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Celtics Lakers reaction

Jan 31, 2011|

Paul Flannery from WEEI.com joins Mikey in studio to talk about the Celtics win over the Lakers.

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Back here on a planet Mikey show our number two. I never do that I'd ever say our numbers they're doing joint go to that much now as a but I just did this now why is at the pike it and it's ingrained in your head from the afternoon show speaking of agreeing to mine had BC my hedge got a lot I noticed it I got new -- much talked about it I'm gonna blow leave. How -- my head is and all is said don't think as doctor Leonard is unbelievable -- he's a pro he has an and it was quite the setting here is Paul flannel Paul Slattery who just walked in in human heard during the -- -- -- The is -- this in the studio hi Paul. Mikey how -- -- that I had a fair idea of a -- I've alive lovely Jennifer thank you you look like you know a member of Crosby stills Nash and young circa 19710. Which one in particular. Maybe log ins are Messina I thought. You know -- now I was not nine not out assault by -- yesterday polio when you joined us yesterday yes there was tons attacks come -- that you look like Gasol I don't think. I think it's much horrible Louis school look yet number -- August well thank you make it easier -- David borderline alpaca nevermind Lama Africa. But I was so very very excited yesterday by the one thing that excited when he has it was watching the and that last quarter. Of the Boston Celtics Laker game was very uplifting that was some quarter was -- owes a great path yeah. Some great great game -- lot. Actually outscored 59 to 42 and a second hand if you did that's exactly right Andy you know they had a little slip up the second -- they look like the lakers are gonna gain some ground -- indeed they did. But then you know the Celtics just executed. It looked tremendous about -- the best game they've played all year. She'll love it well yeah a second and I loved it's I know you do I just I mean it's just so great habit -- dying for something good like this. Yet understood this was amazing is given a great time to you watching it on Friday and it looked every anything got what they look -- council well that's added to I wasn't surprised by all right I think I was I was surprised I wasn't surprising loss that was in -- as it played -- a surprise -- played that bad yet this truth they had every excuse in the world and the West Coast -- -- back to back the you know that they had there and then in the looking forward to the Laker -- candles and music and I kind of disrupt Richard -- But they did played poorly -- maybe that's a good thing as that was the Cleveland game for the patriots this year and I mean they're gonna have a couple of those here -- there because that was a real -- but let's not talk -- but wait a minute I get every every team in the NBA on me every great team you can go back and history has. 234 those season. Have -- -- not yeah you're right but they've had two or three in the last month. He about the bulls game the wizards Damon and now in the -- the wizards standouts -- Estonia and the -- cannot let downs are part of an 82 games he's yet this is no way around that. I like is when it's time to get up there and get ready for -- a team that you have something to prove against. And of the league should know this this is of this is a well attended and well -- Promoted game. Certainly they made the lakers look like sub par competition for themselves now -- their new personnel. It'll totally fearless out there. I I I can't wait till they meet for seven if you're being everything disposal and five this year so you're simulators are gonna actually get there well that's right I am. I -- there's a team to San Antonio's playing pretty well with -- you right I want I want to be the lakers. -- -- I really do San Antonio Spurs you know whatever they -- great record and all that at least the last I think by the end the use of -- -- better record. Really defend Tony I don't go away why not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But age is it -- It's great stuff and I thank him out fear and fearless now about whoever they happen again so so so in my deck and a way to solve it so. You would rather the Celtics if they were fortunate to get there yeah east is going to be a monster to get through sure. They're fortunate to get -- you'll watch the -- -- You're not yet know what the link you locally yet well I'd like to see the lakers to be more fun. Well no it's better to which is more satisfied. Absolutely if you -- it stick it up the butts the collective butts of the lakers. After what happened last year because you know how I feel about this -- Kobe with a trophy last year celebrating. Six for cricket Twitty and the rest of the game I don't wanna slap -- -- Rex eats I don't think there's any question most fans out there probably most NBA fans except for the people down by the river walk wanna see the Celtics. And the and the lakers in the NBA finals -- I would love to see -- experts on. I mean I think money for your basketball -- -- the collectively. With the rivalry the lakers Celtics beat then how can you guys compare whispers he can't so that you can also -- -- wanna see that. I don't want -- -- Celtics I Garnett Duncan. Parker Rondo. The Wii Fit basketball arrangement I thought I wanna see the lakers I wanna see him lose -- it was five -- Nine all right stand an ideal. -- off plenary here -- he writes about the Celtics -- website. And he writes very very well thank you something that I don't do well -- I have I have lack of attention deficit disorder. Well we still commit a studious screaming you know that policy that's that's the other part of it