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Larry Lucchino in Studio with D&C

Jan 27, 2011|

Larry Lucchino talk about the upcoming season, Fenway Park and all thing baseball with Dino and Gerry.

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3-D NC I tell you the phone number or jackets for sure because it takes some people call 617. 7790850. Toll free 8885250. Rate fifty. Joining us here -- our WEEI studio certainly no stranger to this and cameras. The president of Boston Red Sox Larry Lucchino hello -- look you know how -- Hello John hello mr. Callahan analyze it Lara -- -- -- can hear you as well he's in Raleigh and he's heartbroken that he can't come here -- give you a little -- the mates and what's up left a ornaments that -- for the game in the ninth. Thank you very much looking forward to a -- played Cameron into -- your decorated Princeton group. Never it is now we played no -- we've actually been UNC down plays in Greensboro -- think. No never never never we have cameras which has beat NC actually we do again well there. No question we. Cameron indoor is a special place in his eyes did I did look at India when I was on the line. Stepdaughter goes. That you were searched Larry's career meter and you're good at that that -- never. The -- -- for dad and his of his. And I also really I was so yeah I was a lowly insignificant sophomore. On the -- teams wasn't about Bradley was -- -- you have got 45 AM you're dropping it on the ice. Don't ever look back -- -- -- -- -- benefit three point stripe I say I don't know I don't know what -- discuss them and they -- every level you -- have when you have it on my team says is the three point line we're playing we'd still be playing. Clinton the most amazing statistic in basketball history is. Pete may average average in 44 points again without trees right and didn't someone do the calculation when trying to figure out what he would've scored it was like -- That more excellent excuse me -- -- what yes I don't like yes. Scouting report -- -- was small but slow unless Bradley it's like the fact that looking at contrast that with -- like required to do. Let's talk baseball we're at a certain point in this are we noble default ones let the people talk -- as well I was like to begin with the overview questioned mr. gonna get to rolling in it would seem to me. Based on the Red Sox offseason acquisitions there will be no talk in any quarters. While that are unfounded Bay Bridge year the Boston Red Sox fair to say Larry I. Think that's -- fair to say I think that the time was misunderstood. Last year. And number I don't I don't hear anybody even referring to it now rather than you edges Carnahan -- for a long time. I think -- the commitment to it to win has been clear I think from the from the beginning I think our fans. Recognizes. John Henry Tom Martin entire leadership group. Is committed to winning and things start from that that basic commitment. And our goal is to is the -- the post season regularly can't promise that you're going to be there every year. Which you can promised to two to strive for and every year and anyway and to hopefully get -- seven -- -- times -- and. Above that corporate philosophy that you just a -- was there a meeting was there an email was very discussion. When the last person in October turned out the lights and shut the door for -- of the offseason said. We have to do something big next year we have to take this beyond what is normally our corporate philosophy and bring an -- Gonzales -- Crawford bring in somebody that's going to while the baseball world. There's no question that that plans are being. Being set at that time. Theo Epstein MD based on operations folks and prepared some elaborate -- offseason plans forests to discuss and debate. And now I know was Tom Warner one point tone went on the air predicted there would be some major offseason activities. And that was there it that was the reflection of some of the conversations and planning we have done we recognize that we finish third. And we had to do better than that then at least by by our license and expand our fan expectations are higher -- that just. The foremost in the wild man in that room was just go get him to do that we have to do this -- who -- The Who was the you know Red -- guy in those meetings. I know I don't you actually wanna answer that question and that day is true that like you to have a little bit of like to be a little bit of uncertainty of how we. Govern the team -- Rodriguez skid and higher at. It in the middle -- doesn't exist. -- at their people with different levels of enthusiasm -- we sit on our financial expenditures. On. And there's no question about that but. And we don't do things analysts as a consensus a strong feeling that that is that it were -- is worth the risk is worth the money. And there was a consensus this year is that. These moves toward important move them Gonzales shouldn't be surprised accidentally at least well kept secret in baseball that we've been. Envious. The Dodgers and looking towards him for a long time. And now we wanted two to make a move with some some offense needed we've been losing a couple of -- offensive players. And so the -- remover I suppose a surprise people a bit but only because free agencies -- India and uncertain commodity. You just don't know if you're even if you're aggressive you're going to be successful. But -- there was a a business plan and -- and baseball ops folks. Proposed. And and we were able to execute. Now we were under the impression that it because the nests and ratings are down a little. -- and put us on camera and that would solve the problem but I guess it wasn't enough well he had to go on gave Carl Crawford as well but all. Much of that comes how much that is explicit you sit there and music dammit we need to improve the product. On television we need to improve. It and then the way people look at this team where we're so we struggle near little