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WEEI's major announcement: Holley and Ordway team up on The Big Show

Feb 15, 2011|

Starting February 28th, 2011, The Big Show is changing to a new two man format. Michael Holley joins the Big O, Glenn Ordway, in studio to make the announcement.

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-- show you gonna tell you -- Sports Radio network. I've got -- -- they just atrocious at my house here Barkley is down there in Florida. For the last. It's been 1516 years we started the show in 1995. We have operated out of AM a format in which it has won big fat guy's sitting in one share. And then you got a couple of other people some of them fat problem not that fat sitting in the other two chairs. And we've kind of operated the show is kind of this three ring circus. At times it's been absolutely wonderful and as evident by the ratings over the years. On during most of those fifteen years we of the number one and our demographic group. And for many of those years we were number one overall in adults 25 to 54. Which means men and women. Which you can check it out it just doesn't happen never happened with the fans never happened with any of the other major sports stations in the country but. Times move on Nash went off the air. Some of the great TV shows that have been out there over the years. Have moved on Johnny Carson moved on and Jay Leno moved on and NJ screwed Conan and then he got back in one you know -- story. So we've had over the years and he's 1516 years. -- 57. Co host. And all have gotten paid not a lot but everyone of them have gotten -- here so let me just give -- the the quick list here to if you remember some of these people. I'm Mike Adams -- I -- I -- -- Michael Barkin. Was a big star in Philadelphia right now are Ron Borges I said -- issues rob. Bradford okay rob style running WB -- -- -- now we pick them up when he was. You know like a copy boy at the -- -- gonna copy -- built for exactly that's what as I've removed. He stole his website it was -- get really ugly Troy Brown. Even round Steve -- Whatever happened market and all over revenues from last I wanna. Bill -- you brought his name up Steve Burton Lyndon byers only four fights in the Lyndon says six years with -- big show. Not bad Gerri California. Now big huge star morning drive here time -- you heard him. Earlier frank Charles. Allow expires on all that I fell NFL network news here from Lenny Clarke. That was it between assignments and work and he needed some -- something like that Chris Collins Jim accorsi army current Bryant double. Steve Deossie Greg Dickerson she and Donaldson and -- cumbersome of these Dennis. Are easily. Born on to bigger and better things Michael Felger whatever happened. When it would have been -- fox Peter Gammons David Givens -- grandy. Joe Hagerty who was here earlier working the midday shift. John Hanna could kick everybody's. -- here and it was here. Probably 34 year with a conspiracy -- to the future experiment. Ed Harding and it didn't even have to use like phone books the lift them up this has great audio adequate down hard now as you're Acre. For channel five he's got to like a legitimate big time job right now Michael Holley. Larry Johnson gene probably achieved Bobble bills evil it is who moved on to bigger better things and get a troubled that things got the Tony Mazar routing and those squeaky little voice set out angry little bit but yeah. Yeah I remember him Cedric Maxwell Sharma get out of Shaun McDonald was here he was one of the original. Crew with the with the -- that was that he raised the bar that program without when he did and I moved on any -- all around okay try to raise the art and more now but I'm happy the Johns back and we've received -- doing some things that he should be doing right now to show -- one of the great play by play. Announces in this 100 based money is paean yes Jackie Mitt Mullen. Little more -- Craig must. Remember those that was a log of the low point you know gonna lose ratings dipped a little. Sticky and Nelson always -- -- Bobby knew -- here. Christian island there were few and Wendy -- off. We wanted to -- to we can work on radio that would be the same is on TV it was the same for anybody unless you have -- -- -- the show back then maybe for you don't work out. Paul Burrell all Rico Petrocelli. Charlie pitch maybe not the best -- -- co host. In the history of the show but terrific -- a great writer Levin read back in town right now we love limit the great and late. Dick rants on somebody off the air stories of some of the grim of little stories flexible enough -- stories. Bob Ryan Curt Schilling. Dan Shaughnessy what he wasn't filling in his checkbook and peach shepherd Freddie so moralists. But she Stearns. -- terrorist identical in alphabetical order and I hope they hit every single one of I'll -- -- -- the big show media guy I know we don't have to -- Joe mediate. Opera producers that you run hold on city all the producer Rick the -- -- yet. All the suits serene now. -- -- John Wall like unlocked -- Ericsson and and -- who have all -- -- with that flash guy is grandy -- that she was -- of literature I was. Sheppard obviously crystal on all just do it. Effective on the 28 of February. We can Alter how we do the show because like every shell after awhile things get a little still you wanna change it around you wanna put some life into it. Wanna change up what you're doing a lot of those people that are still working to -- -- cohost right now will continue to be contributors. Into the program but starting on February 20 I'm happy to announce that somebody why have a tremendous respect for and a guy who would think we're gonna have an awful lot of fun. Because I've told them we gonna have fun what a -- work is gonna be joining me as a cohost on this program irregular every single day and I think we need somebody every single day. To be here so that you can cover whatever