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Doc Rivers, Celtics Head Coach

Feb 15, 2011|

Doc Rivers joins Dino and Gerry to talk about the win vs. the Heat, the All Star Game and will the team make a move at the trade deadline.

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Joining us on the AT&T outline on it was possible that license fastest mobile broadband networking AT&T rethink possible -- Doc Rivers ardea. Are good but it'll ask you this in this morning I asked the guys to remind me and they and they just did it now I I know Paul's going to the all star game and your coaching in Munich people smile on him. But based on the fact that the main concern for your basketball team going forward in the second half. Is that health and the freshness and and all of those kinds of things that you need for them to play with -- energy once they get to the playoffs would not be better for Paul Pierce. Stay home on all star weekend. Get treatment -- -- point put -- speed up catch his breath and regroup for the second half of the season. Yeah it took them out churches that don't Pinkerton puritans who made up that he was concerned. What it should return to return in Europe but it that it matters even close to those -- retarded -- these are so. I think we're overreacting a little bit on this one -- yes it would. You know let's say to stress reaction something like that that there -- -- partner. You're gonna keep an -- and his minutes up there right. -- -- -- -- -- -- Not in round two will probably play tomorrow symbol Rachael Ray launched wearing -- And it and then he's interpreting those days are we brought under the merit you are -- -- on the play of apartment. There were -- -- shut. Excellent mayor and tell the push the ball right whistleblower push the ball there are impressed. How will only get along because clearly a dock. Rondo got under their -- Sunday you guys as a team got under their skin may be in their heads a little bit is that all forgotten Sunday in -- You I mean I bet -- you've leaders you know aren't doing. And -- -- the governor their student. Or not amount they paid enormous structure around Oprah. Precious in that single -- No actually celebrated her way of trying to do it over to move north. The details of how the process happens to get Rondo. Guarding LeBron James in that game -- -- that takes shape. -- structured products were and your parents are -- -- just concern about Clinton are all in terms. And Greg Norton and Norton territory underwear is are. Motion -- I don't know pretty evident that the -- will be major. And -- and hope will -- and do we talked about district and Obama are October allowing them Jim. You bring the ball pressure Rondell Japan apartment shelf or whoever brought to all of and I want to cross court the original player sorghum true switched back. And doctorate gotten. British state ornament and then more it is to achieve -- -- -- -- Nobody's and so much -- trying to protect and matchup. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I will next time yeah it may want to do it every time LeBron text while. Their protector or are. And you'll you'll really trials in the blunt stuff jump started our army and general wayward America and -- and you can -- that. -- -- But distribute data. Over the long ball drop guard -- problems. -- is that a technical reason Horry psychological reason the certain teams just can't beat other teams the heat. Obviously. Can't beat the Boston sought to -- seven this year lakers can't beat the bobcats is that psychological or that a technical match up. Well you know on the work of rupture and -- thought it was more -- the long road trip yeah. Tomorrow and at least overlapped with the air toward a world of last year. Probably did anything for the team that moved -- I think it's in their weight and as confident and believed it to -- okay and no merit. Two million more than you know are there while there -- I don't think it's much there. -- I gave you credit early you weren't hypocritical when there Rondo went in to the little bottle in on the -- -- Now you said it was kind of move this a Weasley mover I don't know what word -- used I thought it was a weasel move and -- Dwyane -- had -- to you -- -- said the same thing. Do you sell it say anything around you say just dropped that we don't need that are a -- I'd I'd give it to turn our right at the moment I didn't. We are told Reuters -- -- of victory over the -- -- -- with a big deal. And then wait he was right it would not investors are now. -- You know so they're they have no right to and that's important rhetorically it there's little arm out here. Net and he was right you know met cursor around the archery. And art and both coaches they're probably -- -- -- -- actually knew that. In -- occasion right -- rule but I don't restart on the -- year ago we don't -- And the rule says Celeste has an official timeout the coach -- -- five starters and talk to them. Overcame that you can stand -- -- -- that it wasn't a timer how can remember it as there was visual. Whatever that structure quote we're worried interpret him all that stuff so. Mellow there's a -- broke my -- together and grow each and actually there are there's nothing to -- So Rondo was just trying to point out the fact that he was allowed to be there was he was trying to glean some information to be an irritant psychologically it was -- try to do just be a -- Just try to be here to compare them turned -- are well prepared