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Talking Hoops Ep. 4: Recapping the Lakers game and analyzing Kevin Garnett

Feb 1, 2011|

On the fourth edition of Talking Hoops, WEEI.com's Paul Flannery is joined by Zach Lowe from SI.com's Point Forward blog to talk about the Celtics big win over the Los Angeles Lakers. In the second segment, Flannery and Michael Holley talk in depth about the enigma that is Kevin Garnett.

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Join me on the phone exact flow from Sports Illustrated the point forward blog which is become. What are my must must go to bookmark links in the NBA executive fantastic dollars and so happy that you're taking the time to talk to us. And have not had a chance to talk -- have you before so this will be a real tree how are you today. I'm good I'm good thanks for the kind words and you know like -- coverage -- that the united. My street for any. Celtics fan or about the book my pleasure to finally political. Yeah does is this is going to be great so -- I what are your impressions of -- yesterday's game because frankly that's second -- kind of surprised me I didn't honestly think -- sell its complaint that well if you back and look at it. That was a total takedown in the second half. And I include -- almost we have a surprise or your impressions yesterday. I was I was city economic challenge. In watching the game obviously and when is it Michael currently doing work. Next to me and some somewhere in the middle of the fourth quarter she turned to me is that. How could be saying wow oh wow what like what or not are you so surprised. So I didn't -- reaction view that retire and they you know work their way to open. You know and every time they they made it look pretty easy it is surprising because that they let that -- bag game that's it's myself I mean. I've I've seen these -- -- you know. Slog through 48 minutes against each -- you can is that although the first half wasn't like you know game seven level. Blocking the -- you know the Celtics just had the works so hard. For everything everything -- with you know -- second left on the shot clock. Rondo had no idea what to do -- on that would open -- I think I'd ask you to do with him. With Colby on that and they just looked like you know here we go again we're gonna be looking like Ray Allen did range. All that -- jump shot to like big baby bail out jumpers there you're working in isolation it just it just. Seem to very difficult but the second at that they did not look very difficult. Yes and that presidential question is you know was it the Celtics playing out of their minds. For how much to the lakers inability to defend him contributed -- other words. You know to the lakers to sort of say -- we're not we're not win this game were done here I mean. You know size sometimes of course an NBA game and other team can impose their will if if if you wanna put it that way but I really shouldn't happen between these two teams -- what do you think. -- -- that second half. I don't have to go back and watch some of the again because you know I was so into the team. That that I sort of lost track of what was going out without whistles and Andrew Bynum in the second half and and why they -- such. Sort of non actors on well on both then I mean that this thing could could go to your question the biggest music in me. Was effected the lakers played without a small forward -- won't happen again you know go objecting yanked -- has. That Bart this bird and and could see that changed all of dynamic dynamic because they had slide Colby. To -- small forward and had to guard next which meant that you know. Couldn't really realistically guard Rondo -- that scenario it to -- that opened up. Opened up everything for the Celtics in Rondell immediately by deeply -- lay out and just. Everything started running -- more smoothly and it could be you know obviously Matt Barnes was hurt and typically occur -- -- -- Today and -- some there's some justification that so I think that it -- that they get in the game I have no idea. And it it's all the work is sold out by the -- optical -- Yeah I know I got if that's an excellent point about what they -- Coby and bent I think that it had a huge impact when he couldn't guard I mean Steve Blake can't guard Rondo and they know Fisher can't guard Rondo so. When you when your forces that situation. You know I thought how wasn't -- if it's still over reacted to a couple of things and we kind of benchmark test there and for good cause for just a for just cause but at the same time you really put -- team and it. In in a tough position there to win the thing you're really stood out to me and -- wrote this today and I you know it's funny I believe it. Probably more today than they did on Saturday but -- You look at -- episodes have done this year and he's really good teams. I it to me they have kind of stamp themselves as the best team -- you know the best record no disperse them some amazing things this year and in the -- of done some amazing things this year but. I just have a hard time if they're healthy they're all there I have a hard time believing anybody can actually beat them -- the seven game series and I did not think that before Sunday's game. Look I mean is that that's a perfectly -- Are -- about it I mean it's if you young gun to my head if you actually -- going to win the championship by now. I would probably have to -- -- now would put any money on it for sure because they're you know -- are really good teams. It's in the league and you know their help the big question. I I distinct you know I think you're right I think that. They look the past they've played the the top team the bad. You know perk use any boy have -- thrown -- credit for the fire I mean like you're -- he looks good and then. He looks -- though it does that does that concern -- that that kind of worries me a little bit that they might be over sending him. At the start here. You know. As someone I mean you're around the team all the time -- I I did it's -- -- really. Is it hard for -- knowledge -- -- I would have an update and medical staff that I think you know what they're doing and they did keep them on the bench most. At least the latter half for the fourth quarter yesterday which may be happy -- I think it. You know I understand -- -- troubled by that it's