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Pittsburgh Radio Host Mark Madden Defends Ben Roethlisberger

Jan 25, 2011|

Mark Madden defends Ben Roethlisberger as a top QB and a good guy. Gerry and John have a heated discussion with Mark on Big Ben and the Steelers

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I've been a long time since we've had a conversation with mark Madden W ex the -- radio host to Pittsburgh which talked to a more often because labor is more energy more. Vitriol all war. Say jury in -- site in sight and that's understandable incite the conversation. Mark mad -- joints on the AT&T -- on -- possible. The nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T everything possible good morning mark -- how ardea. Well well well. You all are not a winning football up there in Boston. You decided to come back to the birthplace state. -- back to the birth place back to the berg Three Rivers make out what. -- to the most important question on our minds and get all of the minutia of football on the Super Bowl on the jets in the Steelers and all that. Do you believe mark met. The Ben Roethlisberger is they genuinely contrite and changed young man. Or is he posing and posturing. To change his image in the court of public opinion. Well a Bible and -- mention on the show before -- -- my neighbor yes first here at Pittsburgh. And you -- in his windows and he -- restraining order against Hewitt only. You know being too bad -- demise as a matter of fact it was bored by what he saw. This is a real bad. The bed that was accused of terrible things. That was the bad manufactured by diamond I. -- called the eight Georgia. Stuff not far broad word cowboy patent all. Then didn't have to reinvent himself look better to do is let more people see the real bad. Bet into -- -- -- long bench but have been suspended even for one day if you could charge him talking to suspend. And the most delicious moment. To me it is particular directory. Will be when commissioner jackass. Aspect and Ben Roethlisberger. If third -- yeah. Couldn't mark you couldn't charge him and I think you know this you could charge him because she wouldn't testify it's that it's -- about it. Oh really -- -- as a witness since she didn't immediately go for look for a cup she didn't immediately -- friends what happened. Brought back from my side he did not keep sharks. Because she didn't wanna go -- what happens in rape case. Sexual assault case -- -- all but conjecture you want but that's all it is merely conjecture. What can't just got accused of rape no it wouldn't be bad debt before. The difference there mark was -- you noticed that there was insufficient evidence in the southern cal case there was a border others there's a lot of evidence she'd just decided on on further review was it like to say coming out from under the hood. On further review she did not want put herself through that. You guys are wrong -- this one that is about to do it it's with the drugs slot. Who cable on the best holds. -- you -- you weren't very guidance that DP up when and where they've tightened and BP have. I think it's reasonable to assume your DT. And did she say no you don't believe she said no and I don't. I know you're neither I mean obviously. If I were there are I don't biggest -- friend would let me in the bathroom what is it. That little stooge cop wouldn't let me in the bathroom if I was there would be. I don't want it daddy well if the couple looking down on wrapping the rig leased equipment com. -- and -- lost focus but you could sneak by him and get in there to see what happened. Whatever brawl that followed the past he was charged -- simply wasn't charged. The Georgia DA tried to put -- -- guilty anyway. But that didn't work. And the -- -- the -- Roethlisberger. That we should have been suspended. You can argue that ought to install or commit the murder. I think it's better for you should be. Presumably as manslaughter. I really on the one that was a little light tactic technically it got really murder what did I get an accidental murder yes correct. We think he set out it's got this car. I did when your drunk or high or whatever what he was you don't really know what you set out to do. Much like when you're drunk in a bar with a DT update to -- And and then runs -- port that it would be adequate Koppel gets it gets it and Roethlisberger gets you drunk. Gets twenty do you think he put himself in a bad spot mark. Probably. Would make products. NFL player -- the result of bad spots. On a daily basis I think rob Goldberg was made an example lot of because he's white -- in the white scapegoat. Well you could point you don't consider it of the -- They do you know why because of Michael Vick. Now. I think what would Roethlisberger did is worse than what expected convicted. Nineteen months in leavenworth. Well there was no evidence to keep -- to view of -- if you rob -- work. We wanted to sort of like a lot of the bottom why