but we're slumping. Well that -- that was I wouldn't use exactly the same words about slumping but what I don't remember that word coming up but we did have a discussion. About -- and television ratings of course we did is as you went through last year -- -- to condemn. And that is still you remember we led the league in television ratings six or seven years and died gigantic amount. No wind stays at the top of the heap consistently forever except you guys don't congratulate you I saw the number one once again. Thank you and many of us like to think that the innocent catalyst was the key to keeping you guys -- so yeah oh atlas it's -- handsome face. I -- right now and on anonymously send them as decent substances it's -- RL is really with the the neat. Let me yeah. But he did. We did I always stress that we need a better more exciting product not just its -- wins and losses as. It's one that we that you're talking about assessing. Which you referred to as sloppy and advocate ever got to that but the we have these things we co. Barometer of demand elements that -- did that contribute to the barometer of demand. And we thought that the -- demand was was perhaps of flagging just blows still awfully good compared to other places. But not quite as intense in 2010. As a muted in 20072008. The and and so we wanted to there -- just minor indications that that. What really drew Lewis was was finishing third and having that kind of frustrating season that we and but certainly we are mindful of the flying TV ratings and about it. A highly competitive exciting and that team would know would would and that the appeal games as a barometer of demand an actual thing. And it it is it was a number it is actually yeah we we yen. Haven't referred to it in and a few months since conversation I'm talking about but we will once or twice a year we will. Put together a set of factors that world on determine where we think we are compared to. The high point part of our time here and the high points relinquish 20042005. 20062007. Really extra damage can two World Series cheers and that's -- perfectly and stand. -- was there any need to resist the human nature aspect the passive approach that might say. Going forward this is a team no matter what is going to be near the top of the totem pole when Pedroia Ellsbury Youkilis are injured certainly Lackey and Beckett have to pitch better if we do nothing. This team might be a first place team was not something had to be resisted. Well that that. Sentiment was expressed. But is it that failed for lack of a second I must say because there was. In eagerness to get injured players back and I think that's one of things that's exciting our fans on his days do realize written in and in a few weeks time. Now we're going to be going to spring training with a healthy. -- very healthy Pedroia. Healthy Varitek. Guys that were random different -- healthy Beckett. And -- so that's that's certainly a positive factor force but we made the did determination that we needed to do more than that. This is a tough division and now we used in one. And go into it with anything less than the best team we can assemble. Now unless I missed the sound bite from your manager who was complaining about injuries I don't think -- -- or your general manager or you or Tom or John complaining about the beat the lack of health and missed him last year. I don't understand what Hank Steinbrenner talking about what he says you know we've had injuries in the past. And nobody gives us any slack fort but the Red Sox all the items complain about how many entries that -- that I -- that -- I got Eric I don't remember we share exposed privately we're a little bit beleaguered by them but I don't remember a lot I've been married to the contrary. Tito Francona talking. About the inevitability of these things and Al teams have to play through them. But. Boy I'm surprised is to hear that from near but I shouldn't be surprised here. Sentiments like that from here in the rivalry is is is hot again. And and it should be so let let Hank you're here now that they have Bartolo Cologne. -- never mind about and I. -- take it you're players. I merger reference to Cologne and Tiger Woods a Leo oh Linux talk about it. -- still bitter about the and you beat them Carl Crawford August they have their revenge now that Cologne. Well there are other teams out there in the car car references model we -- to Jerusalem. In New York know that you guys did a -- that I know he did hand. Only we were aware of on the angels keen interest. In him and and they're probably two other teams -- the problem with free agency don't know it's -- line auction affect you don't know who else out there. Who really is out there. Even though the agent coach's idea this two. There is no way to validate and verify. The presence of teams. In on should be giving you credit now. School and up to Teixeira deal. They get a better younger version of the -- -- And let's UK and methods that as well as credit if you -- now and on I don't know. And and we need we have our own offensive flow. