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The Lakers ruin Ray Allen's record setting night

Feb 11, 2011|

Dale and Michael discuss Ray Allen breaking Reggie Miller's three-point record and the Celtics falling to the rival Los Angeles Lakers

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It did end up exactly the opposite of what you hoped it would end up. I mean as as Doc Rivers said his two choices his two primary choices -- one get the two shots out of the way right off the bat. Get them in the first quarter get it over with and that's exactly what happened his other choice wise. In -- have break get the game the the record. Breaking three pointer as -- game winning three pointer to close out the game which would have been even better. I -- wasn't at the worst of all possibilities -- he hits the two early place goes crazy he reacts with. The grace and dignity that you'd expect he's hugging everybody it's all great it's all good. And in the second half Kobe Bryant just -- all the aero. There -- considered in the energy leaves. And I don't know the energy left because it was the Celtics and they just. They wore down from lack of players although I don't. Veteran don't think that was the reason. Reason was. Nine he said. They are they had up. They don't that was it up that was there are -- they are to be copyright you know they they went into the game with ten players left the game with nine players. Nate Robinson plays for minutes he goes out in the injury. You don't know what his status is in now -- down without Nate Robinson and Delonte West -- for the short term. -- back a point guard got to give it to the kid Avery Bradley and see what he can do a first round pick should be able to play a little bit should be able to play. You know five to eight quality minutes at backup point guard and defend a little bit -- get the ball crosscourt but. I don't know if that was the story last night that the Celtics being shorthanded at it was a couple things one I think was Paul Pierce getting in foul trouble. I think that really changed the dynamics of the game and Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant is one of those moments you know you could -- lakers fans in NBA fans criticize Kobe Bryant. Then they admire him for his ability to do the same thing -- criticized for that is. Taking a lot of shots taken over again and of the key to growth. The a look at the last shot one that made at the eight point lead and ray is I mean literally almost touching foreheads -- They're both bent over. -- hold the ball hold on the ball and any makes a couple of just sick moves in it's that foul line jump shot it's like. He just knew what was going to get -- just feel like committed it went up in the air it was going to be good he -- stone cold killer with the ball in his handling. Yeah I'd say it you guys help me out here. I'm trying to think of somebody in basketball right now Michael went through history in all the great players. Somebody in the game right now who was a more resourceful scorer. And Kobe Bryant and -- -- need to rant. And I'm -- I'm not a guy who can score from from anywhere on the floor score in a number of positions can post you up if necessary can make a bank shot and dumped it. Increase his own shot whatever you -- me absolutely can do well calls anywhere on the floor. He can find a way to get out -- get a shot obviously on wages that tip I don't know no alas -- I don't think about like -- Why didn't say like Kobe but you said another guy who can do Witten any any way the Iraqis out front can I do that it more more resourceful than the Kobe Bryant and I think that's the only guy can come up with history it. Maybe. Yeah I mean there aren't many and you know he has something -- I actually thought in the immediate aftermath of Great Britain the record breaker. They seem to get a little energy boost. A it's almost like they took you know a little red ball or something and it seemed to be kind of up up up -- Dolan threw the team. But just like if you you know down a Red -- league you have a little crash at the end of that they seemed a little crash at the end of it as well and part of it is minutes. I mean let's be honest Kendrick Perkins shouldn't be playing 31 hard minutes he was last night at this stage of his comeback it's been remarkable how he's been able that. To come back at a very high level very quickly -- I I promise to doc doesn't wanna play -- 31 minutes right now. You wanna be able to space it out ideally. I think the Celtics thought they -- They can go with a a rotation. Go with two edits and senator or even three -- -- senator. For -- got back he got Shaq got Jermaine O'Neal and he got Sammy. And between those three guys you can find a way to filter we're at a minute's up right then Kendrick Perkins comes back in February that body actually came back in January he comes back. Give him money to those minutes you don't forces. And then you still have 26 minutes to use. Among the other guys well unfortunately there's no Jermaine O'Neal. There's no Shaquille O'Neal. -- also -- So you're you're going to guard baby -- -- Barney. Gonna guys. Asking them to play positions that they just can't play or are simply playing for long stretch. You're seeing way moral Von -- nineteen plus minutes from Von wafer and taken shots that. You know you wanna seemed taken went door back ups and thereby backups are out there. You don't want Von wafer having to guard one you know first string guys or play against first string guys but you've got no choice right. A journalist with all that said. You know I hate to do it in Boston and we hate to do. Got to get the lakers credit. To give them credit because we've talked about them could they need to make a switch they need to make a move. You watch Andrew Bynum last night -- -- you saw what he was able to bring to the table I know he's injury prone and you know he's inconsistent. Where you take away those sixteen point to take away those nine rebounds can you bring -- Carmelo up. And the explosive offense but to take away. A big body what does that do for the lakers I I think they're fine right now I don't think they need to make a move to get to the NBA finals they don't need to make a move. To win the NBA championship. You look at last year beat the Celtics and lakers gave the Celtics made some additions to their bench. -- we've already mentioned a few of those guys wait for Sammy. Shaq. Of the lakers made more subtle additions. You don't bringing in Steve Blake. Still look at the teams I don't see a huge difference between the lakers and Celtics. Think the Celtics are if it -- a seven game series are three games better than the lakers are two games better than the lakers. I heard max talking on the big show about this yesterday he thinks the lakers -- worst