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Big O'Cast Ep. 1: Midseason Celtics Report

Jan 26, 2011|

Glenn Ordway has recorded his first podcast. The Big O is joined by WEEI.com's Paul Flannery to talk about the Boston Celtics. The guys look at the C's at the halfway point of their season as well as analyze the emergence of Blake Griffin.

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-- me go look at us the video Glenn normally is on your computer and talking about what he wants to talk about it. Today on the inaugural edition of the bingo casting call Flannery joins the big go to tucks them and be. Hey Steve it's too big -- its -- WEB. -- Oh my god they're allowing -- to dual podcast how scary is this. On the Internet off tonight tweet while doing it. This is the first of our big old cast I'm gonna wordplay and today has spent some time -- -- themselves. With Paul flattery who has you know covers the Celtics and WEEI dot count we just a little over the halfway point of the season Paul and there are a lot of things. They were pretty significant for this basketball team of the first -- so let's get to Shaq Jermaine O'Neal experiment safe to say. Our -- up for the Shaq experiment the Jermaine thumbs down. Thumbs down yet now you know you know this is done this is made them dependent on an injured player. Because now they're waiting for Kendrick Perkins to come back and if you if you you you you you follow along during training camps November December it was if Perkins comes back great. But now all of a sudden it's -- win Perkins comes back and that I think is that it is an issue for the steam because they don't know what they're gonna get out Jermaine O'Neal. CME I think is that your already bringing in Shaq who will give you some good nights and play hard. And I actually offer are nice mismatch for -- but then he's gonna miss a couple of games as he has numerous times during the course of the season so you need somebody I think and -- second body. That's a little bit more dependable let's face it what do they pay check like a 1000003 I think he's -- a few extra -- in the senate. Who knows she's gonna -- -- for a Jermaine. Overpaid. Yeah the -- this -- this did not work out so well and you know it's unfortunate I've got to -- -- a little bit I mean he knows he knows he's let -- down. You know and it doesn't change affected you know his knee is swollen up he can't really move and those kind of stuff but. At this point I don't think you can count on anything from -- I mean I know there at their plan is for weeks rest and rehab and hope that works but you know can yearly count on the guy. Good point he knows I'm sure Rasheed ever knew that he was let down your high what is allowed this to actually work is the the elevated play of one Glen Davis. -- big baby sixth man of the year sixth man of the year sir column at the first couple weeks of the season and he's delivered I mean Clinton look at the other night when they played them. It's totally escape me now the games all run together after awhile. But he came in and has backed up Kevin Garnett he's taken the sentiments that the fourth quarter -- -- minutes. Which is a big deal because -- -- actually give -- twenty minutes a night so big baby has this is his role this is the job that he was born to play in the NBA. And he's finally start to understand now he's not -- be a starter he's not gonna get twenty points but he can have a very successful we are doing exactly what he's doing right now. Leads the league in what I believe is one of the most. Under estimated stats in the leak and that is being willing to take the charge it's safe for and sometimes five or six point -- It's a huge play in you know what they don't have a shot -- -- that without Jermaine O'Neal and so he's a guy who actually defends the ram because guys don't wanna drive in there. Is -- gonna step up and take charge that's a huge part and that's not something they had last treatments and Rasheed. That's not something they had last. -- here's what we've also learned I think through the first half of the season Paul Flannery and that is. A healthy Kevin Garnett radically changes the whole structure of the Boston Celtics defense. Completely changes everything changes that the look bad rebounding team last year as we saw in game seven of the finals -- sort of crystallized there issues all year long was rebounding. Garnett is a dominant defensive rebounder and frankly I'm surprised I'm shocked I didn't know he had it in them. And you know I think they're very fortunate that he got out of that that Detroit injury scare with just to -- -- can be fine. He makes them -- he makes them a legitimate championship contender. Especially since Jerry West says that -- year old can't play defense anymore. Or was that just the -- -- his old team are -- are talking about age. Ray Allen defying the aging process. Other than Reggie Miller a shooter at this age being able to play at this level on a night to night basis. I don't think we've seen. We we have a new guy -- -- dale Ellis another one -- dale Ellis a Reggie Miller