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Jan 17, 2011|

Tom Brady joins D&C for his final chat of the year. He talks about the loss to the Jets and his off season going forward.

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Obviously the quarterback on the patriot Monday is brought to you by our good friends at Dunkin' Donuts hello Tom. Overcome overrun grunts hours of sleep last -- safe to say non. Few. You know these forget it this. Sure a lot of guys were. You know progressive. For the wonderful. That a rough night rough day. -- -- We. Expectation that. We just didn't get the job done. Great great if you. -- It battered book. The other about a million questions that -- and Jerry and callers who have talked was all morning longer are dying to know. Biamby do we do next acute in and they played better and they made plays and we didn't begin with was that as good. A defensive game plan as you've seen all year from an opponent. Warrior guys just covered as they've ever been this year by the jets last night. I think it's just that it that it says. -- Because. What I mean. And and watch them play the coal and make plays a lot more zone coverage -- well. And really kept -- close game and -- won the fourth quarter. That's definitely crossed -- mind. Says that they'd be doing some work -- Thing. But they'll put that they were. Try to match up. These. Is it. With this get a good -- would they really -- what they would do it between. Win but consider this we've -- or certain it was a very -- -- -- important. It was a very big but it. That it. In the -- They've made but. I felt we did some. Good things that we would remove the all of which is it do. One point. Or would come. If you're not make it big plays. It. -- We didn't. On the first two drives by the patriots were nothing short of impressive other than with how they ended. There was a variety of plays formations movement Phil Simms was. Praiseworthy saying it's unbelievable they -- they're confusing the jets they don't. Find themselves familiar with these formations and yet one ends in an interception. The other with the drop in the end zone did those two official drives that ended with nothing. Take some wind out of the -- I think we look at them and then you would if they were very good defense. You gotta take it. The first. -- -- -- If you've ever ever let that happen. The other one. -- It happened you know we dropped fault that part of -- even. You don't get a third down plays that we to be better as well what. Right because -- pretty efficient. You really know about it it was three point. It was really. I think is that a lot of you. It was. -- -- -- -- You know we. You. They played with. Yes it's a very different -- -- -- -- -- -- But that's what they want portable for all those things that have -- this weekend. Because they think they pretty much sleep with so. -- After the December 6 came Bart Scott said the you knew. What they were gonna do before they did it and he was the he was. Talk about your ability to make those priests that -- in -- you're just one step ahead of them. -- what changed specifically what changed. Yesterday it seems impossible. The same two teams to take the same field. And and play and have that things change so dramatically. You know I I think it's different I was being -- -- in the states. They -- penalty. And turnovers. That plays well you position. Didn't give up in big -- You know in in the last thing they people they played the couple is working couple when you're in the -- It is really can this game you know what I could do it both ways we -- We understand there's going to be where they put this country but. That this is -- Pretty. Tight coverage. I think it is that would begin play this thing but they this'll do it replaces that -- -- -- -- and we just record that we had an opportunity. You know we would if we're not gonna win in this purple or would it make critical -- critical situation. Would -- -- -- In world that the and we have to get over. We will could open. When when I'm branch and Welker said that played more zone kind of surprised about playing more zone does that include the corners where it what was. Revis and Cromartie. Plan man and the guys playing zone behind them who was where is everyone in the zone. It was public worker. You know there was just a lot of coverage. You they really expect the authority it. And Revis recovered. It was. Those supporters that I put this thing. A lot of things are making. You. -- You know I felt we ran the ball well we really try to take back our. I would they had you know -- their little guys on the you'll we were all little bit. What is with this because of the U. We are this is -- -- that. We weren't effective. Play action. And they can. Be getting. You know to take what -- -- doing. I think more potent thing that's what -- can benefit homeless. This I think that we can that we wouldn't put. We played at home with you have equated it to play that hole. You really gotta. Really got to take advantage of the situation. Tom pretty much everybody is seeking a definitive answer to the question where was -- sense of urgency certainly in the second half and you've been on record saying. You'll like the hurry up you'll like the two minute to like the patient like the energy out where was that if for no other reason -- to change the energy at that point the game. Well you know it was about what really has to work and we're here with because I think we know we had it right there. Before the you know in the fourth quarter we this was a that we keep your local sort of person -- -- point game with what was -- what. So I thought we. That they had a lot of you know kind group because pick because the it's hard to think that we're gonna book him for all the formal -- of that movie and so you know I hope we that are reflected this suspect is still try to get the ball down field. Which which we did we do we got. Wouldn't that wouldn't. Exe in which several look what -- -- with equipment for the fuel pool and they make it. What did we. Because if you put it. They scored again to make what people. It was just. Is. -- but maybe if we recruit them to do if you're. If -- know -- or and and we. And I felt we felt we could put. We can do and and adults with -- -- what