didn't. He did get charged let alone convicted he's -- football he's Serb suspension he rehabilitated image is executable. That's the question is he -- new man a different guy yes so I think you have to be you know guys -- a great guy before Ahmadinejad said he put himself in a bad spot. What would you put it over the past what one targeted a couple times -- putting Europe -- got. You really think the cable was out that Lake Tahoe hotel room. That's what we all. Three here yeah. But pessimism and leave the Milledge Georgia thing aside after this why do you think the DA. Would stand up there wind there were no charges brought. No it would -- have in the information that he had that you'd nor I nor Jerry has and with eight disgusting taste in his mouth said. I'd like to do this we're not able to because she won't go forward and testified -- know what happened you've heard testimony as to what happened. In that bar in that back room in that VIP lounge in the hallway on the way back to the bathroom and in the bathroom was well into what the cops did they knew that they were guarding the door and they and he -- all of it and get this disgusting look at his face and he bitter taste in his mouth when he said. Unfortunately we can't proceed now my guess is. The Roger Goodell followed up much of that information if not all of -- well and -- the suspension. Those -- what happens to people who who who looked at this from the outside and said one thing -- been sent. To anything she was a slot. Lot of the bed every used those words nothing close as a matter fact. And I did beat Georgia DA was a redneck party fight who wanted badly to get on TV. Do you think in Pittsburgh steeler fans feel that that caught a break. Obviously the -- to play at home in the of teach him duke game and didn't have to. -- the patriots. Always absolutely. I I know I feel that way. I think the great debate when all this is over going to be -- gonna have three Super Bowl wins. And actually not taken that a great abruptly in the what if game -- -- could have pre Super Bowl wins. And Brady could have pre Super Bowl wins the -- will never be upgraded applied optic. So for those who want to -- equals. There's certainly one rig that is not yet been traversed I think that makes for interesting talk. Well there's no such thing as -- as -- sports fan who watches the games who considers them equal is there. Oh my god are. Well you know what I -- Brady -- It's called the People's Bank. I think that's clearly number two right now but let's Rodgers -- them abroad can make a case number two -- the guy would never take away especially this year. -- and a great patriots city. Any carried that on his back. He was -- -- first -- ball pretty intimately. You're gonna media BP. I mean I could not possibly do this what Tom Brady did this year or has done during his career as a little quarter. Mark -- that you make your case that it Brady were quarterback in the Steelers is currently constituted. Might have been fifteen and water sixteen and no it may be a ten point favorite of the Super Bowl. All my going to be there would be sixty to know probably one -- welcomed by forfeit. And I don't -- they would've never got to show up. Yeah -- Charlie Batch probably would've won eleven games and eleven games right. That would help people take care. And enjoyment survived eleven game about -- drove would have survived four. It's about food really wanted to well create haptic inflated for noticeably the first came -- and care about the second. So the Dixon and batch led the team with three and one record. And then and then what was that Roethlisberger twelve in the I mean nine and three. Yes something like got to beat. It could command like simply because you're diminishing bad performance. Wet which performance to one the other day when in 35 passer rating. In the AFC title game. Well what what about what worry you know drove the team about the field to win comedy game this season what about what he beat Arizona. You know would -- -- almost double handedly in the way to go -- to 43. I -- Did not -- about about being quiet the guys make big plays a big dot look at the last Friday that the jets he didn't have a great game no doubt about that because at least 2000. To keep the stick open the clock right at any breaks suggest that he's not perfect no doubt about that on demand or the quarterbacks but boy you don't got to wind up being. He's got two Super Bowl rings the first one against Seattle was the worst performance by -- winning Super Bowl quarterback ever. Right about kill that he was the playoff MVP he ran roughshod over three opponents. On the road to get the -- to the Super Bowl I -- not perfect but he sort of subtle wit. He's got no. He's never won a Super Bowl MVP he's a one time pro ball one time Pro Bowl. Well I can't you don't would you would you let the citizens well actually worked for that would let the players. Vote on their peers. My god you talk to