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What if the Patriots played the Packers in the Super Bowl?

Feb 7, 2011|

Michael and Dale discuss if people watched the Super Bowl from a Patriots perspective and if they played the "what if" game - would the Pats have beaten the Packers?

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When you watch the game yesterday did you have did you allow yourself to have any patriots thoughts as in. What are they were here are considered patrons can beat this team or. Are either one of these teams great. Don't usually you look at it -- when your team doesn't make. What are -- non playoff team which is not the story here or your playoff team got in the -- bounced early. You look at a Super Bowl team and you say. Okay I'm. Understand what my team is missing. My team just doesn't have that my team can't compete. With what the winner brought to the table throughout the post season I feel that when you look at that. The one the -- does think his is I was watching the second half and I thought Roethlisberger was her. And I thought Tom Brady would have a field day against that injury depleted secondary. In -- -- as guys kept fallen out offer for for green bank. And especially when Charles Woodson went out with broken collarbone I thought Brady would light them up if he had time one execute. If he had time he would like Panama -- If you have time and I think you don't give the Packers credit the Packers did a good job. Of necessarily. -- harassing. Ben Roethlisberger does make it run all the time but they did a good job of of coverage panel and enough pressure. Where he couldn't take advantage of some of the Mack -- that he certainly hand. And an a couple of times. You know not that is receivers were. We're just flat out dropping balls but it and and one of the cases -- think it was the it was a rookie Sanders before we went out of the game. It was incomplete pass. The corner got it knocked it down there and then looked at him like. Nodded his head Michael Kay he was there which fight for that yeah yeah he's got to fight for the boy you gotta you gotta windows one on one matchup. And they just didn't win enough for me you know. -- Roethlisberger missed. What would have been a touched down two to Mike Wallace. To the story Aikman accurately pointed out into it the wrong area he threw down the middle of the field. You should have thrown to the pylon a few problems for the pylon. It would have been a touchdown he missed one but as receivers. Didn't really do and a good enough job of creating enough separation of fighting for the ball Charles Woodson played. All of about all but about the last player to move the of the first half while he was in the game. Pittsburg had 63 passing yards two interceptions and three points. After Woodson broke his collar bone and left. Pittsburg threw for twenty -- for 200 yards 22 points and zero interceptions. And I'm not saying Woodson was the only part of that. Because they have some other guys missing out of that secondary as well. But -- it in answer your question yet did you have any patriots thoughts as you're watching. I was thinking Brady would would be better able to take advantage of that group and I thought Roethlisberger wise. Who as you know I'm not quite as big a fan of his game as you -- I think Rodgers is clearly the better quarterback and nothing I saw last night changed my opinion I think he's I think he's up pretty clear cut above what Roethlisberger. Brings -- here's the problem is that look at that game yesterday. Alec that the Packers. Honestly they have more playmakers in the papers that. There -- more backers -- it's. And intimate -- receiving corps is some somewhat like the patriots I mean with nobody copper okay Donald driver goes out well what terrorism. Kelly how much other guys and they're all kind of interchangeable and and you know this guy goes out will move that guy into that spot will move this -- whatever their receivers are better the patriots receivers yes. That there are deeper they've got to deeper core of receivers and a better. I mean they parent their -- if you say Greg Jennings is there one there one is better than the patriots won whether you call. If you're pretty well this year if you say it's Welker can say is -- branch there one is better than the patriots -- Right off nights I'd say that's fair but then I wonder if if if you had Jennings as one would Welker and Deion Branch -- two inquiry. If you if you OK -- up all the wide -- -- -- -- -- you know you got. -- this wide receivers after Britain tidy I was gonna say if I had Hernandez and grind -- might have an argument there. Went on the defensive side of the ball. You know you have some you can see some parallels. With the Packers and patriots. And ultimately deceptively and play makers OK BJ raji is Vince Wilfork all the right -- I get -- get ugly Kirstie a lot of credit Mandy thought that. That was going to be the weak -- I thought it was going to be too weak spot he's filling in for -- bouncy beat. I was surprised everybody focused on the -- position. What is BJ -- supposed to do and 34 report are supposed to do I know he spoke to tie up a couple of guys -- line -- telling -- -- post -- A couple of guys and if you're Pittsburgh. You don't you don't necessarily even a pound he had been there in in there would they have let county one on one -- Roger the entire game I'm not sure they would have so. I know the kid was gonna have help I don't -- -- was really gonna was gotta tilt the scales one way or the other but. When I was saying okay you've got Rajiv got Wilfork. What was the patriots Clay Matthews had there seek so whose share zero what's your who's your trauma on Williams you know they can you can say. You can say Deborah -- easier to rob Williams it was -- Woodson. And get in and got here they didn't have I mean if if Leigh Bodden is playing maybe. So I just think overall they had a lot of playmakers on both sides of the ball and that's why that's huge reason -- champions today.

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