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Carl Crawford, Red Sox LF

Feb 23, 2011|

Carl Crawford joins Dennis and Callahan to talk about the Sox's off-season pursuit of him, hitting in front of David Ortiz and if the Yankees were ever involved in signing him.

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Mac -- and Callahan wrapping up -- final hour with -- on our final live broadcasting live from Red Sox spring training joining us here at the nest and set and on WEEI. The left Miller the Boston Red Sox Crawford -- this morning Carl how -- How assimilation bid into the new clubhouse UN -- the new kids of a block of a pace and you -- they treat you -- love what. You know bodies. You know it their way. You know this trauma from a place on clubhouse with this lineup this pitching staff this bullpen and the expectations are off the charts in Boston. Specifically that comes to you and Adrian as well and the deal although these high expectation that they can. They're gonna be watching two superstars about a 160 games of the year. You know his blog and -- -- them play mom this only. Experts faces were -- like just they can be myself. To be found. We we had talked to Theo and the other day and I think was the first time -- said this to one of your. And demands was that you stay in the elites that it was important you to be in this division it's a tough place to play answering an intense place to play. Is that was that when he conditions that you. Obviously yeah I wanna stay you know because. I know even those tough place to play you know I've gotten used to it -- on an unknown bug fixes known disease in those stadiums. On those little things as you know help me play well. Another big question we asked all of she's never got an answer. Why didn't you go back to New York have did give us stuff from Boston why didn't you why did you end up in New York. Via -- -- in Omnova talked to Rio de -- confident that. You know on. -- -- communication and Rios with Novo some months ago. Lineup did you know anything disposed of her and say here's what they offered me use that -- -- -- -- -- unequivocally with the first choice body wannabe like somebody's second some. You know wanted to go to place when -- -- -- just as bad as I want to go to so. You know in the New York the you know and have no -- communication with the matter wannabe like. Like that the backup plan for -- the UV did your agent ever suggest that maybe our Washington apologists see if the rejected the seats on the but the Red Sox have offered. Maybe the to a Teixeira and topic might. Ten million bucks on test that they you know like I said I want to go to -- place -- they want it right you know it was no need to comedy yankees if there is Sox was. Offering an economy and you know I wanted to go and mostly with testimony on the Yankees is like come to Boston I mean did you get heckled did you did you did you finding a new with a taser when I was on -- you know. And I was earlier in the so of the -- it. As -- as -- about things they had a little more respectfully -- -- and then it was an. All the latest news. But he apologized to Varitek. Yeah edited. Go -- Telling -- friends not. You know how. We've visibility now so I guess is is that this -- now was that an out of body experience for him and you had your success in the based but that was sort of like -- number one wasn't it for demise when a song you know. You know is so way you know not legacy so -- -- -- those who would've been on the same team in you know and I have to. Keep keep the -- like that. But -- think there's no. Adjustment in your game we read we hear -- you're gonna steal as much as you stole and run as much as you read -- do. You know on one that's that's my game you know I got so no tuxedo he's. You know they don't want me to change -- these -- come home playoffs we wanna give -- about try to get bed they have yeah. Pretty much some moms how to play -- of employment and hope to -- you know -- little bit. Not that this qualifies as any kind of controversy in the -- kind of even camp we -- -- those slots one and you you one of the soft so we find out. From what -- told us a couple of days ago. That they had you watched for about three or four months he used the term that creeped me out to get that it is that a negative feeling for -- indeed -- how do you think why why why did they do that -- -- I was -- understand why did it in it wasn't like that the negative just like just the way up you know on. This treatment and that you know nothing like that happen before bush. You know this process you know explain to me to do that sonic and and as some have the -- so as it was in the big just was different. Did you know you -- you know you're under the watchful eyes on the field in the Waffle House is again in the Mexican. It's in order a couple of hundred I don't know farther on a failure not kind of figured you know -- thousands though Watson. Without the united those -- the only thing was it wasn't it was an amazing thing do you feel like you've LeBron to -- that'll did you did you. Favorite guys. Not in LeBron and you -- his situation was. Different you know and you know they can't afford -- you know price yourself you know. They -- temple we days I never got to cut off from them you so like I had to go united. They gave me no choice though it was it was -- totally different. There's another that they don't say a bad word about Jimmy Joe Matt from Joe men to the players fans and I mean everybody. I understand you decisions says nothing but you know we she's. It was wasn't it wasn't -- -- rupiah was in the maverick of tuxedos thirty sit -- can probably be his leadoff guy -- -- set would you talk about what you want where you wanna play an analyst and -- line is all of that we're every woman of that but are you happy where you think you're going to be. -- don't I don't know I'm of the is the talk -- -- about it so I mean that him and you know funds as have to latency and play well we've listen those two or three make any difference to you with Ellsbury is leading off. I don't make a difference on either way I think before to a -- Do you do you talk to the hitters to -- other certain it is to get annoyed when the base rolling you wouldn't disrupt everything is on there. Yeah I know -- can have some time to swap meet personally directs the guy you know let them have Longoria hidden behind me -- some like you know what would we cannot do like. Not distract you while you're you know you want to get saw only the bigger the -- get them for his basement off the played more you know stuff like that. A trotted up the hit out as much as possible. Don't annoy Youkilis he's nothing he can have. It'll not only one going on you know -- -- have this that is majorities of the day you microscope offers anything as a show support John here is thinking again in the next ten that you have a yeah yeah we need to know what -- audio -- CEO. Yeah I am I'm really else that used to get when you see you again what is. That could Emilia. It would show up and really get under -- things did what I see this is killer here is that you who's the killer. There's. Only to those fifty of those whether whether they're really taken right -- you like Josh Hamilton do you regret any of the tattoos like now regretted you know you get him you know they pretty much as storm actually plan and Alam -- -- on Portland Oregon and. I don't know we've also become some common you know -- it is it's on this phone. If you hold your boy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- have just you know depend on what he's feeling like that date pits and so anyway. And your son. He's bandits who we disease. Spreading was like. -- -- Welcome to Boston to look forward to seeing up their opening day program. -- for -- been all right -- Robert Dennis and Callahan will be broadcast live from. Red Sox spring training before we say goodbye to our friends NASA and and I have is listen I wanna go over. We had a great time done with the guys from Nelson they've done a wonderful job then this our final hour on her final day. And I wanna make sure that that we say thank you -- director. Production assistant Loren Weisman -- operator Tim Gardner master control Colin Sheehan. Bob Thomas W put up this all week long Billy -- camera person as well Anita Slaton are vegan. Jim bullies in charge of video Jim this'll the engineer Dave Reynolds the engineer. And the uplink and senator John Greenstein as well of course up Mike area to the directory drive favored the -- I'd say the questions and they give -- your name and either. No yet but it Anita Slaton. -- -- have a holistic look at that and thank you very much for greatly appreciate it we'll afforded to them again next year we'll say good bye Vanessa one -- left Dennis and Callahan -- WEEI.

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