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Ron Jaworski break down the Pats-Jets film with the Big Show

Jan 18, 2011|

ESPN analyst Ron 'Jaws' Jaworski, live from his office at NFL Films in New Jersey, joined the Big Show after breaking down the film on both sides of the Pats/Jets games and tells us how and why it happened.

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Our number two the big show here on the Tuesday after. People are still treating it like it's via -- DM funeral I'm glad to our way along with Troy Brown Tom. We have spent a lot of time over the last couple days kind of dissecting in analyzing this thing from top to bottom British Burleson Steve -- did the same here yesterday. We thought would bring in our buddy Ron Jaworski from ESP and he is actually at NFL films and everybody knows the job -- is the best sit down breaking down on the film and figuring out what happened. Good what happened bad he just finished doing it he joins us live -- the formally take just how are you. Do a terrific gentlemen great to be with you did you are correctly in my office over an adult still that right now. Looking at -- Chicago Bears Seattle Seahawks so what do the patriots game on both sides of the football this morning. Well obviously disappointing effort from the patriots so as a I was surprised they played as poorly as they did. I give us a breakdown of what you think went wrong and how wizard that over the first two possessions. Ide despite the fact that they had an interception poorly thrown ball by Brady and on the dropped to. Pastor -- Crumpler on the second series. What happened after those first two series 21 of series jaws look like a lot of what we're seeing from this office during the course of the regular season. Yeah I couldn't agree to more -- the opening drive was outstanding it was good blend of run and passed. -- of light coming off the ball -- running hard Tommy throwing it well. But I got a little bit off balance on the play action fake running the screen in the -- I got away from a little bit and David Harris was right there but they survived that you know those two goals missed by the jets go right down the field that you don't -- of the staples the patriots offense that. Play action get those linebackers and safeties get a little nosy and seek a wide receiver -- it over the top in. -- is right -- just can't -- football to perfect throw got to make their catchment. You know eight and I think that was really vetoed the -- -- Camille Little bit of a turning point in the game also the big play by the jets the second after the passing game. But I I think against the jets team. What that Kerry gave them most opportunity got to take their breath and say okay we we we took a couple of shots here. We're down three not that I think if -- -- the pages and it jumped out early like they did and that death Monday that matchup that we cover that. 45 to three beat down I think it may have been a little bit different but I think the jets to gain confidence early in the football game. By the fact that really the -- shot themselves in the foot. So what does this is toward running I do agree with you on models comments about the it being a different football game at the patrons at some doubt with possibly going up you know at least you know fourteen and up and -- -- game. But give me some idea and you broken down the film I haven't done that yet I've been going -- what I saw during the game. Coverage last I think there -- -- -- was against the patriots and Cunningham of ballast of a -- a for the breakdown of what -- the covers look like do you. Yeah AA executive Leo we all know that that that direction right -- is an outstanding. Deemed offensive coordinator admitted he did a great job this get together at and what they did I mean they they really mix it up with a number of periods at times. You know seven defensive backs on the field. Awards and a high percentage -- but it was enough. To keep commonly offensive line and the wide receivers. These kind of looking forward -- You double sold exchanges which forced wide receivers look back in there and make sure that you know they may be the hot receiver in the -- but I think for the most part. You don't want things that the jets have shown up through most of season. -- -- -- left but it was different to -- they seem to follow. Everything back to the inside I don't throw you look at the tape you know you'll -- the technique that's. Little play through -- that's players in the field of secondary but also it because I appreciate the outside. They're bring global -- deep down inside that lord Robert position. I would probably think back to the incitement there are going to be awesome god what -- paper and there were some plays on the field. That Tom Brady did not see it I think Tom. Began to play a little bit status in the term -- you begin to see ghost and I think there was some opportunity to particularly early in the game the key third and three. You know he's got his did he would let the backfield looked ready doesn't throw the football to play that. Probably probably seen the -- time this year. A complete fifty times that for some reason he didn't throw the football so -- -- got spooked by the interception or whatnot but he did leave some plays on the field. Did you run. Look at it and say that you know Brady had a situation where his do you think he was rattled by the -- did you think he had a poor physical mechanical game. I I think yeah I video support game I don't I I I've always said that Tom. That is one of the most mobile quarterbacks in the game many -- -- I'm I'm I'm not talk about run around -- -- talking about. I believe you have to play the position and he's always been a really good. That they had movement in the pocket and also saw little. There are moves from left to -- up the pocket to compress and then -- a lot sometimes the receivers to uncover and act itself the times he had those opportunities. Any kind of lets you know that