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UCONN Trick Shot QB Johnny McEntee

Feb 15, 2011|

Johnny McEntee, of Trick Shot QB fame, joins D&C to talk about his youtube video.

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You're probably more than likely one of the five million people who've seen the video on YouTube already. Universe in Connecticut -- Johnny McEntee puts on a display on bitty seldom. Astounding the say the least -- a redshirt freshman from ports in California UConn back up. If you haven't seen the footage. Jericho on the DNC page the -- of blog. Does a number of things throw footballs in the garbage cans from forty yards away not the Domino's Pizza delivery sign off the car skeet shoots a dinner plate which pretty amazing. Johnny McEntee joins us on the AT&T hot line. It was possible that nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink -- possible good Johnny how -- That was a lot of fun did you much fun doing as it is to watch that thing to replace. Our aren't. Idealistic outlook and obviously this is not something you just said let's go make this video you've been doing this for a while I guess. Oddly domestic -- but also -- but we inspire a lot of women that small video they need to trick shot video. So we want to make a football wants to we will not let Saturday and shot it we never knew it still exist. Now the obvious question is. How many takes on average did it take you to hit the garbage can. The throw it through the -- to hit the top of the Domino's delivery obviously not every shot was say it was a success. None -- like how the first one but -- -- average about -- to -- and. At long warnings ample amount that lowering it to try about twenty -- thirty. One of the barrel into the -- And yeah. On -- when you -- the upper deck. Those are so that took 23. I knew I know it was a fake but yeah. It took forever and. Is some special you can do Johnny -- do you think other quarterbacks of Tom Brady for instance. I'd try to do everything you could do could -- They get -- questions. I don't want to sit around Saturday. Local partly split. And and was hitting the door. On the fly too easy so you played bounce that. No it's I don't think you can do on the eye because the -- -- -- yet -- -- trying to. -- -- -- -- If you haven't seen the video there's if he does it twice actually there's one of those doors and as the bar across that the only opens from the inside the gym to the outside to people outside the -- -- tentative analyst summary let's limit others has. -- pressure bar across the door. Johnny bouts of the football -- it's the pressure bar and his buddies can in the door not once but twice the pop these up Johnny. I actually know what. Nobody wants to get up and open the door somewhere out there stretchy you're doing that's so one that threw the ball the door be funny to see tiger open and that work. To -- -- -- -- -- like oh my god we gotta put some video or so to. Now how long it takes you -- was this'll this'll one day shoot on February 5 correct. -- Saturday am not sure looked over your last batteries assumes that all big deal and Howard deal Holland detect other bit of our day we can fight start shooting. All right network at midnight. And your teammate who does the William tell thing with the couple has had you knock it off. That's our kicker had tiger. How many takes was that -- you hit him between the us. The first republic that he if not actually meant we decide to go from further away and I kept. A couple times that threw it over to also rated number don't. -- it's called trusting a team man thinks the big question I have Johnny we hear this from everyone everywhere John Dennis just introduced you. Back up quarterback how the wife Helen to starting means there. Heard amazing passer of the football what's the flaunt your game well. A -- I don't need -- rule we're in the process should be sent a little bit better. Theater district. Either and it. I don't know what do you -- book. We actually do the opposite corners so we editor on alert list are. Yeah the but when you drop back control receiver argue usually. Quite accurate is that your strength. The stock is just the -- or do you think you should be stunning. He would better -- our. What do you do this want to challenge him to that in the -- and into the coach to buy into the fact that the winner of the church shot contest. Through the starting quarterback. Yeah I -- I don't know I looked over here. I propose it maybe. Now I've read them once you're the you're the most famous called quarterback who's never thrown a pass and -- game but did you not see some playing time against Rhode Island. Yeah I thought that -- that a couple -- And restaurant but I did it with an injury situation mop up duty what. -- -- -- clear out at you like it's succeed at something we -- killing them. So that what's the past -- enough -- -- -- you don't actually a pile up. Yes do you have a better chance of plan now they get rid of Randy Exel was he not a big Johnny fan. Not an element in my out of their -- because I'm older now and I think it's. You know I'm getting -- side -- the system better. Has the stinger missile leaving left the team that knows -- hard feelings in terms of how he did written and and the way hoping transpired. It to promote our people here know he notes that the business and. He made a decision based on what was