just. Been one where I'm from more. Now that makes sense but -- when you talk about Garnett here because. He was he was phenomenally yesterday he had twelve defensive rebounds he took us all out. You know I mean if if it -- I was there last year in the finals win Gasol made the sort of innocuous comment about Garnett lost a step which at the time was true. People took it and ran with it and everybody was waiting for you know KG is inevitable response and he didn't have -- He he images wasn't it them last year did during the finals and yesterday he was he was fantastic and ahead I'm stunned frankly at how how bad at the turnaround he's made this year and I'm I'm curious what -- would have when you think about it he's like this here. You look you would stand -- that he'd be he. He'd be probably my runner up what might that the players the year that would one -- -- you know like -- I think in another and another week and you're right yesterday you would. You would reach -- up -- snatching rebounds is it they were coming out program. I thought -- like it or you know that -- that for the Celtics all but in the legal arm would. And you know slap the ball and his other hand really you like to do. I think he's been about you all you know all the attention on Iran. Here you know we all know that he's having people efficiencies in shooting Oliver. Garnett and he has been the best player on the team. I've pretty significant not a significant market -- community you clearly the best player on the team and you look. Very close to what 13. BP company in early part of that -- I think that. Absolutely fantastic he could score again it rebounds he did you know -- turnaround jumper moving quickly in the post we saw a couple of -- yesterday at a gathering. Knock on wood I mean you look better than ever would expect the. I I I really hope for his sake that he can stay healthy because I think you know I think. NBA fans in general may have you know different opinions about Garnett governor but I think for the career he's had he deserves to have at least one more shot at this you know. One more shot the finals when he's when he's fully healthy and fully there at least the playoffs. As as a war but -- get ahead of the second have a -- what concerns that you have I mean let's put the put health aside that's obvious with the Celtics but. What are some of the concerns he might have about this team going forward for the next what 36 games we have left. And regular season. They're concerned I've got I mean obviously -- and we don't talk about and I get the way it is I'll. You know I would -- -- -- -- under the integrated end. Return need for Dave Robinson. Because I think it Nate Robinson as -- with being closer to out of the playoff rotation that people think. That's a good point. You know that you saw yesterday like he's on the scene and everything you're going cold and it -- beacon course six point four or second -- -- that's pretty airport. It to me yesterday when Ray Allen got in foul trouble. And they've brought mark he's being held off the bench. It is you immediately had a turnover and sort of like an innocuous -- shod and clearly is just overmatched in -- the it could mean that sort of spoke out Obama like he's -- opened it and I'm not really called for what this -- and still about comparable with him being my top. -- guy off the bench in the game and and that's not fair to him because he's had a really -- he's been doing. Really what the Celtics brought -- -- do. Two years ago but I found myself strangely missing Tony Allen. But I mean that that. That's nitpicking it I think he you know could look at one -- it. In an impact is obviously cherry picking on there. I think -- there as a potential weeks but. In and it's unique in that might be that might idiots but. I you know I mean to me -- what you said that it's helped them and you know I think that I think that. Mark he's you know it really the only the only thing I look at and say that that might be a key like you know oh we spot in the rotation may -- a little bit. Yeah especially that there's is no other option there. You know win win pierce when when pierce thirty and Knick knack injuries. I mean the point it they really don't have a backup small Florida murky isn't really a backup small for you sort of -- -- sort of -- all around you know. Jack of all trades kind of dad and I haven't really had a -- all sorts of -- last. Which it is it's kind of stunning we think about it I mean if if anything ever happened appears. And you have Markey who plays those minutes there it you know comparing -- is can Von wafer do you that so. I I do think -- did the depth on the wing is a little bit of an issue for them but. -- which teams in the east which teams in the east I -- you know Miami I think you and I are both of the same mind that. Miami's is I know people love to hate Miami but Miami can be there at the end it. Is there anybody else who stands out -- sort of you know. And all encompassing threat for the Celtics in the east. You know I have a lot of respect for the magic and and I think it'll itself experience. -- because of the way -- Celtics. Beat them to report to hear -- over the pretty. Pretty handily won cheers and that what the fact that the Celtics almost beat them without Garnett you know 2009. I I have a lot of respect for that team they're shooting scares me that that. Like Howard scared me that. You know they don't look great it would Arenas it is looks like he's -- he can't play defense against anybody but I think that the team that is you'll. Just going to be a pain to play and in that period last year that would -- for those first two games Orlando were super triple. And you know I I'm not I'm the bulls have a better record in the magic and need to magic still scared anymore. As a -- of local constable or. Pulled up a really nice nucleus of four guys. And then after that night and I don't really know them yet and I don't know that they scored -- good you look what else could could be Dominican certainly win. Game in the playoffs and believe me you know I'm Celtics to an idol is that in we all remember years ago. But. To the I don't know that they can score is merely -- the war crimes and people sleep on that economic I don't know why the music so. I had nothing -- -- points in the both scare me a little bit more and part partly