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Doc Rivers, Celtics Head Coach

Jan 6, 2011|

Doc joins D&C to talk about the classic last night at the TD Garden between the Celtics and Spurs

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Doc Rivers right now. Doc Rivers is -- you might -- mobile laser right consultants 20/20 vision is great but 20/20 happy he's better BC 20/20 happy dot com. And also by heard she. There's infinity of Boston and nine midwest where we've got it can't hurt Cambridge dot com. Invite Mikey -- here doctor doctor Robert Leonard at 1800 get. Care. Rivers joins us on the AT&T outlined by the -- possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT and the everything possible to dock the statute of limitations on wishing people happy new year runs out tomorrow so happy new year long time no talk. I don't. -- -- -- -- We we're we're well we're discussing what the qualifications were for a great basketball game and I don't know open as a coach you're so involved you can't beat. Entertained -- and joy last night's game but last night's game certainly qualified on all levels even for a game in January. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There and so do no room -- shut down the stretch the world balloon broke. Play different that way. I wrote with the that you must move -- wanted to win the game you could still left well at the start of the day and so they have the chance to that they have. So explain to me like them a five year old how you shoot 61%. They shoot 45%. You win by two is at the disparity of offensive rebounds and the number of shots they talked. Look at the over the over the and then Mr. Bush out -- they ended up at the rebound you know and we are obviously they're gonna have a couple more offensive rebounds. Women should 45 -- -- bright. There's going to be a discrepancy but it just -- give the good news in the last three days. How does that work when you see when you hear that they give up -- 128. At New York the day before do you immediately say all. They're going to be little ornery. Well we're gonna go -- -- -- yeah mood you're gonna try to do better defensively. Are you also know that. And Slobodan your demo they did welcomes to report gives an order of magnitude. Also they have within them and you know in the tested go to great intensity. Were you surprised at his. Tactic at the end of that game of taking them out was was that was a psychological ploy more than waving the white flag telling his guys I'm not happy -- you've done here against the knicks. It may have been a little bit that I really I thought it looked a big game and how the game going. That the marketplace does. And you know what let's try to -- most and you know and sort of more -- than anything else. I know you respect him a lot you have all the the praise in the world for Popovich would you do that given the similar situations. I've gotten from I'm never gonna do that actually you know let's. Guys out -- gonna put them backyard and a look at the school and I think. You know. I don't think we're gonna did this -- and sometimes. Is now under way and it's about Newport and then just look manager guys. -- -- -- -- It's that would. But I have good I did. Are you take Rondo out with -- believe thirteen seconds left in the in the third it was set. Defensive matchups -- just give him a little extra rest and not get him file. Hello good to mama -- rights but basically. -- -- beloved in the play in my life and again because they knew there are limits and -- Georgian rule in broker for most of today. -- -- -- -- -- -- A doctor -- minute allotment philosophy change for a guy we know he's having a transcendent might like like responded last night. Bogota under the you can just -- -- run when I communicated. And then every movement doesn't have built 24 minutes of the road well no no dude it's a little minute break let but they're getting stronger and -- -- -- -- -- billion and so much. And the world and I could tell from the community amended or. Oden a timeout just let me know. I've been playing so well it didn't wanna do more on the floor. Yacht -- pretty safe to say that Rondo has scraped the rust off from his down time and for all the the numbers the twelve points -- -- to assist. The ten rebounds and six deals I think you could make -- case the most amazing the -- get on the floor was the one block last night. Welcome whom -- -- a Muslim men in the most important thing he did -- at -- shot down mr. And diplomats said this before it's as good as he's player in the world playing. Right now at times. Noted that it could be condemned the playoffs and the Mormon to run to help improve and enrollment worked Norman and -- better improvement lessen my it is. Global -- And we know dorm at twelve -- whatever one's gonna try to force him to do. And then once go to try to help we're ready by the people shot to win overrun built. And -- -- -- promote social there were really good. Every time big baby you know has a game like last night -- everytime he knocks down a big clutch sixteen footer. I'm a little surprise I guess they should be beyond that by now it seems like -- that's his lucky gamers lucky moment he's not supposed to do that. But he is these -- are consistently I mean he's. Including the consumer -- know it no longer commute to work and ownership I