that's from the Stanley and we get all that yet and so I don't think there's any. It's important. Was a Domino's -- puppet Jones-Drew was that you know the sign off of it would they when they -- happy with this display. Yet if you -- solidly didn't just took over and get. You must be brutal snowballs you've got other talents other than just that. -- the F. Sometimes they drive around strategy will snowball that the guitar. Now last week there were four point one million people viewed as my guesses as drugged up five million people seeing this on YouTube or heard from. Actually mean let's -- from a lot of people. We're not urge China he too much -- open it I download they took this -- get a little island and in particular Marcel police it'd be funny yeah. I don't -- away from the -- right -- so. Will there be part two next year sometime later in the year when you have some downtime. Yeah I'm here on its final question for rejoining a law all the stuff you did and I guess the answer probably. The upper deck in the in the field else to the basket of the far sides of the hardest thing. That ordinarily want I want us that the plates. Now I'm not as Monica are my foot and I have both operate -- -- property at that yeah our most of the second on the. It took some time do you get some are you getting some PT underpass colonial next fall we CU under center. How old steel -- are not in this straight. Joining -- with this can be considered working hard this trick shot display you can work -- working on your game. We're promoting it seemed -- these you can't do the -- without. A bunch of buddies that help you do it otherwise you just make a lot of trips back down to the Florida get the ball that just missed the basket right right right under the -- of -- the project. Actually do we -- Are. All right our kicker and that one little spot right but don't just hit it right. Use the University of Connecticut back up but not for long quarterback Johnny McEntee entertaining stuff we appreciate the time -- good luck. All right so much John McEntee with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T outlined -- -- what's possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network. AT&T rethink possible he's right that what we get the two operates. With a few of the yeah that was a bully and on that you can. Take a thousand taken on an undergraduate that I think he he panel personal secret. In another playbook at least not well enough not blows -- here and I'm sure -- taken more seriously now but let's look at Dallas is there all on the same page is like in my column globe -- exactly. -- tricks but he's not. Working hard enough that his game maybe now we will that would be fun to see how many of those Brady could pull off. He's probably right approach into the maul death in a given and a when he -- five tries. And who's gonna stand there with a cup on the head. Sent to me way could be the most accurate passer could be Brady could be Troy Aikman. Which stand there with a cup when Hitler would you like me going to like you got to -- this is you -- and I -- celebrates its corporate members up there. Today Stuart -- that the jets to him up a it's it's dangerous because the one that seems kinda dangerous enemy and a name knocked in the sign of the Domino's delivery guys -- the worst -- -- once you admit that he warned him avatar. Orcas in the economists think hoping to do what it. -- -- -- What people think he's just like attacking a port delivery typical Letterman hasn't called the -- and -- -- -- hasn't. Dissent -- what is certainly would have said. Just customers would call -- I will leave that on uncovered. We don't we don't give it too much credit he called mosque yes these big fan big fan of yours metre gap -- having to strutted to replace the BC quarterback has been that you know. She's ready -- could do this. Back to new you do emotionally -- pass routes pass patterns. And one yet so -- the -- with -- receivers are. Right this is one way though -- -- and he set seem to be of these used to host stuffy did. While it looks visually intimidating. These drop back and throw a pass to wide receiver on the on the hash marks blindfolded that's probably pretty easy. Yeah I could. Not gotten the ultimate battle of Altidore and I didn't hit the sign of the dominoes truck car. The -- on how many takes is that. You know at times you try that bang macabre -- the driver the windows open that way and he -- the sign right profit. You know what abilities maiden in companies get some action police and it is famous -- via YouTube and -- famous numbing name name another UConn football player. Jordan job Donald Brown to confront the government alien -- knows the coach -- Maloney did -- shoot mate and the booster but the DJ -- -- -- and it looks with the -- and that -- you Bert Bert Bert Bert -- overpowered Burton would Steve Burton. Let them keep his donation cash and you know one which eventually if you met that guy a bit he wants China to start. Thanks passes -- eight let me put the coach public record -- -- in the program -- -- Of following for you are vouching for you are now not right now which you can thank you for the facilities at first class Silvia thanks to that guy. But that we'll -- -- compete for the job next year and if he starts. Boys are going to be a lot of people watching.

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