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Celts President Danny Ainge on Celts/Lakers and the league's perception of KG

Feb 10, 2011|

Celtics President Danny Ainge joined the Big Show live from their remote broadcast at Hurricane O'Reillys to talk Celts-Lakers, Celts-Heat and the negative perception of Kevin Garnett throughout the NBA.

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We're broadcasting live over here American varieties. Big game tonight Celtics and the lakers in time -- it lakers are attempting themselves. Time for our weekly get together with any interest in telling you today. This Jerry Sloan resigning as coach of the year it judges take you by surprise to them via the X prize seems to be. Such face of the franchise even more so than the players he's been so long. And I'm very surprised if we're sitting here before we went on Iraq trying to speculate. What what happened because this guy has the longest tenure of any coach in professional sports. And I guarantee you than a million different. Conflicts of different things have happened to him over the years with the previous ownership this ownership general managers or whatever it's hard to believe why suddenly. He would just get up and his buddy Phil Johnson is assistant get up and say enough is enough from I'm wanting him. Well you know there just must be some disagreements somewhere. And in in the organization about how he's doing it and -- Jerry's done the same way for years and years and -- and marketed changer. Willing to change in probably doesn't want to put up with -- a lot that I mean that's a speculation it's it's it's really a surprise and -- great coach he's still a great coach. And the team has struggled they've got some -- ups and downs here. And yesterday apparently got last night's game Chicago lost to Chicago apparently very. Emotional is -- difficult thing because we've talked about this before. You guys all seem to be in the same patriots did to a bureau this year earlier. Today is that a difficult thing because. So much happens in the course of the season the ups and downs. -- fans your fans you get emotional like like what fans do when you team doesn't perform well when things are going well you go one direction. Is it difficult to kind of maintain that harmony. You know it -- I think it is difficult. In times of challenge you know long term challenge not just ups and downs of of the season and we've had the last few years that. When teams really you franchises going to a real difficult time I think it's tough because. I don't think everybody in the outside understands angles all the audience now its. But. You know offer for us it's not the challenge -- -- don't agree with everything -- does he doesn't agree with everything I do but the I think the fact that we just can communicate and talk through and disagree. And still go about our jobs do we need to do I think this is crucial I think that they haven't ownership management and coaching staff I think it's enormous. Have them on the same page. But you know like have a coaching Doc Rivers to me is like having you know Tom Brady can have a bad -- me but you know years. You know years there with them. Daily -- or really good player you know you know they have some ups and downs but you know they're really good -- and and so he's he's a keeper. That it would change looked it just ask you know. Why is it to see that all of a sudden every -- by the world right now is against Kevin Garnett. Like is to resolve -- that he's become the that the villain of the NBA no I think that has talked about -- I don't think that's true actually matter of fact there was a -- -- is he in dispute just yesterday and the day before of -- look -- X sixteen. 9% of the people that responded to that ESPN -- thousands of people also they wished that Kevin Garnett and I think that will let us know they've they've loved to have a guy and I don't think anybody would dislike it but -- the I'm -- that the general shots. They kept -- is taken now from players. From different coaches. And I it did this year more than any that I've seen -- in every let me -- them. Without mentioning any names every one of those guys okay I will mention Alvin Gentry. Wishes. That Channing Frye played like Kevin Garnett. Would give anything to any -- played the passion and heart and intensity and the work -- Kevin Garnett. He got breaking news debate and your full name and you don't win the morning and I think I think -- I think this. John Kuester and wishes that Charlie -- wave played with a passion and intensity. And had to work ethic and character Kevin Garnett. That's all say about what what why do you why you think. -- he's no different now that he was three years ago I know but it hasn't mattered of the matter why why these players -- -- what you think so many of them. Are coming out and and speaking on the record now that topic it's like. Because they're asked. They're asked to by the media constantly you know one thing happens in it becomes. Another thing and then another thing -- oh yeah let me add to it let me put it on my -- so I get some attention and let me add something I have something to say to him. And everything's is blown out of proportion chemical and it's a great player on the great team and you know and indeed talks. And he plays hard and yeah it's I I don't think there's nothing else to it there's nothing else to it than that. Well how about you know in particular Knoll was a guy. Who said hey. I loved joker and he was my I. I idolize him and loved it and do what he's up against it is that he was the he -- he was. I hate it needs Tom Thibodeau wishes that no would play as hard as. Tom Thibodeau and there's a perfect -- Tom Thibodeau wishes that every player that he had on this team works approachable. And this tense and hard work he does Kevin Garnett because Tom knows firsthand and that's all I'm