there's there was a perception of pressure at a time so wasn't there and it was it was awkward to me it's become. Reacting got to -- when bodies actually were around him he was receiving pressure. Was that off of those early blitzes for instance Drew Coleman -- early to Shaun Ellis pressure early resulted in sacks I think first. Drew Coleman -- Lulu is a public policy that's yeah and I ended his career. I'd still you know I believe this -- protection going up the front side because they get rid of football but. You know you just have to see that and know what's coming. To the Bellotti admitted he just seemed like. He was surprised by that autopsy -- a thousand god that's like. Good luck to all the -- -- I it's Sony's big I don't content you can do blindfolded he just -- that's -- in this game. Well Coleman one was -- use out on the left side. Light had the the linebackers so. He's he he's out an island out there and you could see Brady actually looking over the -- pre snap so we knew we was over there. So he had to think something was going to the right side direct. Well they actually they actually moved back go to the right side without really doing -- -- conference that I get -- get the ball a lot of my hand. You know -- -- which is leaving it makes it more confusing to me. Well how much how much was it the fact that. The jets were able to get some pressure or at least give him the illusion that there was pressure. Up the middle the one guy that seem to be to be extremely active Shaun Ellis he was pushing Dan Connolly all over the ports did you see that. I think shot -- -- else had a terrific game I thought Mike Devito had a really good game. Uptick -- -- -- one player Abby yup two guys will probably cared that -- but. You know you could say bad -- to a great play defensively they are preferred to go to great played essentially could that's those guys disposed to do. I'd thought -- -- a lot of solid again. Look at the other -- speed -- did there'd normally good job they move will probably give you a lot of different looks but. Don't for the most part I think I'm an opportunity -- some of those plays down the field. Just for whatever reason. You know you don't particularly anticipate. That the jets were playing to push out today Ed Ed Ed Ed you think back to the first -- -- the -- game. -- did a great job that sure area that's five yard area. They -- get the ball they're giving yards after the catch live with the jets saw that they tighten that up but I think. There's an opportunity to have some deeper dig Detroit notables linebackers -- the most shallow crosses you can this week some boards in their defense. And I think there was some opportunity as those Big -- -- square erupted about eighteen to twenty yards that was there and I'm sort of delivered. Yeah well well you you'd go -- -- look at the exist you know throughout the course of the season. They weren't coming a great -- Russian team throughout the course of the season but they they were able to get to Tom and I think part of the reason why you saw him threats in a little bit. On Sunday was the fact that they got tumor early -- hitting. You know quite a bit and they got a few -- -- so that that would make any quarterback. You know wanna get rid of the football pretty early when once you see that happen and you know quite open in the game and other reason is that you said you saw his office and -- kind of didn't manhandled our soul. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nor Logan Mankins and drove him back fabulous until about through that would make any quarterback -- confidence that. Just turn I totally could I don't think it was through you know the best game of the year about a offered to light as well. They didn't run the ball consistently way to -- they had to. An agency -- -- -- those games I actually it was surprising as I thought I would see a lot more Aaron Hernandez -- get I you know if you think back if you get explosive plays out of that kind of softens up the defense. No we have no problems and morbid possession receiver a better blocker very bleak. I'm surprised we really didn't feel they exist until very late in the game it was part of it too -- insist that I thought. He would be an explosive guy that you could traits and match -- with so that's surprised me as well. Plug to a great point I've the next course and as it is about the tight ends. And what did you see them doing an Italian and though there was some things in about they were there or didn't he Hamilton -- -- -- again and he'll -- a scrimmage no by the -- Ambac is an. Well I would agree I think you know as I look back and hit an eight yard wrote -- book this this dispatch of the games that changed game. It -- one was at Super Bowl win against the St. Louis Rams. Where are thought Bill Belichick did an outstanding job. Of jamming rerouting -- and physical -- Marshall Faulk in the wide receivers the rams. And to a certain degree I think Rex Ryan spoke a little bit of that game plan like all the -- like game plan. Word you know you really took the timing and rhythm away from -- those receivers. Not only were they holding up gronkowski but they were open wide receivers that they would -- the backside the backfield. Darrelle Revis had a tremendous game guys I mean it was you know that I'm not sure they mention is made throughout the telecast of the users all over everybody. And if you look at it companies who they tried to double moves imposed -- not to do you know routes to give them a quarter he just was into. Tremendous cover positions so it's really I cannot attend a game but I thought again implant to be. The physical and Caribbean -- -- chippewa receivership the Baxter about. Really played well for the jets. It almost -- and a couple of occasions does is shift. They -- them and then backed off a little bit and gronkowski looked like he took a couple of small little steps and I wondered if that messed up the timing on some of those patterns. Oh absolutely that's the theory