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Danny Ainge, Celtics President

Jan 27, 2011|

Danny Ainge joins the Big Show and talks about the return of Kendrick Perkins, the durabaility of Ray Allen, and what a Carmelo Anthony trade to the Knicks would mean for the Celtics.

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Let's talk some -- with. The president of basketball operations of the Boston Celtics Danny -- -- -- -- liable -- polite hello mystery Joe or you. Orwell thank you. Demonize attractive. A bomb pleasant surprise to see perk up did the other night and actually forgot I hadn't played. Since game six of last year's NBA finals you gotta be pretty pleased with what you gotta. Yet note could receive perk back he's worked really hard. And I don't see its reporting to you I mean it's shocking -- that side that ought to get it back. I I was interest in watching and seeing whether he would. Does it come back from from injuries they're really cautious and he didn't seem to be cautious of all -- I mean seemed to be playing that same type of defense or at least attempting to that was seen on him before. And -- -- in -- even even her very first practice. It looked like that -- -- crypt -- has company in lake in and so you're. And you know he's not a bad at it we a great deal about whether his critics or. Use the -- kept himself in great shape and and sort -- It -- it's on to get that basically without serious knee injury lot of people say are you not gonna see him back on a percent of the following year but. His style of play is that something that you'd you'd do think that within a couple months. -- to say not that big athletic kind of guy means he's the big body and the need DC his game coming back quicker than maybe somebody else after that injury. Well yes so far though it's been that way he's he's got now. Few really good practices it it doesn't he hasn't shown any signs of -- so. You know knock on more real that he does continued progress. Did you see anything improved since he came back too sharp or. Or is his real object as you'll guys. One they've France's guy -- -- get a leg query where he has come ought to gotten in shape so we may have an advantage worries that a little bit left leg dead. -- think it's extreme belt and short minutes in and -- three access then. And you know scored seven points -- eat it -- perhaps. Prefer it eats hot streak. And I think that maybe don't give a little boost and it's just -- itself but you know it will be up limited minutes here for a little while. And there's no replacement for playing games and certainly don't want it to Egypt and. Was there ever a time where you were questioning whether he would even be able to come back. And help you during the course of the season. Well I don't think so I think at once he had surgery the doctors thought it -- great in. You know right -- All the all the way through history have we been ahead of schedule the markets said he worked extremely art. And and Christopher. Based on the rotation you've been able to -- here with that I Shaq and obviously with Glen Davis and you know maybe you'll get Jermaine accurate at one point. The fact that he brings that defense of presents for you. In fact that he does get himself into a little bit of foul trouble. Com is this going to be big for your defense of rotation here in reaching your goal specially once you get into the playoffs. Well up that position in its own right the -- -- beast played in the way our defense structured. You're about position is can get it out trouble regardless Jack had a lot of foul trouble. And he's spent about trouble perk has now achieved that means that -- safety here that goaltender. Around the basket and Garrett we don't if we don't -- -- ball -- it's in with the rules today without enabling it checked. So they're gonna get by the first under the sent a lot of players so. You eat out. You're not just injuries but because of a troubles so we hope. But attempt welcome. But trust you when you're looking at some of the teams that you might have to face along the way and the length that they have. You may need a bunch of those bodies. Yeah that's what -- we knew we we knew it would need a lot to get through the regular seasons look at the -- -- that a little bit earlier earlier than expected. Because Germaine situation. And you know semi have been playing with an injury was so Olmert. And you know so that's the most scary and you know -- it's -- that we. Where terror has. So you know he's got a couple days couple games -- but we are. We can be ready there should be somewhat mr. When Shaq does come back can you could check in there and -- in there is era. Assists are starting lineup goes that's certainly a match up what is one guy may be -- -- better the way you see it. You know I'm not sure that it matters. A double play. You know -- plot to figure out I don't think either one care either I think it it really is. Simply who plays bass with. Which which is best for the guys played with for the coming -- Managed. To -- older stuff he's been. With the guys for a long time I think yup it's compute -- for him. Sort of dock opted decided the better and -- the starters there's the better and -- unit. And maybe bring a little bit more knowledge and experience of our system. Here's your time it did have both tractor no Brooke and their collective goes the defense has opened up mountains from. -- I doubt it just because you know. Davis' had a good year