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did you direction but even -- you knew -- Gonzales would be available was the other -- can ever certain in the the right match for the for the Padres. It did help one -- did it went out there. -- can just managing it very deep knowledge more players players that we cared deeply about. And we didn't steal Adrian Gonzales fewer people realize that there's some terrific young prospects that -- out there. To the islanders in some ways it can be win win propositions line -- prospects as yours is placement. We're not gonna need for space for several years but. Certain. Faith and his ability to in the leagues. And that's simply based on the fact that my mother's maiden name mistress. But. I think it's more net tonight I do think he's in Miami. A stellar completely career I think we have to wait a few years like in many of these transactions the weight. We're back to Crawford for just a second as best as you can tell us or as best as you will tell us which Crawford getting here -- function of him doing what most. Majorly free agents don't do. And getting final offer from a team -- interest in and go to the -- and say can you top this it didn't seem like to me and maybe I'm wrong. That they didn't have the opportunity to say the Red Sox are offering me this will you topic you are -- to -- up okay. I was there -- to share a dynamic Ryan was not bright and dynamic with our and is that not rare though. Well I don't know -- again because we are permitted to know what other teams do Ryan I'm when they do and how they do and and after the fact when year little bits and pieces you can never be sure you're getting the actual story. I suspect there are a lot of freeagent that your right to and there are a lot of free agents to always keep that Yankee cards India in the back of their mind and try to play it at the eleventh hour. Or earlier but. That was not the case here we we had a -- deadline and the and we acted I think with some. Alacrity to meet that deadline and and the player on -- Ought to similar subjects -- about a little bit off the beaten path I'm sure you probably know the strip Gil Meche who set at 32 I don't want the last twelve million dollars of my contract with the royals only. Because I can't pitch very well anymore and -- not taken money for now that I'm walking away. Who does that one a breath of fresh air that is as -- -- hear something like that you think about audio rages on something like this. I actually. And I'm there must be another example to I think there are about I can't think of one of the -- my hand. But did have one player in Baltimore years ago who says this student -- -- but negotiations and he just and year east in terms. -- -- -- -- And didn't want to race in Decatur and -- News despite what the system idle -- -- ordered psychiatric golf I should have been RS and that downplayed the only -- -- I. Now but the data it is rare that and the player feels that way I think that. Column in the nice if there were more to follow that example -- you know human nature is what is. But behind the scenes team does know what was wrong -- Beckett a name and a pitching -- And art not a science and there's a real gray area -- that most laymen and even position players don't understand. To pitching coaches to do managers understand. Exactly why he had such a bad idea and they feel like. In it's temporary thing he'll be back. There is this a high degree of optimism I'm coming back he is say intense competitor. And the world reports that we yet. From Texas he's working out and fairy. Intensely and in there if pain free and and and highly motivated to bounce back and next year. Which we we do have the injury factor in his case he missed a good chunk of time and in this particular habit with you with a bad back. IE -- to your questions specifically I do think that done pitching coaches and managers. Have a better sense of it and fans and those of us in the front office. And only thing I've heard a lot of practices. Is breaking ball is not edited and in previous years uses velocity. You know some obvious things is awesome news isn't consistent but I don't know enough about his particular decline due to opine on what to. The baseball ops people in the experts in this area say a predictive sense about the pluses and minuses of in new pitching coach and an entire staff. Getting on board holders share. Well armed and. First of all there was a tremendous level of respect for John -- And being here we have some continuity some stability. With him. He's a guy who passed up earlier opportunities to manage in order to stay here and to blow to work with this franchise and with Terry Francona. Month or so with. Great respect we we -- -- do two two giant. -- Perry Yang is a guy that that Thursday a great reputation Weller and his track record is it is it is is out there tougher examination. He's 88. I've made enemies Kennedy. Terrific personalities can fit in very well here and I think that. There aren't as much as one good pitching coach for eighteen -- Ferrari is -- There can be two or three or four good pitching coaches. They each bring their own buying gifts and skills and I think -- benefit him and I can is skip a beat and and a friend. Wouldn't be an appropriate analogy though Tutu to draw the comparison to the national football you say it be -- an offense having new offensive coordinator coming in. Obviously he's gonna do things in a different way. I don't know you know. I suppose you could make that does comparison I don't know again enough about offensive coordinators and other take that. They really dealing I don't think it's quite that that because I think there are certain. Fundamentals are certain. Basic tasks and pitching coach reforms that are. Transferable right oh from one coach to another current us soccer team don't. Yeah footballers who like to college now console are you do here at -- in this country. Italy pretentious. Would be European types say yeah are you follow you and I am lately and we -- one oil well yes if I was following -- I -- following it and now. We won a game yesterday in -- and match -- -- on the matches today against -- one -- on safety -- -- -- around the office I had I had the game on in the background as I was working and -- I'd learn everything I need to know from -- -- -- duty. -- the -- -- -- so she's there she's tweeting and very very knowledgeable she says she's deeply into currencies and using a lot of games in which sees the other team on television with. With and John who is has become accordion. Let's football. This you know more than that. All right we -- in ninety seconds I'm gonna open the full -- and you you can talk with Larry 6177790850. All free 8885250850. Chance to. Larry Lucchino president of the Boston it's.

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