subject may be there Michael Holley is that -- do you know what you're getting yourself into. So what time the show -- its shots in -- dark so it starts at 290 you're a little you've been a little late sometimes -- can you make it by two. 2 o'clock -- and he's had some your co host to a bid in the parking lot at times and they had some problems getting bonus element of the Mass Turnpike or Mass -- but -- looking forward to a -- Doing the -- what was that 97. He's done -- and -- five and all outlets are doing the show which is the time yeah ninety's you're so I -- missed a come full circle here to gaggle Mike like yeah I know book first Domenici. Yeah is that on the quality Hank volleying but how about this article governor Ali when I first started the show with you -- had no here. Then I had here now I don't happier about how does that -- about -- -- thought that was a wiggle it to our thoughts are not -- -- -- Can you gain enough weight between on the twentieth the real point that I worked on belatedly got gay rights and I imagine just gone and I. The output of the brown Simpson but we're gonna we're gonna. We're gonna try to do so mom some different things Michael I've spent some time here recently going over a lot of stuff and things that we wanna do direction that we wanna go in with a show. And I think like everything else you've you've got to Alter you've got to change you've got to do some different things times change. A long time I mean we've gone 1516 years here. And its work don't get me wrong listing has been unbelievable I never thought. From day one that we would ever did you -- -- you or hear from from the get go but apparently unaware of it resonate with. Mark will be contributing as part of the show so he -- enough that went well when did you ever think it would it would it would take off like. I do not like it did I mean I remember when you called me and that you wanna be be part of the show in 1995 and Jack McMullen meet Bob Ryan Sean McDonough. Who else was your original casts or Charlotte coliseum Nelson Kelly Callahan. And I remember thinking how can this work with a different set of co host every single day yet but that it would be that the listeners would be confused and they they wouldn't they wouldn't. -- the host was confused the holes and was thought it was going crazy but within weeks it was a must listen. While Glenn I think listen I think got to make this clear. The name of the show was not changing. -- we're -- and we're counting as a people might be thinking not on -- 200 shall knowingly the most popular show yet it's going to be called addiction Wiki and why don't want keeping all. Of the other elements and as I said the guys who have been co host you're gonna be contributors. Popping in from from time to time and and a -- pride get a couple of vacation -- and stuff like thousands more are hard for a second time and -- show but what -- -- fun -- -- -- after runner up don't the first for the first time together admitted I had a right to do -- product so -- that it would not -- I -- -- -- -- -- forgive -- here on time or not -- -- on time so can we talk about this vacation thing that you have go and I mean can we. First what I'd like to negotiate that deal that you -- their contract and you can you be here look more off. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I'm looking forward to and I think it's kind of where I -- Michael and I. In a week week we have spent time together before so we I think we're comfortable in and in being able to deal here for four hours everyday and I hope we're gonna get into some great. Arguments will agree sometime we won't agree but we're not gonna be shy. Listen. I feel like. I've known you for a long time -- there if you can if you can if you need to call mean in a hole sometimes. Go ahead and do it and I do the same with the it's simple as that. I'm Nicole worst of them okay just don't have to write it and eight people at a rob all your director that ever happens metal and I are the predictions just be careful Glenn has a tendency to take both sides. Of art and I haven't heard that -- I. The -- thing with -- as he sticks to and and the heartland and -- -- -- that -- even when it's proven to be false. He'll stick it was a Michael when there's new available new information concerning. Some issue. And it to me it if it means I need to Alter my position -- -- -- additional -- their intellectual allies of flip flopped like Glen ward where chart on China I mean. I gotta I gotta come -- -- an excuse for for for some. But we're gonna started on February the the twentieth now all of the other stuff you want other information people a text believe they want. A million questions answered. I don't have any of the answers go talk to somebody else I don't have the answer is one thing I do know. Is that we will all to this thing a little bit and February 28 which would be. The week from next -- Monday. Michael be joined in the program and he'll be a regular in your everyday and will be adding some other elements as we shouldn't continue to be a -- all the people will be. Dropping in and out here. What are some exciting things going on at the station. And as you said look we we were making this announcement now there's more information the common I think you -- be excited about it I know you'll be excited about it. But we don't know what it is -- don't trust us with information. -- definitely -- don't trust us with information. I Michael again is gonna start on February the forty days -- of the one. Delta -- -- -- get -- published that you're getting used to -- you know it is a couple comments and and then you gotta watch Mikey out of committee here and a little dance he doesn't every single base even get used to this I Dickerson is here block police here. Michael Ali is here he'll be here every day beginning February 20 widow -- like coming up next Friday on election.

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