for. And they're all gonna get along I still find that Garnett get along with weighed on Dwight Howard and and wade and -- -- and -- -- don't really like an opportunity. Carlyle. -- you're trying to -- German police digital. Shouldn't like your poll. And so your computer talk and power I interpret trotted -- community -- -- our. But it won't be a lot less like dirt invest. -- their -- mean collector market opens Lenovo. Monitor and the important contributor oh and I've already spent that -- they do it well are you know that backdating. And in Britain. Leave the locker stretched -- derivative. You're one of the nicest guys in the leave when you played dock to the media tell -- to other players. He would you have been better more effective if you were angrier. I don't know you know what -- started. We're not applied and got. -- -- Marketer of their abilities you're sure where there are at least get -- our our June euro's -- aren't familiar. It during the -- -- -- -- -- -- orders maturity our our competitor from dirty but they weren't sure about -- And there and probable that we -- there -- But. Did you did you broke a story that Goran that -- And -- -- -- definitely took poster. -- -- You know Michael Jordan -- in a lot of ways electorate are you know hatred of strippers and it -- -- -- -- -- -- didn't motor. Mark Jackson had a high praise for you during the broadcast T said that he -- listen to you. Talked eager team during timeouts 24/7 because. Your timeouts are spot on in terms of their direction in terms of their observations in terms of their instructions. Does that come naturally to you dock or you're about to get a time -- you know you're getting to the end of the quarter you start to organize your thoughts or does it just happened because of coach along you know 21 -- Well probably a little -- oh. Probably more the latter are emotional. Mark -- Irish -- you know homeless and you look at -- -- amendment to call a timeout. After march no. Determine what projects -- normal Saturday and are -- dependent and that day in the world so when you get -- -- -- -- sort -- -- that. During that -- and at that moment. -- -- there are a lot of coaches who don't do that they just say you know gobbledygook stuff just to say something to their team and a timeout and doesn't really help -- doesn't of the imported doesn't get them. On assignment for what that coach wants to do which I found surprising with -- Every coach in the NBA have a direct access to the guys -- process and say this is what we're doing between now on the next time. You know I would say that more than true. Him on the didn't know it must. -- -- -- but I would serve at more mature that didn't know what to do. The -- they're worried coach at their own individual. -- of storing it and you know one thing -- -- -- -- -- not going to -- -- you know about western outlook to the term are sometimes alarm. Determined to wanna make sure our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- are you gonna do and interpreted -- and that's about it. You know one of the things I I enjoy most about our talks here at every week is to ask you would inside basketball question about coaching. And and while -- might qualify as minutia I find industry and I hope or viewers who was well. And this is that. About coaching the outlet pass that seems to me nine out of ten times -- win win you guys condone the defensive rebound. Rondo is somehow some way right in the in the defensive rebounder sight line in an open space how is that coached and is that bet all on Rondo to be where he needs to be. -- or Rondo but it's also Lorne you know the biggest partner throughout. All the great -- -- on the floor of the car are in the court them endorsed. Or are -- here in upstate. Merrill if you watch some of your own most change would record curtains were armed. We try to do our current -- on the bridge. Directly Christmas right around to get a book. You know straight back in the backcourt. Now there should spark that there are bigger load for the -- look through a machine. Just a -- Bartell. Is a lot easier to try to run or in the market right around Obama direct. And we know a lot of the a rule players are on the shelf I think they were expecting Delonte West back. Tomorrow correct -- Yeah we're open to the well you know world contributed to admitted that it would be good for him. What what about getting help from somewhere else from outside the organization before the trade deadline do you need to get. -- back up to slash three a defender you have to get help somewhere else. -- we'd probably do you know we're we're emerging I concluded that in our -- didn't do anything. Obviously did just graduated from art and but. We will -- to British art and obviously not a lot out there right now -- -- residue are just closer. World and -- open. About something unconventional -- not -- name names but. Don't like talk and a guy like James Posey -- is an example hypothetical out of retirement anything like that on the on the front burner. -- a lot of things I'd continue to there -- -- for the Merrill so. -- you know guys. Of million by governor vetoed is media -- -- were veterans -- that -- and in Maryland and so we're gonna -- -- when it. So we will be. Surprised intrigued when we find out exactly which are working on this it's -- The group leader. But -- respected sorted. At the world -- in Libya and Britain and it saturated or a friend in their quote were dormant which are predicting that. What's