but it was a one dimensional player he was a shooter Reggie Miller is -- a little better than that. -- rays had a phenomenal news or any other night he wants the holy land of shooting 50% from the field 40% from three and 90% free -- she's never done in his career. That's his goal for this year but the guy keeps himself in phenomenal shape you know what you're gonna get every single my -- him with a shock -- -- -- are not a professional effort. He's aged better than you're right he is an anomaly. This week in it was one of those things that ending any -- told me this that yeah it was one of those that -- had to think about. Based on just looking at the chronological age and try to figure out does this work force obviously they made the right call but I -- going forward. I think this is going to be in even more difficult call. Because as C a huge -- continuously by the way it'll if you realized we all bill and then didn't have an issue here. -- -- Maybe he can play the three or four years. He might and and -- lesser role but I think he probably can't I think he could and I'm older than -- by the way so I definitely about the effects of the aging process but. Now he's he's so important what they do because he's the one who starts the movement of their office you know without him they're just they're stand still it'll move. They don't really have a lot of guys create their shots -- -- hugely important what they do but they did a very smart -- smart. Year -- year he's got an option for next year demeanor and -- next year who knows a whole other story. But you're a year with Ray Allen you know you can keep the scope for a couple more U. Immigration I can right now because he did have an option apparently to go to Cleveland Cleveland had interest in them. And the -- and who can put that team right now it's. Men have my -- long -- How do you music by 55 don't know you don't have LeBron changed just as well -- of things right you know -- -- she's smart -- to me decision before LeBron did though. I mean you look back at that possibility that he could have been stuck there without LeBron and the and only when team and looking at where he is right now in them with the with a great future and obviously have a chance to be on another championship team let's get to Paul Pierce because. -- when he came into the sleek. I did one thing exceptionally well that was school. And shooting ability but he was mainly a scorer in the developed into a little before shooter. I think what Paul Pierce's -- and it says they have added these veteran players onto this championship team the Big Three if you wanna call. Is that he's morphed into what ever they need him to be on any given night and we've seen it specially when Rondo. -- been out injured or Rondo has been less than -- like. Then Paul Pierce is kind of taken over a little bit more. Of the ball movement role he he's really done what ever they need him to it to do and and I get all across Africa because that's sacrificing. A little bit. Of the glamour game. To do that. Possibly having glad -- -- -- Paul longer than I have don't you think he's he's almost criminally underrated. In into in the NBA in this town even. I mean I don't Wakefield been here longer but. What other superstar apple has been with their team as long as Paul Pierce -- He's gonna go -- its gonna take awhile people to realize just how good he was and for how long he was good -- he had some weird years as we all now -- no no need to bring them back up. But he's been the franchise for over a decade and he was the one I believe who -- everybody came together. The one question people I was well -- -- can deal with this house Paula gonna do with -- and -- -- Paul and deal with Kevin Garnett being a superstar. He handled it better than anybody thought. I think. You know thought he would right from the start and so this just a natural evolution but -- and he just does -- you know you worry about you don't think about him anymore because you just know whatever they need he's gonna get the. It's -- look back at history here and I think they were very close to blowing the whole thing up which would have meant -- gone and I think a lot of that was by. Paul's request I mean he was basically saying the -- that it wanted to you know give me -- I think they came that close to doing and think. How different all of this would be for Paul but also for the Celtics -- -- the way they design this thing kept that around in -- right. He has been willing. Two changeup and be what they want him to be in -- a lot of guys have such big egos they look at those numbers and they say screw you I am not gonna change -- If from 24 point together -- drop down to sixteen even though it's a few points and you winning a lot more games because of that. He's been willing to do that and you're right strange times we all remember game six in India and as bizarre. As I've seen. For -- from Celtic player frustration obviously. Fact it wasn't working for and that almost led him to leaving this down and you're right thank -- east. I mean imagine they've gotten Greg Oden don't