saying I mean I'm not I'm not dissing on Charlie -- or on. On any of the players I'm saying Kevin Garnett is one of the most coach of bull. Hard working players. That I've ever been around in the NBA. In especially as of the star. And so. You know that's not a knock on Charlie that's a knock on Cheney and that's a knock on everybody else is he is in the upper Echelon of hard workers and coaching. And superstars do you believe and and Garnett has talked about this before do you believe that. He does it because. It works more it's a way of self motivation it works for these talking get out as he's out there on the on the court. And -- it. You can't not success. I mean maybe if he tried to be mr. nice guy out there and -- -- that people other people up the book maybe he would lose some of them tense. In the way -- I think so I had tickets is -- way he's been that way from the day he got into the NBA don't think it's changed. The changes that he's getting notoriety changes that they you know some shown on ESPN played over and over and over it becomes a topic and so there's questions asked of people. Answer the question I think you're right about and the team's winning you know he's playing me in on a losing team right now we wouldn't be having Garcia. Well we we didn't of the discussion when he's playing for the Minnesota -- -- -- nobody talked about and I agree about the topic stuff because. You know we have to fulfilled for hours all these other stations have to do it all the newspapers all applauds and everybody does the polls now. So what you do what polling ECB ESP and pull you over it you guys over count as we do the -- there was little others -- talking point there's something. So everybody kind of follow us. Yeah actually it's. Been. Don't -- the player of the week but we are we we are and I know I am I am watching this I am watching guys. Go out of their way right now to take shots at camp and -- yeah -- in the past the I'm gonna talk about I'm. Well I ten and I think my Iron Man you're about to hit their years ago but I am looking again as right now go out of their way. While they wait to give him a high L ball what to come through the gate or date. Bush should do is to the -- I'm seeing more that that I ever it's obscene it's Kevlar and has been -- It gets more focused Mac since it's been happening -- and include stability for the last few years but let me take this but he gets replay and he gets like you might not seat on the radio but you'll see it at night -- ESPN now because it's becoming a topic. But it will say this you remember those Andray Blatche situation -- a year to go yes you know where. I think his coach called him out for being intimidated by -- G. And so I think you get a lot of that having a different had a quiet I think you have I think you have coaches who say they usually don't get those back down these guys these guys are. False bravado and they're just trying to intimidate you would not -- so I think -- I think that a lot of the young players like trying to prove. To you know the old dental celtics' Gerald Darrell walker did that when Kevin did something to one of I think it was. Wilcox. From Detroit. And Kevin that push -- a sub in Darrell walker was in Wilcox here from the point seeing you all how do. That in that month that it is going on middle and pointing a Kevin Garnett and I do what he was talking about right I think it is trying to give I think it is -- riled up. You know the coaches are getting players riled up to some extent too because it Fiji's. But you know I I think that when I used to route you have sometimes. -- -- -- -- Not everything at a you know what though that gas that about you know I -- agent only says the budget you've got these ads like. -- -- we do this quickly and we'll talk more with Danny Ainge text F. LL that's frank Larry. Larry FL Allen -- -- -- to he 5850. Right now for your chance to -- a pair of tickets to see Sunday Celtics game against Miami. That every one who -- will also be eligible to win a trip for two to see the Celtics play in Miami in April. That's all brought to you by Southwest Airlines official airline of the Boston Celtics who have only ten minutes to texting instant text amp. LL. 285850. Right now what situation with well here's tonight's game. -- I am pretty sure you like by the way talking about. Tweeting and texting and and everything else yesterday. Once he apparently was -- doing about this he spent some time between them that she's just because the candy strikers were tweeting everybody was tweeting that suddenly he was there. And you can't go anywhere anymore. Without everybody being a reporter anybody used to -- was that guy right there that everything is public walls that's Mike -- right -- everybody. Is he doing you said that the warm when you sit out wasn't even midtown. You said people or text used in I was stuck in the snow but it is -- going back. -- -- -- -- when we weren't we weren't pigs will fly back from the stones yeah. Yes so you mean there's some things that any true that no -- now -- them only confuse the brand -- -- that's. I was still guarantees to back up. -- a channels it's a -- is okay just a little it was a little I don't know why I haven't talked to Paul today actually but I anticipate that he'll play he was sick and the weather when -- -- in with the hospital that's in my piece yesterday. But I think I'm pretty sure I want all of the traditionalists don't want that. Delonte is still a couple weeks away after the all star break some time that it's a -- that will be right after the break that are you know a few games and to equip them means conclusive even though we practice. Yesterday that there's no possibility of him -- moved up a little than he's not -- Just -- and he's not ready to go. It's you know you understand your and he Pratt I -- I -- talking to you met and talked about a dog ate dinner Katerina