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Jermaine O'Neal, Celtics Center

Jan 13, 2011|

Jermaine talked about how frustrating the season has been dealing with his injury, the transition coming to Boston and how it has been challenging picking up his role in the offense, how much he has really enjoyed the experience in Boston with his teammates and the city in general, how great the team will be when they are back at full health, and what options he has discussed with the C's about his injury and if surgery is a possibility

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I it is the Celtics Thursday we -- Jackie McMullen earlier in the hour. Joining us on the line right now from the Boston Celtics is Jermaine O'Neal Jermaine its -- Michael how are yeah. We're doing great doing pretty well. We haven't spoken to your sense I think this is the day you sign we we talked to be a little bit then. Has this last week or so been a little bit frustrating for you just from a physical point of view. -- Will be no animals -- used -- mister -- street atlas or year. I do understand format -- what was so. Yards at a low valuations. This morning Miles Austin and may have been -- -- charges. The political scenario army -- the best in the western part. -- your distances and your system routine. You've been you know. And roll. You know there's some sort of -- you know our allies about -- -- -- -- is basically just been you know -- people. Quote -- -- -- where are these terrorists and you know we're you know which arm -- you're still to the transition for me. And I am trying to keep super -- used to. Do with. It would go. -- you feel like you're. Do you feel like there's something that you could you can bring to the Celtics that you haven't been able to show yet. And if so what is it. Well you got up while almost outplayed bad wolf or animals -- allies in. Are too old to principles of the floor. I don't know you know about the medical terms the last two weeks -- -- my back court and you know my purpose -- right now to. Our new aero car in the fourth. And that was our -- guard. -- -- -- -- -- -- since it is it would appear so the industry is built sort of wait and as 100 seems we're just. -- assistance team and different components. First just to run to secure -- right -- -- you don't beat who you know be better in the motor city. Battery. Art. It in our secure and and I'm just oil or. And that's -- oh you know stop on the uptick rule of -- Google lots arson you know this results. They don't let the transition. With your role in -- playing a lot last year. A relatively near a lot less Jeremiah and the average in about thirty minutes a game and you were given at some points. We need to let the transition here. It's -- system. Difficult to learn offensively or defensively or is it just a matter of okay I'm asked to do different things although I understand completely what their estimated at. Typically this disease you know that that's something that I -- it to operate way to. No reward those who -- the summer argued that it can trigger current world and so that's a problem I'll put. Because there's. It is completely differently. -- -- and they serious aren't used a role. And it and it felt like I like darker and it was our. Excuse product and good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The fact -- are part is it's a -- if it passes at all. And yet and and try to look at pains but again it's it doesn't. Carcasses are very -- are you know. Some terms. No you are -- sort of think argues pretty big and so on music as a negative where I've never been in this situation where. So many in Jules teammate -- to -- Personnel you know four coaches that. And and to some individual people. That he got it really makes it easy. Truth be here in America with two or through it make in order innocence is hard because I think they're going to talk. Over the last week it was -- -- actually about ability sort of tickled pink to emea when he sold out. And make them feel like you know that's not as but -- know we love you -- -- NASCAR we are approaching their. -- part of -- a lot of throughout you can use our. Aaron are clear to our armed. And sometimes it's certainly. You know because you don't really know what it is true that the situation is or what the -- to do and put me I'm -- -- -- -- -- government brutality are about to ask a lot of I like got a lot -- not like you know it opens at this moment app where it. It -- -- a great situation for -- -- -- and on the what's the condition of the year and in the fourth when the potential to. -- Kevin both out of the lineup at the moment you've had other guys who've been out of the lineup at times do you find yourself sitting there looking around the locker room at practice or even before game and think and and if we get everybody healthy what's his team -- look like them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They I'm thinking about it. You probably you -- have a lot of a lot of big guys in your team between you and Jack and and Kendrick Perkins. But you probably don't know what it's like to play with these guys because it seems that one guy comes back somebody else without. How do you think your game when your skill set -- will match up with parts for example when he comes back. I'm not sure -- I'm not sure I'm -- -- -- -- -- with each other. On the clips and comments accurately -- it's -- sort of -- essential for -- you know we've -- back together we have -- Of course as we know itself which on the slope and I'm not really sure you know again that's where we -- office is that really. Predicated. You know sort release pollster not there really you know units riddles was because for their areas there is more about. Between. Them did not -- -- -- -- You know we'll know quite catch issue and have been -- they've -- in the major tropical was quick glimpse and you know quick potential back to school district of the release to -- about that because you're you know that we have a very. Complicating it also -- a system knows this is with a different there's no answer sharp -- and I'm Easter. Albuquerque and quite pleased -- also. I'll look defensively you know we shall we -- -- because -- didn't -- to relieve local a lot of space I think social dimension they see or downstream trends you know muscles -- there was sheriff little must social they would -- Would -- behavioral her court you know whatever alliances so. A -- which were more guards around a lot. You mentioned different possible different scenarios -- beginning of this interview I was one of those scenarios -- one of those discussions. In season surgery or surgery that will put throughout for a while it was that one of the that the points is that you debated with the team. You know they'll definitely. So we talked you know for some footage from the period. And and we wanted to you know some. -- a couple of options and that we may be in a situation now. It's on the data will actually workable as -- tendencies or it's confusing. You wanna hear -- -- order in this in the current term. So already it's. So you major decisions as a player. And so as disturbed and its -- a certain way and Cha -- doesn't work. You know it would in this area and so. -- actually. References to Darfur region just -- With the with the change and and and and Danny Sullivan program occasional. Okay we'll finish. We need to seek a better Q and keep dealt with moment and -- -- -- -- After you had that conversation what the doctors did he feel free to give us called back to just let us know the latest we just wanna keep up to date here. You know what you guys just wanna beat you and bill and just. Do the interview and it was you -- I don't know a lot of our people here you know and in fact. You got -- the first few McCain hammer when you are so nice to. But I united I do one of say good. And what kind of work are genuinely really really -- this this is. The best sports. -- corporate recruiters. People here. All sorts when it comes to really to make an economic nuclear fuel at all making a player to part of the community. Apart currently. And you know as it's been humbly. In practice towards you know figure right there it is. That the current reduced the -- so much slower and and and appreciation towards. There's a lot of people say that to a lot of people Jermaine who are not from here a lot of the stars. Who came to Boston played at their careers in Boston. They're from you know whether it's Jim writes being from South Carolina. I'll whether it's -- working for so -- -- Cam Neely they just. They settled down here because. Of what you said it's it's a great some incredible sports it's a sports town incredible sports town and credible sports region. It is completely UCL -- when. On the play but you don't you know is difference between Sony and their relentless and it updated its reasons and that's you know festivals in the import about being here and really really really make sure that the and to do well you can get that you've got great support -- -- already -- maverick you record at Reno or. Of course export destination to it's it's a tremendous amount of support. -- -- -- spirit. That -- Are appreciative of all the support it and. Final question from me. There are some some big people and some big personalities on this basketball team. As the season has gone forward. -- it has your perception of how these personalities for gonna mash changed or has it been exactly what to expect it. I think what I expected you know and who. The Arabs is some areas because those that are saying it was a lot of respect. For which it is a very -- Lock. -- -- way to keep your feet. On the way to keep few part you know. You know we have that the reality TV camera. Human consequences is pregnancy you know more -- whoever. About four and literally have to be a table would net. Yeah it's definitely not be censored or HBO coupled with everywhere he goes hey dictatorship -- -- -- on display and then we really enjoy each other. It beat it to be you'd be -- CO. Because you know you -- -- the camera we've seen read and interpret. Promote sport these cars are like Brothers and we do -- -- reports were to went about it eighteen. Number one reality show I don't know man a real housewives of Atlanta -- still -- I love that jokes I don't know good topic to talk median gym and all those characters both. I promise you it would it would it would appear close circuit and -- Did you bring your man we appreciate time thank you -- you take care that is a Boston Celtics center Jermaine O'Neal.

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