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Danny Ainge, Celtics President, joins John Ryder and Paul Flannery

Feb 24, 2011|

Boston Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge calls in to discuss the Kendrick Perkins trade, what Jeff Green brings to the table, why the team traded Semih Erden, and much more on this busy day for the Celtics front office.

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Now joining -- signed the the AT&T hotline -- what's possible with the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. Rethink possible. It is so Celtics president of basketball operations Didier. Obviously a busy day for you -- -- -- very busy day are not good how are you did it. -- I was excel -- -- -- in and it and ever on wondering why this move was made. -- great Turkey. Ultimately it the reason. You're set to give up something of value it's something of value in return. And the field at the top part team this year. But in the future well we were wondering about it to how much you were concerned longterm. Injured Perkins in his injuries. Europe and cricket at the history of injury but you seem like he's recovering mean nobody works harder to. To recover on the injury Kendrick. And I think we Kendrick will be fine Alter. -- how how did. These deals come about sort of in the last few days the last few hours or -- -- is something you guys were talking about for awhile heading into the deadline. Armed. No it's something that we each disgust. Periodically you know we have conversation throughout the year with a -- and takes a serious -- And some by the wayside by. Awards. How are you -- playing. Wanted to see -- team played was playing great. Com in the absence Kendrick a procedure would be claim twice although. In LA and so forth that can became bat can. -- -- It worked or heart beat back that we ought. He's great young man named in -- -- and we feel like we have. A lot of senators. And -- we are very competent and act in the I'm Krstic is probably more should keep them all of those -- that this state. What we're really excited for the guys that we got a mean coach -- that -- required you to know we draft him. We actually are -- Ray Allen trade him. And he's about to show kind of a player yes. And versatile player -- he's played 37 minutes I'm one of the top team in the last Western Conference as a starter. -- in four years old -- at some length and athleticism to the game versatility. And we like Krstic Krstic is a terrific shooter. And I think he compliments from the -- very well -- and that he systematic ethnic cannot comment midrange shops. Jeff Green I would guess would be the focal point of this court as this trade and and really back it up Paul Pierce right come. Coming down the stretch. You know jet -- put. A player that we have targeted and and liked very much. And we think he's just a great -- in the locker room. You know in the community on the court. -- -- -- -- to -- here and terrific talent and we're very very excited about implement it. Did were you worried at all making this Kendrick perkins' deal part of it that you weren't being going to be able to sign up Perkins after the season. Well you know that's part of it. You know we'd we'd get our contract extension would perk. And although we got our hands were tied a little bit based on the collective bargaining agreement that it's currently in place. You know what we could offer you know. We ought to -- we could offer him in. You know he wasn't really adjusted Buick contract extension which which I understand that. He wanted to test the market and C last time he didn't test market and the time he really wanted to test the market see what -- value was and so that that was a concern. But it wasn't so much of a concern that we would have done something just for that purpose but the fact that. We were able to in our opinion help Turkey this year and protect ourselves for the future -- would. Was very depressed. Daniel vascular Gorbachev greens and these -- really interesting player for you guys but before we -- on Perkins how did he take the news has. It you know he's an emotional guy as we all know and and also how that's how did the rest of his teammates tape is that's. You know being around them they they're very tight bunch. They are -- very tight bunch and you know I I think some outpost of Perkins many of them. Have a great relationship with him -- brought him in the eighteen year old high school are -- very good all in. We -- computers today the talk in the perk up. Your kit and her technical under great situation for him for himself in future I think Oklahoma city's top -- franchises. That was a great young players. And and I think that you get a bright future there are so that that does help make it a little bit easier. Yes -- just to sell enough for sec I mean this you guys have been through a lot together and and to. So it to have this come down this this could not have been an easy decision for you to make to pull the trigger on this trade. Note I do you call we agonized over. All stopped and I agonized over it you know went back and forth and you know that -- other types