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Cedric Maxwell on the Celtics, KG, and Sean Grande

Feb 1, 2011|

Celtics Hall of Famer Cedric Maxwell joins the Big Show from Sacramento to talk about the Celtics, Kevin Garnett's recent behavior, and why he is leaving Sean Grande alone in the booth tonight.

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Tonight the Celtics continued their western -- -- Sacramento. This evening. And Cedric Maxwell who as you well -- you'd normally does the games on radio he's great in the I was shocked I usually -- -- listening he's tremendous run on Tony tonight and -- -- I cannot tell you this. I can't listen to a broadcast with -- with -- backs without having a pile of napkins next to me now because I never know what he's sort golfer made at that -- now good up there. But he's deserted his broadcast partner tonight Cedric Maxwell has. John Brady apparently is very pissed about this and max tonight will be doing the game would Mike Gorman. On television. And why why why don't mr. grant. But this work -- do what people split on that I have nothing to do with any seeing this is what the higher up. What built -- filled with our fault it. Well what about Sean. Did you ask him before it just like for permission. It went through went through official channels with channels that those men -- all LBJ -- wish on our backs backs are you offended that you be replaced by the Twitter machine. Absolutely adamantly argued should not accept the best single. At that desperately -- him that's what you. Should -- -- oh my god that I give public it was. And sent back to Pakistan -- a bag in the national average is -- Did not replacing you want human beings and I don't really know. -- -- grant is the grant is experimenting here you'll he's a disaster written all over. -- what is the aim at some interaction. Interaction. The but what if if if if you read some of the tweets that some of these people sent along to you. Absolutely -- You know this system this easy easy solution. Max you just have to tweak the entire game so you're in two places at one time. I thought otherwise help my brain does keep the focus is going to be a sure bet that we could you talk about doing business that the other axis. It just sounds like a blatant cash grab I'm sorry. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And tonight give you one thing anybody gonna be concerned with. You know how business -- special year. Suppose they like this. Twitter right here and they replace you with the two were -- them. -- What want to let it love it. Aren't allowed jurors aren't -- -- -- do that. From happening rock approved a -- if she could. That you didn't like oh my god that the war -- -- people can. Are. You actually got a -- That's what to Twitter -- about. You don't always -- max I'm I'm goal for the TV gig tonight because it's a bigger deal I agree -- -- you gotta go with what spec on the other hand out deal little bit concerned. That they like this to her idea so much and we -- -- well that they replace should tomorrow. Outlook below are what you like you go public here. I want this year and I tell you what max if the selfless when he beat him into the spring. We don't have to worry about a -- winner we don't have to worry about Twitter jumping on his big line. I'll I got I op let's hear it because I'm looking right now I think -- -- what is going to happen. All these people that they can be -- India's -- that we will be -- look. I'm not around it and I'm you in the world musketeers so most people right now are pit stop we articulate how stupid -- but you. I've read that brought you prefer -- by the applying it there is -- -- call us here. -- -- -- -- -- all their I didn't realize I have snow is when you when you hash tag bay communities it just doesn't come across the same. I don't know I don't know if I'm in a lot you really years -- keeping up my -- and if I come across what I thought he had trouble -- -- Special tweet tweeting at 11151130. At night that's a little dangerous is a regular person that is made drawbacks is. Let's look at -- what are -- or how much how much fun was that that LA game the other day. Oh great -- that you think in its terms of what team is that why am I mean that the team right now obviously you know -- Perk played well let me you'll get that -- by inept or or that they dominated. Airbus has also didn't have that game will -- -- happy. We've seen it says fifty I think what you're seeing it in -- system that aspect and so he won't we always shot the ball up and get it. All -- shot the ball extremely well so a lot -- what you think about what we've seen and again. We knew when you look at -- coming back did you expect and I thought that first night watching them once -- agilent. This doesn't look like a guy that's missed the entire season. To this point is it. What he needs to deal out there on the court that he doesn't need to be involved heavily in the offense that it's not