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Another Big O vs Borges Blowout

Jan 26, 2011|

They're like cats and dogs, bloods and crips, jets and sharks. When these two get in a room and discuss the Patriots, there will be blood. Today's topic : the writers and pundits who believe the Patriots need to blow things up and be more like the NY Jets.

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And press. Borges was in our office like bang in the keyboard away I mean -- -- -- like some major stories gonna break here. That's our -- to a correction on page eight is -- next day. That's the other paper I think all of us strike -- -- a a it's your former paper write it by confusing them. Is it. When you screw up and you make media reporting error which -- apparently made over the weekend. When he was trying to figure out where the payroll was for lax in various -- it. And site. Where was a report. To restore that so well let me guess he stole from sort of -- that I ever since I was a source of this so -- I don't pitch that -- mistake -- was in front page -- currently they can hit it isn't though. While I'm gonna start doing. Because -- make a lot of mistakes during the course of the -- that you and I have to sit there and say canoes knowing your status. Try what I said what I set. While sometimes people don't clearly if you would have to say Robert -- times I am wrong. And as I was with football game last week at. The start of your time Jackson so but I've I've got a new way of doing right now. Because if I'm wrong. I'm gonna now make the corrections at 3:52. In the morning and have an idea. So they're gonna it's erupt like what we do overnight now -- -- -- ESPN radio ideas generated breaking news we're gonna breaking and it's 3:52. In the morning. And you're gonna have some soft spoken voices Tuesday. Because of Portland once again -- And you would never say or just say report that's right one of our people say Shaughnessy in the paper and this nation to where do they exit. Have enough. What second the last day right nobody knows if Ron Williams is fungible numbers as Ronald -- It's a really convoluted arithmetic problem. That's what it spiked so it -- sort of but it does not yet felt I was. But. Use it in in the context of their cheap when they now have the highest paid player in the week. -- -- quarterback guys played moderately Thomas and the second. Highest paid that's right now much longer that's why I threw that in if you notice -- quarterback he's gonna drop down to number two times demand. That's remarks there that's not exactly exactly so this that produced. Honest and could be -- one dollar and yet. What the network but a and have a nose tackle what it was the second highest paid. You linemen right now and in the end it's pretty hard to sit there and say you -- past. I think people look at their experience that was a story of people want to jump right is it lists on they Samuel goal they won't go that extra mile they won't sign that got to keep on the removal -- -- with a page anyway so it's. It's an easy story I think for fans jump point it's what fans -- to want to hear is they wanna gripe about some of the adequacy -- After this this Lawson an analyst from this question because -- probably felt the same way I -- I didn't think there will be -- this year. I thought this was to use a Red Sox term will Bridget right that's what they were supposed to do that's what I was gonna be a bridge. I thought they would be returns on -- because they had because they had Tom Brady. I figured this team could win ten football games right now they won eleven without Tom Brady couple years ago figured because this tambourine. -- don't -- -- and it must have missed it in a much tougher -- I figure they can win ten games this year but I was around when fourteen games well like I don't I should listen I was or should -- 23 of -- -- -- -- but it does that -- -- opinion -- shouldn't have done that I should help that offsetting. You could -- to -- -- the produces blog just like period of producers borderline. So that you don't you just didn't want to assert. Quarterback Brady Manning that we've taken it yet Aaron Rodgers now you're gonna wanting. To a lack of money and make sure you probably went to and in and its. Whatever happens after what people have done. Is they've taken. This one game. Which they're doing now in New York with -- check out different -- adequate chancellor. Lost and I'm wired game right they play eat -- half that's Jack's. Out of the second half this personality and anyone has acted exactly and then have the patriots score a couple tons of the first quarter when the jets played Micah Boeing. A week before patriots might have now to Pittsburgh last week right right. Take that one game. And don't blow it out of proportions are you gonna blow everything up and ready mosques macro outstretched I think you'll moment. It just doesn't make any sense that you get better course you've got to