is that have been a factor. In that you know they're gonna play the same kind of defense the Celtics -- gonna -- and stimulate you know in a -- Amir. As they -- and I think that would be sort of a grueling grind it out. If they -- on the put them in the second round I think that confused sort of more of long term damage in some of these other teams but. There are four really good teams in the east and provided they all get through that's going to be an amazing conference semifinals. Have we ever even thought about aux -- like the forgotten. I mean for good reason they've -- -- that that's of those steam but that still packing pistols you know. It goes to get this well really handled them this year but that that he could still do some damage in you know based oval like open even -- almost almost. Who does like the Celtics that nobody likes the Celtics over that nobody. True. Yeah I mean if if Josh and at that are still up in big in the playoffs here's I think the hawks and scare me a little bit more action like Josh Smith old -- more than most people do but. They're just such a lady team and I have a hard time sort of taken answers habit tiger -- I mean. And -- if Milwaukee sneaks in there as a seven or an eight seed depending on where the Celtics land. That would not be an easy series as well it provided they get themselves back on track if they play great defense and they've got some pieces there that can give the -- problems. And we its its interest and the talk about that is that like you know we we think about you know what -- would be. And easy for structured -- me even if every kind of -- affiliates quickly it -- McNeill played game. You know other. And I think the Celtics really last year. One of the sort of not talked about about storyline that was important -- -- without you need that first round here. You know five quick games a couple of blowout you know they'd be tripped up one in game four. No big deal and it did. He didn't -- seven game one that in the first round thankfully it looks like they won't have it is equip Britain number Warner to see it looks like or what the knicks and the knicks. With all their weaknesses of this a huge pay to play. You know I think you know the seventh grade C. You're right that Milwaukee -- -- LB that he sent. It dealt with a couple game -- -- before you know. Yet -- you know as funny I am I'm remembering back when you brought that up had eleven Miami terminal lasting in a season. The I think with that Miami was a -- they were trying to win their game against New Jersey to get that -- what to look like they're gonna put the social play Milwaukee and I was rated at the box. I was there to pick the books and knock him on the first round which might have happened by the way people. People have this tendency to think that the Celtics has completely turned it on once the playoffs started really it took -- Tacoma while the it to. To realize that they were you know back to where they need to being -- Dowd -- really interesting scenario. But moving moving forward and this is something that still haven't they have ever since last night. You know the spurs are sitting there -- 47 -- of their record is they've they've got all these things going on. And I know everybody would sort of probably like to see a Celtics lakers round the NBA finals but. How would love to see Celtics personal -- Everybody in the what they wanna see -- well what you Celtics bird enough Celtics lakers is stressful and emotional too. It's it's too alienating to defend that the other twenty teams. Bring our bring on the spurs they're there the most. Bootable on team in the league a lot I think no nobody -- the law. I did well. They do it and you know that at all sort of three point shooters all over the place and you know the it's it's fun to watch Tim Duncan still do Tim -- thing and -- -- wait till he -- never -- that busting out you know 25156. Exit six block game. Right and no it's only know what you know it's common you know it's comment. Yeah I think there I think they're great lots and I think you know I mean everyone like the compare the Celtics -- the -- this sort of equal. Teams that need to -- helped the you know when -- held the note you know -- coasting through the regular season this would be into the playoffs but other similar and more exciting ways than that people move the ball beautifully it. You both sides of the court obviously spurred a little faster a little more dynamic but you know that that would be. I mean for for end of basketball on court product that would be a negative begat. Sure and you know that the matches -- -- parker and Rondo Ginobili and Al in. Did Dejuan Blair and big baby Davis even -- then the -- you know I've the obvious Duncan and Garnett which is against you with -- with Michael Holley in the next segment but. -- I wanna I wanna -- -- wrap this up with. With your impressions of of Miami because whenever -- have somebody on here. Yet that the idea around near Boston is that you know Miami has no hard and that -- these guys are these guys -- play together in the about the cell lithium twice and you know other than a threat but. I wanna get perspective. The perspective excuse me of someone who. You know was able to look at these guys -- an objective allies opposed to a subject divide what do you seen. From Miami this year and you know are they gonna be able to pull together are they going to be able to add it to do this thing in the playoffs when -- when the camera. I mean look at that is attributed the year that they Miami is very good. And that they're getting. Better there would be if you watched them play every game a -- what yesterday. Days they've for the first time Torre is extended minutes to line -- -- that at no point guard noted that Miller gamespot. And weighed altogether you know -- at the other characters and and you know. They're learning how to play off of each other more we're seeing what when they're going well. There'll west of the -- were sort of brought -- standing in the quarter doing nothing you know might it might might as well -- Eddie House. While Dwyane Wade does I think it will or vice Versa. And and I think you know giving more than forty more game 35 more games -- get their -- In order. They're gonna be really -- -- And I think that. You know what itself which is about -- that the you know we