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Feb 22, 2011|

Marc talked about why the Carmelo Anthony trade was necessary and why he wanted out of Denver, James Dolan's role in getting Melo to New York, who the Knicks will go after in the offseason, what money New York has to work with in free agency, what will happen with the Knicks in the playoffs, the role Isiah Thomas had in the trade, the chances Rip Hamilton could end in Boston, and his thoughts about Blake Griffin's dunk over the car

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Big sports news across the country had to do -- the late night trade of Carmelo Anthony from the Denver Nuggets to the New York Knicks although it it has not yet appeared on the knicks. Official web site it. Seems pretty clear this deal is done joining us right now from Yahoo! Sports you read a step in the Boston Globe as well before going to Yahoo!. Marc spears markets -- Michael how -- -- Upstairs. -- Also. The long journey there -- grabbed finally ended. You bet you've been chasing this guy in you and you've covered him for a long time and used to work at the Denver Post so. You know Carmelo Anthony better than most first of all it does get to this. Why was this trade necessary why did he feel like he needed to get out of Denver. Our own well I think what we. Things that nobody really talks about -- he was really confused about their future plan. And as the season went along you know this nugget did nothing to. I guess altered mistaken for example low but he opted out would have been created this summer and -- starting in the could is expected obviously agent this summer has not been offered a contract George Karl doesn't have a contract after the season -- more freeagent. Chauncey Billups could -- product it brought out his contract. Arron Afflalo another starter created JR -- freeagent. And those things were never addressed so I think you know from talking to him last summer. -- Basically says look I don't know our -- in the -- like you know today as president of Iraq. The big union note direction as to where we're going you know there was a new -- -- and basically. This sort of donors -- the things -- -- so this is so much confusion in the and he was scared to. To be in some kind of rebuilding situation all the now. There's also the fact that he's from New York City. Alone I think he thought it was interesting when LeBron in the way he didn't. In -- did not go there you know -- did but he knows he's of of the prior. I disrespect them. Marty is or more problems and Maureen. There's -- great is -- is he knows he can go there and take over the cities so. To me it was a kind of cool for them to do that. Basically total since the summer I'm going to new York and that's -- ago I was shocked commuters Chicago's you don't struggle. That's Motorola's New Jersey stuff can report that is left edit the good news he never wanted to play if you're you're gonna do a big to a polygamous isn't. He's got his -- To mark one but he got it. Once James Dolan got involved in this thing is there. Anything that nuggets could have asked for the they would have gotten. Although this is going to -- mean. You gotta give something different -- it is this like you ref starts to reflect your yankees you want CC sabathia. In -- then that I get some treatment betrayed me caromed straight for the superstar to give a parlor young prospects you know. And total one have these guys done you know -- me -- are you certain McCollum. Timothy -- go over a year ago did you know -- blows. I'm not saying that those guys and good players but. In the Carmelo Anthony's top employer childhood books it's not simply -- from no wasn't starting all star player. So to boot as a gold medal championship is still playing on the high levels better than him so. So robot that I don't know about that not this year mark. Is that little adult one who felt that. Well look at it still to go look at them mixed often talks about his ability to do it live for me and him. -- don't please don't put Chauncey against Britain felt stopped. Not at apple. I have is the most literate so nine assists per game this year for fell. -- -- -- -- -- It's like yeah let's Chauncey Billups announced in his earlier. You tell me this is the guy who. 32 utility doesn't there are -- and letting go a little more on that. I love him I love I love the guy really do. As big he's a terrific guy and I think he's been a terrific player but at 34. -- about. Our look at the contract they're -- under contract through next season. And then they're gonna go after Chris Polk. Darrent Williams sold. They're where there's sort of built weather is Raymond Felton they were short term player. -- -- more than going to be there long term. So -- -- -- I had to pick one of the two people who next season. I'm -- -- -- built before -- forward they're going to grow up. Who knows maybe Chauncey Billups. With his concert is Erica that helps and yet there was ludicrous well. Are you confident the knicks we'll have the money to -- a player of that caliber. That's the world that -- collective bargaining agreement so norm. I'm not and we got -- the what hard sell are captured they're projecting will be you know on live their -- and -- -- budget and Carmelo. You know you probably wind up with just two guys now -- home. So non. I'm not hearing good things about this whole collective bargain. And you know it Beatrice in this the even in your situation compartment and therefore -- -- -- -- -- When you can have four guys that much money. What will this part -- -- but when year and this situation like Boston -- New York growers they need I don't know what. -- excesses. Say put it you know MSG paid 100 million dollars. So there is look -- tech situation. They don't just go over its if there is market. And since then take the hit financially it is the Boston is -- -- it's a New York so. Is this kind of just to be determined we we don't know -- going to be there's a lot of partially a lot of talking. -- -- think the players that -- -- on the CPA do. Our mark in the Eastern Conference you've got a Mari and Carmelo