didn't better. And the consistent good shooter. Known to have been -- -- control would be just outside of that that's sixteen footprints. And start it until further back probably met no American intruder especially when it just takes -- -- -- bell. No -- put promote the tour and -- right there have been struggles both. -- -- -- Really focused dramatically in the blood which limits. It's very young voters fresh as well I thought the reason this person's determined -- -- I thought the new commitments. Would that threatens -- smooth and does little slower last month. Reference -- big baby after the game you said the only time he gets himself in troubles when he forgets that he's Glen Davis is that which are talking about to elaborate on that. They are an America always and it wouldn't stars flew in November and no enforcement Sharpton. Only look at Porsche are some -- -- who are you did himself in trouble will win the -- let the game coming up. -- -- -- was the -- is so important toward seeing. We don't let these new immigrants were important. And we had a big quote real important question earlier we haven't got an answer to yet. Maybe you can help -- so -- big baby dunk. Oh we are -- to dog. But it took a lot of energy so did they do that's a good buffalo you didn't have good good good good to let them. -- nobody seems like he's the he's not a very vertical guy I mean I'm only kidding I'm sure conduct we don't see too often. These remarkable for his height and for his leg well I'll. Effectively can be you had a month. Duncan for a stretch last night didn't. I didn't know about the mayor got pushups but I've got but it did a great -- no -- -- to different people late. And you know you have to -- when he's lived -- post split. Grabbed above baca does well when you're gonna back baby -- in there are. She moved from when you caught the ball because you're not gonna move him and that's part of this entered the Clinton. The other debate we had this morning women answered this question either is who has more room for improvement more upside if you will when their game left left ago Rondo or maybe. I couldn't run bill. Nobody it is consistent solid. You know. Students move you know the -- -- years there could be an alto and you know we can do just stay consistent. We run -- boat builders are part of it and then. You know that's gonna open up so many more doors tornado you know you do is look we're doing now. And they're going to -- do do do what all god independent government did know look what Minnesota then he looked in the day meg going to. Yeah and they -- I mean they've -- so far right from the he could almost get to The Who. No grumbling boredom. So. What's in good -- there would he can do better and more. I don't know how you go to we don't run bottom competitive. You you mentioned you're tough on. On big baby and then people -- -- while coming out tough you have to be what does he or what -- would in what way does he resists. You're coaching your instruction. Well it looked also were probably use and abuse demanding you know I've seen this before. No maybe two million. Children who. And you just don't want him to settle. And you look at helmet and in the -- in -- and not know about all it Millwood and allowed you to settle. I'm just not you do you have so much to do it today that -- Then there's no room for nothing better than what you wrote today or tomorrow. And so I'm gonna true that you. But when you wrote today and -- it's YouTube the way you should be some good and blues -- does very well. I don't know Popovich would consider himself tough or demanding on his players and I know you'll Popovich have a lot of respect for one another. Which -- styles are completely different. He's not personable with the media he doesn't do the interviews between periods -- doesn't always go -- -- protect his players. Why is his style worked for yours and you hours for him into her work review. You know do different people who know our pump up the good guys actually didn't. No -- -- -- Republican debate won't with the living in this thing went for one thing just -- order. No I'm very good it felt differently than Helmand. We know work in the debate. The way you know what good ML. This could implode there's still. A lot of good drive to do it then there's probably disregard that way both I'd pick up in the debate. A lot of work pub and what I do and and that the -- is. Then -- In the Kumble to each other open teammates know that three men in that I think that is really important. We have another question then may be an episode did did. Popovich does he did find. Were not wearing that tie in for not doing interviews between quarters. Aluminum moved between cordial described. A lot do you think it's it's worth it to him to just say that the fine and not do. No no I think it does the most of it done but just -- -- quick. I'm the problem no you don't have to work out. You know. But that's the standard and -- they talk about that never really went through through so there's a lot of doubt about it don't work us. -- van Gundy wasn't allowed to wear that mock turtleneck anymore -- stand. -- -- move controller. A notice in the very aware of the colored certain. Slugger. Out of all of you what do venture into these water hoses -- -- at at at at. But of last that was -- the any indication. Is Rondo of the one