be titles are rerouting of generators that you want I thought of one situation -- that about thirty to 33. The patriots got a perfect play call -- it was going to be the wheel route to gronkowski. Ed also didn't Jason Taylor is already used -- of GM's -- some. And Eddie rush the quarterback that it'll obviously be complicit cover gronkowski -- the play calls -- is normally those. Third and short situations you're going to get a man tight coverage. They had the matchup but the fact that Jason Taylor. Only routed Gradkowski was it was a good play to the jets and Brady to throw the football away because the coverage -- third and three were so high percentage completion down and moved changed out for the patriots. -- does it was kind of interesting last week Michael K and in New York -- did not fair conversation be able part Scott buyouts but I says it's gonna be easy we know exactly what we did. We know exactly how to stop this offense next time around. And it's exactly what she says they did it's the funnel to the middle. Help me out again with what exactly that means what's it mean on the outside what's it mean with the -- how do they funnel to the middle. Beyond just leverage. Well they did and that's really what it is that you're you're trying ilk you're trying to move people look at the -- -- congested areas. And I like to -- it may get muddy for the quarterback dirty it up a little bit inside but you do that by being physical at the -- could get re -- inside. Where your help this up. The patriots have never been a team that worked outside the numbers are high percentage of the time. And it would you watch teams you to cart teams throughout the season. You don't know what no no good to take it's like -- jets that he was in their division the built the bulk of -- You can tell have a template on a team. Ed and as this season that he borrowed a page became much more inside passing key because that's so they were built with speed and quickness and guys that debt. Look impede legitimate speed to bump and run. But but the jets were well aware that so they they muddied up the middle with more defense back on the field they play the outside and they brought us safety and that. Look at the opposition they got just close the windows on compact and the receivers is well but I still don't -- being -- guys. I still think they were someplace on the field that needed to be made that quite honestly the patriots offensively did an excuse. So you're basically saying there were open receivers out there. And Brady did not make those points. Aren't -- I believe there are opportunities in the past I've seen -- make those plays. Quite easily -- for whatever reason he wasn't shot but some. Is there a failure. On the highly offensive coordinator again you're seeing this operator error with the quarterback -- that's very clear but is there a failure to address that funneling issue. And how would you address -- off for because of course that'll be the -- the patriots have to face in this offseason as they retool their office. I think there always is dead and you know automated in hindsight it's easy look back legally consent. Maybe they should have taken a few more shots put the -- clearly Darrelle Revis was an outstanding division most of primetime. -- they call -- -- plays they wanna take a big shot there are some opportunities where they had received -- belt to the protection breakdown. It's just it's just it just kind of one of those games you look back -- -- couple places here a couple plays there is black -- matched this that I remember the shows last week that said. Stay here here's what I believed Rex Ryan was going to do to win this football team why would you take that Monday that debacle. For the jets were the good the page should just kill them. I'd I'd I'd think they were probably forty to 45 plays on each side of football that the jets executed very well you -- -- got blown up. 45 to three. The good they got crazy but I I bit -- say here's -- -- doing -- you can get it out. The bad place to insure those 45 of fifty really good place and he's got to build confidence -- team that takes. If we don't let -- five -- six negative plays happen we're gonna win the football game because for the most part they did some really good things that didn't. And fortunately the jets so sports for the patriots in the -- -- playoff -- it was just the opposite there were five or six plays that the patriots did an excuse that possible football game. 745. That was the time of possession. That they moved down the field in the fourth quarter came away with absolutely nothing. I don't think any of us -- talking about it here today just -- a problem with him running the football because it was sixty -- out here for the jets so you go with the least resistance. Why was it taking Brady. So long was he waiting for the defense to the clip was -- just confused because they had given him somebody different looks during the course of the game. Well I wish I can't said guys I can't there's probably really only -- guys we can answer that probably Bill Belichick and Tom Brady but -- I like everyone else still watching that game. Was the early. Arnold shocked could be the right word because you know he think historically -- game management. This bigger Bill Belichick Tom Brady always do an outstanding job in those areas. But it just seemed like you know is as you watched that can't even. You know -- it suited it's CBS should go quicker open at outscored UC 321. Almost out every step up vacant -- out of this game -- out to schools educate you -- -- you -- -- the -- You -- score you gotta save yourself some time and it just didn't seem to be a sense of urgency I don't know it was a maybe they won't agree to win this state one way or another -- I really -- it was a great -- it's in the first quarter they dominate the that you -- and I owe possession but. Yet it would no points. Almost eight minutes off the clock yes I was very surprised by the lack of urgency to get the