practice -- game obviously and he was protecting it I still think he's. He was out there competing in but you know you could tell that he was favoring his wrist and he wasn't really get into the -- what what to do it. I usually -- -- -- let's move the ball liquor away my game with a little party bottle away quietly no residuals and I'm glad I don't worry about it BP gas -- thousands begin Jonny is something. They got he's not regularly you may -- practice I listen lazy. Like really -- -- -- they acted like he was ready yesterday so just blowing up Mac that's all. This to you might know the other. The Monty doesn't always know what's best for Delonte violently. Shaquille O'Neal. After the all star break he should be ready to go. How difficult does this make this game for you guys in the you've got to -- you -- down. Right now McGrady the upper back to Berkeley and very very well since he's come back but this is a team that you really need -- Right well we asked yet three big guys down because she acted mean and aunts and you all know. Late night. So. You know with this every team goes through it he's got to go out there and with what you got the situation with with Jermaine why. Wasn't surgery done right from the beginning why did you wait for that period that was that he is called. Yeah you know I mean it it wasn't a clear cut decision in the mirrors there was a few doctors that were involved in the process along with Jermaine. And it wasn't it wasn't this that black and white in. So Jermaine I think elected to do to wait. And to see it keep it rehab because it's not a surgery that's gonna go in there and read here. Something that censored is -- to -- -- and all of a sudden he's all better when it's done and it is it's gonna be a little better we're trying to alleviate the swelling that was in his knee. And he thought that he could do that would -- nice and there was some legitimate. That some legitimate doctors who felt the same way. And so he tried it and it just didn't work so would -- prolonged it you know a few weeks and I think that this now I think that he thinks this is the right thing to do any in probably wished he would then we certainly you're pretty quick to throw. Even at the time line. A win he would be coming back -- you that convinced that he's gonna be able to help this team. Down stretching into the playoffs and I am -- he's making great progress great strides I mean there's I don't know. You know everybody want to date so the book that they've -- We know we've got destroyed -- they don't know that it's all aghast when victims the good that the the whole until February 22 after the all star break with a look it's all bull. -- cookies is doing okay top some turkeys today in he's doing well he's still -- little bit shaken up and still feel some tingling in his arms but even he has all the motion in his body unions. Walking around in. He's got a lot to reflect on you go see a few different doctors and get some some various opinions over the next week to ten days. That is this team the way is constituted now. Is this what we'll see for the -- else or is there any possibility about possibly tweaking this team. Which may be trade -- you because I know you always see you listen. Is there any arguments are you listening. Oh yeah no we're have a conversation. I think the monkeys. Incidents you know makes us a little bit more. Active in you know and proactive rather than just receiving calls and trying to see what what else might be a possibility tobacco Paul -- and -- -- I didn't go visit for you to. Look at it -- for example you've had issues were all of these guys have been down through a given period. You know based on experience of last year that you need to have a lot of links if you gonna go out there and accomplish your goal. Yet you got no real roster -- how do you do that Danny how do you do -- -- with the uncertainty now of whether these guys are gonna be healthy. And yet. If you don't cover you bases and pick somebody up. Then you could be left. You know in a weak position well. So you know I think that the injuries that -- you know draw different entries you know means Shaq I think is. He has helped -- he's resting. You know some soreness in the released -- It's not like he's coming back from surgery we were pretty certain he's going to be back -- could get injured against here but it means that it but if you prize winning the -- but -- had you know some minor things that he would probably play through the work. Playoff time and you gotta be arrested and so were so there's a difference between you know -- it's a big difference. So I think that we can count on -- to be there and I feel pretty certain with. Where Jermaine is today. That he'll be back up and ready to play. You surprised that what you've gotten out of Kendrick Perkins seminary gains this whole thing -- he's he's played it pretty decent amount of minutes and played pretty well for a guy who. -- is neither would that he did back to back in June but I've never seen anybody work harder and we have men seriously it's it's it's just incredible life. -- -- the opposite 8 -- 9 o'clock at night sometimes at midnight. And Perkins is in there all by himself. -- -- -- Do we news you know jump in the swim -- acts or in the whirlpool the ice and heat nights and -- -- free throws there. I mean it when he wasn't his rehab and that he was. Working on his team. To -- in his conditioning in his way. I mean it's a real credit to -- between our medical staff it's obviously a great job but I mean it really got to give credit to perk for doing such great job come back so quick. Is -- the style of the way he pleased to gain. That allows him on top of what you just talked about his dedication to get -- that allows him to pretty much what is in right out of it. Well again -- also has game isn't relied on agreed about classes -- but I mean it's still you know