is. It on the field. It. Hope to do what -- Did the benching of Welker sit well with everybody or did -- create an unnecessary pregame distraction for the team. I think everybody. That it has no bearing on we -- that we waited. That. -- -- -- I don't know I don't think. What has most effectively gave it -- played that they. -- every patriot player uniform. That the people or that. We can't do we need to do with it. Certainly. Disappointment but felt what. That are really. What's the one moment the one player one mistake that the catch up. And they always come. It. This played it credible conservative play in the playbook it. -- capable. You can't. Make amends for this -- and for a year in. You know obviously you'll be back on all spring you'll be getting ready summer camp and the game start in September but this the post season and and you'll get another chance -- that for almost a year. Does your approach change at all I mean you're you're gonna win the MVP that an unbelievable regular season. And I assume it feels like that's all for not how do you change your approach to the season. When it seems now that the regular season means nothing and even the first seed in the home field means nothing. What do -- it doesn't it does mean anything. I think he -- be put yourself in the position like that is suffice it play it hole. But you know it's gonna come down to replace the best. The best game that that it. You know it. Your latest take a lot of work to get back to this point we were bad but you know what that's part of what I think there's. Resiliency -- that'll help that by the group of guys that -- put together and we have the same thing at the last people in. You know what really thought. And -- -- -- all you guys and later the patriot. You. We really came together. With the work in it. You know finish. This -- of the great great it would -- -- it's it's hard it would before and every. Every year's. You know. That you go through it. You know you. -- it's disappointing when you. Whether the Super Bowl whether that they FC championship game which we lost both of those of this thing. Those are hard to get over it because prefer you can sort of play. You know there's one. If one can look for the win. It and it. It's extremely disappointing and it's going to be 31 can -- this important -- we're one of Burton one. On their now three playoff losses in a row is that a disturbing trend in your mind or just a coincidence of the season that didn't work out. Properly your mind. Well I mean their record -- there's only one Super Bowl winner so look if we win this game with -- this game and Lucas who before you think you wouldn't. When we conclude that we get this thing field. You know anytime you don't want the support. You get at this supported him -- Well one reason why we're playing. One reason or reasons that we prepare -- work with coach Belichick coach is that. And this is -- put the -- went to school especially with the expectation that. Our team has had for. They. For all they. You know that supporter. -- You know it. And it takes its hateful. Good game. Two win in the quail. And we've been player. Play an and they get this is the truth is they did -- they. And it played a great game against the cold -- -- -- -- -- them and they played great in this. If they play great game next week that it because you know. That helped put up but also. Talk this next question I think as a direct result of high definition technology. Several callers have said. I'll look like he had red watery eyes he was dressed to the max we saw you sniping from the ammonia capsule in the cup. Prior to the game if you had the flu last night would you tell us. You didn't. You felt fine. The dress warmly. It. And you've done that cup thing before that ammonia capsule. Here we all do it. You know receiver quarterback. -- -- DDR Brent said the end jets were classless. After the game would. Do you agree. -- -- you know for your hadn't paid much attention to them. I pay much attention we. United there was -- proponent. You know -- couple we play them. You know that it -- office that could be that this special and they played really well. And you know we -- we can put enough pressure on them however they. Chose. Chosen few who will continue. What they're you know that that represent the organization -- -- an organization. Our way and I really don't care the way they act relief bill. I just. I'm really proud of the way that our guys conduct themselves. And I think we're we're gonna continue corporate work were but. To be back. Next year with this much. Focus and determination of this issue. -- -- Didn't pay attention what Cromartie said about you. It. -- said to move back page big headline lead Brady. Well. You know it. I mean they don't care. -- had never met the guy. -- this. I don't know why people they -- I don't. We're delighted and it doesn't affect me in my life. The guys that are most important in the -- my teammates my coaches. You know mister Kraft. -- I'm very proud he's a quarterback that it can. You know I think that they're seniors but I think that responsibility very cute. You know and I think it it's gonna take a lot of veteran leadership. Is -- effective spot where we need to be back. -- you've never met Antonio Cromartie. -- you got some in common with most of his eight kids than with the. Think that this. -- well. I. You know that this yes -- look they. -- You know they've had they've had a good year and that and it would never figured you could they -- -- you -- they have I wish I wish we warned this. Could be it wouldn't be able to show them well. You know but we didn't you know -- it validates. What they -- It takes to win. And that's where they -- a column that my I think that I wish. And we certainly without their -- up better. But we didn't. -- that. It felt world gonna have to deal with. Work through and but if that is for years every year that we've lost the -- is the -- this report. -- -- -- W.s who were disappointment. Last not on the podium you talked about the treadmill analogy but now he's got a ninety gonna toss and turn to think about it wake up. You got nothing to do and nowhere to go today it will what's that -- like. At this point because you've been 100 miles an hour since September. Or perished