could pay attention for very short bursts. But it's super intense attention Mike Stephen Newton for examples -- it's on you now. Yeah like John Paul Steve what's -- also. -- -- -- -- You are. You're you're snowbound. You're snow lover reasonable people already thank you Charlie Sheen Democrat's somebody else got their -- somebody's sticks no blind. That sticks. I don't know -- jobs out there. This to expand wherever blacks out of snow blind elderly members -- trying to piece -- -- -- -- -- think it's by sticks. And outside Wednesday. But at the public's input bounce in my step -- related but her a little of John Allen yesterday. Something I wanted to protest site. You talk about what people are around here is still clinging to the Larry Bird year. Yeah I know I just throughout the year why people older I've been trying to figure this out because this has been going on with me ever since the start doing -- Have your answer. And marketed on the decrease issue won't go there and -- that it. Think of -- was homegrown. Garnett now and showed up you know already established players. And spent three and a -- great great years. But you know Byrd was here you know coming out of Indiana State wanna run down. Now the appointment Rondo -- that up by fifteen just as much. Well no I was said fans collectively a lot of fans are a few here this bombs and you do or Mikey I think that he wins championship is solid but -- won't which team you love memorial hall I don't know I was talking about it is it widespread all right this is at the quite a bit I'd take his I have so many people I'd say. In their late 40s50s. That they've come up to musical. I don't watch the I can't stand the NBA I used to watch it but I can't stand now and I as must be generational thing. And Apple's mean and tired already take on what the Pro Bowl numbers people look football right now look at the try to they'll put the Jersey shore up media keep. And a couple of boys don't I think they'll root product -- always like that T you know when you're growing up -- warm fuzzy feeling you have the golden years of whatever sport you like as a kid. Your expectations about the team they're so much stronger and and and knew the feelings runs seemingly so much deeper Asian life is less cluttered. You know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- second most he's on I was that good old days I understand that it that's why -- got it a basketball as we the mid eighties when I was pregnant but that did mean. People still -- -- the Red Sox when their kids are still fans of the Red Sox now there's people coming up that's -- I was a fan of the Celtics in the seventy's or eighty's but I I hate the NBA product I don't watch raw plug. I don't know with a comment from an accurate do they pick a boat well one on one run and gun now demanding platinum the -- which is now fifty years ago. That a blood test with the the that the knicks and heat. Anything but -- fluid offense. And I think you're on Sumner because I think that it one of the problems the NBA has there is that really dark days now the -- were very -- in the -- either -- that was doesn't help things locally but. Those -- that was some bad basketball went 99 and 2000. You know it's a -- to come back -- plus that there's electability factor with some of these players and it's I think it's personified. By LeBron James the Mimi meet things. Well but it's true and you're right there's your your -- people oh -- Steve I was gonna and it's one sentence here and -- -- ago. That the the problem is that -- these guys aren't as likable when they're pounding their chest. Show boating on the court and and make you know they they all have the same. Kind of me look at me mannerisms on a team sport to me that's something that wasn't there. On the Celtics of the -- I disagree -- -- -- is that -- -- like seventies show is to God's image on the eighty Celtics would would pound their chests and and point to themselves after they didn't ask you are you -- Larry never never never trash talk Larry never resident and trash talk I'm saying the it's -- I've tried talking about I just say that it's different vastly different different. It's different but it's the same so it's the same thing just with a different I don't think it makes these guys more likable I think knock on four years of college but coming out after one year. And and see the way you know look it there's a lot of guys in the NBA who were pretty capable dies. You think yes Kobe is up. -- ass bitch at us as I had -- say Steve -- you can probably at 56 guys and every single team. Sports. That through Michael Vick we just got to Roethlisberger would just get through you know all the guys in the head and Novell. Baseball with the steroid. Don't MBA at -- no doubt. And and and LeBron James I'm sorry to say here is a guy who could've taken over the entire world instead. He took himself down a road of negativity. And it. Yeah no we did commit a crime of course eating commit a crime but he committed a crime against humanity I thought so damned arrogant you know -- TV show period a bad TV show it took it to himself from hero to villain. Overnight. I can't and that's into that wouldn't Terri waving. You know it's a free country can do we want -- to the free. Okay do you like a oh sure jewel like he's LeBron james' best player in -- that you like and why should we all like a while ago about MasterCard. But I'm saying do you that if the through their rate that driver's seat you can steer that's that boat to -- steered the wrong way. Any act look at what people probably don't like Garnett and quests and put -- stop the violent but everyone except for Boston Steve. I'm David -- David. Heard the criticism -- Garnett remember the Ricky Davis is the Houston earlier Garnett