in new York and they're going up against the Celtics Miami Chicago. What's gonna happen in the playoffs with the knicks are they won and done or are they real threat. I think dormant. Rohm and really concerned about their lack of size right now. In Boston justices to betray anybody in the Eastern Conference really if they're healthy. Home Soviet system work out a little pieces which rather you know which Arabic and other trade afforded that bitch -- You know and pick up somebody -- and he was I don't know really out there. But it you know and then you got to adapt you know there's some talk that maybe until they didn't think Carmelo -- through this system. Adaptive system we -- that after seeing a championship coaches great coach lute. You got two great players like that figure it out and nobody it to me when you make -- like this in the -- to season. Major trees like this it's usually the next season where they do so there's really hard. I mean I was Seagram -- is due to what to solve that more often than not it thinking. Don't live up to their potential. When you make missy true. Your colleague Adrian watched -- -- wrote about this today Mike Lupica you sir I know it's hard enough for me get it out one Mike Lupica wrote about it as well what's your opinion on the involvement of Isiah Thomas in this deal. -- big big item that a duplicate what they want it -- updated throughout the book. The guys that are in charge now. You know -- that GM doesn't start -- putting give him a bronze in the could give them. Way because think of anybody. So until I was they've gotten involved. -- -- Northern Command there but you know -- assisting the absolute good relationships with a lot of these players. And he was able to convince. -- -- to come there and he also hasn't really good at relationship with Carmelo. And he played a role in that as well I also think. That he is it was more in favor of them to ruin -- -- -- in cities -- -- -- so. You know -- and they're still calls for an and it I guess we respect the position and there is coming from the standpoint of it and championship and go for a home run and then where is that they go wall was more into taking your time in doing this slowly but. You guys know when you know the Boston New York LA market today you're you don't have time for rebuilding. And I think deploy the median and -- people brought to find it laughable -- Nixon act like they got some legacy. They've the Golden State Warriors in the Washington bullets have won a championship more recently than in New York Knicks. But by the way people talk about out there you think -- they were they've done something they haven't done anything in a long long time. It's you know how awesome is it about championship is not about what we've made it to be final rose -- We got to visibly government put the it would you can do to division championship T -- there. You know put to me New York has to do something bricks so. I think -- there's little room was probably. In the and going to be major for a French that. To me was doing militant but you know gonna go to first run in the long. What why are they listening to him though -- batters Georges area he he got a -- Amare Stoudamire. But if you're Donnie Walsh. Detective job -- general manager -- What's the story I mean I understand what they get rid of them they -- listen to woman let him be the general manager from Florida. But I think your situation that Britain of live one for that situation -- still be there. So. The soap opera no no question about it. The Celtics gonna be able to make a move before Thursday and if they do mean doc has already said they're in the market if they do pub bigger small move could they may. Well there's the one I think we keep in on in Israel repellent system and so to step we want them. Is -- gonna get bought out. I did that situation from everything them in his Detroit. They got to find some kind of solution that I can't see them keeping with the problem is concert at another two years -- -- this year. Well it's it's beyond replace -- its the older I mean player in it and nick and -- not -- This is going to Florida that prince has -- that they have to move on and there's been talk about -- an opening given back some money just so he can get out of there. So they refer him that is because somehow get out of that situation in go to Boston. Hamas movement kind of revive his career is that might help his longevity in the -- in the league long term it's certainly. Financially Hitler. Came to me -- and they get the wanted to look back tonight put. The console to select like and other small Ford -- -- thing taping every year right. Some veterans that swing men come in there and help -- and I think there's certainly. Could be another one of those years. DiMarco no -- and grip both what did you come there -- -- play against each year against each other sometimes I wonder. Is some kind of -- today not like each other falcon ray and rip co exists there on the same. Rural home. Yeah I think Greg cut out all the scratches. -- -- -- -- those believed as the red apple to review those -- arms thought. A home I don't know that they dislike each other I think there's just that much so. Come husky compared in this but I guess you don't. Who's you know who's this earlier respect there. But it is a -- -- eight start. I know that. He doesn't think he's gonna start of the. Oden. In at that spot locked in every step of the great season. Remember the question we had about a couple years ago by the ankles of -- -- -- you know ever been to say human. One thing I'll say about ray is. Is there really -- keep waiting for this decline. And that but we haven't seen you know he he actually seem. To be getting stronger better home. There's been even maybe he was when it first started. Castro and I asked you this I think. -- I've seen some interest in tweets from you number one I think people need to know your raiders fans so. That's pretty interest him. Little. Who upset at what they may. Many -- -- played. Only ski school breakfast at the top. It off. Scott says well wait a minute that now back in Dayton got