all things considered that's going to be held a matchup and an epic on and there are going to be very difficult -- -- I think their defense has been really good but I do you think that question about bosh. Our fair and you know is this guy ready. For a super high intensity. What that against Kevin Garnett. You know for seven straight games. And do they have a knuckle post -- the -- the Celtics but the bigger question but I think. I think they're very good team I think people -- -- -- that I have now are what they're not playing the other hour. Probably not paying -- attention. And have swallowed some of the sort. Easier. More enjoyable narratives swallowed some troops who goes there but. If you pay attention they're they're starting to play better together at their learning and a lucky outlook on the -- -- on the Indian they're going to be they're gonna beat up. Right now Ayatollah leaders here and and that's what that's why ask the questions via split. -- you know it's it's it's funny about bosh because he almost can't get out of his own way and your right if he has to deal win with a guy like Garnett in -- seven or. I got you Kim Noah innocent games here's a guy is going to play him you know culturally. And test that it's gonna be really aged and because that's where the focus is going to be and that that is one thing you can say about about the same -- haven't had that level. Of scrutiny. On them certainly the brawn has the rest career wade has from time time bosh never really had. That's sort of day in day out your hero one day a bomb the next kinda kinda screen that comes with the playoffs I think I'll be really thinking to watch. To -- -- -- to be a real test for Spoelstra who I really like by the way I think he's I think he's -- he's and he's a good up and coming coach and he's a really nice job handling things and service. I always fascinating to watch. Yet security code and I think he did you. You know I think he over does it with it Pat Riley sort. You'd go warrior and trust my Brothers crap and but I think you owe it to you you. Achievement award at the right sort of I'll split the -- in the I didn't mean it is that. -- -- -- The people people had they you know on whether are people ordered forgot we -- scored -- by entry points and playoff game to get them for the finals. You you know you and that the -- -- -- the magic years we put up like 389. And nine. Line and in this news about it waited obviously done it by should be guy who. It it there's someone you worry about shrinking from the -- That's -- guy and an especially when he is -- -- chronic disease you know no Barnett you know screaming maniac kind of. That's that -- -- it'll be it'll be interest how how how ridiculous is -- that LeBron was getting killed for making the right way. Against Oklahoma City yesterday bypassing Eddie House a good shooter who made the shot who helped them win the game. You know. I would agree I I would I would expect them let how's it -- that shot with academia and there were still some chirping polices them like -- Who had a better look at the basket and you know and the result. -- -- -- Yes I do about Spoelstra I remember when his first -- a coach I was in the the media room and those -- -- Jack McMullen the fantastic Cory -- And Spoelstra made you know called timeout at one point and Jackie went oh my god. It's Pat Riley junior exit the exact same mannerisms that -- I mean if you're gonna copy from submitted if that's a pretty your personal copy from but. That's that's that's an excellent point. Yeah happy you are throwing their what do what do they do when the when they wanted to the fix that fifteen -- -- draw their like they -- all their names and they did something with applicable being -- repeat the -- chemical. But you know fifteen strong and all that we're gonna. We are hearing that and that he. Old tired of the. That's because we're cynical writers who say -- stick it out of its ability to kill another human being thing. I mean giving up 5015 strong denies. 333. Your three and a half strong it's really what we're dealing with this. Half of Mike Miller -- yeah yeah. I'd like thank you so much is agree this is great fun hopefully we can do it again they're really appreciated and best of like everyone should check out -- blog the point Florida NASA dot com it's. Fantastic smart. Entertaining and all the rest of it and -- thank you so much. -- Michael Holley. Back again back again on the tigers but it's been far too long -- -- back there is give you back to start to think that I had defendant somebody who -- Maybe you weren't getting any hits at all when I was -- and -- had to move onto somebody else. You're irreplaceable guy here. Thought she did get me here now so don't -- Nor are Colombia here speaking of irreplaceable. That game yesterday lakers and Celtics who do you stood out as the most important the most important component of the Celtics machine yesterday be used to mean that was their best performance of the year. To me that the guy who stood out was Kevin Garnett. Because if you look at last year amid the lakers have made some changes and I pick of Steve Blake they pick up Barnes who didn't play. But that the big difference last year between the Celtics and lakers was. Celtics' inability to rebound. And in a couple of games a few games a major advantage for the lakers tonight in the power forward match up mean probably saw. I think the national media went crazy last year and it was. Drive me crazy -- the most he's the most skilled big man in basketball on and on about Gasol disagree that I do I do -- these the most skilled big man in basketball because I don't think Dirk Nowitzki is retired hasn't he is not okay. Are these -- confused. We hit 40% to three point raced 90% from the line. Averages over 25 point -- He's still black and he's pretty good player but anyway. Last year it was such. There's always get -- these props because it was a mismatch. Between between you Garnett in this year Garnett. Is moving better than he did last year and more importantly he's hitting the boards yet thirteen rebounds that came yesterday allowing the Celtics. To have a pretty size of what it was thirteen plus thirteen rebound advantage of the lakers so I think that's the one guy who. Who looked a lot different than you did last year. I its earlier that and I think the