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Dale's Final Words on "The Dale and Holley Show"

Feb 23, 2011|

Dale Arnold shares his final thoughts in the WEEI middays as he signs off from The Dale and Holley Show for the final time.

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Yesterday got stopped in Home Depot. And very nice mannered government before -- set ups are -- -- to show anymore. And he said. I'm 59 years ago 33 years at the same company. I got laid off. I got a -- college fifteen year old at home and I'm screwed. In May be realized that. People about it a lot worse than I do believe me I thought about the skyline last day. I'm not leaving. I am leaving the show. I will talk to you next Sunday march 7. I'll be working Sunday morning march 7 in fact I think on March -- Monday march 08 I think I'm John -- For that week. And the first week of April when when we finally get to there. March 31 LB in Houston -- there to do the Red Sox Astros game and in the first week of April you know in a seven day span I'll do for Red Sox into Celtics games. Odds would be real busy at that point in time. It's been a pleasure. -- -- -- It shows coming up next.

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