these guys I have to do you trust them to do the right thing to make the right judgment to watch games on TV get educated votes. Let's not the citizens -- appears then do. People like you -- not. So if he beats -- isn't Super Bowl he's better than Rodgers that's -- works. I think you could argue B. The fact that he would -- one recent global studio. He would have many athletes -- went -- I -- but again he was terrible against Seattle. I mean the worse yet again -- starting -- two Super -- is got one touchdown pass wanna hear agree that this. Arizona he was not brilliant. He was good. It was good body went out. Urgent brilliant would be like Brady in Pittsburgh in the regular season could be an idiot -- -- -- that wasn't really put that Brady was better against the jets and Roethlisberger was seen no. These denigrating Brady I I don't accurately as well -- that is true. Do good quarter you'd think you know. Far too much about the go to edit it all about and you won't give him his -- as a quarterback is going to be three times -- -- kept it to more than far too -- So. I think sort of big gave Mike but you couldn't help it may have a dot org and look again. So as a quarterback Roethlisberger is better than Manning because he's. I'd rather have -- -- quarterback might keep the big game. Or a big drive and Peyton Manning yes now. If you wanna ball fantasy geek on the inside numbers chapter -- like that you would have to say that it is better but I'd rather have better the big game -- -- big driving you went to. -- -- by the eyeball test and Aaron Rodgers clearly better I don't care who wins is suitable Rogers is a much better quarter. You're right we don't need to wait and see who wins the game we can just make judgments agreed to put up before that. About that -- Sanchez. Clearly outplayed Roethlisberger -- they -- is better championship game. -- -- -- lead the potential first next year. I wouldn't that mean he's not as good a quarterback as Roethlisberger but he outplayed him in that game. Well itself marginally so he could get the job out of the second. But a 102 rating interstate 35 rating. Two touchdown passes Burris is not. Stats stats stats he had two weeks. Far and then what you what's it mean you're sports talk show guy. What's on talking about it if the only thing that matters is the W if -- matters is the W then Dan Marino's not as good as mark rip it right. I know that taking a farfetched extreme example. You spent a lot of course is what I can tell. But backdrop of murder why don't go to Marc -- and -- treatment of the -- Reno I. I didn't know priest Super Bowl if he's forced up -- -- and again not picking never -- it would be extremely impressive. You're not sure if he's better than them Marino. You think you might think. I didn't that would receivables. -- Right now people like you all or he didn't -- the top five quarterbacks get up all right well. Okay what he went everywhere and did two weeks people think he's among the top that all -- I would say Brady or Manning or rivers. It. Brady Manning rivers Rogers breeze I've put -- -- maybe six or seven. Well that's a certain basic really revoke your licensed -- -- doesn't university is that Bruce didn't -- -- -- -- -- He's not one of those Spinner and there are losers please LaDainian Tomlinson loser he. Got to -- he waited his whole life war. Anyway the fetal position under Brett Keisel. What his whole career on the line with a chance to -- open played a Super Bowl. Why there are winners and there are losers what they need probable total loser people like no rivers are losers that a lot of -- a winner. Bill -- is a loser. Not yet and yet but again is is Karl Malone a loser Charles Barkley is a loser I mean Ted Williams a loser. I mean open them up on TNT you could. Marine. I impaired credit boy that was a tough situation Miami. Where they just wouldn't give him the where with all the beam weapons to win or or -- more likely -- defense when would be it was -- a high scoring games there was a great quarterback but he is cute funny. A lot of people like god in this business. We're -- -- with the way we judge. I mean we go by how many rings somebody -- -- -- we don't like that we change the argument. Once and I give myself credit for it I always stay on the same side of the argument. You either win or you do not win. Anything else is a objective attempts to reclassify subjective tactics. I don't see how you can put wobbled parker in the rivers even in the same class. Arab market collapse Roger pizza ordered pizza met up there's every possibility that might happen that you have a argument. Wouldn't get much better weapons -- about too much better defense or better -- Well when Vincent Jackson -- not sit out perhaps the season because they want him and I think Roethlisberger has a much better coach. -- -- -- The -- rivers. Paula to pretty good coach. Area of the offensive coordinator I really but the -- collider is bad enough. I don't alcohol