involving great athletic ability some of the things that's not plutonium. But he's kind of the that the lunch pail guy he's the guy that stole all the dirty work defensively. -- -- It looks like he's pretty similar to the player but I remember a year ago. Well probably -- happy. At least in the penalty gave it to -- off the ground -- like he used to before but issues that need to relieve the debt as of the wouldn't you know what it what it is gains it incorporate a lot -- for a quick foot movement around the basket but what that you pointed out to be early on these that this -- it. Look what happens in. Out that -- Or walker look what happened you know he came back. Certain that that's about one that well the compact chip like -- he would come back -- the plate and you go into look at all right that's going completely the -- says the weight war Cuban. It looked like -- let that actually some cool well we'll see it all the and that it was in the air and bit me until we either repaired it and they have stripped the nation needs you know train has twenty or seven. Which we did have that he's made a legitimate thing will probably act quickly. Or quickly that it -- well. What you want the first place is that and they get in this case against. Like -- all try to take you all court to base line. Well it's -- were involved in -- all the way that we don't need it -- catch. Strip right now in your way and all that lateral movement which ultimately in the polls. So I think that that was the thing that cost them the most in that series last year with Los Angeles and obviously pertinent blinking seven. But throughout this the entire series -- -- G. Was a different player of the KG was seeing right now they couldn't they couldn't match the links they couldn't rebound. With the lakers. I think that match up is dramatically different. Because they look like they wore the team with the the height advantage they want the team or playing above the rim. And rebounding Macs that's that's not a good matchup now for the lakers were last year it was a tremendous matchup for them. Don't yeah -- -- -- out of I think if you look that they came in its entirety what you saw with anything it's what -- up about it. I right now I have to go out and I have to think about. Beauty and baking -- because what I saw it's not like in news you'd from -- it went well maybe that is shocking is it glory last year. It was this interest and he looked disinterested did knee and ankle. Changes will. Washington is interest that -- you looked like a -- wall -- that that. We have. Don't -- the that would be the word is interest because he did not plead with you know nothing about the sit. You know what do you do what you look at that whole -- It was it a little bit saying yeah this is what and so this woman wouldn't. Because it was won't -- -- They reverted back to be able latent than world war. We call it fly to every shot it everything and Paul was also played that second. Suspect that that. We think I think also it killed by wolf. You can pick it whether -- and neutralize the -- all the salt. If the court more -- baseline with stress in the rubble will look at all the local thing. Hopefully they'll incorporate. Win that basketball game and I think that's what made it a little. Next we're comparing this team with a you'll -- Celtics. On the show yesterday when your thoughts on that. Hope they. I think it's important -- is -- If you look at you all eight so you'll want it. You have to be much better ration alt -- Rockwell we all -- right you have Willie Allen who brought what looked like losses well. All peers who has gotten better get Garnett who is -- the all -- but what we're work in 08. Soul and that you have all of that is a really want it to be about it yet I see it much deeper and especially if you can't run though is that -- Do they have their role players now they had no way when they had PJ brown and Posey and Eddie House. Well. Don't know who bought the other role players and it depends on what happened. Like Nate Robinson was very that it nagging me about it had not played well. You know Opel division you that this chemical issues so. I think big satan is equally well. You don't look shall we get more from Jermaine O'Neal. I think that. All people desperate step in the right now account -- I you know Kevin Garnett. A lot better than we do and he seems to be taken an awful lot of heat the other night with the Channing Frye. Forcing him to sing soprano. And then he gets. Vaccine. -- that can't in the manner you like like at that point -- yet little has built. And hit it out this Olympic look that's right that's injury late at your -- you. In Kabul area. I -- this would apple want that if I with a little bit area we can't buy it or leave it. -- brought you get. You meet major plot or you outlook or -- -- Lynn wood and gave it up to -- stimulated a crowd here yeah. The little while I like that but but there are a lot of people talking about the I think