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Vic Carucci from NFL.com on Roger Goodell's Patriots comments and Superbowl 45

Feb 3, 2011|

Vic joined the Big Show crew live from Dallas, TX to talk about Roger Goodell and his candid interview and comments on the Patriots, and how Superbowl 45 will play out.

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Are stuck to our body of -- bureau chief from the NFL network and NFL dot job he's an -- Dallas. Is it as bad as everybody says it is down Arabic. Here's the problem there at the weather certainly the temperature it's cold. -- that's. The cause of something that is. Should be should be happening and that is that ice well that fell all Monday. Still -- the roads today and there hasn't been an Alter precipitation. Then overnight Monday into Tuesday. Buffalo that would be clear by this -- buffalo this cleared by 4 AM on Tuesday to him either melted untrue it's. Oh bought that aren't words that make you a little bit of -- install. I I almost had been and events -- better result of that here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So although some people instead crisis that's -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet there's not really they try to use and I guess they try to using hand. But I just want to go -- meet a CN truck was -- over out of -- of the holes that -- truck drive who thought well quote although they're not good entry road not here just for the record. At least that's -- -- -- -- -- there -- I -- less there's gonna be let me ask you about let me ask you about this -- Roethlisberger thing he obviously has tried to look. Change his image. And yet all afternoon on TV all we've been watching is video from TMC. Which now suddenly has become now a credible media source. Of him party in the other night with -- is that teammates on on Tuesday night is that fair. I think so I I think it's fair to the extent that. It is causing not even a ripple truly down here at least in terms of it being mean. This has been such a land walk up to the Super Bowl. From the standpoint of controversy you're or you know I put that category -- something that that's manufactured because there really isn't any thing going out of substance of course with him. And history that that's the Mercury body is that oh yeah it's bad in that's been in trouble that. Suspension of all that. But it is truly what it looks like to me is the quarterback took out of alignment. And and and night out together singing karaoke and look at life and head coach. Is that the only way to have. -- -- my knowledge everybody showed up one -- you practice. And in my column approach is clearly that. You know those red eyes football team at least the beginning of the week. Guys this is the third bowl appearance. Since 2005. Or the number of these guys that a large portion of the game is still. Corbett is still there that he. And that let you know the 2008. Appearance. They including the Super Bowl or something they know pretty well you know I think that it. It's recurring theme but he rod now. Does something that draws attention and what does so that's that it's. This week he used. Belichick is what coach of the year if he comes out talks about. I doubt that's happened with spy on. In real realty. Local along with the with the with the forum that he put or is. Talking about these boasted about the -- -- -- -- -- Yeah well that would that was all. That was in -- 47000. Word story that Peter King. Which Sports Illustrated I don't know who -- it -- -- to -- while. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's an interesting story and it's a lot of the real background and explaining. And that was part of section just -- Google context. Section in which -- well. Some also alliances with some owners in Italy. One being. -- Rooney of the Steelers. And yet. Go in and loggerheads with him over. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Robert Kraft to a large degree. And it came down with the Butler not apply and and the capital punishment over. A spy gate. And and it was right there. That. A commissioner. Was not happy that -- -- agreement he understood that yet -- Bill Belichick was that he would make this public apology -- -- the sort of vehicle. For a media items that issues statement -- is our concern that was not consistent with what they -- -- now. They also quoted. Belichick. Peter King and I think guys who would Peter got the quote from Belichick's giving his side and it's saying he didn't understand it that way but bet that. You know came out and in which -- -- thing. With Dick -- the executive of course of species that -- you would pick if further market and in decades. There was the -- negotiating deal forcefully made a huge contribution. Two. Do something that that was connected with the result late Sunday it was killed Monday in a plane -- You may remember that story and and and you know -- -- -- -- heart -- appreciation and understanding with this donation that was made. It was in in the name of the young man and then there's bargaining table and 14 record in the comment. Not a penny less than. Fill in the number it was like 400 million will do for this particular -- 600 million I think was the