during. As it is just a very abruptly if we were. We have the figure your hope that with the Koreans. In. December. I think you. You always hope that. You know you're that final game of the year. I I haven't I haven't put any thought it -- anything really. Excited about the Pro -- and might not go well yeah. -- the the the strips that the the arm did not look pain free safe to say. Yes they got me pretty good. Five -- Yes this does is that we the people there's that the one thing that that I have. You know it says that played more. You know what happened in 2000 native. One positive effect on the way home that it was. That says. In the guys who come out of the -- healthy you know can we have a good off. So a lot of guys over the course for the season. Where last Q -- you -- at that all of it surgery we had been. Fortunately you know. You know what I've gone -- before what happened is that the group B it was it working right away at work on. -- become because quarterback but. Touching -- finally yellen on -- Marty and then what his words were pre game a lot of people thought. You would be targeting in torturing him like you did Smith from from Pittsburgh. That didn't happen -- those -- erroneous expectations but people said watching Brady go after -- Marty all night long. Arbiter -- personal -- that out there it'll there's you know we're trying to do the things that we could do. We've been. I thought we we had a great game -- You know when and if we were executed better early -- That we -- Really creative and think between. And have taken them but certain but. And and we just kind of the way we played they get on around them around and then they haven't made a few plays. It was scramble -- that that interest me. Great Catholic fiscal hole when -- made that really enables them to take. You know significantly beginning. We battled back. That we fought to begin. This. You know our our lack of execution. At critical points that game really limit our ability to cool. -- would you call those. Coverage sacks. You think your offensive line did a good enough job to keep it clean for the most part. You're guys recovered muted -- -- -- long -- want to its effort to say. Yes and and watch the film. That the -- has played incredible year. They those guys you know work. We're all different we. Two. To protect obviously you quarterback -- running back. In the run blocking. And they did -- -- governor so. I thought last night they were they were great. I would look at around. For you know what guys and and they've -- that the look of a film that I wait. Of the things that I need to be better we -- it just. Truth but when. A bunch of misleading stats in this game I guess time of possession and the number of plays you run verses the number plays they run. And your number of first -- by comparison there's really don't mean a lot of things are clicking at critical times when it's time to school football. Well if you look at it was -- -- Bootable Creighton first for their future as we point. -- -- And we -- that when you have those opportunities that it got to make. It would get for the red area in the fourth quarter that of course that's -- this -- Google because Google but from a tough situation. -- again we could do it. I think that you're right that the very best we've retrofitted. You've got to really understand what we're trying to do. And how we tried to and I don't think he can because that's OK that people is totally cool. -- for the very rare. We'll admit that when you first heard Welker is press coverage if that was pretty funny because most people did a myth that was creative and we the and I didn't in the had a venom on the I was I was brilliant. Have a I didn't hear much about it so you know that. When people were were affected me so. You know I think what -- you know you kind of you know that with the personality he's. With the very. Better for the for the I think. There's you know with all the things they'll come your that the west is before the combat it is no -- I don't think that's any reason why we've lost the game but I think that would have any reason that we won the game has won the game. I think all that stuff that happened over the course we. Really didn't have any influence but again -- has the book the that would interception. The red area. Portable we get the red area because that'll do equals. Convert on third down. Not make hypocritical or -- pleased that we. -- and they. As those of that that capable of. If you thought. Tom now to the season is over those mr. Suisse would get a phone call to do something dramatic with a pair. I they had an improvement but and anything you know right. What I need to do to be a better quarterback that's that's probably what my philosophy. To put it in. We'll be like to raise a lot of money for the Jimmy Fund or something when it's time for that to happen. We could probably a global charity event have one person help peace that -- Mohawk working on your hair now will have the outlet. -- helped -- here but I'm still tons and tons of raffle tickets -- tons and tons royalties for the Jimmy fund for somebody to help PD cut Tom's hair. -- -- -- thought hey do you feel like he doesn't set up to do it again next year after we don't know about the draft -- she got a lot of young guys we know about last year's draft. Does it feel I know doesn't feel good right now but do you feel optimistic. Looking forward if they get have a few more shots at this time. As sure as hell hope so. You know. You know not going anywhere anytime soon -- Coach -- effective you know with with with you'll love this view is that can. What. The coaching and is that. The -- We have the best coach. The best to order the book book to be successful here. Played for the patriots for the guys that come here. Forward we have a group of guys that. The resilient. That work hard and you know love became a football like the guys we had this year we're growth that we. Sounds like Logan Mankins who discovered. Kevin Logan told -- there's nobody better than locomotive. The best that his position. Everything you look for. He's a phenomenal person. Hopefully here I hope we can about it. Also it's while women that the quarterback question last one of them -- last question here. There. I yes we this is