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An idiot Los Angeles Lakers fan calls Dale and Holley

Jan 31, 2011|

We almost got through an entire show without having a moronic Lakers fan calling in but Mark in Rhode Island snuck a call in there at the last second. Does he survive the phone call or do we break out the Gap Band and drop the bomb on him?

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A marks in Providence, Rhode Island -- They don't go door that lets -- -- Not much not much among lakers it and you know are born and raised sodium 45 public. Oh well life and enemy you're born and raised here. Yeah and your lakers fan. Yeah -- spoken before Bill Bennett to and it's just weird and have -- Yeah I well. That's okay no waited so I know I'm not suggesting I'm not just -- is a little weird for somebody who was born and raised here to be a lakers -- My older brother what Celtics beat my -- -- way. You know I told the team that he would and it I'm. Of understanding that you -- you wanna -- -- little different you want to want to switch it up a little bit. I don't like Michael followed his brother with the Steelers you know. That's right hey here's my it's my big brother and I did what he did. But I wanted to talk about the game yesterday in in how putrid Celtics and they have people who. You know the real reason rule. I have actually -- oh we -- and I thought our guys -- what. I have Bob Marley I'm not certain he got a point you gotta point get to get to your point please and I don't. It happened yesterday is that bit you -- it's really the -- be spent at the job home. And the lakers fans hated the Celtics the celtics' defense did the job that but he yelled they push the big -- and I think that really can be attributed to be any change. This offseason. Getting the one thing you needed more than -- thing which was sides. And the lake who went after a guy like Matt spines to goal focused on Miami instead of going in maybe get another big man. Let's say mark to market with a one game accurate Arabic on the distance you can you just insult the Celtics fans have no clue are. In that game. What new acquisition. For the Celtics. Made a difference yesterday. -- Oh really. I didn't help -- -- -- that is what I did you let off all yesterday -- but it does. Did you you don't give it sort you know it understanding the point. In a five. In basketball that five players on the cold blooded in being taken up okay great why did that Michael I know you don't let Norton what do you think you do right. What happened did they -- applaud. And and just having that physical presence the -- but the lakers got pushed around yet but I -- I don't want one August 05 a thirteen. And I don't want one with stick with the like that I debate is an and that's why Kobe takes the shots and on my card does. -- comes to mark your premise was. That about sixty Spezza did all that Danny and shafts and damage in the offseason went out and loaded up on these big guys in -- to check -- So -- and play yesterday. Having side's needs of all it really that. In the top topic when Capital One thing that they didn't happen at the big men which allows KG played more. They addressed in the lake there's really only state would Bynum and Gasol and Lamar total. And they've really been addressed now with how you don't happen that -- -- certainly going to be import. Six. I did it I'm really meant. I've pulled the trigger this time now like no other -- she got off. Just shot. Pop this one at sea port -- brain power of rock poppycock. Called JT he'll talk to -- okay a -- lot a year. By the way I just you know mark in and you're a genius could you know more than Celtics fans out there and Von wafer. Shaq played the least amount of minutes of any Celtic yesterday just Yunel. I mean I know we're not quite of York superior intellect and -- don't -- Vast storehouse of basketball knowledge he took up a lot of space for those twelve minutes. It was. Or five with a 5000. 12113 minutes -- the -- I should have about six. Yet. Hope you take away the six boards. And they still only outrebounded the lakers except. If you take away shacks hideaway just so we're clear on son and brother should a teacher asked more than he did.

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