number note for yeah what unquote war tournament -- and pepper -- said Roger looked like you know in the shark like. He means business you are so that the negotiating table or when it comes to business. There is decide to Roger that pretty. I did read the entire -- and -- the the the one that jumped out to two things that jumped out at me was basically. Coming out three years after the fact. And saying that he was deceived. By either -- or check or whoever the messenger was whether it was Robert -- -- not I don't understand. Why you would jeopardize your brain and in three years later. Bring this up I understand the problem with -- was supposed to engage. In conversation question and answering with the media at the time back in 07 that he should penalize them again at that time he should go back and done something else. And the one that jumped out at me that I didn't like. Was when he talked about Michael that. And he basically told us all something new when that was. That the day before Michael Vick came in his office and all why do one. About killing dogs he had found evidence that Michael Vick actually killed a dog today before. I think those were two issues that were long in the rearview mirror and they were well behind us and yet this is the same commissioner. That. Went and suspended Pacman Jones before he was convicted or charged with anything that because he was hurting the branding. He was in in embarrassing. The the NFL you know his employer. That's so that was a contradiction. I don't see it that way back I more or less -- and she says as I like the candor here I think there's some honesty. It's is that the right way to put it and its interpretation because I didn't write the -- had an object stop them. But I don't Peter King well and. Let's bring makes it appear I don't -- Peter. Watching it I like the end sites that were provided in this end and no the window that you got into. What this guy is about that I think you're seeing it for many different angles you're seeing a guy. Who does due diligence when he does these before these suspensions or punishments are handed out he likes to and this comes from having a father was a Republican. Congressman and and -- -- senator senator and Charles Goodell and and and learning it young man. -- you got -- issues from 360. It turns sixty degree approach that you that you have to do your homework and analysts and all sides before about making -- ruling -- coming to a conclusion and he's famous for that instill us that an -- even if it's getting impressions from people I'd -- keep things even if you're not directly involved parties -- something as a woman I guess he shop and as a band. Are you see something as an African American I didn't see something as. Well beat this server or four. Lucky to have big -- element. I can't see it -- that in the American to visit -- African American. No it'll ask you know consulting goes -- -- -- talking seeking advice is what I meant. Don't seeking. -- don't understand about of this is that when we talk about the commissioner. It just seems like it's such a slippery slope he's gone down. I mean all the things that happened on the stand you know keep in the Brandon trying to make sure everything is done the right way. But at some point if you. Look at it and you do what Michael -- the new deal with -- all these other things and the you have Stallworth coming up how do you is you know bring them. How can you be consistent. And I think that's one thing that people deal -- they talk about bin Rothenberg. Being suspended. A lot of the players what did know how he was going to act would be and so it is. How do you get on that that -- of consistency. Well I mean I think that that the point of -- What he's -- -- I think it's been a pretty where it's been a remarkable. One of time. Things that are happening in his stewardship that I don't know. Let's put it this way -- they happen. I'm Paul Paul there it was watch or -- Roosevelt -- church and some. Crazy things happen or controversial things that that. That we didn't always hear about but we certainly know and and true. Much. Much more available communication media we know a lot more now about things that happen that then -- before. Just because of availability. Media but I think. And in his time as commissioner and the range of things he said he'll wear it hasn't been a perfect want Ron has -- two home runs and every single thing. I think he'd be the first that stated that that no there's no way and it did you just wouldn't be in this -- that that he did. But I think the other part of it is. You talk about consistency. I I do think its approach -- from what I tell him long before it became commissioner. Every situation. To be dealt with. Differently you can't necessarily have hard and fast rule for how you're gonna handle. Behavioral issues. Whatever they might be the different types of things you should ask -- try to find out and get answers. No charges were ever filed against the Ben Roethlisberger yet yet that you felt compelled them not by -- not -- -- enough. Questions about the judgment and behavior. Him that hitting him with a six game suspension that later became four. What the right thing to do a lot of people. A protest the