plays running in the and as we all know he'll -- excellent line of scrimmage in those situations acted upon you and get out let's -- -- didn't. Militant group that speed style offense. -- okay exhaust the the the ultimate course and you're. From a Syrian made it in this box right now because we've been getting a lot of flack about you know trying to defend the though they put called it. Do you think that was agreed calling the situation and do you think the play would have worked. I think it will work yet to try it was really written it yet it was a surprise element. Just missed seven by Patrick got a I think the play would have worked. May have been a different ball game -- -- -- -- I don't know -- did didn't work that doesn't mean this was the right call consists of two. That didn't -- ever present value of the correct opinion what they have access to the results could -- -- That and -- more important that he was back. You have but I'd I'd like to played and the -- it was there. It was -- did though the -- simplify. The game plan in the passing game for Sanchez looked to me just. As if he had his eyes on the primary receiver and that's where he went to -- try to simple -- Brian Schottenheimer to seek try to simplify this form. No because they've been simple all year I -- -- -- -- -- that is as being sarcastic but that that's how the jets play their game. You know they are Ed Ed Ed Ed it's still -- the right way to play when you have a young. Quarterback like Marc Sanchez he's the guy that's not gonna go to number two number three this progression. That it puts a lot of pressure on Bryant shot fabric called the right place a number one. It's open because at this point his career. He's not gonna get through that progression it takes time developed you don't that type of quarterback mentality -- -- -- some basic and just look at double -- I think once again. When you look out they where their offense had a bridle shop numbers play calling it was fake or the -- to throw the football here an action what was surprising maybe as much as they beat. Probably be a little skittish in the pocket. This is what sold decrypt the patriots played in this ball game because when they play well against Mark Sanchez that you do when they're depressed. But Iran position on the road 33 down toward third down and -- which are high percentage may have situations. The patriots played so I'm defense and get -- immediate burst out to be -- throw those out. My feeling has always been when he got young quarterbacks I mean. -- -- Okay in the big window through it always make them have to make it stick throw audio look at -- in the -- -- Britain at a time to pay just played a little bit too soft in the secondary that is old cup. Where I agree ripped you win and that my final question that was going to be. You talk about the -- a bump and run it -- this this is more of a football question is that I don't understand why more teams. Don't do that to the receiver that two offenses because it because of the time an issue because it makes it a little more difficult for them to get out there I mean it. To -- defensive back has become basically. The car's position in the play in -- National Football League because of all the rules and and the contact is -- all that stuff and it. In the day -- contact must also explain to me why don't. Teams do this more often to its offices. Troy you know exactly why you and god that was embarrassing all hooked -- but you do that that's that's that's -- the -- and the reason they're afraid to go up in that position you know one slipped one good move by a wideout it's six point so. You know I think the mentality of most people who are as as secondary players and his defense of coaches in defense of coordinators in Belgrade relativity -- The ten yard completion revenue -- fifty yards. Completion of seven point but guess what teams are more tempted to play off all right guys the guys I'm I'm look at the bears game right now. It may because of the weather conditions Chicago -- they played a lot of press bald man may have type coverage and there -- we're seeing a little bit more aggressive. Aggressive defense of the playoffs and didn't after the wide receivers a little bit but. -- it's a very risky position after the Gaza -- Troy had about a little lot of guys in that secondary. They -- or does it take -- breakdown one of these games and how much. You know admitted it takes about an hour after -- each side of the ball. So you know I love trying to run that made it through four times each got a gig get a real a real -- capital what teams are doing. And so people know he's looking at -- totally different films look at that the coaches felt not look at what we see watching the TV. Is always phenomenal. Had no sound I've got no -- so yeah so that's why don't have to be very solid. August it is an commercial over I don't what a question I gotta ask and it's an ESPN question I notice last week you pick the patriots all right. Did you pick the patriots last week just do well to motivate. However I did give us because people -- -- news -- -- like now we have we do our ESPN expert actually have to give them. By Thursday at noon to -- -- new. Who puts up by expert picks and by the way I think double the one percentage wise it's like the last four -- five years of my picks every week that we don't pick against the spread we pick the winners. Now I kept on looking at there at that money and make you believe about. I actually -- the jets to win the football game so that it went back and look at some other games look at some other page but -- I just could not pick. Mark Sanchez overcome -- playoff game. Like Paul -- outside outside the oppressive. Which might -- to the patriot so. I don't offer automatic Olympic I don't want people think that you -- what that it looked like -- that's early and I went back to the patriot -- I did see that but the question I was gonna ask you is did you do it now. To motivate the jets because apparently Don