in KG. In very of one of those who -- appear in court for. Publishers there is help each other they get the practice again to Joe Walsh actor per if you don't have to that size. Match up of that size in practice. Yeah although the practice -- -- area. And I tell you have managed as -- you have to have two big men like that. Little -- its job. Well I don't know -- remain in the big get through it and you know Shaq -- gore matter training camp on. You know we don't practiced a lot a lot of games it's not like there's. This time of the year. The practice sessions aren't really that -- bitter. Or. Competitive. There's a practice here and -- -- -- practice very little cute it's all. Second half of the season -- your past the midway mark now. How important is it that this bench continued to develop. More so to kind of keep the minutes down at some of your regular as you've gotten terrific minutes out of you know your Big Three here and -- I don't think you wanna wear amount the second half of the season yet. Don't you know it and you know Paul and all the Braves have -- the -- played in every game KG got an actual restaurant saw. You know the course of energy he had when he came back. You know missed nine games. In Rondell spin out of little bit hasn't had their right too much although he's spent a lot of minutes when he has played. I think. You know look comports to want to come back but he problem beat back so the end of February. And no on has stepped up stock shall competence an intimate parts he's played better it has been able to stay healthy so. I think the way that it's been going the last couple weeks to sort out we have business. You know exceptions have been blocked in the air to. I think to make a bit cheap and more dot. She's a perfect spit up to the guys we have on our parents in May be the most. I mean. -- Mac team to repeat the -- it. Rebounder. And so you know we really -- that block out there. -- now I think what 21 reporters away I think from the all time record of being a shooter -- You just appreciate just watched this guy every single day just have these in the uniform. I mean -- happy in the uniform. At peace in the organization. Locker room and I mean he's just too pro. It's. Start -- which you guys like him and Nash. -- you know. For the plane leveled at her trying he that there matter. Are pretty unique and special. We have seen a sense that may be stopped amid all. -- at that level all the epic -- career. And -- to make the decision in the off season with -- union made the right decision obviously to bring them back but he's one of those guys that just. Defies. What went a player is supposed to break down how difficult do you think go full. Its credit need to make a decision on a guy like that weather because he just doesn't if you look at they chronological charts of where they're supposed to drop off. He's beyond the. The Ogden in Nam -- mention about the guys were beyond -- and and -- -- -- our lives and be you know outrageous meet -- thought that there would be some drop offs but. Those -- you know we never thought that he not be steep but to still. You know run as much as he's running scored a variety ways and actually create your own -- there. And it doesn't seem like -- had he -- Can make you better than ever. Matter not the kind of shot it. But I mean raise -- he wants to be able to place Sony's forty. I'm not leveled these plane hit Albert has been a spot should Ehrlich a lot. In the in the league occurred. To stand in the corners -- war. Bruce like tab Richard how a particular rule pulse rate. Here's this guy can visit -- whatever else is -- what you could take us a squeegee on Shaq. And there in -- is there is how he was what every checked his pulse rate but maybe that equates to a guys that don't Bernal on managerial last longer. Well you know I mean greater -- and veteran guides by a lot of gains -- a lot of minutes and you know he does not patience. And but he has a great competitor but it does a lot of times looked like became his company's -- -- look like he's working hard. And everybody else. Jets some about you know guys getting some rest on that -- that. How important dollar stretch it. Winning has to get the top seed while making sure guys enough rest even if it's an expensive and a lot of piracy. You know it's a tough call. I think don't court. Advantage -- an advantage it think it. Moat not necessarily in the first six games of the series -- tribes that have been making 87 at home has proven to be pretty big. Throughout history play basketball. At the same time. That you can't win without -- guys healthy and so on and they're healthy I think it it you know continuing the place fine. But -- we need time to get healthy. No brainer. That's got it burst. Talking about that team with the best record. San Antonio Spurs you surprised at how good the event. I'm not you know I guess I'm surprised that the record. That's it that's -- Incredible record. On them but I'm not surprised that there are good and I'm not surprised that they're that they at best record last. They're good team and right now you know blaster they would be some health problems. With pumpkin and nobody at parker -- And you know look at -- play an art level parker intentional murder are -- really here's this year. And I think that there had been able to carry him and they've been together long time I think the continuity of off the edge in those three guys in. And that Jefferson really stepped up