rebounding is the most important thing with -- -- always you know we know they have a turnover problem. We know that they don't really gets the free throw line a lot to me if there are rebounding -- a hard time winning. Yeah and in it as funny because we kept talking about Shaq and how he's going to be. He's going to be part of that big man rotation he gave him six boards yesterday. Let I'm looking ahead to June -- it comes -- -- Celtics and lakers. I'm a hard time seeing where Shaq is gonna fit. Imus did a series doesn't matter well -- no we doesn't. Does he match up well of I don't know he doesn't don't even mention older -- and his steadfast direction and that's just ridiculous. So how does. How does how does Shaq helped them on the defensive and I think the only way they can do it all things to. This to go to some zone defense. And kind of hard -- a bit. And then take advantage of his offensive abilities spirit all yesterday there was harper had to get that are going to because every time he would hit the ball only -- He bring it down to his waist and try to go back up a lot -- -- high -- He was getting swallowed. It. And I just say the one guy who weekend didn't really -- difference melanoma thirteenth and really I mean date they took apart the second half brother Dallas Dallas -- They destroyed in the second half. Jermaine O'Neal would be the very very nice compliment to this whole thing in in a in a -- games here. I think he's been nice compliment -- but are you counting on -- no -- this year I'm not. -- keep talking like this injury is bone on bone and he's delaying an arthritic -- -- right right he's delaying the surgery it just sounds like something that. That there's gonna bottom for the rest and regular season I can see him coming back. And then going back on the show. I don't think the Celtics would be smart to Planon. A similar combination of the senate trio of -- Shaq can send me. And in his -- enough to get you where you wanna go to I think it is. I think it's enough with the perfect. Provided -- by the way who looks fantastic yes looks better than it did last -- look slimmer looks faster looks more Agile. The other thing if you haven't talked about is any bothered him all during the second half of the year I mean he would need canonized for months and months. This wasn't just like oh my niece now this was building up to that. Boy and this is something gesture and an intrepid reporter with -- impeccable sources maybe you can find this out. How we overlooked shoulder remember last year he always talked about you know the shoulder problem lose pop out at times in. He'd get you know any of the server run over and pop right back and donate probably -- -- May be -- we have heard much about to shoulder -- her shoulder. So two point that's deployment if you're back in 2009 when he was doing a story Howard were really no -- Mikki Moore. And and and he ME -- told me is an IKEA with my left arm over my head. -- -- estimate helped him put his Jersey on because he just couldn't do it any you know about the way -- between Howard one arm. That's a good point I and you hadn't even thought about how. You know I'm sure in your next. Podcast and they're all eagerly anticipated in your next podcast. I think you probably address that you get into that great. I I think I -- now I know -- love that they'll -- some good old English. -- know we had old English so now let's talk about the spoiler brunt of today which is to me under the spurs and the best record. But if you look at what the Celtics have done this year against the elite teams. -- beaten all the they're the only team is beaten and to me there's six legitimate contenders. If you want accountable and magic which I Duke's I think they could under the right circumstances get out I agree with that yeah with the heat and the Celtics and smears the lakers and spurs who muscled and membership to six teams. So -- the only one the speed and all five of those teams to me. And I haven't said listen to this point they're investing in the week agreed to disagree with the Celtics yes we are. The Celtics are the best in the league although -- still kind of ridiculous. For ignoring the team's 47 -- -- Forty and seven in the Western Conference and you look at. You know all the historical milestones. That they continue to past and continue to pass no fastest team of forty wins cents. And you bring up the bulls than they -- on 9596 bulls 8283 sixers not teams that. Human they all these teams whether -- BA finals 7172 lakers 6667. Sixers. So. Why -- we continued to to ignore San Antonio win. The lakers haven't done well there's the flip side of the Celtics they haven't done well against these elite teams. I think I'm going with the lakers Celtics because it's a better story quite well. Right right. You know -- I would love to see this Ellison's first slam final then I would like to see for a couple reasons one I mean the matchup agree -- for basketball person -- since there's certainly not the storyline of Boston LA but the one -- and Garnett can't say yeah you got it -- -- -- Yes I know -- this is not on your plan up and you're going to cheat sheet here could keep going back and forth and it's. If you can have. Either player. In his prime. What do you take him before you answer that question yeah I love this question -- to go for it if they're franchises were reverse I mean if if they have the swap. If Kevin Garnett. Had landed with San Antonio through. And had David Robinson along with them -- and Gregg Popovich there is as a coach and general manager parker Ginobili and Duncan had gone to San Antonio amid gonna Minnesota. In his first generally he's an -- with Christian Laettner. JR rider. -- Does this KG had the same number of championships the documents. That's a -- of this question and I love this question to -- this question when many many many people. I think ideally yes from a couple different ways I don't think it's -- or I think if KG -- have been Santonio. I think he wins all those championships. Jim wants a -- once I don't get me all hey now I think. This -- splitting hairs and give Tim Duncan went to it too and with which you might miss us completely bare. And didn't have a good front office that didn't make good moves. I still think he might have had a better run -- KG had but. I'm not sure about that. But tell me to -- tell