feel I might have been. So long haul -- we all would have would be sent pictures yeah that's all and that's how we wouldn't apply it. Not apply there we would have pictures that would be our. Your concerns in the second half obviously. I help if this team. It's healthy when they get the playoff time they match up well in my opinion against Miami even healthy Miami Q which we haven't seen lately. Against the Los Angeles even against the San Antonio. Because of the bigs up front so they -- last year up here in Los Angeles site supporting health aside. What are your real concerns in the second half. Well you know I I do think this has been tricky when all year long I do think -- -- home court. And maybe not throughout the whole playoffs but the first two rounds I think that's really important and it wasn't on the bandwagon when the season started but now they've got a chance. They can do this they can pull this off and can be huge help. The one team that would frighten me a little bit in -- second round matchup is the Chicago -- -- I would -- they know everything they're gonna do they match up with them really really well especially at a point right they've got -- -- -- -- -- -- comes back. So that would be the ones I'll try to avoid Chicago if at all possible but. You know I guess is just it's losing focus and that sort of thing because. You know I think part of the lesser is not just the injuries that they thought all book. We'll take care and they did it and that can be a little bit of a fool's gold situation there so as long as as -- say the health as long as they say focus I think they can maker at home. -- and to be very I would agree with you and east Chicago does concern me because they can match up against -- to which I don't think Miami can do that presents problems in Miami. Lacks that strength it with the -- upfront as well Atlanta never scares me because I just think there's no heart no desire. And we really push comes to shove they're gonna fold like an accordion so I don't worry about them I would agree with you that I think. In the east at least if you if you have to do it in an NBA final. Okay each one game you have to win on the road you know people make a big deal about it but it's really. One game that you have to -- but. I would rather have some easier series -- sometimes that one game. Can turn what should be a five game series in to a seven game series of older team you're wearing down your body. For two extra games that would debt that we're concerned the other thing is. I think -- wanna see a little bit more from the -- they know they available and you know Nixon dance here in their. Not necessarily for the playoffs because I think doc would get down with tighter rotation but for the second half of the season because if you if you really could position. In the late march early April you wanna cut back the minutes get some rest for your regulars and that means you need the bench to keep you in position to accomplish your goal. Excellent excellent Axel pointed on the 1 thing I am able to do as he'd been because of the injuries Delonte West really -- what they were trying to do with the bench. But not mean -- envisioned big baby and Shaq. As smooth as the as the the second -- court with Delonte Nate Robertson -- -- that's a fine second unit hasn't happened all. Year -- so no I think they have to develop some sort of continuity there and that hasn't happened yet. Let's take a you know little three pointer from the rest of the league as we scatter around the league with three big things that we see right now the first one is Blake Griffin. Clippers superstar. He assured me correct it's the first time it's ever been used together those two words in the sentence clippers superstar wide. Because the clippers. Heavy reputation a history of destroying. Superstars. -- players that come to the clippers and they suck they got the lakers they become stars. This one's going to defy. That history and that bad reputation that the -- percent. Blake Griffin is so freaking good as a rookie it is securely scary wait till he learns to play. To -- an agreement on how to play yet I mean he's he's making me -- ago because I stay up watching the past and I always classical to say. You know and I was much used to be a good draws -- isn't -- yet to be the warriors you know the treaty gets stupid team now with the clippers because a bleaker and in your right I mean. He does these things on the court they're absolutely amazing but he doesn't really even have a go to who've yet you haven't quite figured -- that is defense filming some work. The one thing I'm worried I was in place so for him hard and -- this worry. You worries Nina bang around you worry about Monica stuff but. But they got him Eric Gordon. -- a nice little later this year. They do and -- a play -- better as of late obviously start to find. That rhythm thing that that impresses me about. The Griffin a multi dimensional obviously you know sports center every night or if you stay up as as the 2 o'clock in the morning or too late night games. You see the -- guiding you know