -- with a bad path Jeff Green and they've to catch it and. And he -- that now all the way to giving it the other is the quote with a -- it would let them second on the -- If I am. They're gently that we had done the same thing I've found around though maybe a little bit harder that he -- file but that was because. It does not it just it it. In the India. -- in the end so let's get a double digit win double doubles from Rondo Kevin Garnett season high twenty points what are we don't you both look at the guy like that. -- you do that to a team owners know listen we talked about it for years among the fans shoot threes and again those who have -- Mets sent. By Rondo is -- -- -- -- a little bit himself with that that -- they're retired. The game at Phoenix. Now I -- -- by the -- gold state doesn't play much either they won their game in Washington tonight we're entertaining game between the two teams Oakland now rematch. Going up here on Friday night with a 7 o'clock for collects itself the tonight themselves. We'll try to make it to a role against the Golden State -- we. These leaders -- -- to think that the Q do you feel like. Of the rapper. If -- sets -- we'd like Kevin Garnett and the final thoughts about it that was those are some pretty interesting words that we some foundation for some. Fascinating discussion with -- guy John -- still the twelve by twelve.

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