get. You gotta you gotta release it to you because -- also these other teams are gonna get an -- -- -- got beat the first round to -- -- and binoculars. Well I think they -- the city or performed I think from what a lot of people. The expectations were there so what they did he was the of this team took a step for they got some young players but in doing that. I think psychologically there might take a step back to his next year what are we gonna be doing for from the playoffs. This guys on this team have won a playoff game right they've gotten smoked two games and I went smoke against the jets but didn't play well. -- he would -- 33 losses in a -- in the post season. Psychologically. You know I think next -- -- -- playoffs commute to offer. Is all those questions going to be coming up you've never won a playoff game you never won a playoff -- rookies come and it they've never seen the playoffs this team has not tested. It -- sixteen -- know still be talking about what they've done a post. It's good it's question nationally that the going announced. Because a lot of people think degree days the better of the two teams in the Super Bowl. Yet if you look experience -- -- -- experience playing these big play out in Pittsburgh is loaded with it including. They're young coaches only 38 but he's there he's been playoff tested and the quarterbacks one got wise up and army guys what -- -- Doesn't mean -- can't win. -- when -- first hopefully when the -- Right thank you take that that's what that's it but -- -- Recover and a score on them -- committed to the party don't insult. Governor won't hurt -- I I do above NFL is this that week to week we saw a morsel this year because. Green Bay it was gonna roll through Chicago or that after beating Atlanta yeah Atlanta and at first drive yeah that first drive at this gonna be cake he's going to be easy. Just fell apart they're the hand to get this third string quarterback covered him up and with a couple picks. But also not people since that moment and not as good as you think maybe she cut down Pittsburgh's gonna win. -- -- -- suitable and I don't think it but the Cohen said experienced a Pittsburgh but. Aaron Rodgers still record but you know exactly what is the. And they've got you know they've done -- defense have both sides have. -- play makers. Explosive guys that can that can turn to -- a Parcells always used to argue that is only 34 guys for team could really affect the game. I like I screw up again. But only a few guys that can really. You know in a positive what I like when everything's terrible that I could Santonio Holmes can make that cats that's an absurd cats and is suitable. We do that all -- -- wide receivers comedy get to get defeated after him many but a few guys can do that -- can change the game all your other receivers making it. Went when everything is you know what it means of a glorified -- and. Art disappears too much -- local. The president again. I -- now and buck and why. I'm -- I waited an apology comes at at what 3 in the morning something is video. Chris is not -- -- interested in the last eight years of like with exactly. Chris -- touchdowns he's not apologize and he knows about fighting is not apologizing to you look at his jewelry. Box you know five ratings. -- -- -- So much so much of it though is really matchup you just talked about about. Aaron Rodgers not playing well people -- saying he's on the hottest quarterback down the stretch since he came back from the from the concussion injury. And he had a rough game what you -- -- go look at everything and be pleased to Chicago Bears that's wealth -- matchup problem Baltic pride quarterbacks play out the not much points scored every sort of game is the same. When most teams play a lot of stuff as we talked about this before the the games. A -- video about. Look at the jets Steelers. And the patriots is the way and would look at the example uses Alley Foreman. Right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- every single. He fights George forming what possessed Foreman fight -- -- on to right. -- stylistic. But it's not that one guys but that was bad and yet but the styles mesh or don't match depending on. On how it goes and I think to jets as apparently constituted. Group known -- once 60% gain last years of the two teams like patriots and jets -- better. On the flip side patriots won 61 gets stale -- -- matter is that it's a football against. I mean so it's what works against one team. Doesn't work it yet they don't need to run the football to throw the football against the Pittsburgh Steelers. When you look at the jets the jets strategy is on the -- we gotta run football and guess what. You have difficulty running -- -- that -- don't have -- development -- that -- you don't have as -- as well as he he played down the stretch. You don't necessarily have an accurate quarterback. Who can read defenses and see it quickly the way Brady can't -- engines there's a big difference