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Was Tom Brady Injured?

Jan 19, 2011|

Dino and Gerry discuss the rumors they are hearing regarding an injury to Tom Brady

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Let me set this up need to do you think we should do we -- the holders of some information. That we have heard from two separate sources. Obviously. We can't confirm this with the patriots because they don't say anything about anything. These unconfirmed reports. Talk about. A condition. A situation. With Tom Brady. Now since we can't confirm since we can't call Stacy -- have species say yes that's exactly right call bill -- you're exactly right that it ran with not gonna happen any time Ali's breeding. We should do should just sit on this let's say we haven't heard this or -- told us anything. About. By the titans don't know other second -- well first all. I think what I know what you're talking because they -- talked -- -- so there's the what you told me that their sources close to -- No they're not the not Melvin not not at all. -- but the votes of no other CBS. In terms with -- -- call -- development -- known -- well there are there other people with knowledge of the situation. I'm thinking about. It's gonna be something wrong with Andre. Because news historically bad right and a party here this coming you know if if we give this information out there will be people say oh making excuses for a -- not -- that at all. We are having to make a decision right here whether we should share some information with you we have heard from two different people. -- confirmed reports of -- Brady injury. What do you say Gerri yes objectives -- What to -- to say it to him but yet we're talking about hospital records here nautical -- now's not talking about the word on the street to separate people. Two separate sets of circumstances. Told me that Tom Brady suffered a foot injury either before the jets game or during the jets game. One of those people actually said there was a fractured foot involved here now again unconfirmed patriots have said will say now that. About it is. But that's what historians now. Whether it's fractured where it was -- -- stepped on whether totals located a foot injury that Tom Brady suffered prior or during the jets game. And it's not it's mountain. Just it's not just the way to get out of the trip to the Pro Bowl now this is real yes and I'm not surprised at all in fact -- -- you. That the number of guys when they of their exit physicals that fine fractures and yes. And payers and concussions concussions and that you know but. I totally disagree -- You said historically bad that that might have been of this drama about a -- -- Matt Ryan was a story was sad news that the bodies I saw this again last night that they did the NFL network. Two -- thing when they skipped the -- Gotta love that. I'm sure we'll do it again this week the if you get a chance to watch is about an hour and a half long that put -- a minute news. Skip all the breaks skip all the time -- no punts no boring two yard runs he made some good for you know he had time but guys were covered. That room. Out of sync from for a -- we didn't you mean you could see even the the coach's film on some of the coverages downfield but he made some good throws. He didn't have guys open. In early -- agreed -- at the Crumpler in the and so he dropped the -- Gradkowski for whatever it was thirty dollars and 37 yards was a great Perot. You know great to a branch. Over the middle on like in the -- on the left. They weren't guy's open you did not see him -- open receivers. You consider open receivers he to a lot of balls the ground. And -- -- that was balls away in many case right the ball at the -- and they started yelling about the the grounding you know but there was a receiver the wood it was right there. He just fruit at the ground but it does he they had me in the rush three and four man rushes. We're getting to them I said Monday and that you agree that wasn't the offensive line's fault it's sort was. I think comedy is awful they -- they they they were historically bad either. But you can't letting three of -- rush get cute quarterback at all and in in my opinion the work. You know Crumpler let apace in that one timely kill them but he didn't have a good day the most alarm -- And to me and you add them in my opinion is prejudiced as I listened to Jaworski yesterday who knows -- talking about. Was his confusion the fact that he looked like he had never seen any of these -- But would you say that's his -- and alike. He was confused because they confused -- -- -- surprise you that he was confused yes and I placed that blame on the coaching staff analysts say Belichick. But they weren't ready all right but this coverage they weren't ready for this defensive scheme that that Rex Ryan device. We come back Ron Jaworski is gonna break it down as he did yesterday we'll have him explain what it is he saw. Brady doing out there on the field. 6177790850. Toll free 8885250850. And by the way I double checked the fake punt. 56 I -- today I start at one every bleep and anger at what where they block it before. They were blocking for. A punt on a punt yes but the offensive line got into half but -- but -- -- here's my question. Are you sure they don't block from punt when they run that fake because. Part of the fake is to fake and if you blast off the line like you run block and immediately the -- gone. I mean if it's say it was a fake punt. At the punter -- ran with it that's different you would run you would block -- that's right because you don't want to let. Let them let them in on the secret here. I was I watched -- would you wash like ten times and in an NFL network's -- like six different angles director blocker for a -- I'm not sure. They do something different to when they run -- -- Well the Osce and Fred said on Monday they do blocked differently if -- two run especially when it's an up back like that. Where it is an instantaneous decision and you -- the line right away think about that this might think about the defense of line. What are they grind it you know break up again in blocked the punt or if it is a fake. Blow up the play and be in the backfield when the guy gets the ball so it seems to me the defense of line is doing pretty much what they're gonna do hunting or make. Why do two different things one is -- blocker ones' return if they're returning you know they're gone back and block of for the returner. And that's the easier way to take me another there they go back to block you run. Portable was three it's right that. Obviously it was a gaffe but there's no doubt he picks I don't think he picks up three at the keep except one I agree if he catches the ball and that is another question for that we wanna know -- over find out who leaked the Welker thing will we find out the truth about the fake punt as we should. We don't you think someone should let Patrick chime off the -- yeah if it's not his fault -- -- he was great he stood up and took elect a man. And I'll be even more impressed we found out it really wasn't his fault continue. Is a hard for you to picture Matt Katula going into bill's office yesterday or today and saying. I know I screwed up you know -- screwed up my -- tell people.

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