but you you did an awful people here don't you think to try to discredit that you're -- an awful big. This credit I just put him at like six that's 67 best in the league that's pretty good. You can put it where you want to actually applaud -- sort of gets hit -- -- -- His teammates I mean his peers don't don't vote for him for the pro ball and -- you could say the fans on the what to do one but. Generally on the players. They they vote for guys they respect they they didn't think belonged there that don't vote for office you're -- I'll give him credit for this -- he looks at his perception that says I need to change it when he was a -- telling everybody would injury had month after month year after year certainly in the offseason. That criticized for that. Now he changes that the tough guy and he certainly has -- just complain about it anymore right when he was noticed that every you know -- rapists and in -- -- -- now changed that he raised his hands and -- against apartheid mark give him credit for being able to sense the pulse of American perception -- how do you think it's gonna go in Dallas before the game do you think Roethlisberger is gonna get a little flustered by the attention. Now I don't think so I picked the worst is over what that although boys Super Bowl has a way of -- Actually every. I don't know I don't -- Mean he better get ready Kaczynski and I grew from New York in this going to be. TMZ. -- -- people aren't gonna accept what he did the other day -- -- stock and or you know stop -- don't go there. That won't work he's gonna have staged every day for a week. -- credit problems watch. I'm sure he'll handle it I don't think you enjoyed it. Don't know what -- -- I think -- it you don't. You -- double a bad position he made a mistake by being where he was stopped by what he did it and the fact again that'll keep rehashing but he wasn't sharks. But that's gonna be rehashed over and over again for a solid week probably to some degree for the rest of the flight. Is that -- I don't know if that the world we live in absolute. Did you ever hang with him and his entourage. Jules. Did you ever see -- may give -- credit does he still. -- -- Arnold now he doesn't a lot of all we have the on the show up. Couple months ago what he just joke basically since nobody working the prisoner and -- -- -- you know quite put it has. As completely as that you know that's the way they did that -- should direct that depression -- about it just for being a public figure let alone for having -- docks like he. But the -- settling down just getting gates remarked I don't know that. Now you know I -- and I don't seriously. Didn't like half of steeler nation turned on him and say -- animal care as we grew sick that it. We -- -- out here. You know a -- -- was steeler nation he -- -- ascertain that by the way did you -- go to the pop up that. Yes we sit we did we talk about that earlier and -- I wanna know who Melbourne killed you said that with a straight face in the much talked about all it was a chick who read it out Roethlisberger the now. No it's it's if you try to put a -- battered and somebody -- But that I -- watchable. It stayed to the end I didn't steadily and you know what I you know allowed to talk about you can't tell us I saw like ten through five in the best Steelers. Who was number one Roethlisberger. Donna Terry Bradshaw Roethlisberger was -- on ballistic will be. So Polamalu is Roethlisberger isn't. I thought about wearing a mission was -- area. -- in the show that that that totally took away the credibility of the list Lambert who was too. The actual one ultimately mean -- green -- yeah Bradshaw to. Franco Harris our amber. Web coordinator somewhere out -- and I'd pick at it labored for rod Woodson plot. And no Ben even always better than Manning and better than Marino and. Well within the united subscribed for a product called. The Pittsburgh Steelers got sick is mark -- WXX radio in Pittsburgh -- the time to talk that was our -- -- join -- game and up finally got a do we want favorite company that radio on all the time right not anymore. These so we under in the season and then yeah. We will pass along your your number will give via. Good recommendation to settle for Gisele Tom can't do it. That's not a bad settle our -- here. Mark Madden on the AT&T outline -- possible. The nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible shots that -- -- I know I mean that was -- messed up. We've talked about people were losers and winners. The -- should -- this. -- yeah mark Madden runs street hockey USA. He's the commissioner commissioner of street hockey USA. Is also involved in the American street hockey institute a nonprofit organization. Dedicated to grow in the game of street -- -- hockey in America and he's too old to -- with -- not to Wall Street not -- the original street -- Jerry come -- now. Well -- a phone calls that service.

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