like big on -- Sanchez. In an open right policy. That I accidentally two years. Easily whenever he has four in two it and I think it's 42 laps -- Egyptian game twice. The guy's guts that puts skins on the wall. Obstacle. We went back and columns skin's skin cells is that is that -- -- -- -- -- -- lot of people. -- -- -- -- And I grew up there was and we know you we know you're really politically can't. It was politically correct don't floor and I know known for don't answer. I would I would I would agree with you were and -- Sanchez I almost like -- can see how. They work with him next year I thought during the course of gains within the framework of the -- your team. He had difficult. He says the -- would look at one receiver throw that one receiver once that's young corner gas yep but what's your game but here's where he did not act like young quarterback. And you go back to Houston to be thought of Portugal's games later in the season Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Win the game. When suddenly the game now is becoming far more attention all the pressure of the world is almost. He's now suddenly they picked up the pace they don't know Ottawa they pick up the the offensive -- I guess what. Stroller -- -- football all point. I I thought he he made great strides this year watching him and -- you know what he did the late in games in big moments tackle. And look at -- out early and -- the did not that they can do while I don't 2000. Yeah which usually and it doesn't do morning still a second year so do what are they made 6789. Bad decisions. You know living next year in a game that's only 45 sacks and -- -- year after its 234. You know I I think they asked him to do more like a big jump for him last year. To control the game I think they asked him to do more he made some mistakes like you said late in the game when he needed in all those come back when she was amazing. That right there showed you an awful lot and if you -- Sanchez spent before we talked about for the season start I don't think this kid can do it. Look at Jesus has shown he can lead this team is suitable. You know I -- down a rodeo for a lot better about Mark Sanchez if you're just -- I showed that he get a double accounts the big thing late. In games yeah the big thing with quarterbacks if they've got the physical -- the -- position -- you know. How many is it takes to see all things yet to see and processes. In some you know waited. -- the recall. I mean of Brady prospect now remaining drop as a like I did throw an interception courses -- its -- as a human being. But very seldom are they gonna -- -- that anymore when they just missed even although the deal and I disagree. I -- you when -- drop back -- -- -- but he was mystified the you know what he was looking that he was looking -- problems he was looking at situation when nobody was getting opening was looking -- situation -- two receivers on the on the outside of the numbers. Couldn't it couldn't be anybody and the guys the middle all covered and he -- little lots. Anti lobbying to guess at this show us a sock time line after that game and -- at gunpoint to -- The Mets are defensive. Players -- it said. He's refusing to fight it the young quarter with a -- accident. You know what was it was a mess. It's not that many times. Says we don't know you don't watch it without watching that fail in order in Washington seem whoop what guys were open because to me I I don't know what that's why -- Run prior to this last week this was the day after we have Ron Jaworski on who breaks down. In other -- film and he says that what guys are open all the time. He said this was just a bad Brady game that's where that's what I -- know and Arab prime bombing looks at the same film NFL that organs as a result. Two guys would it's why I think that on it we've talked about but last I think jaws. -- -- -- -- Currently doctor or Zachary. You wanna see guys in -- going to take the ninety days who bull raiders against the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback was seeing guys like that at that. Don't kids and don't you can always talk about -- there obviously but what I wanna know and apple would not evaluating. Ron Jaworski is a quarterback -- not. Are you -- him. As C is a an analyst what I'm not -- -- but -- -- -- really doesn't like Brady. -- -- the -- just take a shot and recognize any of the guys slide rules about not a lot of shots at top I don't. It's about the date this -- Hernandez and gronkowski out of the game always Alge Crumpler part of this game plagues I heard his name way way way too much in a ball game while and -- too much Vernon president the game. The whole second after the season got thirteen balls are second this. Thirteen oh he's built for long time -- under article was -- in this often -- he's not getting what had run the ball Alge Crumpler can actionable. I mean Cutler yup it's from that ball. To attack department as a nine evidence of intent to