me why it's I think I do give the very slight edge to. Duncan but I can admit my weakness is clearly not in my biases and I have in an all these sports I do have a championship bias. And it's hard for me to get past it then we talk about great quarterbacks in NFL. I give a lot of love to Terry Bradshaw forest for always had a great defense in -- -- -- know -- and Franco -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Frank always ran out of bounds and custody you know Mike Webster and -- John Stallworth then they've and Lynn Swann you know these guys but still it look at -- -- -- -- -- -- In Super -- that means something so -- I have a bias. Four guys have a lot of ratings. So I give the slight edge to Duncan but if you look at it better rebounder. Both guys has some. Tremendous rebounding jumpers -- okay defensive presence. -- KG has lived on these all defense teams throughout his career threat. Ability to score another guy needed to be thirty points per game guy to have an impact on the game. Better free throw should know what what do we break it down. Two we're talking yes the difference we were talking and they onto whatever Garnett passing ability. Completely under Yasser greatness -- ambassador Duncan better passer I even -- brought that up and -- checked the numbers he had six straight seasons of 400 assists. 400 assists playing guys like you mentioned you know -- for the year and into selling -- well he's fast and Trenton Hassell and and -- and guys like that not exactly you know knock down jump shooters people who try he notices that this podcast is so good -- People are college shark bit -- try to make this a caller show. And that's -- element later -- -- -- progressing -- all of element alone right now council on it we're trying to. Yeah yeah it was a shot out you know what you -- it hurts KG misses that don't it was so is the guy you go to on the block at the end of the game. You know he would take -- responsibility. Garnett. Wasn't -- guy didn't want to be -- guide some people saying. Such a tough one that in itself it is tough and then there's no right answer -- it. My answer changes. Daily de Villa which is the another weakness in my. You know I think getting you know you DC when KG did get a good teammates. What you know. You know it wasn't just on him -- a year they make it's and Western Conference finals -- god -- sent to sue Holland and it's free well. -- G then you lost permanently Derrick Martin at the point gain some. Well remember at all man I forgot about that share. -- so I mean you know I think you Garnett -- -- -- -- gets hurt because the supporting cast he had throughout his career and and Duncan went in the perfect spot took advantage of it. I Timmy those two guys with a signature signature NBA basketball from the purist standpoint players of the of the of the nineties two thousands I mean Kobe probably is. But those two guys I think were a world -- one N one bit yeah I think you know -- You know since you're seeing I was I was looking in his and it's finals performances. Earlier today. And and Kennedy. Is kind of strange to me that. If they win with the lakers win in June. Co we will have. Same modest amount of titles as Michael Jordan. 207 -- don't seem right that don't seem right. Because it within this is unfair and this is how we do it sports but this is the greatest. When Jordan had his six. We felt like those were -- six -- all of those are yours they -- this starts with you. Number one -- review. Number six ended review. You -- everybody else fellow NFL online with Kobe. He has five. Three album I think our ship next break -- he's a number two. Jack goes away. In these last two he's one I'll give it to so. I don't really feel like. Even on sky and -- hell he doesn't care that that I'm I'm not given them. Full ownership rights of this I keep my chair I can't and is. But I just don't look at it the same way as what Duncan's championships and we have some help from David Robinson but those are those are Duncan's dunk his titles. It was Jordan's bulls -- Jordan's titles and Larry's a magic maybe in this era but the Celtics. The Celtics don't really have a an alpha like that we say no that's false title. Well that's raised title that's Rondo goes. -- -- -- Did now complex so maybe this year maybe maybe this year you'll see somebody's gonna emerged in postseason you'll say how we have been. I think I think he did this is Paul SU doesn't say I think -- you could -- case were being impulse championship because she was the franchise he was the guy we was finals MVP. -- that stuff but then you know you had Kevin. His title is really Kevin's head it was sort of so almost separate from the Celtics it was you all these years I've finally did and now. It was it was a personal thing in the hole knocked the bully out and what's he gonna say now you don't title world -- Saying because. I think he's a guy. Who paid attention to the media criticism he did minority that don't you find this to -- NBA players. I don't know if they're more media savvy for the does more. Aware of what's being said. More so than other sports this guy sit around. And then there watching ESPN they're watching you know ABC NBA TV TNT. And they are they're very comfortable talking about what they've seen whereas. A lot of like baseball players. Want united -- but you know. Somebody told me about her history yeah. For all I don't pretend to do that you know these guys on this locker room of football and others are whom they don't -- that. No basketball players will let you know I saw what you said about me I -- -- hero and it's a small leak. It's very you know I'm glad to say it's a very small very gossipy -- Mary gossipy. I'm there's what 400 to do these guys you know it's is very -- everybody knows -- and then you -- you these random feuds and nobody knows where they started. How she started what does this show and I hear you all this kind of stuff. Net -- random views and and random clicks where road from players that you didn't really really weren't sure they're close like we now know that. No Chauncey Billups and and KG are very close soon and they hang out. And I knew enter the -- how are -- -- Reggie Miller and KG and then yesterday I'm not -- right by this but according to Mike -- on ABC. KG and Kobe. It. Democrats are losing -- an -- -- coast yet but at some