above the rim it's amazing in six and but he skies above that -- he's going to be in the slam dunk contest that'll be fun. As opposed to the little dudes like Nate Robinson but it is sky over seven footers which is amazing but here's the thing that impresses me. Or he has developed a good fifteen to seventeen foot jump shot. So if you -- -- little bit because you're waiting for him to drive spin and do that you know in your face move. Took it to 1517 foot jumper at the other thing I love about a if you double McLemore over he plays with both the right and the left hand all you ready for this. Max I'm gonna say it. We both plans and I think that makes it very difficult because the league is up out. Mismatch is it's about finding got a weakness to a -- -- and shutting off the weakness of the kids go to was left can't go to his right we're gonna shut -- I think he only uses one yet we know he's using one -- why do we need to work the left side of the floor. The -- uses both he does. You know it he cares he really you could -- that the first couple games he played and -- get beat a game be like a -- In -- him you know upon him like Kevin Garnett like some of these guys. Not all of them some of them losing with killing his -- you know I love -- love it I love this cannot. Even the clippers if the clippers screw this up then that that's just quit fold up the franchise is awful that's it go back. -- -- I don't go by you -- I'm sick of the Carmelo Anthony rumors every single day. And -- like be rational and who comes up in New Jersey -- that's it to you know this but instead to nip that sits in Omaha. -- -- I mean it's obviously he doesn't wanna go to the nets they're trying to facilitate the deal. Carmelo was holding all the cards here. But think of him if you put it with the next and to put it with with -- Raymond film Felton and Amare Stoudamire. How scary is that in the Eastern Conference its -- Ballard went by appointing him in my give up about a 126. Right. Yes well scary I don't think he's holding all the cards to -- really wants to -- New York. What's -- do that -- you can lose a little leverage of the wild card the team like outs. Is -- they say okay we're gonna worry about the extension where he's going you as a right. And you know we've got some assets of Iran and whenever you do something like that he's not a pretty did not an irrational I thought how great was a press conference on an accurate computers. Let's remember the cubs the Secaucus evidence here's early for me -- -- You know I thought that was a classic and -- press conference and -- press conference that was I was there -- unbelievable. But if you look at ability. The -- in your right Mike and audio system just doesn't warrant playing any defense or using a shot clock it's irrelevant put. A gallon ARIAD peels and Chandler and those guys are kind of like out if you do have to deal those guys are all replaceable players that's what -- -- -- I do -- but irreplaceable players the way films play in right now he has an awful lot viewpoint. Deputy in -- and it scares me a little fight lakers have struggled whether it's of the Jerry West theory of ages is really sinking in the air. Or it's that they're just kinda playing out the regular season because they realized. You know why buster -- the regular season it's all about getting to the tournament and because the Celtics were a world where they -- -- seed last year and what they ended up taking this to game seven. There's a reason or somewhere along the line so all eyes are on the San Antonio's first because to this point regular season been fun -- for them. They -- legitimate. Championship contender Paul I think so. I think so and as a huge notably. To know that my dark course MVP the -- and the numbers. Like hey guys comply -- stays healthy and that's been a problem for you know you know and they've got -- compared deep. -- -- totally changed their offense their offensive juggernaut of people into the spurs' slow and a non. And you know they're not even that even working -- You know he's get whatever he wants based on everything else they're -- I think they're legitimate I still think the lakers in the team to beat just because. You know I mean Gasol has come as it's taken his game to another level -- yet under regular season he's clearly been werder whenever. But you know in until somebody knocks them off that -- the team date. Yeah I agree with you about the spurs because they haven't gotten everything all the Duncan but once you get into the post season. -- veteran players like that who have been there before who understand. What it's all about what you have to do with your body in your mind in those seven game series. I think Duncan gives them a lot more -- -- -- -- amid Rasheed could give you a lot more. The policies in the because the regular season to match what -- like Tim Duncan could go. I fun don't it will do to get find out that's a big -- -- first podcasted if you love us back. We might come back again. That's Paul flattery I'm going -- -- have a great day.

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