that so there was even at one it was more is that -- a retired city have 07 -- Apatow -- because -- is what you know open and Broncos was the only time Broncos you know returner -- direction so. You know it -- gains we've got a veteran guy like -- for example wants wasn't -- received. People get that now as early as news Michael -- insurance ball down their for a while I start touchdowns I mean I was little guy it was a good tight end. And you know Lotta times they perform better. In Mecca accord signed game that the younger guy who maybe is faster and has more ability -- That game can can overwhelm people. And I think it'll not a -- I only ask you discouraging because you've talked about this before do you think patriots you cheap. I think at times to cheap yet and I'm what you already and more importantly -- -- Now awards if the market for talk show host. Is. Two million dollars in May decide it's should be. A million. Even -- everybody else says is to me in the name of -- -- panic. Well okay for a little while that worked its begins to work against now you could do when and I think they've done this. I know that the colts have done it knows Steelers have done it you know you look to system. Under this. To Africa and you decide okay on my system position next isn't that import. I don't with a calls for example when dungy was there and earned him two and is still this way linebackers. The European it was where they can say. All one after another after another element targets they did what they do every year new one back right. What they don't want they decided you know in their system there we can say. To save money at some other and patriots Hampshire have done the same way that's quarterback wide receiver would -- Warner is not a place we say okay but I. I would I would throw listen. In in. Using as an example. The Indianapolis -- We're talking about and we -- patriots and these are two of the most successful teams the National Football League journalists here obviously the systems work. Because if they're cheap if they're cheap off the bat an -- and a and it did not want that you could look at. And if you just look at it on the surface because I think -- used to console. It's a system often it's -- system it's it's not I don't think it's being cheap I think that's the way it's referred to sometimes. It can't be cheap if you're paying. Your quarterback right now than aboard paid guy in the national finally -- -- can. -- second to what you the last guy a shrine is usually the eyes but he can't take one positions they did a 1498 well -- -- -- -- little audio does what you else that nobody -- realistic spot -- Austin. Okay so you guys want -- one on defense that are that too hot one is number 11 is number two in the highest paid. Aren't on each side of the ball that has not been -- on -- -- just brought it up. Each individual team has a system Pittsburg is another -- in a Super Bowl now great writing -- last ten years a system that if you. Wanna be critical you could -- it's cheap is that -- it was free agents left and right -- -- No they have a system they put a value on certain positions and other than they have less value doesn't mean and it works. That doesn't speak well it's it's it works on the street franchise -- but it -- thing. You know you are guy who manipulates the word works. However you want yup and I'll apologize at 350 -- in the -- wake up you know literally went out when the pages when some bubbles that it was only it was only working if you want simple. Now not when consumables. Going on seven is one that's not so much about two bulls now it's about making -- play but what other tees back that was -- -- -- -- -- -- -- wins it's him genetic so I'll watches. Rock those are three teams Indianapolis is only one any -- you put him into any -- Eagles are relevant organizations government although most people that it would say they've made you know tons of of mistakes based but I also believe. That winning this thing. Involves an awful lot you've got to have some luck involved and you've got to be good in certain instances -- long way to get to that and win that soccer. You -- look at Pittsburgh and say well in the last five years rod. Out there -- a boulder into an opportunity when another one twice to I didn't make the playoffs won't. Okay the personal but the many. There's still cancel something went wrong here or there they're still one of those franchises. That's Little League franchise that has a system that's gonna make you a consistent contender. And that's what Indianapolis just and that's what knowing what -- and I know the people what they'd like to do is every time they hit that -- block and Shaughnessy was on the on the edge of it he did at that table foreign happened when they're ready to lose. That one in good shape. Well I'd look at overall system Indianapolis. New England. Expert they value certain positions they don't have great value for other positions. All three of those