that drive not efficient drive where is the quarterback -- -- ago publisher offseason training changed now that your season has ended earlier than expected. That's when when it lets us know. Yeah these -- about one how long we'll take you to get over the loss. That's about. It yeah hello to -- regular loss. In every single human you never get over losses and I think you. But I never got over one loss that had my career they always equipment I think there's. Look I mean something playing and and we make the playoffs that's been held that your world. With the patriots but also I don't think that's the standard that says that heavy and really didn't. Have for I think we're. You know our expectation every year. To win the super cool. I think that when you go do that we. There's there's disappointment that linger I haven't really the best political about it importantly during the regular season with several games are -- for the postseason they'll. It's gonna. Won't go their separate ways hurt the time being. And hopefully the labor situation gets itself. Sorted out. But you know everyone will. There role come back that have been killed with is the new season and I think that's. But one thing about the Super Bowl -- in in that and that Super Bowl game but I always felt is that the start of the year. So until that before and we always feel like. You know -- You know you feel -- -- When it game manager like they have so happy that -- -- You know your your goal is when at all in. It takes a lot of hard work because a lot of great play a critical. Played that for example this team has done over the course this -- because it really critical if we just didn't do you know you. Go. It's gonna have. Tom since this is your last appearance of the year with us -- -- to thank you for entry -- the bell every Monday morning when I'm sure there are some Monday morning -- didn't wanna get up and talk with us. We also appreciate your willingness to engage and entertain -- obnoxious questions. -- a pretty regular basis. Now I appreciate you guys and guys -- -- You know sensitive when things don't go so well it. You know it's as competitors we -- do the best know for all of our fans that we want the best for her teammates her coaches that. He'll forever played support and believe me. It's very disappointing for all of us. Have not live up their expectation that we -- -- her and her you know with the crowd after. And say you know that the disappointment that we feel hopefully that it could motivate us. Going forward who will line though will for all the guys who have followed this. You know we're we're certainly. We're gonna move forward more aware of what we need to do. To be better and you know I look forward. You know what that'll. He now I know you took the job had to call the sensitive -- that's -- sensitive in fifty years. Thomas. And enjoy your offseason as best you can. And if you under the hair thing have your friend call me okay. Ticket talk ready with the Santelli and coffee with a quarterback. Brought to you by Dunkin' Donuts -- quarterback question of the week is sponsored by northeast electrical distributors. With 32 can be locations it's the number one choice for electrical supplies and services all of doing and call or visit them today and learn how your business and conserve energy and save money northeast electrical distribute. He memo to -- Hide the steak -- It he has settled to pop up -- I mean really we think in media fans think it's a downer a shocker yeah. Mental feels to be -- highs yet Dryden I am MVP probably unanimous in the train it's a wall and now the greatest ever is being called. All he needs a couple more rings in Italy's solidified you know debate. And your chance of winning a ring is gone for more than a year right you know you don't get another kick at this for. In first round -- for them when -- will be a year the next suitable you know a year and a few weeks away. How much training and weight after all of that there we now get back to where they were yesterday at 430 and human and -- like you know like that the colts 700 injuries yet all your skill position guys -- And pertinent concussions knees and you'd just don't know. And that would talk and last week nationally you know that shows you watch about Peyton Manning's mortality is he done and not as a viable quarterback but -- -- Super Bowl champion race he won one. He lost last year when Peyton Manning get any more so bubbles the age of 35 Brady's 33 and half his 34 August will he have. Many more kicks the can Leo another set up with the draft young players in the great coach good ownership. But it's -- it's not something you can count on on do well it doesn't at least forty obviously there health you know variables in that whole thing. But I think he wins one more before I -- so I've -- I don't doubt that you get to a couple more yeah. I have no -- one -- before would be time Joe Montana correct we said the -- thing in the aftermath of the last of mobile seven years. That's a good point by U meter -- in seven years ago we said is going to be opposed all his size six numbers management thank. As many chances as you by as my -- Madoff who says there are there two or three years away young defense budget draft choices. And that you know a great coach -- -- triumph and a pretty good coach and good ownership and just real stability yeah. You have to think they'll have these kind of chances you know home playoff game right. With a chance you know what. Do you ever remember an easier road. Or on paper obviously you know we've all proven wrong -- which -- given Sunday John -- -- game against the team it just smoked right and then. They have -- All four teams left they've beaten them. By a combined score tickets won 51 dollar 63 right and -- -- the -- teams remaining in the to and the ravens and Steelers knocks the snot out of each other. In Alaska and in this go into in the sumo should have beaten the Green Bay Packers. And that's true they didn't have that Rodgers. They get my -- -- usually go for a fourth and goal from the one. Kicked a field goal of the worst coaching decisions of the year. His views -- Troy Aikman's choice as coach of the year in the NFL things change quickly.

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