debt and and conversely other people felt maybe not enough of the suspension for. A Michael Vick that you referenced that went. And and here's the other thing the timing of stock that -- come up. Was a big question I will say that's just one other -- -- -- Threatened brought up the Belichick -- this it did to bring this up enforceable -- This -- the timing of that -- release of the peace nonetheless they pull that out what was not in the -- what's the reference that we saw. Two. The that brought murder to the investigation talking to -- -- Players that picture initially reported and assumed they were steeler players. From his notes -- and that that wouldn't give any support -- -- murderer and an -- mostly negative things shape out of that get out Super Bowl wake. And everything that the disruption to this the -- -- -- later corrected disabling meant it to ballot 2002 dozen NFL players in general. Well Mike -- and quick comment and that he goes. Is that a -- -- that guys who don't play for the Steelers would wanna -- -- negative view toward better robberies I would -- all that would root for him to be suspended for quantity. At this point. But that's the one of trying to make blanket and I agree with you he's being extremely honest I'm not sure it's in the best interest. Of the leak or the commissioner's office. To be this forthcoming and honest it's a great piece by Peter King. It was a good reporters we -- great reporter and he did a terrific job that it's long. But did its work that does is a lot of stuff in most of it is kind of a profile of life. Of you know Roger Goodell to the point where the kid was that as a kid. Was devastated when he ruined his dad's sponges that -- part of his political camp so I get all of that here's the problem I -- just what you said. I don't think he should have come out in revealed this week that he talked to fourteen players. He handled only Roethlisberger deal behind closed doors and there were no charges filed. But he did it because. It was viewed as not being favorable. So the image of belief that the -- in the same respect in the same respect. That he did that with Belichick and the patriots any -- that -- Michael Vick and obviously different situation with that does he spent time in imprison. But now you've moved on. Why are you doing that right now why are you bringing it up and tarnishing the image of the league by bringing up stuff. It's now already in the past adds it to be it makes no sense if I'm Michael Vick. I'm really happy he's done a lot of work to do. To recover his image here to the point where wasn't the commission of the told everybody that he had a phone conversation telling him how proud he was -- on. Just to -- a few weeks ago. -- but I think he also. I mean -- -- I don't think that changes I think where we might be disagreeing you're quite as a public -- -- what he's saying in this piece is is that different opinion. Of the situation with Vick that he had at the that he -- ended up -- -- after -- -- on all I saw there was it was an anecdote it was a reference to. What his mindset was at that time and I think he's you know he's feel differently or at least feels convinced was convinced that not. To let this guy come back Little League and play so -- actions speak. Lot of it but I like the background I think you'll like these -- about -- -- the -- -- -- and -- it. I actually like the military background -- that would revealing to me in typical telecheck. He said I didn't see it that way back I thought I thought I handled it wasn't that I was gonna handle. I think it would also got to for interpretation of the rule that you wouldn't youth driven game and if there -- much. And you end up having to apologize for. Because why would we welcome. But he -- chastising them here for not just for deceiving him and not doing this so called Q what day would you. He did do the sixty minute let me. And I understood it Oakland he said he felt the scene at the time you like nick said earlier here that you maybe you should have backed that up without an additional five or something. I think took to get -- credit he didn't do that he let the thing kind of guy. But he didn't permit any use that opportunity yes publicly. -- show how he feels maybe that was his way of also I'm a Mac addict try to get into the -- -- -- -- -- -- his way of delivering a message. Do bill Belcher writes I make sure you make sure we're all in all what all is under the deal posters -- you know and I still ticked off about that didn't venues that board but I added that the. -- I wanna ask about the game -- hold on 12 I -- southwest to 85850. That's southwest. 