teams are the three most successful teams in the national forty -- year in Iraq they don't always -- Super -- they don't always get to the playoffs. But they are very consistent their their most. Its total to three teams really that that last few years and addressed in the patriots say that you want Polonia young players you're gonna have. Small payroll service televisions mostly -- at address that's probably. And seamless high priced players with them that are veteran guys with them I mean they've done a couple times that's. Indy with their draft they bring -- young guys here initially can afford the place of the big bucks but. It's the they cheap over the Pacific they went outside a couple big guys -- when you have some young players. -- youngest defense and alienate Ninkovich -- -- make everything according to make it mean these guys aren't making any thing the problem. Miss fought for their and it's the patriots problem at the moment it's been. Before an -- problem you know. There's been in the packers' problem in the news at the end of the sixty. No lose steele's problems at the end of the -- is when you begin to replace all these guys that there. -- in you know instrumental parts of your success. And I did this in a paper and barrels last week. And you and you list for example as I did you know seven defensive players and their replacements. And you couldn't argue that one of them. Was equal. Or better. -- a person that replaced. It would you're leaving out of that equation and so that the issue where you -- -- about -- -- you are. Let me finish if you don't know -- gonna say if you go in and that person. I know what the value wins -- -- -- out what the problems you're gonna. Heard it other shape it does it. Does another position usual -- -- which -- -- what I -- with the replied that they -- tomorrow on -- replaced -- with. And beat heated illness can you replace -- right. It's small you don't with a subordinate and as long as you don't with a guy with equal or better than I am. -- do they try to pay him. You have to bring -- we could be a younger guy as long as he's you don't like Richard -- with the younger return howdy do -- -- -- -- -- Richard Seymour piled up. But he did not do the draft or go senate that you guys on my money that's just my point they have drafted guys. If you if you replace it's not the same with Kyle Arrington. Undrafted rookie free -- two years ago from -- not political ads but that's if -- -- pledged to let you know more that's what I love not what -- -- -- -- -- You're not replacing bad guy with a guy about. What you're doing is you're not. -- on -- -- this -- does not you're not you hate that guy yet Hewitt did they. The guys that other positions -- originally had a salary Mac rob. That's eleven did you miss the whole point you pass the -- we talked about a system with a -- certain positions more than other has an adjustment. Does -- out etc. but I did it that was gonna I think it you're -- -- listen -- yourself like you're the one. Who's missing because you don't listen you twist the story however you wanna twist to make what it isn't if you have three place. Five guys at this radio station. The radio stations not a good analogy you're talking about it and guys aren't I paying to -- after replace seven starters on defense and not a one problem. Is as good as the man he replays your heat that is star road. I don't how much money you saved it exit as you know what Atlanta this is what you'd miss. You can't put a stack at dollars in line -- he -- is that dollars at quarterback camp what does that at dollars in defensive end so that when Wayne Hunter comes down on a track like. He -- Kyle Love it -- and into next week yet which it's eight point oh what happens in the other direction. LaDainian thomas' post operative -- -- to you can replace Richard Seymour. That's not the problem the problem is who to replace and if you have too many guys not as good as the people that you just that you're gonna go down. Now I -- a question addressed to Oklahoma I guess I'm getting you can't can't bring it peppers for Seymour gonna pay more money. I don't care how you get -- -- is that -- let me just say this -- I get your point if you draft Darius Butler. We get once again you've viewed as good as it's on this and draft run you gonna hurt -- neighboring -- a lot of make up -- doing a moment right -- right wrong. I get your point I actually took the ear -- out but I could hear the saw her everywhere you are trying to tell I don't know and it just once I understand why anyone who just -- -- -- -- favorite for -- try not to twisted it is -- that it is. I'll try not to I don't -- it probably these different pretzels and you're -- -- project helped me along the way -- let's just I'm just listen this is rates Russell just soaks it up and beloved around him make putts and run and that's not true -- so so here. The point of trying to. And you made it earlier you were listening to year old Wallace