showed up and -- Where at one chip -- four point two went from one another one and note this year. Well I don't know yet to -- -- out of and as a whole bunch of reasons why people don't like if you say the NBA is a product. You know I think each individual. Fan of a team can like their team substantially more. And forgive a lot of that stuff but when you look around the you know who their client and -- I'd like Dwight Howard okay. Great player hasn't I think really wrong to embarrass himself for the sport but don't you know these on steroids. Probably -- don't you know Steve by looking at that guy and he's on Royce. Very well could be so I am so glad I about it. -- I mean it's obvious. The veins are popping out of his shoulders the NBA that Dwight Howard and even if he -- on steroids play it from not to like about baseball not to like about basketball -- that happens in the NFL and happens in the NHL it happens in. Everything just about night so we should like no we shouldn't play that's on to say that is going on. Given ninety's -- really have to do these 92 breaks. That we should just boycott them. But people talk for ninety seconds. Right here we go 123. Take me out. Boom boom boom -- Lieutenant. YSE a kind of weird. I'm really hungry I can't wait to big daddy's comes in here all the food of -- have a big -- streets -- -- I'm not I'm very much looking forward -- are always there always terrific. We like live on big daddy's we -- You guys think the cavaliers 120 game winning streak tonight early placing him losing streak a losing streak at a Miami Atlanta is by fifty million. Would be great if they can turn that around against against Miami I think it. But not half empty nets at the you -- Miami. Ever let nobody Miami's heard from Landry there's there are some people were reported every across this country that are like you know just die -- dyed in the -- LeBron. But kisses that is loved LeBron not lets us now says they're gonna follow him wherever he goes. And be you know his they've added that you know he's going to be government he can go anywhere anywhere in the same thing this Miami thing they'll. It's great nobody likes them. Canada except Miami fans right and they're very few of those just their dad did not go into the game like as well they're going to be seen inning of the lodges and where -- nice clothing. Since -- I hope they just get blown away. In on them open summary. Cruciate ligament off. My being too mean whenever a computer screen go off. You gonna -- Joey just gonna movement of the mouse is set -- -- is a damn. We got more dim technical snafus happen on his program. It's a button down I don't know what time held snafus in your head. -- -- -- this you're with -- for the data ready to turn this off. He joined -- men Fall River while we're waiting Joyce fixes stuff. There was always six of the methods. Matt how are you liking house -- -- -- It's dull the usual quick but the learning that maybe spruce it up movement it -- Pat Brown recently and I held. Before I forget. It's a long -- back to my dorm -- but I think no one may be like Steppenwolf. No snow -- is not by Steppenwolf -- -- born to be wild they did magic carpet ride. You know they did the did pusher man but fishermen but didn't didn't do was snow blind. I determined to find out why it's so long -- it's -- the -- the mystics. Welcome back question I had though is that there was some talk a little bit back about this puppy getting rip Hamilton from Detroit -- just warning of Paul would know with the logic of that. Almost everything -- Appliance that Dave Dave -- like rip Hamilton the past that they would have a very difficult time getting him in here I don't really see that happening. They can't really trade form because they don't have -- of the contracts to -- -- that. And then there's the issue of whether rip gets bought out or not but Detroit has an ownership I mean this there's going down hole a hole rabbit hole I don't see it happening I think they I think they actually like what they have and everybody comes back healthy especially Delonte west's I would be I would be very surprised. And that's when they're deciding that he would Delonte who who -- it was delaying his comeback something like that. That is caused broken Britain a rotation for for rip Hamilton from you know. We know they need to make a backup. We call it. A raid but. I do UConn guys can you imagine that I don't like each other and why is that they don't want each of us. -- you can't -- -- -- -- what's the what's the deal with that -- -- -- supposedly -- guys some -- of the recruiting trip to -- that that story's never really fully command I think it's at least a couple of guys who put the same position. Who sort of you know did the same kind of Ray Allen came first -- came after him in the ripple the national championship now the economist so you know it doesn't take much get a few. Don't and a lot between -- that I just went. The -- question is gonna ask a you know the tainted for the Celtics is that. These stupid they need another big particularly sensitive to look like. -- know -- you know the idea O'Neal is going to be coming back anytime soon. That's your other day I mean right now they've got to -- active -- park and -- I mean that's that's three setters which is more than most people have and they opted not for surgery that -- book committee did -- back it is something I'm hoping he's going to be back you know I would it was four weeks -- -- is as eloquently -- -- Post all star break I think march is what -- I don't know it or how they'll extend and a wife and in the final analysis I think what you have to do with him is not count on anything you'd be surprised by anything right. -- -- -- -- on your list because you know the guys it to be