he's one of those players max. That is these viewers you absolutely adore. Because he's willing to do what ever it takes to win the and is it dirty. Probably crosses the line every once and a while but he's your guy usual your quandary. So you'll wobble if he's playing for the other guys yes they -- no good SOB he's no good dirty. You know the -- of any -- should have different different player but. It'll -- and was loved dearly as it did the rest of the way I think this guy. Kevin Garnett is one of the most despised guys that right now. Well it'll see that well it does it got -- LeBron James who might be passed if. No no no he did this indeed did a nice thing -- -- you heard pretty dead they're playing in Miami tonight at a course I don't know if you noticed but the cattle -- wants to what he can roll. Andy feels he announced today told the people of Cleveland that he feels bad for them. -- -- -- -- and you know what what to think that you politically it was the second branded despised by -- What these two -- we get that we have a look right. So there but then I think you about you know the quality of it is it is what but he -- guys should embrace it. Everywhere and it shouldn't -- suspect that the in the build -- they keep but. Well that's just gonna ask does he embrace that because I almost get the feeling. That would that Charlie go all the way the stuff he made a statement that he moved on screw about a minute and every time I have seen him since. He's ignored goal of a wave when they've been out there on the court. Kevin Garnett is single quietly went there as you sick of it if he sure got it maybe you're a player you look. You've been on the opposing team you don't need is good and that's how all you know what it. That's that the that the Google. If if if people locally owned vehicle -- -- -- but not much. Aren't is it your -- -- in my job is that we have basketball is -- -- to make you -- in about what what. We don't believe in -- unpalatable they let me I. Max is a deserted -- -- he'll be replaced by and Twitter order tonight. And max will be worked in the Comcast broadcast what Michael Dowd did they give you talking points about his post discriminate all the officials and call them names. He doesn't know more. Well oil -- Bill Walton took into what are not allowed. A bit but I don't think that I can go there. I think right now management is popular nickel what they fail even hit the ball in -- -- we know what goals and that that was the war. Openly admit using lava but he said that -- the workshop. In history of the -- Could also certainly the biggest swindle in history to -- products -- now. Couple that it was all wheel -- -- it was the or shut up about -- drop and give a basketball at Celtic basketball game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know. You just do the broadcast for three hours to -- the same amount of money. We know you don't deal is they -- -- -- a spot on him via boot let me just thought about the funny thing about it was he was on the plane and Chinese Joe's equipment manager and look at that -- Bill Walton has a look back in the the seed because eight -- If you give these back to -- Obama playing for me and not want to take over another players or. Your -- -- like me they don't grab it back to the point guard rip -- -- -- with Bill Walton well. Beat the old the old days they would have refrigerators in the locker -- -- maximum as you price remembered park and -- be filled with deer away and end them soda and a warning juicy W. And -- carried out yet again bury. It at the end of the game in the bag what would not only -- one bag he would have to gigantic duffel bags. He would fill up of oranges for the kids for the next couple days in the -- case of the difference daddy's home -- fifty feet equivalent of a beautiful. -- The Scotch and sirloin out of business summit commitment and a lot of it. I don't screw up the Stevie I think -- what you're watching. I don't. That's backs will be here on on -- max. -- 08 guess what on Thursday were trying to get this Inez says that what's an insane signs signs -- signs your member. She was she's yum. The vote that the President Obama and reports is the Mexican reporter that was hanging around the jets remember there was that issue with the the jets remember. All yet you trying to get because -- itself out. Acknowledges I figured I just wanted to give you some prep time. So he puts together some questions for her on Thursday show. Oh OK I don't like that felt like at work completely out -- What's the view tomorrow more receiving come up with -- and okay. Cards and I accept that accidents such a natural that I them on Comcast let's go this woman a couple of words. Hopefully we can get -- on Thursday almost Irwin the ability entries that aren't quick break -- we'll get back to vocals six point 7779085888525. 0850 rhetoric which -- You be -- -- with the police who -- who pool.

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