guy. Someday we'll break down these barriers to our top former rodeo -- -- I know that and yeah I've got -- -- If if I can ever doing that is a reporter immediately -- inside KG inner circle which will never ever -- that I didn't I don't ever happened both. Jack -- weird. You are you today there's never inner circle I mean is -- it's about his door and just -- as a marvelous thing among media types now. Now -- you don't have a media guy now. And -- he never according to media into something. Because he's got to it's got tons of commercials. He's one of the most popular players in the NBA when it comes if you wanna go by. Now with the fans decide and know all star balloting. And he's always up there in the all star -- although he wasn't there this year. It's very popular player Jersey sales are always up there. But. He's not really. Putting himself out there he's not a self promoter. In the sense of you know. I'm gonna do -- we do every interview that I can't so you so you know about me. -- something really interest things when you -- -- I'd hate discretion is so silly but you know little thing whenever he's injured and not sitting on the bench and everybody freaks out like it's a Little League like should be sitting on the bench. So silly. But access and he doesn't like to be seen. Think about the efforts. He'd like he doesn't like to be seen -- seven foot hall where he's slightly recognizable. As the general public and yet he's hit. He don't we can. There's something we don't know much about don't know. You know you look at the inside track. Sorry Boston Globe I don't know the name your gossip page names. So what does it names and sustained basis net worth it just names. Things just named Johnny go farther okay got a little dirty -- you learn how to do gossip about it OK quick. Don't see them came in names inside track TUZ. And he's out there. I mean what does she do. But he I think he's an athlete. He's the one star athlete -- that we really don't know much about. Thank you know a lot about race he -- my marriage it's a lot of fun you know if they're you know diabetes is very close to his heart something important to won't. His son walker was afflicted during during the NBA finals. -- -- what Paul -- -- on health and you know he's he's pretty. As transparent as most athletes are. What will be about his personal story in about what's important to warm. -- you think about the patriots in the Red Sox. I all the stars in the city. I think KG is the biggest star that we know the least about yet. Nights earlier I mean I'd tentative peace I'm from Boston magazine three years ago. And gotten nowhere near. You know so he never -- -- season and this this story on him -- one of those 3500 word profile this. You and rose is determined students at Boston University it's okay if you can't get the subject if you can't get -- what I wanted to talk to people close this called the right around to see you right around the room Frank Sinatra has cold for you literary types is the ultimate commission under a yeah I 3500 words without talking we got an IPSec IN ninety seconds. -- -- -- -- -- -- Which I was thankful for and trailed around 425 minutes it doesn't -- and what if you ask the ninety's I don't know well I have a list of like you know fifteen questions this is gone and malisse was gone and ended the story is that did any tune I've heard that only he can confirm was. In the 2008 finals when they've lost a chance to close down LA he missed a couple of free throws late if you remember that came up. And it's about the standing to what I heard was when they got off the flight from Los Angeles you know 2 in the morning whenever. -- -- they're agreed and he calls her car -- Census -- home. -- himself. To help point well Sam lets himself into the gym and shot free throws for three out -- So now we're -- -- ball before -- tell me what he said it is to this question. Now you really put yourself out there you have to ninety seconds threat. And it. You're you're throwing. You're throwing your fastball yet. Because he might say that is the biggest bunch of -- ever heard the -- simulator and you wasted your nine sectors are -- there may or may not be true I always in my five months. So what he said. He says I can't believe I missed those -- and free throws and he can from a story. So confirmed sort yet Donovan can't come and ask someone else Danica welcome interviewing you now mr. and I'm I'm just be guessing Paul flattery shown a mask you all these questions and sorry. Did it makes you. Think the less of KG. That you working so hard on this story. And the -- only gave you 96. Yet no. They didn't isn't it it's a good question because. The one thing that I have found admirable about him a lot things -- viral -- the way he plays and and so forth but. He's so remarkably consistent. On the static. You know I mean Boston magazine's Nestle dealer in years though he's blowing me off to talk to GQ were Esquire there's all you lonely often talk to him talk to anybody. You know he's been remarkably consistent about this and and as as a writer you try to beat nonjudgmental. About these things as you know your from -- phenomenal writer. I'd be very content well the things you know a truck but. I as light in the consistency is a thing to sit out to me. You know so -- judging him on that that's what I that's what I would judge him is that he has. And I think it shows up in his work the -- open three dozen core issues of how he conducts himself as that remarkable consistency. That really makes him stand apart and so if he's a mile away with me he's that way and then when everybody's been you know what's may be found. -- -- when he does talk to you yes and you rewriting for word. Somebody else and when he does talk to you. It might be scary. No more -- troops are designed. I have frightened all of this particular because. There's something KG Paul yeah the -- if he has. He's almost -- trust me when I'm making this up. When newseum in social settings and almost reticent and shy I heard this. Withdrawn and times. When he goes on the court he's the opposite. I mean he's very verbal to say the least and he's getting in people's faces and he's doing stuff that's not always -- to do. Like. You know hitting Channing Frye in the groin region in Pretoria -- throwing an elbow Andrew Bogut and try to get where we're not