jumping and injured two less is still Hector. And it still makes a difference. And fatigue is still a factor with a guy like her so. You know. I think that anybody is in the -- a little bit with the surgery especially into you know for years. But amber has just I think -- is just his toughness is in his innate nature his work ethic that allows him to. Be effective still he's not what -- what he's been. But you don't notice a big difference is he's not a high riser would you PNC's veteran to dump the ball anymore means you know it quick the glass and may even be better. He's playing like match you know being. -- not dunking the ball legislative impasse that the I think Danny always speak about the what does this say about raid approach -- -- the quote the records. Reggie Miller or is that this speaks about his body of work or the longevity how I -- themselves. I think it's I think it's the longevity and I mean obviously it's greatness to make that mini and that's this ridiculous amount three point shots and he's made his career but obviously how he's been able to take care of his body in the fact that. You know he doesn't just make open threes when he comes off double and -- and you know me he'd make spectacular threes. On the move like me like a young player. But you know I think the record is it is it's pretty significant -- even though. It doesn't have a great deal of history like the baseball record of hitting 600 home run. Chris that you as the first one right well but but this is right so. There's your a lot of us grew up never having played with a three point line until we got to be MBA and that affected you just look when we were playing mats in the nineteen. I think it was 88. Where I broke the record I get the all star break of Larry the next year someone you know shattered that record and it is kind of has been. Went crazy where ray and Reggie came into the league it was you know they've played college with a three point line in so three point land -- part of the game so. But that I think that this record of graves is significant because I think it will last. A long long time and right now because it's it's it's only been there a couple of years. I think race still has a few more years of basketball left in the game and I think he's gonna set a record of in over 3003 pointers and I think that's just unbelievable. Macs -- thought that Lamar Monday in -- felt that three point. Record. I always felt did you always fill them. Yep that's out there who's insult you then go left yeah were you wield. The low road and -- with a little -- left in Korea -- it left me out of my chaotic. Yeah we you know you. -- -- you a little caught off guard when perk started talking to the media about his contract in the fact that he. Who was offered the deal by the Celtics. And -- don't know really. So. -- was offered a contract that we cannot. So under the collective bargaining agreement there's only a certain amount of money that we can offer her. And we've offered him back on track and you know so understandably perks manages to do that in you know I sort of -- Expect that. So it's not it's not really anything. So what we can offer me any more until the summer time until whatever. The new collective bargaining agreement comes out we can offer me and it more than we've offered. -- and it it if he didn't really comment an awful lot on it but you get the feeling when a player does that he's dissatisfied. And yet. What you're doing is you're offering the only amount you can offer right now you don't want to player to be pissed off as you go through the process here. Right and -- not Indian stance I mean and he it's been explained to him you know by -- pressure. And hopefully as agent is explained to them witnesses. You know of them the rules and I hope he understands what -- same again I think part as a full understanding of what's going on. Because the delay is really isn't it also at the same time you look at the way money is being offered right now there's a wrist on the players support from not taken it. And as the risks on the -- we'll give -- because you can especially help coming off a foot injury I mean there of both sides right now. There has to be a mobile skepticism. Right now there's a reason for him to take the contract and you could make you could make the case. Did you should. Based on -- uncertainty of a new deal based on injuries you know based on a lot of things it's not it's not chump change tonight being offered. But I think that he feels like he could make more and an open market and you might be able to itself. You know I'm not offended by it I don't think he's offended by it it's just what exists within the rules and -- we tried to -- Apparently they don't like questions we asked every week so they've come up with something though it's time for the SP -- no nonsense question of the week brought to you by SP -- this question comes from Stephen. Just the fun out of Duke's free messages in Massachusetts. And Stephen as -- will Ray Allen get any salary bonus when he breaks the three point shot record. No our -- okay okay okay good -- you're gonna live in a statement warning statements. No raid -- is no incentives for this this is. It's just a record that he's you know based on longevity it's done you know great -- is breaking in. Thank you. They'll be some sort of presentation that at some point for -- but that's on the restart the game -- all tonight if that happens. I think may -- just. You'll announce it but it'll be very shortstop national televised game. You know big game and probably do it at a Laker game to to make it bigger deal of it. There's your SP -- no nonsense question of the week it's brought to you by SP ally the no nonsense like insurance company thanks again did a good luck tonight. -- right talk -- actually thank you Danny -- radio that they kill.

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