and -- things out there. And Barrett were very very difficult decision to make it and down yet one that it would was actually see. And where we're at it and you know his teammates. You know I think it I think that they world here. -- in green chance. Communism and so with Turkey Italy. At the same time you know there are some emotions there they were were very close. Question. In time they'll they'll see the benefits start. And as as being those benefits and terms that in terms of Jeff because. He can do a lot of different things for you guys he gives you -- player you really haven't had before how do you envision him fitting into this team does its. This really kind of fundamentally changes what you guys can do with with the second unit really doesn't it. Well I can't hear you very well when you -- I'm assuming you're talking about -- green yes yes exactly how much she helps the second unit did. Right and go Arctic -- EC complaint or played three. A position. He can shoot the three ball. He can post up smaller guy. He's a perfect capture. In. You know he brings blanket that punishes working. And experience and he got a lot of experience and it at that point four year old that he. Played a lot of minutes -- the rookie of the last three years orchestrate a -- -- sixteen point over the last three years. And so. I think he -- scoring. Intelligence experience and you had an energy. Out of contact. Did you concerned at all that this news added pressure now on the front line with Shaquille O'Neal and and possibly Jermaine O'Neal -- if he comes back with the absence -- Kendrick Perkins come. Post season. Well first of all the all the going to be tough -- play all three of those guys anyway and now. And keep them happy I mean I think -- -- in the real you know get to the regular season it's one thing that when it comes down to play -- times -- would be. It'll multiple guys that don't get a -- play. And you know -- as as proven to be apps with our starters. And the numbers actually show that it you know he's been better with their starters. He had. You know we've electric said earlier we repeat all the good team in the Lee. Outlaw Kendrick -- out -- get a little bit more comfort by the way that we played. With Shaq and with Jermaine and delegates remain hasn't been right yet he's given us some really good people to -- And B ports are rebounding shot -- it would played that he hasn't really broke through got a copy the top principally with it you know -- there's leg injury. He's covered along fantastically thinks he's going to be. It's. You know probably a week away from playing I will probably be able to return the line -- beaten before Kendrick -- outlook is -- treated at the other night against. Both states so. -- We feel good about our team in America that estrogen and starting her Oklahoma City. And so great to go -- and healthy and ready -- should be ready to play source on Saturday. You mentioned the first part of the year your answer that Shaq being happy were you worried about him not being happy if he wasn't the starter in the policies -- down the stretch. Well I think Shaq -- it would be accepted role. But. -- it is page and I mean the way he's playing I think he's played very well have a Starker. And I do worry a little bit about income and pinch. I think he's I think he's suited the starter is because agent -- while you loose. -- -- you guys did the other it did the other matters where you traded Sammy and moved to Cleveland and and and mark keys to Sacramento that opens up some roster spots. Will -- the windy when does that start to take shape for you guys and others give -- some guys bought -- -- contracts but the wind SSR to take shape then and it is there anyone that you might beast might be targeting at this. Here are so we're gonna go well wait fear really can't discuss what it will break isn't -- in -- We'll see what happens in and be ready accounts win. We get -- players that are. That are bought out but there are players out there right now on the read like a little bit -- in Iraq should be teaching site Crist Sharpton to a ten day contract. He's been playing very well and beauty. You know skinny. But -- -- in a long athletic talented kid that you know we may -- computer through. He'll play some minutes force in the next couple being. But we're gonna take a long hard look at Albany picnic spot out here and we -- roster spot available and and pretty -- I know you can't mention names dandy but can you mentioned positions we might be looking for depth. -- thought that we thought we'd like. Someone at each position you know medium range. An outside player sorry the -- player. Either great suitor or defender. Not -- We would also you know maybe like shore up. Our Frontline. And we would pot but he looks sort of a cart but. A public believes that. The covers health. Did it is that we have we have -- roster spot open in order to play out you know remakes go. All three -- we've made institute inning of the week yet. Did it has been a lot of talk about whether or not this that these crews were done it with -- -- on another team like -- Miami year or Chicago or someone