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The NBA stars come out for a fun weekend in Hollywood

Feb 21, 2011|

Dale and Michael discuss an exciting NBA All-Star Weekend including an entertaining slam dunk contest and the four Celtics All-Stars getting through the weekend without an injury

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I gotta give the the NBA marks for one thing -- the NBA all star game is still ridiculous to me it's. Was a basket scored that wasn't either a three on one -- pull up three pointer I mean every point that was scored in the games seemed to be one of those two things. The the all star game itself still doesn't do much for a but I gotta get credit. Or at least give the players credit. They hooked me Saturday night on the slam dunk contest where that had become a ace knows best for me over the last few years that got me back on Saturday. Yeah they freshen up the all star the all star Saturday in a big way with a dunk contest I agree with you there. And I agree with you on the all star game except for the last apartment. They haven't got -- on the last few minute the last five minutes. You would have thought LeBron James was. Was trying to win a playoff series and I'm it was it was amazing the intensity. That everybody that everybody came to the table with you know Kobe included. Oh win when he started to make that run and were trying to. A chip away would what seemed like. An insurmountable. Wesley. Yeah last five minutes of yards a game definitely weren't the. I got to give credit though for Saturday night and you know what at what the heck else is there to watch Saturday nights a year you almost watched by deep ball anyway your sportsman is not a whole lot else going on. The skills competition is in its okay. Other three point contest was fun just because Paul and ray you know made it to the finals and got to see them and they sort of fell apart a little bit. I kept thinking how'd they freshen up the slam dunk contest maybe it just takes cars inquires. Maybe all you beater cars inquires and it -- things up but I got to give credit 'cause I look I thought the first round of the slam dunk contest was. It was pretty good but you know Berger had an interest in tweet on Saturday and he's right what happened to. Ever happened at whatever happened -- making your first down. Or your second or third just like a lost dart right talks are great -- -- contest is. Yet -- they do they should be great if you have a block of time. You do whatever you need to do pace calm yourself down -- the choir and plays get the car and place. -- you can miss a few dunks is still get up fifty. That's pretty -- I that the all McGee thing. Should've won everything I mean that battle -- that first the the first round effort of McGee should one -- I couldn't believe even tried it level on that it took in four by six tries to get it to guys got route. Surgeon doctor got robbed the free throw line because. That was better. That was better than Jordan better than -- and they showed the -- and a -- did Julius -- -- over the he was he was up inside the -- over the line. Jordan right online or over the line -- to rocket clearly behind the line. That was pretty incredible. -- development he was doing some stuff that that there's no way. There's no ways pops I -- -- we sit and watch it gives and it just no way in the world he can do agree I I given credit for trying. You can't physically do what he's trying to do and then he pulled -- off. I liked. Like -- Avenues that. Richard Dawson classic family feud moment. Model we hear it right here and lips and at redwood development these bomb as it gets everybody on the cheek. Going out of my dogs are deserving and doc was like an amendment that they expect to -- you know you turn the cheek and and real all over our candidate we'll ride here with her girlfriend. Are you to the. I thought I thought Saturday night was a blast that I've that I haven't been a big fan of all star Saturday night. It's little things from last night. -- -- -- I've freely admit that I'm kind of a fan anyway. I love the introductions I love the live music going on I mean -- -- Lenny Kravitz in any way and and hear that stuff bang into the background while there introducing the players. And and they do stopped at the National Hockey League and the other sports only dream mob in terms of game presentation. No. What he does that stuff better than a golf ball type things that you mentioned. You mention any crevice behind your fan. During the introductions felt like you're getting a full on Lenny Kravitz concert went -- for -- ball. We you have to do I mean he's got to play that riff. You know he's got a big got to keep planet and planet planet for the whole introduction. But they get two really good songs that that you know work out perfectly for that hole I I I just thought the whole game presentation Rihanna at halftime was -- -- -- it. They get that they that they. They get the hype they get. The mainstream stuff what people are looking forty really tap into. The biggest stars to hot stars. They don't really seem as concerned. As NFL is about. You know cleaning up the act you know scrub in the lyrics down make short everything. Everything is in place but -- whole NFL Super Bowl halftime thing but also keep in mind that the NBA. Hasn't had its. Justin Timberlake Janet Jackson moment right NFL's little freaked out over because it happened of them on national TV and it cost a lot of money. -- -- hasn't had that authority it seem a little more laid back loose with. But the whole the whole -- as ice I'm not a big fan of the game itself the all star game. It's not really -- basketball game we all know that it's all about you know but it it did give Rajon Rondo a chance to work on some new bounce passes. Yet a couple of new bounce passes goal in the I didn't quite understand and and that were fun to watch I thought doc. Handled Doc Rivers that is Doc Rivers handle the playing time for the Celtics exactly what you wanted to say. I'm it was perfect. You know you got the Miami Heat guys combining for seventy some minutes between them and Dwyane Wade kind of tweaks his ankle a little bit. In the fourth Celtics guys combined for 52 minutes and now kind of -- rocking chair work out kind of night for all of them Doc Rivers could not have handled it better. -- -- you you've got a close game. A close entertaining game 148 to 143 so finally I love all star game finals by the way. No overtime these 140 points and in the loses come up with -- 143 but you have entertaining game. You know big performances from Colby and from LeBron and from Kevin Durant. It's it's interesting for the audience and you Doc Rivers. Don't player does have much. Always you you really the only thing better would have been some last second comeback from the east. An annual walk off smiling about you know one of the great all one of the great comebacks -- all star game history. Would he care. Ending Doc Rivers really cares they lost a game by five point that they lost the game -- off. Probably didn't even didn't realize what score one cared. And -- you were able to preserve your guys get the pleasure now his guys made it easy for him to do that has apparently according to what I've read. He talked all four guys all four guys said you know I don't care how much I've played it made it's so much -- year. If if if Paul Pierce had been in docs here the entire weekend sent him come home to Inglewood of this really matters to me. I wanna try get that MVP award if you know if he'd been a pain in the rear end about it. Maybe it would have been harder for doctor handle with the -- did but before players handled themselves perfectly. -- handled it perfectly. Everything was exactly the way you wanted to be from a Celtics perspective the only thing that would have been batteries if either Ray Allen or Paul Pierce have on the three point contest on Saturday. They got their legs for the second half of the season. We'll see what happens but the Celtics to see if they. Go out and make trades you always -- lot of trades. During all star weekend makes a lot of while the deadline Thursday right deadline as it is is coming up plus the entire league together so in the entire league gets together. You know people talk. People throughout these scenarios some of them are realistic some of them are totally off the wall and and and rumors get started.

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