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Doc Rivers, Celtics Head Coach

Jan 13, 2011|

Doc joins D&C to talk about the Celtics win last night, the Jets/Patriots game this Sunday and what's better then sliced bread?

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Take a few more confidence than ever joining us on the AT&T hotline -- it was possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible. The coach of the Boston celtics' Doc Rivers doc -- -- We're doing okay -- hypothetical question for you if big baby in a press conference said I hate LeBron. Bleak LeBron and the bronze -- a hole with -- with a coach have to have a little chat with big baby. I would have a little chat. About. The Muslim member of parliament did you run -- the talking. You know it's the stuff obviously I don't -- -- But it's really and that's what they've been you're so no. That adjustment for the game. Well do you do you look. Do you use that stuff -- the kind of the answer this let's say for a big game someone said something. A little on line like this you give a speech. To the team that we would think is kind of high school issue I mean is that still part of the NBA like it is the -- Looted by the end of the day you just -- -- mobile carrier. And ready you know you do the work all week you know in in the full vocation that's what you do work -- date because we don't have a week to prepare. And garden -- wave -- -- in thin -- you don't have to -- You did because it's going to be use. So much. You know who the real world we'll let the guys a hundred times about it in the mobile doesn't have an effect. But I don't think you need you. Will -- Charlotte Orlando one of your next two opponents said somebody on those teams said the Celtics are old and they're overrated and their right to be had. Would you speak to that and it's an and it gets to that is yes then you have to think it has some sort of advantage or some sort of benefit to you know. You are yes you know I don't know I would have to speak to and I guarantee you our guidance it would himself in -- -- Muslim should look in the right especially in the playoffs. Located dejected and -- word. This whole week. The pigeons still we would be great to know that -- so sometimes it helps you know give you a little bit extra. I'm against what widgets are going to let you printed. -- -- -- motivates you better than zero million loan to in the look at that extra a little bit more so you know. Eight when we knew seeded team. Like Sacramento company in the air after playing in overtime losing in overtime there eight and 28 they're probably the on the snow everything. About this game smacked of a little letdown monsoonal hospital let down you guys don't let down at all do you feel like you have a complacency free or let down free team that does not allow this team to let them. Well not only did not want. No and so are in its name Susan you're gonna have some of those. I didn't feel like we would have won last night because -- -- -- -- -- Jews and there's the magic know the night before so. They look pretty good at that and I'd probably be ready that it happened then. And so -- actually address before within them are reminded them. I would have been our approach is to go back and Orlando must purge your little re edited one -- there was drafted in the starting line up. I -- a year. -- I told him that that's and then stormed the good teams met Dickinson -- wooden as part of the process of women then fought so. But I don't do so would be ready -- It -- I assume the prior to a game -- emphasizing certain things who wanna do on defense and offense selects the let's stick offense for for a little bit if there're couple things are trying to. To emphasize when you well -- play the kings last night and then suddenly the three start reining in at a at a particularly strong rate. How and when -- go -- and change its strategy signal we're not gonna emphasize what I told you we are we're gonna continue to shoot the basketball until we cool off. Well. Like I was secure as my first -- going into the -- when they're create simple no walk in the -- before the provoked before. You know pick your shots in the imparted that obviously it. You have opened the reason you're three point shooter that -- -- competitive. But it doesn't have to merge you go to a game you want opposing their religion and reason used to remind them -- -- to get the ball inside and and Obama do that outside. It would not last week we talked -- -- one baby forgets he's big baby that's when he gets in trouble you have particularly. High praise from both Rondo and Nate after the game for just that thing pace when -- goes bad when they it's not doing what he's -- to be doing your mind what form does that take stock. Well look who's trying to do too much with the ball you know amended -- Belmondo. You know in. -- mobile score and then you test to make shots and then defensively. You have to -- immigrated -- No but who doesn't have energy and you know can bookmark would -- -- couldn't release of journalists. Yeah we've done a -- and a predawn good for one stupid question prick for her interviews so here comes given a choice. Would you rather have all five of your starters play as well as they can possibly play in a given game. Or would you prefer to have all five starters and five or six bench guys -- sort of a medium kind of basketball game. Well because you know most important golf equipment nowhere to put mr. -- -- it -- starters. Because they're gonna play a tournament yet and -- so you'd rather have -- best players. I'll play their best. You win every time if all five starters play their ass off right. No never a good shot at them and obviously you want to businesses do well as well because this person -- the -- -- season. But doing the play of YouTube fraud does play well you're probably gonna win. They will we know the defense suffers without Kevin Garnett -- break it down specifically. How is it specifically more difficult to play defense without KG. I didn't in his way is just communication no. When what stood still the Bay Area that is used in game Obama transition defense and its -- the -- -- you know. These that voice telling guys. To do directly due to writes about. No bluff and go -- -- deterrence we're you know you can -- red horse. You know just talk to them. Not influence the what is does it helps as well. There was talk. We know it's like losing nobody took the life that I could -- -- who lived through three. And talks or routine to where everybody should go men haven't met Richard -- He has he suffered 888 setback in the last couple days because we're expecting him back by now. Not really know that's why gates -- -- November and whatever they went system -- solar wind didn't they do and that's really because you don't know how long anything military. Do you have stated they. You know very close. But just not ready yet. I'm I'm sure you noticed that on the watch but the lakers just nipped the cabs at the buzzer and two nights ago won twelve to 57. And and and -- LeBron kind of gloated afterwards. You'll feel bad for -- got Byron Scott did was unfair what LeBron did to that team -- we left them. Okay I'm there. Did let you know you -- didn't really look legitimate freeagent. And left and there's nothing wrong what do you do it. You know whether they have seven years no. In the -- does -- get it right to give them the players that he bought it. -- -- -- -- there and in his opinion they never do that. And so you have every right to do with a bit. Obviously you knew -- abroad unless. Our it would it would. Well -- -- haven't met through a minute left that who took it to do doing no well one thing there's no good abroad more. You know when Billy that it really let Lehman and meant to make -- look at. But what Carmelo is doing in Denver we think is is kinda given them advance notice that is -- better for the French -- -- -- a chance to rebuild by. By -- him -- and obviously Cleveland didn't have that chance. No -- didn't. And Montgomery are just is better and the way he looks legitimate and some -- still gonna Lugar amendment doesn't matter what you -- -- I've always -- if you lose a guy like Kevin Garnett. You can. Both oracle no lower hole in the bottom. You're gonna struggle. So you haven't been made in local players. But it into the very is still going to be decided. Last night was 308. Victory is the Celtics coach that would -- third place ahead of Casey Jones Tommy -- and is I believe a 119 in front of you at 427. And you and on the record that it may happen and I'm not catch and read at 795 for number one did you with a 190 more games for the Boston Celtics stock. We are good men met that would be nice that would mean good so we're still doing very well Limbaugh and Glenn well that's still could go well. And that that would be nice -- I was so that. Have you heard from -- or does that just left -- Just -- yeah go Elizabeth. I didn't realize until they go from -- over two days ago that that I was well over that so well Google didn't introduce talk ruined. Yeah but you get close to 427 Tommy won't leave it left unsaid. But I told them no doubt about it that's the situation remote guard. Let the good news is to blame the refs. -- And we it was -- part of the morning discussing the line that Rex Ryan said. It's only about being something as great as sliced bread and we think that's kind of outdated Jerry Jerry -- them via add Internet to -- a newspaper also had the greatest thing since Internet porn. I said the DVR will both be Europe's substitution for the greatest thing since sliced bread -- I would probably -- the iPad for me. One. Yeah. You didn't that is like crack cocaine from -- -- -- once you get when you can't get option in -- not. It could eventually married and often a moderate yeah would do much. What's the best part of the what do you do with it. Well not all you we can actually watch this -- -- a very good that's that's -- -- -- -- day -- -- push one button. And we have our own steps that we create. There we want on and it dormant. It's really good. They were not old enough to remember the days of the actual film projector are you to Everett still projectors that rookie year. -- Well don't let nobody goes from who's the days back when. Played there is no edits. Do you have the last couple. Of course the so can improve it. Out of awful David -- But it was BC our right as VCR tapes. Yet aren't so -- -- I could talk to give thanks to the time. Doc Rivers that Dennis and Callahan joining us on the AT&T outlined by the what's possible. With a day's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible. Holiday season you probably -- time well spent with your family and friends now it's the new year -- -- you have some plans for travel that strike plans to travel and get away somewhere that will take your breath away the mountains the beaches. The big cities.

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