looks -- -- looked at a something simple and looked at his talent and didn't value it at one. He was looking for in the open market as a free agent. What they said was we can't afford to focus on peace and you'll that type of money. Because it's going to affect payments that we have to make next year to date and next year after that to Vince Wilfork this is going to affect us because were under the parameters of the total salary cap -- looking at -- French. You're looking at it and saying this is not a sudden stimulus can Europe because Philadelphia looked at it and said we need asylum patient. We're willing to take it hit a couple of other different positions Whittle lesser talent but those positions because we need somebody that's gonna be shut down. The patriots look at and say we need to be able to -- XY. And Z as well so where we take the -- Do we lose the senate. We lose the nose tackle. Do we do we know what other. Position player do we lose if we have to pay you because were under the parameters of the seven were kept if we put -- to that money. We don't take a -- with a -- that because we think we can replace him with a player. You are correct. Not as good 7580%. Is good but we keep the nose tackle that packet there's gonna cut our defense afloat. Right now I'll aren't as 80% of anxieties. Economic or raw red -- I don't I look at that I I think I got like the percentages probably seventy bush should be kept Seymour I think. Listener -- here the point is he kept Seymour median looser Vince Wilfork who's more important is defense. I think that's part of the decision him right who's more important nose tackle according to court order in Iran -- Boris. Can if you -- people if you can't keep bullies think why not keep both. He told us. You guys -- tell me what I'm saying. So -- -- on the listeners will know what I'm saying what to say here's what I'm saying it was more important everybody's replaceable including Tom Brady everybody. I agree with that you can't keep bringing guys who are less than that -- you get rid of because your team by definition pass to gold downward that's they've done that made. What is who -- now in seven years they have won a playoff game three years that got out the first round last two years. Oh sorry boys and girls they're not as good as it war and the reason not good as they were they haven't replaced the Super Bowl talent with. Equal or superior -- okay we're gonna we're gonna continue discovers it -- get to the phone concerts are a bunch procedures that activist they have the highest ticket prices in the third lowest payroll. Stand against that -- accurate -- -- sexual -- 77790850. Toll free. HH 8525. -- 08 have dealt with some of the people China's missile. Conversation will get in the some of the stuff here -- today's picture was well here's Alan Carr first up on today's big chill Borges miles along reload Maloney what's up now. I left and how are. -- -- -- -- front -- and -- in the -- about down. The patriots you know lack of -- glad they didn't win -- disagree only because I think the toxic drinking every year pretty similar and a lot of you know -- Milosevic perhaps you know what you get that level that a -- I mean. It's jet skiing in that it replays as patriots -- -- and probably two of them they probably wouldn't Brady doesn't throw that pick in the first drive of which our current public it's of the touched down. Our with a child catches the -- hunt and making art that. Okay below is the man went it's got what can I ask a question for legal firms and try to be honest about it. Fortunately has been I didn't say what I don't -- trying to be content with. Did you say that when Carolina lost to the patriots in the Super Bowl which says that it probably not Robin -- -- -- to sand and say when the raiders lost that game now unit. -- becomes when is your team. I mean you and that I think it's just natural to -- you know when is that when this team they like almost to a three place if the other team says they're fancy the same thing. -- you lose that's. I think it's. Instrumental I mean look at every mean on football especially -- -- -- you know. Plant when they are winning -- that. Well that's not what the beat of what the -- it replaced. What eagle would be more that the raiders would be no more than. You know with the rams would beat him what to its reply to everybody everybody was always doing is it's the other way Iraq. Now that has always been but it's always about a few plays in the course of these like what you wanna say that. -- and -- you you do you defend the -- that's how they could have easily won -- -- ball was -- -- patriots well if green and -- as you saw. I pick Green Bay from the beginning of the season of that'll make three or four plays this week at a market to be defending them either. He defends the team that loses 31 teams lose. Every football season on your 31. Million internally I don't look at the last game as the -- dollars you'd. Which is