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15 years of the Big Show... in 5 minutes.

Feb 28, 2011|

Highlights of 15 years of the Big Show... some of them anyway. The moments, in order are : -Big Show Open Music (James Brown Living in America) -Glenn calls himself homosexual by accident. -Bob Ryan imagines what a Jon Sterling Red Sox call would sound like. -Dick Radatz introduces himself in song form -Wendi Nix gets so mad at Felger that she curses on air -Tom Werner loves the Big Show -Patriot Bob checks in -Glenn's computer erupts into flames live on the air -Coach Bill with the Big Show -Mikey Adams vows to never leave again -Mike Vrabel wants the whiners to kill the hosts -Tony Mazz asks Rohan Davey about Amsterdam -Part of one of MOTWU's many rants -Schilling Butch-Slaps Stearns -Fred takes a shot at his arch-nemesis -Todd Walker has felt Shaugnessy's knife too -Tom Caron prefers a colonoscopy to Craig Mustard... the irony is not lost on Andy -The Dropkick Murphys sing about Dale and Holley and the Big Show -Larry Johnson's sugar count... the one that almost killed him. -Lou wants to see Tom E Curran dipped in vasoline -Max tells Glenn and Burton the tonsilitis story for the first time -Frank from Gloucester tries to fool us -Glenn misspeaks... again. -John in Mehfuh checks in. -Eckersley vs Radatz and Rico -Shep throws Deossie under the bus, Fred and Steve Nelson aren't amused. -Pedro joined the Big Show -Glenn misses Max... Max misses his paycheck. Sorry to the co-hosts that didn't make the cut... it took me many hours just to cut it down this far.

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