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Derek Jeter to Center Field?

Jan 26, 2011|

Brian Cashman talks about Derek Jeter's possible move to CF. Cashman also mentions that he thinks the Red Sox are the team to beat in the AL East.

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But the segment next segment Andy Hiller tells of -- political analyst. Brent from Gloucester is mad at general manager. Brian Cashman. A couple of reasons. You -- with a radio station yesterday and was asked. As they're currently constituted was a better baseball team. The Red Sox for the Yankees and much too many people chagrin. Daschle said the Red Sox are the the conversation turned to Derek Jeter who has probably or call. Deciding three your 51 billion dollar deal the option for fourth here go pursue that option for the fourth future is it. Playing time the I don't know how sick I'm not sure how -- -- The question enter into what will be playing shortstop. For the entire duration of this three or four or contractors get. We had no intention of moving -- disappointment we're not talking about moving there at this point but that was. Doesn't go ahead and follow the conversation and it's just baseball -- But he would want to say I like corner outfielders and corner infielders who have power so for me if Derek is ever gonna move. It's probably going to be eight Robin -- situation. But we don't have to deal with that at this point we'll deal with it when we have. Mean you don't want to move in the third -- first and take that spot patented eight home run right right in -- -- that was 29 years old when he moved him. Jeter's gonna move at 39. And -- and I thought bubbles inevitably more than 200 plus million dollar payroll. Senior center fielder is going to be converted shortstop who's in over 30 dollars 38 -- dead and not written for power. And not necessarily tracking down balls and you know make it throws to the plate and doing all the things you expect. -- -- implant. Senator for Tampa asylum -- On the bases right because -- it was by far the worst defensive shortstop mr. -- on the defensive metrics people what do you he has a gold club gold -- yes five gold -- -- -- 61 -- that was his rating minus 61 that was worse than Hanley Ramirez had minus 41 -- -- Betancourt was second work let's do let's -- -- steeler fans but he must be the best -- that and they -- he's -- -- -- What -- -- is that why it rings five rings he must be better than Hanley Ramirez and their marriage has no records. No not not the case he's driving people's or cash to try to shoot his way its outlook for being honest. I is he is IE is up to something because he's never done this before actually that's a major investments Soriano. With 35 million was it. Yes 35 over three years and he sent. I wouldn't have done it I -- Madonna is Cashman on his hands and -- calling -- every day and setting him 1800 flowers is is that was going on here I mean sure it's. Gotten kind of tedious for him because he's done this before -- -- completed from the combat is a money thing do you think I listened to general doesn't feel -- our newscasts and talk about the whole levee process. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It snowed out until the Bridgeport commentary in my tower was more I talked about the Brett Favre situation not only. Didn't mean this. I think an independent. And I don't -- -- and -- -- -- because this is pure speculation on my part but I think when Brett retired. You know last year. -- this season activity can get a couple different times I honestly believe that he had retired. He was the one personable stand up pull up penis -- has not retire numbers you know sort of -- Carolina did return from a -- Favre. Filed papers and we do it again here's a -- last year. Yes he filed papers last year. I don't know that you did with -- than winning the problems pick of the restraining horse filed on hill huddle beneath you filed papers difference yeah Isiah as.

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