used to be -- -- -- -- bonus for me. That's all we know what game do you like game six or game seven during the regular season I don't where -- -- I don't buy determine the success necessarily have a France's -- one last game art. I'm packet Mario except that they lack talent very well but but it's it's what. Young young young talent that we don't know much -- right now stars' playoff goal hasn't. It'll it'll -- this assembly has any game. Without you know any who is a healthy now what an independent -- out. Al do you think that that right now. Nobel if you sit there and is obvious he's got his defensive. Depth chart from -- Kyle Martin set there. The video was set there. -- opposite there knowing you know he's not. Cherry condition it's exactly. Exactly how many -- this. They are all along I -- and -- what did it that's an eagle. Well home they were torn from the weakness there where. They were eight and points against the what's the most important statistic while and I know what I did I know you'll like to take out the last genetic -- is what they rank among. A break month a lot of -- when they when they when they say Packers defense is not to sell the jets need to guard us. You can't change yeah if you want. That's how they -- Sorry when your -- without -- -- well I'll I celebrate Ron I'm not sure it means that much. Because it's not because it -- if you went to the two team but it works. What doesn't work we take I don't have to change it if you look at last year you had two of the worst. Defenses those numbers worst defense is little union appearance Super Bowl division yankees -- have a touchdown five plays that the current to a field by place. -- was -- defense issue I played that -- cut to feel. That the you think of the statements -- -- no I don't dramatically during the course of the season I really don't. It got -- hold on you can Obama. Got this yes got you here -- -- you -- this is a great defense they have a -- -- trying to do it. They have what are you trying to -- as I can't sit there -- -- the improved dramatically. -- did in the first half of the season and the numbers. First out of the season after eight games. Average apparently was four points in order was in the last eight games fourteen points changes -- deepened dramatically. When it didn't get that situation because -- not get better and whether or didn't get of that situation gets the jets what app. Lost again. Well I think this this team with fourteen and two because of one reason that was eternal and hate it when -- get to the post season we and what we kept talking a lot so they continue to do everything we see we also continue to do it and we says it won't be able dust up believe that this defense is how works. And I would fourteen point lead -- -- that's our video but when you give credit okay and I know you don't they -- let me turn over just yet you give credit to a secondary for the way they performed with the lack of pass rush his team put on. The amount of interceptions that they had with the lack of -- most interceptions come with a quarterback and -- -- party like throw the ball to run didn't hit. Affected data and have any pass rush nick at the interception that they had I felt pretty impressive. -- -- According -- in this state. Can't tackle. Mechanical other -- that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Changes as you have to say and try to twist when ice. Well because we're such where ratings don't just you reflect our relatives and a couple. Or not it has dropped out to somebody else is -- may be going up -- that are going double let me get to the point. Occasion said. Here just moment I thought well that's what you are gonna say you chastise people the opposite of what I just Arab and other -- or what you gonna let you just don't get up -- soap -- and speak for for us we have three guys in the studio it was just all ethnic violence. Have a point which obviously gonna make the -- just makes your eyes I'll tell what some of -- then I'll they've got ears on their -- I need you not there's -- confuse the snowstorm confused there's a -- -- chastised patriots just -- just. Stop all not that I don't chastised. We afraid aren't you afraid your own words come when I was that get you. That's what does the patriots now we're not winning -- Super Bowl for the last seven years I asked digestion as the fat. Not a -- Bentley came back within the within a period of less than five and -- You don't judge the team's not want to -- -- well I'm not elect to do you I have to I did not she doesn't look like I said it doesn't -- people wrong. Well our Atlanta I'm not I didn't -- -- I set at one. The last seven F that's -- That's politics then you said no well and later that you don't judge comes on winning -- show -- -- let's just say that now. So I'm asking you. That's changed immediate contradiction. I projects I'm not judge them how do you judge gave you don't judge them of the fact. That they didn't win the Super Bowl