Jackson said that's on just a. Did you get any motivation and purpose that anyone in particular talking -- -- have the ability to get the products that a. Are right it's always great talking to you but -- great great information we appreciate it. -- Taylor Ron Jaworski from a ESP these group of editing -- and some of them it's that's a lot of what. Some of the stuff that -- already brought up our our ourselves but it's a lot better when you have somebody like that. Was able to confirm some of that -- thought it was interesting how many plays he thought the Brady left out there. On the hit and there were a lot of opportunities -- here's the question I have for -- guys you played with disk in you've covered him for years entire career. How does this happen. How is it the Tom Brady who so Cole who so calm so collected back there. Who's a clear cut whole favor one of the not the greatest quarterback in history to get suddenly suddenly become like -- Jobs said it consistent pressure -- of a consistent person I mean -- great and oppressive -- every once in while he was still -- you. But the system pressing a restart like he's got of those films out of spending -- deputies are seen numerous new and just not there and you -- Seattle next to you. When you constantly get to a guy you have remove an early in the football game you haven't you know on the -- little bit. That the ghost will come around he was dancing and they opened DC and you forget about human techno and as a mechanic probably gets about six on the bush. -- -- do that I mean there granted there was some confusion opted to our question they -- -- -- the article they would have more physical football and it don't know notorious for I struck. As I said -- also -- of a monster game DeVito as a magic played very hard muscle aside let's take government doesn't pick him up and that in McFadden I knew this they were the President Obama to. And logos logos in the -- is dead and strong and don't take any crap from anybody that saw him predicting a massive and they came to -- Citizen too when you think of operating it's it's. The ability to have faith that everything's going to be taking care of is what makes an offense or defense work on the -- do my part. When he was ducking when he was dodging when he was you know move around the pocket and as -- -- seeing ghosts. That's when -- said the thing. When they did they call the right protection yet having second guessing about the -- right is -- have a second guessing about. And that's where the jets couldn't well that's another exhibit of epic that that that the news this. The protection okay. You know for the most part but he adds as he was as buying time that you may be missed an open as he didn't see. And a couple of dot suntech is from downfield into a panic -- the dynamic so he wasn't didn't. Electricity goes didn't company finished up against it by the gap in the banks and noticed also. You kind of lose track of where gas Arnold's gonna be opening where where the -- -- at the Atlantic -- is as -- -- feel so. And that he talk about the the whole funnel the whole formal defense just -- -- to. You know only anybody else on the comebacks you can give of the comics doing of the cosmic everything comments that and ethernet peek over text that -- -- -- body image. That makes it you know that much more crowded in the inning in his -- symptoms of people opened in those -- those went. I've always felt that Tom Brady has a phenomenal back in even more so in in great games and maybe this is a pattern that's going in a different direction because teams of from the figured out what they can do to get -- He's always been able to slow everything down on the game is going quickly he's able to slow it all down and he's able to get exactly what he wants. I almost a feeling that the game was speeding up on the times stroller -- talk about the ghost and an attack. How critical back of the tape at 6789. Seconds back there -- the pocket and you should you know he's what went around but he still yet find anybody open. And here's Josh and. Math and look at the film he had some opportunities out how did he not see those opportunities was -- the fear that that. That they were doing some -- especially you know you have guys behind you the next clocks not going to stop us going -- in -- -- -- -- like you realize you really you know -- -- -- what you think you have. Yeah any -- and those like -- -- -- the Broncos -- if the the kind of you know to abandon him I'm winning this one as always is gonna put up his back foot and swung it across his body system just you know -- the nice pestilence. But you get this saves you when you were in that decision. These -- -- and and you know never had to -- don't know where they are now you know there there would -- about -- I'm not he's a -- like now for the -- And your first inclination is given the football. And he did -- did both animals Portman is game on but he had a key held on to the ball as long as it could have a lot of situations I mean eight NASA doesn't want them to sit in the pocket. He was -- back here for a long time it's ours was like. They would just beat the crap out of money it up with five sacks but it wasn't like I mean the Coleman one was right off the side again is just said. What was going on because he moved the running back I believe it was thwarted from the left side to the right side so we clears about that is one protection to put it up on the blitz right. -- so he knows that Coleman's out there on the left side are on and I. And it was obvious he was that you and he he never looked over that so he he had to assume that it was picked up. I thought of that that was donated and they and nobody came up again so when he when he when you see -- not even look over and not worry about that he assumed it was -- My quick break and we'll get to the phone calls at 6177790850. Strike brown it's dummy car and it's the -- they additional election.

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