like that. It is -- is that fair to say or is this was this more about what you guys were doing for yourself. Well you know everything we do. You know we have an -- on. Miami Chicago and Orlando. You know New Yorkers are very strong team now. At the lakers senatorial. Again we're aware of who our competition is too -- yet. There's there's no question. And -- -- Couple of the other moves he made today Marquis Daniels and does semi or Dan how tough was -- get rid of semi. You also -- -- been hurting himself and he's been playing -- here and now. You know so I'm not sure how much help he would beat these trucks right now. You know he's he's struggled with low with this -- and and we really couldn't count on him to be ready to go as a postseason came on and about important -- -- to shore that up and beat you looked so roster spot with more experience and help here player comes straight. Dead unmarked keys. How is he doing and with -- -- that did had you guys basically come to a conclusion that he was not gonna be able to played again this year. -- You know I don't know exactly what what is the prognosis system -- signaled that he's. Seen a lot of doctors. And take your time and -- your outlook. You were -- It's. Head you know and what challenges you say. But. You know of war looking like he might not be able let it rest this year and I think -- ought to yet. And so we elect we needed it again you know create -- roster spot. You know ensured that we are in and Jeff Green can be accurate going to be. A panic and back up all -- position. Do you make this move -- mark -- get hurt. You know it's a good question -- like our team was going good. -- playing very well -- marquis whose versatility. Works but you know I guess that what we started looking for those wing players everything -- -- It did change little bit -- all the entries act including injury with or not the one he just had yet today. And that injuries have played a part in. Well we've tried to -- to prepare for this policies. And -- lastly a couple of the other was I just want your quick thoughts on these what did you think about the Carmelo Anthony move with the Nixon also Deron Williams going of the nets. I think America's most of those two teams I think that. You know the circumstances dictate the Denver you to move them. And definitely gonna -- tempered not and so what -- the -- did well to recover what they did it and and New York. When you get a player of that caliber. Of sometimes does seem -- given up a lot of players but those players are become part. A specialist so it's that are that you know it's up by scores in the leaders are difficult umpire spoke. I think New York you're great I'm getting Carmelo attempt Billups and they're looking at better right now. And I think in part -- that absolute best and I bet that the job of recovering from where they work. And it still the same way with you argue -- knew that they were in the same boat as. Denver. If they don't do so opened by its trade deadline all of sudden summer come along. They're the exact same position that that that Denver help him out. And so I think that that you talk recovered. And that's the most that I know that it's not something they just want to do but -- something that they needed to -- rather than Lenny equality player. Meet your franchise but nothing in return. Excellent stuff -- thanks -- time now for the SP -- no nonsense question of the week brought you by as realize this week's question comes to us from Paul McMahon of Drake it. And Paul isu daddy during Rondo is contract negotiations. You -- records say he was a max contract player do you think he's reached that level now. You know EEE it's he has -- not say why. Not only is he playing at a very high level. -- -- Rondo is becoming more and more of a leader. I'm at that time you know I didn't think that he -- the leader that we needed it could be accused of continuing to grow all the time. And you know he's. Really on the lot I object great competitor. And you know -- he's one of the top point -- all basketball so probably say yes -- -- think so. Alright there's your SP OI don't nonsense question of the week brought to you by as -- alive the note Johnson's life insurance company -- we really appreciate -- good luck the rest of the way. -- -- That's Celtics president of basketball operations Danny arrange your reaction of that coming up. We see lined up on the four lines is John -- Paul -- of the planet Mikey show quick break back for more after -- Reread every American put up with -- is very good it's good WTI Sports Radio now. EEye dot com this interview with -- any changes brought you might -- laser like consultants 20/20 vision is great but 2040 habeas better. He's at twenty Tony happy god come to fight your 20/20 happy today also -- they are asked restoration specialist ERS search of all of doing. 24/7 at 8774611111. Or they are -- dot com. And by asking you ally then no nonsense like insurance company making coverage for your team at home even more affordable with -- new. Low rates for men and women this as PL I -- dot com today.

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