doing a real fast and then -- go down like -- what I'm Tony think -- Shall surely everybody now we saw on your. There's something. In this is what it's gonna happen in the more than 92 interview there's something. To that character to that -- he that is that is feeding all the stuff that we see. As -- last and so endlessly fascinating -- endlessly fascinating because. You know something happens material off a switch flips or something along those lines and I'm not sure what that really want to find out what it is. And I've heard that -- that you know that in away from the courts use you know. Almost shy and yet he has. -- you know Sami -- a lot. And exercise your next assignment -- he got two things he had -- -- it right we hang out together Paul we we've we figure out the problems of the world one right. You get a chance to figure out what's going on with her shoulder -- -- Yet to figure out when your next interview with KG it's an -- got a better chance of the former typically I'm allowed to go for. From ninety seconds to seven minutes seven minute segment. How about you know we go with your Jersey number -- Five minutes five minutes. Forward herb shoe for -- for something. Fifteen -- twenty yeah. Lots and houses priced -- And -- is outside you know in all seriousness I think that's part of it any and that is that's an -- part of it I hear you energy and Syria is protecting. He wants to protect the family tiger. -- and -- you day. If you're gonna have if you have an interview would have. I don't think anybody's gonna do an interview with KG and his wife that it is not happening. Don't know if that is that's hard to pull off today when you make it that much money you've -- public yet a franchise like the Celtics. To really to really hold on to some things that are important it is difficult to his typical two to protect so many people because. Minutes. It's the Internet and cell phone it's camera phones mean. Yeah he's not he's not a fan Twitter are being more technology. Everybody if you go to if he thinks he's having a quiet night. In the Northampton. Don't come out of that restaurant and by the time by the time he gets into his car. It's it's in name's -- I saw KG at this restaurant he ordered this I heard him say this to that person so. Part of the reason we don't see him around town is still don't think he wants that kind of stuff can happen. I'd tiger and let me ask you this cool wrap this up this this -- fascinating fascinating stuff into Iraq -- -- -- I like you I think he's and he's an endlessly -- -- -- but. A -- discussion with another -- and my question is -- an open and questioned when he retires which may be coming sooner. Then later when he retires to -- Disappear to -- go away. Does he you know your record my -- -- -- and I'm interested to know you think about the don't. Now -- disappear absolutely have -- that no he's I think he is doing this. No I'll tell you KG it. AG. Would have been the perfect. Bill Belichick era patriot. -- -- -- it's okay I think part of this. Part of this thing that he does. Is who we years the other part is. This is what I need to do for at this time in my life for this franchise for this team I need to have a tiny bit to playthings a certain way. So I can't be talking with Sports Illustrated and not talking to ESP. I can't be talking Nepal Flannery. And not talking to Michael -- on and on. So I think part of it is truly who -- -- apart is its force persona. You've seen Troy Brown opened up tremendously. Now that he's out of that patriots cocoon and he's on his own as a media guy. You've seen Tedy Bruschi opened up even more he was very engaging as a patriot but much more so as a media -- And I think like Kevin Garnett. He is no longer. Held back by his own restrictions is self imposed. A self imposed restrictions. And I think you'll come back and I think he'll coach to really I think who coached too competitive. While competitive to disappear and it's easy great coach -- you guys know. And they find out there's nothing. Outside of sports. That can replicate what they what they go through for 82 games in the postseason. And I just think he's one of those guys is just. It's an addiction. As as is Bill Parcells says it's a narcotic lose I think it's a narcotic for him this competitiveness I don't think he can. How he can walk away from the game. I think can I see. -- -- And I see somebody like Kobe being the general manager tickets to that. Finally I don't think so we can coach. Now they are killing me teased he would have a -- he'd be crazy. And Barack any day. Before you before you mellowed. -- George Karl was. This country to contrast to his players' conduct when he had. You know Shawn Kemp on the team and Gary Payton they were trash talkers and he talked trash them to really throw players on the bus. Julie -- was always lose. You know he'll be like you know we lost because we got terrible dark like -- It's good and your -- tiger until we look at on the Kobe would be the same way he he would last. Thirty games threat but I see I think I think he's he's in Australia Axl Rose. -- -- Gone gone gone and none of he'll be around him out -- you see a lot of unknowns on inside the NBA on TNT that we currently have to have delegates up 52 delay. Epitomized. They have to take that show -- -- shows on cable now about the county were talking to her has got to be like. After eleven. You know HBO threat that this be the NBA dot HBO I would watch that show would watch it -- Barkley and KG. It's somebody in coach debt. You know take you know once. Once duck is done coach doc doc has -- -- he's great on the record. The dark off the record. Yes it does not want -- -- so. You give him give him no leash. Just let those guys just talk for a little. Now I'll -- of the great speaker Michael we should -- around to something we do it again soon -- and whenever you have -- I'll be I'll be happy to stop by and talk some -- he always enjoyed dancing and Dwayne Howard -- to -- -- -- -- -- Panasonic -- -- how -- -- -- -- -- I -- -- Life is too short and I don't know if the punishments that -- but it's it's a -- there are used to be judgmental but -- -- I'm gonna have to use my better judgment in this situation -- -- the past I thought oh wise Collins always my -- thank you so much I call to duty and.

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