honest review the guys kind of stiff even when he's healthy now -- this point in time. You know he think he did some good things in those very limited very limited games when he came back did some nice things you could see why. Where he could fit in how we can fit but -- -- to get to thirteen and seven which had last year in limited action he's got a long way to dog ugly diesel setting us up for this deployment Natick ma. I I -- that what you can't be disappointed if you don't have any expectations I don't think it by seven expectation right now is not the same guy obviously used to be and -- do you want him in the urges for rebounding defense of this one of these your brother Jerry curls back. But hey Mikey guided started to quit baseball the national wanna -- But every and it's -- talk about surpassing the Yankees and we're gonna do that the issue of the division but. People forget the Texans really strengthen -- something that the boogie man appeared -- mr. -- right. They'll likely in the nit pick up Napoli from Toronto are just warned that it and then suddenly they're pitching would say you know they're going to be quite a threaten the other west. You know we get you know -- you know get to that. Share far well the thing that I never do is I never spent too much energy worried about the west when you get the Yankees in your own division. To get to the playoffs yet to be either usually the best record. In -- are in the league or you have to be the next best record because it's that. It's just the way it's all set up you always have the Yankees to compete with. So do you get the playoffs and worry about the Rangers they they could be real good job and I mean they also -- -- -- -- -- you know and well. Effectively kills -- and as they gonna get the same seasons that they did this -- one year out of this is some of those young. A victory pro replaced quickly at all or they just gonna go with switching their reliever hours hearing was. -- -- -- Feliz to restore your wife what should be Phillies Red Sox my friend it's going to be Phillies Red -- in every area of the current cancer what many think it's going to be it's going to step aside I don't think it John I know what's gonna. Sorts equally convinced Jackie. In this. -- Com. I let me show I have evidence is to get have enough time to wait in line to lot quality ones I did tonight I have -- because you generally. Speak to my passion against. People like Peyton Manning and Roethlisberger Kobe Bryant -- -- -- -- patent anything do anything and I used to hate him. And Mikey used the ink used to say that nose -- -- -- -- the -- right Cooper and he. Yeah both is based under the laws and stuff but that he got he got his act together is now we all nice and everything about it but did anything that. You know -- haven anymore. I you know I don't need a meter and it really did I kind of -- made fun of a lot like -- -- -- -- -- didn't like it like a quote it was picked -- -- all right but he doesn't pick his nose like Sanchez does. I knowing -- -- the net and it's also why get sexually assaulted somebody too so I mean I -- that no matter what you do. Italy is going to be some scumbag have to deal. See Jackie Peyton Manning was more like a thumb in the nose and then roll it up and flick it quarter -- And -- Sanchez it's more like a boy here comes some general Chinese food out of his -- he's gonna just wipe it on his teammate. Yeah and -- doesn't mind. I don't get it. On my question though is to you is at least I don't I don't believe in these guys in reforms like Roethlisberger and sickened and Colby Bryant can't stand amiga -- looks like that bedevil yeah but. I think that you know because that given this great opportunity to play these sports you know they know. They've got to straighten out who do the right thing so they can make in my people when they're routed via. You know they're gonna go back to their old ways and that that'd be no war. You -- -- it and then there's a guy like. Brett Favre OK who no one knew had that side to him and he. Just pushes the problem for one extra year and comes back and all this stuff comes fallen down doesn't it ruined is he really is like -- Mike Scotty we're fortunate he wished he sent out this I was just gonna say that I I was just gonna say that like what a great decision that would have been. But but instances more status oriented subtle like Rex Ryan and it is actually criminal like the Ben Roethlisberger it's in the Colby Bryant of the world you know you and I don't believe that they reform might just believe they do what they have to do. And the media gives them all kinds of accolades and we do we do boost up my. Of course you -- and we kiss up to these guys would get a lot of murderous criminals. And the NFL. -- date other words they think because and I loved football and it's. It's very hard for me to watch with any enthusiasm link is simple ball I guess I'm just hoping that somebody does the cheap shots it. It Roethlisberger if they get -- -- that I don't care if its prevalence but I hate the the what that he can even get. Should the opportunity. Came with Kobe Bryant I'd rather see the Celtics and the spurs because -- or -- even get it's all. To get another break. In -- -- -- right I got an idea opportunities that while it's pretty much all I mean. On his great targeted Jackie and I -- -- quite against some time. Beans. Yet keep it's -- 617 -- of Missouri fifty golf plenary here -- Idec -- talk about something he. You can talk whatever you want to I mean I can really hold my -- Showing how -- the song is going it's -- snow blind mice -- David's my sticks. -- -- -- this is a piece of crap yeah absolutely it's garbage. Yeah here is okay. Little. -- -- -- -- --

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