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Danny Ainge on the perception of KG in the NBA

Feb 3, 2011|

Celtics President Danny Ainge joined the Big Show to talk all things Celts... from KG, to the Lakers, to the Suns game, to the All-Star announcements.

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This interview with -- Danny Ainge has brought you might Telemar laser right consultants 20/20 vision is great but 20/20 habeas better. This -- 20/20 happy god come to fight your 20/20 happy today also -- ERS restoration specialists they ERS search of all of doing. 24/7 at 8774611111. Or at CRS your dot com. Then by asking allies then no nonsense like insurance company making coverage for your team at home even more affordable with the new lower rates for men and women. This SPE LI dot com today. I welcome back to the big show we'll get back to the phone calls it a few minutes at 6177790850. It's time for our weekly chat president of basketball operations. Your Boston Celtics Danny Ainge anymore. Good blend active. Fred have argued. Advantaged -- all right next survive though West Coast triple TV you're saying at Walter recognizable -- different drew. A pretty interest in I don't know if you heard early but I didn't -- -- like what those like every team's broadcast in the league now. Intelligent on the TV's only to different broadcast. Fumble it right. There's always a difference and you get him a free watch crap has got a treat her job. Did you did you know they shot that they -- since it was who were shot in the history of both and so the basketball on Nestle as -- bill waltzes. I've heard him say that history of everything -- -- every -- we -- makes the play the best -- the worst. Let me tell you something I saw Darren -- play for the Boston Celtics -- -- as -- -- -- -- Ridiculous session idol made double made Eurostar to. I don't know I am in no I don't expect the mark spears knows how was it mark spears is getting out there that Rondo made the team these emails. I I don't know how -- here's those that mean you mean of the contacts somewhere to the players don't yet know -- the players would just ask. The you know they don't. You know that tried I think what happened is that there if they tell the players about the lead as they possibly -- And because everybody tweet it and I think they wanted -- they want from life he'd be though they. Probably will -- But but I'd just was stuck to the couple players about 45 minutes ago they were asked me who's who's on that make. Would you be disappointed if -- you guys didn't make it. I would. Now I mean you know disappointed. You know that the guys involved mated so I mean it in the possible but I just. I don't -- howl. -- look at that it but on on the east it is they'll be I'd be different initiate any of our players since he notes. They'll -- equally deserve it but he thinks. I deal but. It's unfortunate that they weren't voted -- so now. You're really. Relying on -- now for reserves to be put on the the team I mean I I think the way it's set up right now. It is not fair I don't understand it when when when Yao Ming. Comes from a country that has more people than virtually all the other countries that are voting to mind. And then he plays a total of ninety minutes not ninety games and their computers ninety minutes -- Ninety minutes that's what he's played so for Indonesia starting setter in the Western Conference relevant items this wrong I mean you've got to come up with some type of -- Limits. Would you say. Well I mean you know it's it's it's fun to have the -- -- involved in it that it's usually do a pretty good job and other than that it you know we obviously know the reason why you voted. In the all star team but. I think that you know there will be a -- put in developing that the starter. To take his place I think the coaches usually do pretty good job -- -- there's always that debate with retired two years there bit. I think these -- do a much better job that. Pilots have to question that you know. Very well because you experienced it yourself. Is Kevin Garnett the most despised player in the league right now outside of Boston. And you know I don't think so. I mean I think KG -- the ball when you play the boss then you know everybody wants to be cheating -- the full house everywhere they go. In peachy. You know this -- of building a reputation. Of you know guys talk and a lot of trash. The. Players other players eating it right now and the -- -- fair and I remember this of Minnesota do you remember because I think you're onto something in that. It probably goes with the territory because your would Boston you're with a winner. And is gonna be a lot more jealous well quite literally the least you significant that when you on the winning team. I don't I don't think -- he but he I don't think he usually change is that they think that speech he could play in this with all the rare but yeah. Nobody really cares. You if you that it and so. I mean they hated you put -- fewer New Jersey at the time let's say. While I went to Sacramento today and I can tell you it was a lot different the -- was in Sacramento that they didn't we pay -- in its video -- -- -- -- Sacramento. Oh lead then everything you -- no longer a threat that would when I got I got traded to -- without the clippers. I was boot. I was booed in Los Angeles when I went there is I did. I behalf I because you and excelled -- I have a team that I think it cheered until I got back to the both as a first time actually got here. They ever replace cells it was like hatred. But then it does seem like that guys now are taking these extra shots and Kevin and if it does not -- the backhand you know with with. Channing Frye is something else and it just seems to be going on in the want to vote you know guys are really taking shots up the phase admittedly elbows Kelly didn't crazy. It cuts -- haven't crossed that he would. You know eventually say okay -- these are accident. Would've happened so many times eventually got think like maybe these things -- purposefully done. Yeah you know -- picky picky each situation. -- what it is. That it trying to -- altogether -- back that you don't I don't I don't really see that the league is so. I think. Twenty years ago that would have been guys may be going after people but I mean you're so scrutinized now obvious off. It's tough to get away with anything I mean you don't like what what they're KG did -- Friday that -- I mean that's like normal occurrence when we played. Yeah but you closure of this though top. And that was that it was that. This is crazy about that it was not a it is -- prize and I'll say this -- to Kevin's defense. It's Jenny -- not talk together about this he said man. Chemicals on man about his -- man the way he saw that he went to gather up what Jerry -- immediately jumped opposite the nothing that happened so I. That's like is voice over Iran Ayatollah -- -- -- -- I think that what gets I think that. What what happened is that it KG talks alive and coaches and players and other teens. You know -- into the that base of the young players. In exactly don't let that guy exactly addict you gotta stand up to him easy to let it get inside your head in and you know and and it's almost like that the veteran players the coaches of the team currently. You rallied these guys against KG let him giving year. Head where you can't but did -- did to me where it is is working though. With Kevin if he's injured he would if coaches in the polls -- players are thinking now about the game but think about give you. Need. But -- You you know coaches talked like that recognize did you guys -- got together and said. Let's not let them do that -- and have talked that much -- -- horrible like that back that day. Not because they you know I don't I don't think it was a scrutinized and I don't think that you know there wasn't. Video cameras from every single angle Adobe did you know beat you every. The -- but there was an ESPN reporting. All these little accident. Without them away amid Danielle is on the on field -- more than this day is affiliate had a camera there. Yeah. After apple had a I know I don't think it every. Rock and a half ago it was a good people of I'm that that was the player going to the state that was brought. Like that and that god and this is though. Surreal it went out to -- you. And I. I can't even imagine now how because it the craziest thing about it in them that make sure I'm saying that some not proud of that that happening. But it's just you look back on -- now ego when I went to the state is the end. Actually came how. And stop playing in the game could. But anyway I think that they go to the -- human agent market you measure that's now been on. Not only would he not continue the game really break down again -- of it does for the rest of your plus. The Philadelphia fans what lot of moderates. Right now it -- billion dollars -- pocket in this month suspension. -- regarding got out of a a lot different -- the -- Sacramento game I wanna get the elegant in the second at the Sacramento game coming off of the only game. The way they played in the first half fish -- this picture. The sideline with. With doc and the expression on his face was a -- it was read his mind might want the white guys went here tonight. And yet the second half when it counted. They filed legal to come out and -- they came out last game of the road trip significant. In that. You're dealing with veteran players who said we're not let this one down. I think so I and I actually think they were they were trying in the first half I think they were little -- as seen in. -- but I think that even Sacramento got hot if it's such shots keeping them off the bench knocks down a bunch shots in the -- we gave them that that. You know the same respect that we give the lakers but. I thought that it even in the second quarter when our bench was struggling. -- -- guys were trying. And then you know -- and they've regrouped -- Got re warmed up you know we started its shots fallen did you know they took it to the next level. Which was you know the level that they've played against the lakers -- you know thank goodness were able pull that out that. You know Paul was spectacular raid in the spectacular Rondo. You know what you know get -- daddy daddy that's about allows the is -- after a day may head the best defense of game. I've seen him play since he's been here and it to me and not told when to go in the process that it's it's not about always knocking down shots. It was about making plays on that in the the floor and that's why he got extended minutes because. He was less than his -- on every loose ball he was in the middle level he which is being disruptive. Right no I agree revue and we need eight to be that way we need him to be if passed it. -- because of this size he has to go up there and and be that way he'd have to be a guy that is just a billowing. To play again. And it was not a whole offseason talking about the matchups against the lakers won game doesn't really mean and awful the regular season you get to see them again next week. But do you feel a little bit better now. About that question of do we have enough links to goal and play in rebound. With the lakers based on what you saw and I came in Los angels the other thing. Yeah you know I never I never have questions that each person with a roster that they've put together this summer but. Even last year we were able to rebound against lakers took game seven in a lot of people wanna talk about -- not -- there I don't even think that would be if it should be the -- that killed us that -- yet heard aspect. They out rebounded despite and in the first quarter and we were ahead by ten points. And they were missing a lot of shots and the debt that was really killed us was our task. -- -- Killed us on the -- support that even that though it'd have anything to do with the plane after -- and you know artistic edit an unbelievable game after not playing very good -- the first six games he had a great game seven in. And not so great on Sunday. No and and so you know he's but are -- -- rebounding you know we see you guys -- -- every night they occasionally. That's our art our weaknesses we give up to an easy -- but we're focused. Our