team if they make this trade. Max thinks that that -- decreased their chances of winning an NBA championship if they make the -- Well and I I can see what he means although it's an impressive trio at the York as a -- before I think this three if they if they brought in Carmelo. You add that the Kobe. Yet at the -- saw I think that's -- more impressive three. Then what Miami but -- to -- that obviously woman. Don't went with three guys. -- The other problem for the lakers that might be a better team next year. Sure that would be next year because your lengthy still going to be an issue next year yet but at least at least you have time. The Celtics figured it out pretty quickly with their guys and they were able to win a championship year one and had the trip to London had a trip to Italy. They figured it out. At a great training camp good starts of the season. The chemistry was there from the start. They Miami. They didn't have that great start because. Dwyane Wade got hurt early in training camp right one game I think -- excuse me a couple of minutes of one game. And they had to get their chemistry. During the season. For the lakers. If they made a trade like this and I'm not in -- realistic they can trade like this you're supposed to get your chemistry. In February -- no practiced her. Yeah and max was even more than chemistry he was just talking about on the court you know all of a sudden Pao Gasol is your Bateman. And and he thinks -- Andrew Bynum. I know we -- lot I know we see spends a lot of time on on the on the injured list and it's why I don't think Denver would make to steal anyway I just beat the bad deal for Denver. But when he helping in when he can play he gives them that dimension that they're gonna lose the minute they make this trade if they ever did. -- like there's a real problem for them against the powers think of the teams that they got a -- that about matchup with San Antonio right. Matchup with the Celtics you know they've got the erratically three. Exactly there and add another team gala that we keep forgetting this team out west. Dallas up and why is Dallas atop matchup because they added another guy to add another guy with the -- Tyson Chandler. Hey you know he's got the most impressive big man out there but you look at the senators the true senators in the NBA. He's won album. If you look at all of these guys. He might be a top five guy based on the lack of true senators in the ambient. I thought you got those guys -- -- got some seven footers and you think they're pretty good. -- probably hold onto but got a look at the exception of having the opportunity to add Carmelo Anthony. To a team that already has Kobe Bryant and you got a hold on to Lamar Odom and used to -- pocket so that's pretty impressed. I said yesterday but I thought the Celtics were gonna lose last night's game because I just think that they're they're at a point in the season right now and this was before -- got her. Where it's just tough for them to block their plight. I think the early Sunday to. And an idol Celtics fans are gonna get all up in arms you know you're gonna lose back to back games to the to the lakers in the heat if if if what I said comes true and I think it's pretty likely that it will happen. Your your -- and one of those stretches where there's not much you can do here. You can't you can't fix this in -- dot can't manufacture guys. I don't think it's gonna be ready to play on some eighty. I'm -- I it's hard to picture is having an MRI done today. Unless he's just one of those. He's one of those freaks. Where he can he can look like he's seriously hurt and can look like he. Nor has a sprained something or a pulled something and then bounced right back and be ready to go for the next game and less. He just got the most the most fortunate fall. That you could possibly dream -- no you wouldn't expect to see him the next game. You're gonna have nine deaths and and you're not gonna have -- much for big guys. And and I think it's gonna be real tough for this team as they're presently constituted. You've got to try to resign yourself to the fact that. You know -- -- already like five games behind San Antonio for the best overall record you're not half game behind Miami in the Eastern Conference. I think you -- kind of resign yourself to the fact that over this next week two weeks probably to league all star break. You're gonna find wins a little hard to come. I don't think -- think about this bill last night. Everything you say is true okay they got depth problems and another rotation. The rotations little quirky now because of the depth problems. Europe -- fifteen. In the second quarter. Three and happens to play in the second quarter grew up by fifteen points. Even if you have rotation problems and even if guys are foul trouble. I don't think you can find a way to have. And a steal that game up by fifteen at the lakers and Kobe Bryant you can't find a way to directing. And -- I think it was pretty obvious that. Energy was an issue. You know you've got a veteran team and it really got to be careful about managing these guys and doc can't manage -- the way he wants to right now he's not able to. I mean it's just a fact as you said you only got so -- healthy bodies of the fact that Avery Bradley is in that game. Even if that is only for a minute and somewhat second the fact I even see him and a lakers game tells me that they've got problems became managed in the way wants to right now. To his credit. He will not blow them out. February regular season game against the lakers Sunday afternoon game against rap against Miami he will not blow them out of -- we got to win this game. Sorry you gotta play 44 minutes KG he's not gonna do that. I understand that. -- fifteen in the second quarter. You are in this game in the fourth quarter. Down by what was that the at what point is 82 to 77. Other lakers go on Iran and they take control of the game and other fantastic shot. I Kobe Bryant that leads to the Celtics full timeout that was a bank shot that was ridiculous to. I understand what you're saying. But I don't think I don't think the Celtics are going -- thinking. We got rotation problems and it's going to be in the -- going to be tough to come by just. As docks at last night yeah we have some problems. -- -- I don't think we fought hard enough. I don't think we fought hard and up through adversity. And and how do you fight through adversity how to get through it -- Apollo one of these games to pull out one of these victories even though the odds are stacked against. Week may have. Simple way to fix this if -- the Celtics you've got depth issues as a techsters says. Two simple words could fix this entire problem. Yeah Walsh. There are. All right maybe -- -- -- it's. A.

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