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Vince Wilfork, Patriots DL

Jan 17, 2011|

Vince talked about a heartbreaking way to end the season, what things he has been thinking about from the loss, the challenges they had getting to Mark Sanchez, how he wanted to get away from everyone after the loss and why he didn't speak to the media, his take on all the Jets trash talking, why he would not have benched Wes Welker, and how he wouldn't say this was his best season because they did not win the Super Bowl

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Morning Vince is more votes or -- I guess afternoon now I didn't look at the clock wanna set that that afternoon. You're pretty upset last night any less upset today. -- newsworthy is you know we. Who also. -- the playoffs -- and so. You know after all year we we we we've grown as a team. In light -- her heart breaking -- in terms. -- you can go look back and reflect on the season. This it was a very successful season. When gas people never gave us a chance at the beginning of the year and to a fourteen to see a lot of young guys grow. Two professionals. Says a lot to this organization this team so. In order a lawsuit. You know beverages and we -- we lost their Balkans. You know we picked the wrong time to play. The way we played so. -- -- gear -- for. 2011 season in the off -- to force came. Two weeks. Which we knew we wish we could've. Continued to be playing well you know fortunately. Didn't work out right there so. That move won't move move forward so. That's what we start going. Anybody with any ounce of competitiveness. Was played any sport any helpful you always think about those losses you reply -- You think about what you could have done differently and how the game could return when you're thinking about this game last night this morning. What was that one thing though -- those five things you just kept thinking about. 41 we didn't start fares on our -- thing as a team we started. That we've been going home. And you will be -- and we mostly plays. And there was 420 dollars in California became known to play. You can see what they want about in the largest economy in the -- -- football. While that we Hungary where you know my crystals to -- runs. As a New York Russian -- Good running off so. I think are paying your terms we. We -- chance. What we kept them in a ball if that was you know given the place. -- not being able to you know put the ball in his only used it says and whatever maybe you'll feel position. What you can -- No third down all. Although situations -- thing. Some within him were known well what you know what you can either you can sit back and see if you should go to war. And so when there. -- our secure connection progress sorry about that she already. Across epic. The younger asking meaning in justice integral. To a course of years is that there's very positive thing for us. So there are very anxious to see you know how you're going next. Putting pressure on the quarterback was an issue for your defense at times during the course of this season I thought it was a real issue last night it didn't seem as though. You're in Sanchez's face as much as you'd like today. Groom at the same time he was -- them all -- you -- me. From the time we deeply personal here outside the pocket on the one -- -- it was on silent you know the pocket collapse. You know what you know such as instances and they if you know who plays with its feet drops out of pocket. And you know there was pressure from a -- -- -- -- -- -- It wasn't like he was sitting up in -- parking and given tar. Balls come quick. In terms you. If a guy when I'm blocked part wanna go so. You review progress and a few minutes ago budget things. So you know point on negative things what we should've done while we do unto others as you know we didn't make plays that we can play and we kept him in the game. -- in the we pay for. I saw you. Leaving the stadium. Saw Bob Kraft has already talked to him briefly in and out of stating why did you leave the stadium. Yesterday without talking to immediately get away from -- Emotions and -- sane thing to. And disrespect you one. Spears organization shortages organization -- in the best -- for me was to. These before you commit some like so. Do you think you what do you -- you put Atlanta proper award for more more on the -- -- -- the patriots -- I don't know are just things that we didn't play that we we immediately. I don't think you know it inundated in. Doing anything that we didn't prepare for. So. When you when you get -- in situations like that. You have to be -- just take a step back to see what to -- situation for you to turn up and get their turn. This situation for me was known art department of -- me that. Carruthers is our emotions. For a part of that. So. At that time a Windows Vista is not to be able to see -- from in the median. Talk about you know -- devil's advocate at the captain do you feel like it's your it's your responsibility to do it -- you have to be here. After a loss and talked and talked to the meeting now have to do you care -- care. Our desire to be here are due process be. Counting -- -- evidence that's -- -- it is because gentlemen have to speak to me. -- you know some actresses. Well. That's just a respect for -- from. I mean now going to the media because I know. Well what probably could have and and I wanted to -- -- so well. Past that there was still. That was the whole issue of me that. Talk to me yes. Deion Branch set after the game that some of the members of the jets