seven years in Italy got the then how do you judge them as -- after that the -- don't judge them one inseparable the -- I don't. -- -- Line. Name me of the seven defensive players. We're now gone from the assemble teams. Amy that would -- -- out and -- client and it wouldn't matter or equal to the player I already told you why they did. There's they had to aids is not well land and held the position really simple to name one plant those people I -- -- I know simple. Yes -- no I hear probably can't can -- jump -- here no yeah this is crap that's what this is crap -- you deal. So I was I was trying to. Because you you take what somebody says. I'd say it's something else run you said our debt to the truth of the matter. Every place that is true your -- -- everybody else's -- those defensive at a great defense when they want those who rubles. Did not agree confirmed they are very good defense immigrant help an hour and he stop if not already not correct that not great. Very good but not Baltimore like. Don't not judge Chicago -- has not sorry disagree. But the question to a very good has the game better than what they have now absolutely has the game changed now. Mean do you need that type of run stopping defense that needed it you can't play defense the way you could play defense that's really what to do -- just in the past more in the past -- about young secondary -- that -- -- at some point. They got younger and got more athletic they just need maybe need more time. I think Troy brown and ahead this is it was a front running football team this year when their head -- did defend your point. They can play defense could do whatever they want they want a ball hawking they got picks when they're behind it and how to react. -- -- -- to me speedy young team get punched in the face and he don't know how to react in natural thought this team was. Fourteen wins god bless them there was a couple I know Baltimore game early on. But in the face whatever they they got it done in Poland play on overtime rather but for the most part. When that Cleveland. Jets -- in the face and how to react. A couple games but at three that's been -- their front nineteen. On the defense on the defensive side of the balding head players that made the pro bull run thinks not all so badly defensively -- -- they make the Pro Bowl you'd think Rembrandt there was probable say. UT's third missing couple don't want I don't think he's third and all but other like any other art and other players plot but other players -- -- play against them apparently do. What about male. -- -- -- -- -- According -- -- -- McCourt -- he get four players get. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You just said now so you can back them up I -- I do that's my opinion I'll tell you we -- make the -- also somebody out they might -- -- lot of -- -- -- Roberts. -- lot of rounds. Up. Lotta Lotta votes counties there I don't even I don't need to put somebody else live somewhere else -- you pay him and he gets another what you got young linebacker yet. Wince at Vincent knows the tied up for awhile and get young DB young corner McCourt. You've got some pieces better than when they were a year ago or two years ago but three years ago certainly in the court about an hour and with a healthy mailed better yet. But think about this you know. Did to go back whoa 01 more second on this issue that. With meriwether. -- ever see. Ed -- on the bench. And yet is generally whether -- displeased because I just thought it does the best in the seasonal holiday when he helped. I yes seem on the bench -- -- well saying help help the problem is -- and unhealthy about not. Passed it doesn't make -- quite easy on the back and the point this point as you see -- on the bench when he helped. If that's a third best safety and we got the genius -- -- why would why are you arguing with yourself we both agreed with you guys used RR what I get for probable the -- let's go I don't that aren't let's say they have three that. They actually have four -- Ron Borges would you let the other three is pro ball players in Europe were out. So different so they do I drove all part of you know what to play DF three elevenths is. I'm not sure they had an honest and -- -- clinical how many how many great didn't have a lot of pro ball players over the years when they had those so called great defense team talking about that dialogue and -- right -- -- Richard -- writer after your desperate. And they did -- -- more every one of those years they did not what he's got six I understand that every super -- wet sun. Sorry it's silent -- right when it. I don't -- but you gotta check out. Friendly tree here yeah there's a branch missed it didn't get out the don't get out there but those great teams didn't have six or seven and they weren't great they were very good work. They didn't. If you guys did their role in our quick break it right get your publisher.

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