your biggest need. Well arbitrarily on whatever you're marquee I would -- that's the Newton brought out the -- Hey it -- give us the cliff knows version of the coming of age of Von wafer. Well he's our -- and domestic ports are open or whomever these are the millions -- buy in -- and -- You have to buy -- world and systems sector. And -- into combat the players bought in kindergarten. But you epic jumpers. -- the -- Will we see more or less of Von wafer as we get -- a crunch time and and into the playoffs or is up to him. That that there are you know me and that's a tourist away and that there are you know to trust level obviously that took -- Our -- to -- awarded -- and don't bet fedora. -- It is a really good shooter and -- -- if you think all. -- which and you know in the each tired and need to put the ball on the floor. Ready to provisional ball how -- -- Israel. Can he defend scorers and -- among -- And called his eyes lit up and Kobe kinda had his way but is that something he's going to be able to do. From our property now you know that's very curious to improve on -- but I give -- that he's really going toward an insurance -- to do. India and your anti Belichick moment of the of the week referring to Shaquille O'Neal's injury you said. Honestly -- is just not feeling right now. When we first did with OSHA to one -- two game thing now but been much longer than that you concerned about that. I'm I mean are dark but not -- bare arm. Know obviously. It thought it would. We would heal quicker and they and they told me you have yesterday it is not a big hero to many elements quickly to make it a little longer. Want to you'll you'll be okay. So what's your itinerary with the all star game where you you go on home first to the league all star game and then to Vegas to get new underwear out of -- then back to bought houses work. We are applying our home -- -- between living -- Oregon accurate morally imperative Morton. Our -- right after the game to go back during Randall dimensions weight during the marriage. Are -- and apply tried -- LA and member of a system where different compared to support. To be opened. -- and I'm gonna do it anyway yeah and I'm just gonna do be a bit about the other matter booster. Our director -- -- one day earlier which he carried. Or have you got a tee time where you replant. No error -- -- retirement on slumming it in buildings. Us with whom podium he's playing with nitrogen to its fullest celebrity Otto Miller no no he's not allowed on there anymore now. He played with you. One very important work but it is to mature material to Europe America Marcos because our. We require a lot you know we partners were injured -- -- a big city. Are so. Employ an orchestra which is here over here. When you watched the news. -- Pebble Beach celebrity pro am do you put that in your list is something you gonna do when you retire. No pretty. I don't know it's I just trying to like go you know what I mean gratitude you guys with a -- where they're worried. The bill that would that would would deter patrol stroke however my list that would give -- it. It would sell all star practice like is it just to shoot around and in India -- many thing what do you say. Well this is different we're gonna actually do work poked into a bit unfortunate. Or in -- talk talk yesterday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just get loose right there. Are certain to -- And tomorrow are. There ago -- enjoy your Alter and we can certainly your trip all the golf out of Baylor will talk the next week. Our art -- Doc Rivers that doesn't tell him on the AT&T outlined by the what's possible. The nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible I was here is -- it is into Belichick moment imagine. Public toenails and fingernails you -- pull out of Bill Belichick in to say about one of the players. He's bond deal he's not healing at all right now we were little concern we ought to be a quick thing but he's just not feeling. I've ever seen its people say Celtic nation less concerned about a guy being injured and -- they want and Libyan jet relax take a month right two month right. To show up like she did in the finals -- maybe a little earlier than Rasheed did but. Be here when we need bush -- plus a mean -- -- this is a team we said. Didn't care about first place didn't care about home court and yet they're in first place in -- position to secure home court throughout the Eastern Conference playoffs. That's wasn't supposed to be the priority. But they can't help themselves you know they're winning anyway. And I think I had the number in the column today. Seven games up on last two days yes seven -- so they've won seven games the dispersant and so far my about a year they're also says start for the sooners so what political knock off the spurs in the playoffs they don't have to worry about that they'll have the home court throughout the playoffs yet even though they proved last year I don't even need it just selector up with of those. XT -- in the seventh game. That's a good point any in the finals that he needed to get to the fun out -- in the finals aren't about your folk also will be right back. Rivers -- brought you Mike Alamo -- right consultants 20/20 vision is great but 20/20 happy it's better. Is -- 20/20 happy dot com right now to start your new year 20/20. And also by -- chambers out of Burlington we've got to get hurt chambers dot com.

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