85850. Right now for your chance to with a pair of tickets to an upcoming Celtics game every one -- We'll also be eligible to win a trip for two to see the Celtics play. In Miami in April you know they -- -- max is not in his hotel room but to through cracks warning through -- all brought to you by Southwest Airlines. The official airline of the Boston Celtics -- only ten minutes. It's extensive text right now south west all one word. 85850. And do it right now who wins the football game on Sunday that. I think it -- Steelers I'm thinking sitting in here matters I think having bigger matters. It is. You know it is not me. Perfect or or perfectly smooth situation. With regard been placed. It is not 88. Perfect situation in terms of just in general -- offensive line banged up losing to tackles for the she's in all that and and I cannot I think they've overcome a lot. They show a lot net jets game with regard to how physical they can't be how well they can't run. When they -- duke and then to take -- another step. Eric Rogers. What the hot hand right I mean he got them here by plane on fire breaks out. Primarily. One account of the most that was a game at Atlanta and it any good behavior and and they did put some good defense actual I don't wanna pick -- -- -- them. But also desperate bid in the second athletic can't sit to me that there. Chicago game not a good average everyday pocket iPod and -- kind of colts' second and exploit happen against the jets those Jetsons dominance. I just thought it yet when it was also hadn't done I didn't -- the way that the right and you could share the same thing for the the Steelers did not think you'll finish strong and any longer strong leader but these peace when you put them side by side I I think they have -- -- Roger most of whatever the Packers are gonna do to win this game relies on his hand is storing up do we greater. And it has Roger what they don't have the idea is much you don't give James -- the university of -- will hear a lot of credit for given some -- to their running game they don't have a right -- -- are there -- don't have one that I think is is Super Bowl championship. Warmly I do think however the dispute can't run the ball. I do think they're gonna stop the run get pressure forced Roethlisberger to make some mistakes could close competitive game I give the -- that's. Here's the -- that are -- dollars -- then. But I. Us look at that -- as the Rogers it's not a good look indoors endorsements endorsements and and he was outdoors in cold weather against the against the -- they want what topic that really is. But they did have assured that you -- -- -- -- but I also think -- did have a nice should not put him back in 2009 and 3736. I think -- through referrals -- -- at. One topic that's been huge it started out at Pittsburgh and it's just you know mushrooming across the country right now is if Roethlisberger. Wins his third ring this Sunday -- we included in the same sentence with a Tom Brady. And Peyton Manning and no it's not pretty but you know what the numbers are better than you think they are. And he's just a little bit different -- he makes five or six or seven great plays in the game that put them over the top. Yeah I I have to put him you you have to be in the discussion when he passed the matter winning Super Bowls past -- matter. And and and keeping this team competitive test that matter and and what he's -- is it's an unorthodox game it's again it's not pretty but I think it's a game that's relatable a lot of rest -- it just doesn't think he's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- still up there and and there's a lot of things that that Paul's school throwback style remote that that are at work remains and I would sort of in that category and and -- there's a period there's there's a passer. Jury purist things ought not be with Tom Brady with with Peyton Manning all well and good all deserve. Bubble boy when these things start not you you're Puerto third -- on this guy just -- you do with Tom Brady and their Peyton Manning still. In that category of well you know only got one but mostly he's a regular seasons that guy. I'm sorry it it it it just do what you -- time. You don't you pick up about -- standing the test of time when you put these things side by side opinion not what Roethlisberger right up there with the best. -- shocked when you look at is. Completion percentage in the playoffs it's better than -- when you look at their quarterback rating in -- post season and they both the same at 85. People -- gonna look at the touchdowns but let's remember. This a running game with Pittsburgh with the Boston and Mendenhall and you're gonna run those guys when you get down into the red zone for the touchdown. But the thing that amazes me as you look at that game last week against the jets -- a 35 quarterback rating in a game. Yet he probably had five or six plays that he extended. That Brady could not extend the week before against the jets sacrilege. In this town really do that but all the arrogant but he got into what was already got to hit you gotta get that didn't have an effective plays as well. You know I mean he's a brilliant boy -- -- yeah but rather -- -- plays when he had them had -- -- -- they were huge big get the first down to being able to escape. You know the rush which Brady couldn't so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The catcher which is much judgment it hurts me to say if but I got to give credit they just might -- it's great talking to enjoy -- -- a good good guys they. But by -- victor -- of the integral to his -- in the film network these people from Pittsburgh Green Bay down. Not from LA you know Miami so this is elected to its regular. That's right I -- regular backyard of action.

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