transition defense and beat down because you can really tell our guys are ready and that those that those are two things that expand out. Of the good Celtics team. That we have right now is that it back in transition and repeat the supreme law. -- you know it and Danny I hate to be different about this link you said. It don't mean a lot when you talk about the game 11 game in the regular season but sometimes I think it does in in the way. Because if you look what Mitch got you access -- they gave is that -- watching their gains he said he realizes -- these will have to make trade. I think -- people you know sometimes talk about these games that are -- just -- all of the -- that -- only one game it's only -- -- But to me there's one game and then there's special games during that the regular season. People talk about all well every time we used to we during the eighties when I played we've always -- counselors and we look to see okay when that we plant Philly. When -- we plan Los Angeles -- is also of their gains that you look at. People want to take the significance out of the but I think -- in some ways the a little bit there's more special. And some games during the ability all count the same but then again I think I feel like they're a little bit more special. I agree -- that. I didn't care and that gave the Bristol LAC. To become the subject was it because of what. Kobe was stored just take -- of the game was because that they weren't able to do anything good job brings. I don't know -- -- -- chance that look like that does this look like dirt it as the day progressed there weren't. Too. Well you know I think that you needed to it most players needed to have when there have success. You make shots you think of things happening we've seen this whole you'll have great games against us dominate if he's making shots that we've seen him struggle against Dustin you know we can KG every game against the lakers -- have not to agree that we give the lakers so. You know I mean I think every game is different they're they're big they're very talented. And you know I think they are we played better we play better -- -- team. I did they will do it all again next week and I would guess that you probably gonna end up today and tonight with four. Players on the all star team we'll see you know that were charted at -- so sure you don't wanna tells them Nortel has. You don't know that you guys called me. Howland needed help in -- -- -- -- this. If our if they heard the caller I remember the old days when I didn't know anything in his heart into everything now so I I -- ridiculous you don't know anything with the girls gone on here. No look you know off -- adaptive enough does not need I don't need be the first to go about your business. But what it would have it will mark spears do he only -- about raw Rondo didn't need to know the whole team he just knew about rod brought. And the first thing I conclusion I came to is that Rondo must have told them you know mark was here for awhile so he -- these guys while my guess is that Rondo must until the but you're telling me. That the players don't know yet. Right now what do they tell the -- to a -- when they tell. I'll tell you -- it is about an immediate -- there's this is what's happened twice I actually got a call from a very reliable person you know and it should who's a ball you to hold me in the dot dot from Mars but from our cities that actually from what the networks. That told me who would mean who had made the vote. By the bands. And he was wrong until he got. That was a person and -- person -- -- -- and so what we you know we had this you just tell me who had made devoted to it so anyway that was wrong last year that was all these beat. Ports have been at this time. Of who made the all star team there's like two -- three of them it came out earlier that everybody else's and they were wrong they have like one got it wrong but. So anybody can write a gas. And I mean I think I think most people would assume that Ron does it make the all star -- so I it was a report -- run that made deals. Oklahoma would welcome hold on him and monitor this right now WEEI has just learned that Kevin Garnett Paul -- Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo. Have been added. To the 2011. NBA all star game you heard it here first missed a range first and actual. First you just started. Nobody else has got this story out on top of that. I ought to get. It is after your -- just happened I got it. -- -- -- wrong now and nobody else on how blessed I just treacherous it I just nailed it out that's a legitimate if they ever tell scheck I'm sorry it'd make the team of what's in my -- -- -- -- from Princeton or judgment. -- exclusively right here. With a -- -- Again. Cutting why. We're gonna accept what happened the other day for a it's the story breaks that Clay Matthews junior was the defensive player. -- it's out there -- know. Four hours a Troy Polamalu was named it had a defensive player. You want our report. And if you don't let it was -- notes that it's only like the -- award usually don't. -- -- -- to claim that I'll opposites. Who that you -- -- somebody broke the same thing it's a public local Chris would you be traded -- that was -- -- -- -- engine -- a -- touch -- you don't go back yet blacks eventually take you right after breaking news eight. It's great moment right now that was that was in in distorted. Breaking news horrors Celtics have been added to the NBA all star team that's right Kevin Garnett Paul is right Allen. Rajon Rondo. Congratulations fellows -- we've -- outlaws the VW. This interview with Danny age has brought you -- -- laser eye consultants 20/20 vision is great but 20/20 -- better. This is 20/20 happy god come to fight your 20/20 happy today also -- ARS restoration specialists they ERS search of all of doing. 24/7 at 877. 4611111. Or they RS your dot com and by asking -- ally then no nonsense like insurance companies. Making coverage for your team at home even more affordable with the new lower rates for men and women. This as PL -- -- dot com today.

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