he's got handed a Super Bowl with the phantom roughing the passer penalty -- sugar. I don't act -- it was random noise you know you you won the Super Bowl based on that -- play but anyway. Tweet from new kind of sort of hate on Blake Griffin for donkey -- for car. You did you said a lot of people remember that this has been done before. Weren't -- nuts -- back. I actually was the person that told everybody what happened. It took what a game -- -- that's and sort -- -- well a an average and have a problem and late Monday that it can you know people already know that I don't think they realized. Felt harder work in -- car. He jumped over par is sort of a sold out crowd at a worldwide audience. Being in it is the war in pink bear Davis is stored in the. That alone -- -- because it. That was the riskiest part of it is missing is the pressure -- You can only do that don't want and you're not gonna keep running -- this. Well one can't do that back because there was there. And they have his mom does -- you know nothing about it uses -- more. And so right now I mean have been considered his injury problems. That could have been really direction. While Kenny -- Kenny kept saying afterwards he kept sanded to Charles Barkley the past wasn't where it was supposed to be. I get the feeling he was posted jump over the roof. Mean. I don't know that the way to -- position -- would like humans you know. I think he motto I don't know that the -- was -- would have let him have the best price so they were. You know they practice it on Thursday the whole front office -- mountain watched. And I'm sure that somebody. Probably -- and so. To -- what that I want you guys wouldn't it is lessons and stuff momentum into being in the Bay Area. Go look up what got me hooked -- you ever seen them together -- -- Mitchell don't know the name. -- -- from Oakland -- they actually have a documentary about. He. Was big and Jason Kidd and Gary Payton all the because it's coming up in Oakland but he used to jump over Volkswagen spokesman that -- In 2360s overrode ten speed bike. Plus on the road put carpet towards. Get to the guys like filed -- the bark and several in repeated those too dark middle. Participants just like you know what the -- Without the first time I've ever seen it because you know over the hood and over the top of the -- -- and it was only five non. These are not OK if you let that part out. The very easily transcends I had about -- -- 59. Yeah decide at some videos on YouTube check camera. Our here's my last thing for you speaking of documentaries. I don't think people know that. Not only just had an NBA insider for her for Yahoo! you aria a filmmaker tell me about this film that you had departed. -- Co produce documentary called Katrina cup in the superdome. And -- we acted dividend policy and literally give them Boston solar so you can get a nice. So puzzled -- Garland put. There is basically the story about what happened inside the superdome during Hurricane Katrina. Assembly from the war in markov and of the cup in the superdome and Katrina so basically. Story to his guys -- what actually happened you know murder. Those who have started really craziness and -- -- and people they had money didn't mean anything in their commitments in the side. Just lawlessness and since the embarrassment from the United States but it. -- -- five film festivals and that was named in the the best so successful. Best documented in the Big Easy pill pretzels so. Really really proud of it we're trying to figure out what the next level is if you go to Twitter. So look up capturing -- -- Katrina copper gold and Katrina toppled Google FaceBook to slip up Katrina cup in the super -- And they'll come up and please join our pages than -- door you know join us on Twitter and people going what's going on without hope soon that. -- -- -- -- the -- enough for a Celtics game look so people out there are considered likely to so really special. Insisting documentary untold story that he was likely -- to go to download -- Massachusetts decision. Well look fourteen at some point soon and we appreciate it take in the title on. The gravesite. A spears themselves that their first round upset the whole raiders thing I did he did get over that need to get over to -- rule whatever. Well what about sits atop -- argument to Super Bowl the next year what happened. -- aim is still you know. Hey look I give that would upload to the Pittsburgh airport might go see that Franco Harris that you wouldn't. WB's you don't go to my. -- -- -- 97 -- Were employed not what I wanna admit what happened with who. The patriots. -- you know it. I was so worried about this first round pick that you go to different from most. Well we did -- on your bullish on great initiative social better about it now. I don't feel bad you got to yup Isiah Thomas of the NFL running your -- -- -- just. I go to -- -- power would hesitate to put on us live now as you can. Favorite Tuesday where fifty million dollars a year or eleven million dollars a year but it would have been told -- Least we got him we have not been. So. I'm glad that equity -- -- -- field dummy in this duo -- little courtroom until book that at least we got. While we were talking I was watching the YouTube of Demetrius hook Mitchell your -- sick. So good call by you. So he put it you know where -- Will have to do that because it's pretty sick and when he's going over the top now it is a convertible at the one I watched that he's jumping all over so we didn't have to clear the roof but it still. It's progress -- sort of Ludwick is and that's all -- I'll make -- -- does the documentary opted it was really good -- suited to go a lot of that the teachers took little story. Marc we appreciate it Gary -- play about that in fact they claimed to have been the best I think they over hyped as the ball player but. Amazing I mean amazing amazing -- And market some sleep man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I'm not job would appreciate it -- are very well done with -- That is a mark spears from Yahoo! Sports.

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