we -- year under that system that we beat yours well so. -- they're talented team. And they're definitely. On the bubble with the lakers. It's gonna be I think both of the two teams to beat it. -- just wondered how much you following your alma -- big win last night. In San Diego State let him be what you. You -- watched. What's pretty much are we -- Europe a of them hear -- gamers really fun and watched it the reason. The fact that -- that fact that there have been playing well -- they have a high ranking by. I mean Jim -- to watch. Somebody somebody just Texas and asking the -- with a Danny is a better shooter than Jim. Definitely not. You amber cameras extra pick up. By air. -- speed peace corps and a variety of ways. You know he's just he's a -- play as he's argued that broke. And -- I don't know compared to you haven't really seen a player like amber. For a long time to the point guard -- to score big last night and I'm Lester ended up with it it sets and 43. The hoopla about it. Honestly what do seven the other night. For that that's his name of the -- -- for that but. How does -- game translate into the Indian. Com. I'm not sure to talk about although he declared the war. Bag in the NBA he can sit with the players Mamas and you talked about it you act act to get -- 30000. Who. But I think -- MEQ are you get opportunities he's going to be you know first up -- And prosecute people translate. Let me ask your question is a tough road trip coming up that's if you put it that Syria a a petition. To change a road trip. Is that ordinance to -- the settlers just read you can challenger wrote to put trying to change. Change road to a policy for the season. TBA -- -- now. I can I don't want to. I'll get the indictment of us in this state if you're a tough road trip coming up with a very difficult you don't -- schedules the schedule little little joy though the teachers. Oh what they've gotten the Albert bit states send out a preliminary sketch up in -- -- and you can challenge -- but it's it's rare that there's changes may. Occasionally go. -- your -- time Olympic Games -- you know easily. You'll get Tokyo game that it makes a road trip to top. But balance and this is a tough -- we -- coming up at. Yes it is and then you get the lakers again at home on the tenth of February. So I wonder when you look at the schedule coming up over the next couple weeks I remember you guys when you have those great teams back in the -- You guys love the challenge and he's to have those eight teams or whatever on the West Coast will win eight of what would assemble them whatever. You think this. Make up of this team is very similar in these guys look at it as just a great challenge because it's so much more difficult. To win when you're out there than it is when -- -- back here especially at all. I think so our our -- who like challenge. I think you know playing on the road in a -- are packed houses and you're you're sort of like a homecoming game -- Every one of the teams in and down I think they -- report that challenge. You always been you know the Celtics have always -- the team attracted people to find. These crowds when going ruled the same raucous crowds are followed you guys back and they they would who plan. So we just got thirty years old when they just don't yell at you anymore. It's still a state that -- dictate Livingstone yell at me. -- bills were nowhere to have -- more than halfway through the seasonal just wondered as anybody. In this conference Eastern Conference this may be surprised you maybe in your eyes underperformed or media stepped up -- -- I think. Think that Mel -- You had such a good year last year -- they had a lot of -- I think -- a lot you've seen that. Everybody. Should be concerned about I think there -- good team getting beat back here pretty quick. And -- -- -- it's been hurt our relief in the same. They're big injury he had last year -- I think it's better that most people think much that it that -- record. And I think -- team make it if somebody scared. If cherry was made for Carmelo Anthony and he came east of one of those two teams in your division would that change. That team dramatically. Oh sure especially with some of -- straight that are rumored that not just bring -- Carmelo but bringing. You know some other that -- players -- -- -- to change radically. They outlook of the Eastern Conference playoff picture -- I what about you what do you do now you've got your team you're looking at a you know who's healthy cool. It needs to get healthier by the time the playoff do you look out there at the landscape than. See any area any player that might be able to help you out. Of course players out there there are good players but. I like our. Like the next when work -- help him get on a back up her. We remain healthy are real in my -- And bothersome and that it's also very typical -- make -- trade. The contract. To make significant. Noise are the contract of of -- four. And and then the guys that. Our our parents. In her eighties and you know Olympic you know we certainly don't want a moving vehicle guys making these strayed so. I like thirteen. And I think that's the part in the will be we have -- I get a good stuff we'll talk to actually break. Right to have a good -- president of basketball operations for the celtics' quick break and we get back. -- to the phone calls next hour shortly after 5 o'clock Bill Belichick joins us live from. 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