didn't handle themselves very well after the game did you have any experiences. Yourself with or issues with the way the jets handle themselves after the game. You know what I mean the jets did -- talked all week about you know what they want to. After the after the last game nuclear exit their parents as right dinner and there. So you know what one thing that's if you wanna talk notorious for being with Walt Walt that he did last night so I mean we can't say. We can sit back and you know criticize any of any of the things orders they -- -- because they perform they won a football day. As bad as that sound you know it is what is the what they see is -- to -- Callers have asked I'll ask you directly. Did bills benching of Wes Welker for the first series have any adverse effect on your football team at all psychologically if for no other reason. I mean I didn't I didn't hear about her to name you know and and the gang. Humbled me. That's. Me that's that there was some buildings whereas. And went through me personally. I don't know I don't know you know that's devastating man. Make an appointment wolf. What we represented. But I wouldn't I wouldn't and I think that's that's just me. This -- is doing by you know. These game of the year so far and I wanted to be sprint -- me don't feel. I mean that's just me that's me it might have an opinion that's my opinion I want it done. Are you ever find you guys ever attempted mean with the exception of one guy west's. Everybody. Took the jets comments in stride nobody said anything west didn't and paid the consequences for we are you ever tempted to say things of course. Of course and you know that's that's best of that's one thing because we know we sit back we are -- you know talk in the median and -- that at some point -- Agassi in. From queens where we come from most of us. There you you'll pop. -- by talks unique way. Mean it is clear to. Users and it. Yet been beaten me two questions in all situations the game's always want -- So. We now be talking. To the room for you wouldn't talk much pain teams talk in the media right there. He shoot you was bold vision -- -- and -- -- It was a case. I mean Bart -- you know some of the stuff via -- say. Had attempted to grab -- felt like I hate people who play like I say everything that they say they -- -- right you can't. That we can see him point -- -- -- where we think about it we have to think about they'd be backed up into word so. Even from mark on his -- the back of his word so they're -- an extra and his move from here. We've -- in Hawaii in two weeks earlier. And after that. Probably the weirdest offseason you'll ever experience in your career with the lack of the CIA and all the question marks and you figured out how this gonna go. And -- I mean. Their spirits up four. To lead to come away it and you know when our team. Hopefully we have just -- some golf quick enough force. Because -- -- no plan. Not being able to play America's sport I don't think it benefits. No distinct. -- -- defense. -- defense can hurt by our. The players get hurt because you know not do what they love. And you have owners are also means they can talk wouldn't wanna talk but it is it is very very. What are you gonna do mostly on the business. I don't know move on most -- Is might be before you know and so. Was she had goals -- me out to you weren't weren't thing you know Brit the six -- gulf -- -- And analysts six hours. That's that's where. I got one more captain question for you asked your captain question earlier. You said you wouldn't of done that where do you with the Wes Welker can you. As a captain. Can you go in and say something -- -- You did you guys get a heads up that it was no progress there are found room after the game ping oops. My wife told me to -- some I don't know. Our -- I don't think it was a big deal. -- -- -- Which won the benching -- will last is -- -- blow all of you know the Communist whereas ordered its I don't think was a big deal. Either -- the opposite people have pains. Copies. Are now if I was I want done you know just because of what what what his game. Legacy reaches. Age is on a Mac question him in judgment at all on that would just as its marketing so. With six was that goes remote and. Final question for me when you look back on this. Will you be able to say this was your best year in the National Football League so far. Are -- because. Individually. There is no mean that -- even if you can get the job done the best instance. Some. These are strive for these things perfection -- What would care -- was some global. You know -- -- early morning. Put myself in that predicament because we didn't we didn't get it done so. Paying. I was part of a profit I think everybody had to look at seek. We who we all part of the problem not get the job done so. To read it to reward that's now on the case individually be like he knew what do season was a great season for me in my teammates so. If you get 660. Episode -- aqueduct to -- I haven't heard of Africa hot it's been a real pleasure for us all season -- to appreciate all Reggie always been able to answer questions whether we yeah. Whether we like the answers are not at least we can rest. Yeah always always street movers. And appreciate there's. Would give him again sugar into a hole I guess thing. That stock -- was go after our interview with Vince Wilfork is presented by Verizon -- LTE. It's the fastest and most advanced fourteen network in America in ten times faster than what you doing.

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