irreplaceable Celtic did you have to play a seventh game. Next year against the lakers -- the spurs or somebody and one of your starting five went down. Would rather be the last guy that you want to go first. I don't know being. They didn't put an important do yeah. So I don't know which one they would these. No commitment and know. Between the bid for. And one of them obviously a million. I was in the world record is about around the but it would look. No. Couldn't do that. What is certain basketball we wouldn't have been put up -- in basketball -- -- -- -- Brian writes. The but tell him in the -- it was too -- all the different than two dozen. You know power of the -- does -- -- below. -- -- -- together. And then one welcome good basketball liberals for. Thought maybe being overly critical of Jermaine O'Neal but to me the untrained observer he seems like half a step slow in just about everything he's doing on the court. But I know you've been pleased with -- -- tell us what you see and Jermaine O'Neal in terms of his contribution to this team that you like and what -- -- One woman McEnroe wouldn't even reduce simply -- that nobody can only went out. You know who was struggling then -- -- result. But prudently in Baghdad currently have been absolutely wonderful woman and let us through it last night committee where are you predicted the best student got rebounds. About -- we want him to do but they're open to part of it was -- good people. And I couldn't tell us about it also implemented the other. As you played more and got a little better and employment with some spots. But I honestly I don't arguing for one reason so wouldn't you do differently. And that's always do about. They -- and when Shaquille O'Neal goes to New York to do Letterman like after practice do you are you aware that does he get permission -- do you do you care about that at all. It's still left in America total minutes is longer. Well I don't know wouldn't it never does do in in this when they're adults in less what they're doing is is making them less effective on the floor. I would have been met bill go ahead and have a good. Just little -- is engaging. Mentally and physically. Did a pretty good look. It don't watch did you step and watch. Do you do not. Every ever had a talk or do you feel compelled have a talk with your guys about gambling and fighting on the airplane. Conflict and but nobody limping and god allowed it and equitable and and that didn't this a couple of years ago decided to try to make -- -- -- locker room who -- the locker room with Malone. A private place you know and I'd. And a place where -- disputed that and and broke open disaster. And then -- movement -- and -- simply call it that the plan. The you know concluded ultimately decide it's is that it happened wouldn't -- wouldn't. We could do would you do and older adults and did they should be club with a woman that. -- when when you give them carte Blanche to have a good time on the play and let their hair down and and do whatever it is they wanna do. Just between the three of us who's the one guy you worry about that Michael -- a little bit of infighting just a bit over the line who's -- gonna guess initials PP. Actually arrived on announced. And mindlessly. And I would that I mean the good. You know there have been open and arguments over sports debates and support. And the -- the bodies and the top five in the development. Of other guys in the from the sides in the debate a couple weeks ago and is set with the about it divorce. You know that didn't. It was a bit of to put it on on the before. -- -- Did they reach a consensus. No I don't know the road eventually it's just put the good argument. Did they know Bobby -- was. That's about what was won't have gotten. So that's all know what it's surprisingly. There is just the basketball sports -- -- and abroad where you know simple but what about the boat the -- just want to do. Now it's can we guessed that it was that Russell that in reach a consensus they were still battling. No good way to contribute but who looked so. Oh by the door and a number of Ted Williams. -- -- And then bird will like maybe maybe out. There and then solo home may have owed the Manila live from new of the printed the. Who's allowed us. Yep and not turn around to see whose whose voice you hear -- guest -- right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No doubt about. -- -- let's wrap it up with a bit of discussion yesterday that was about the tattoo culture -- -- -- discusses with you'll have been -- -- last year we did this. We're trying to come up with theories and we -- -- at about five or six different theories. About why the tattoo culture is so. Prevalent in the world of sports -- -- theories on this is it just can you top this I've got an escalade with 22 inch rims I'm gonna go get all 24 inch rims. And so I'd just doesn't probably in the more. About it in the I don't do that don't understand it. Yeah. And so you know I'd include some -- the -- -- woman and I'm gonna -- that a woman should have been a little bit to do it. Do you have one that to does the. You'll have one. Does this Ray Allen have one. Wouldn't marry. -- wouldn't that. Wouldn't even though we're just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well they both like movement of the delegates that door man number but I didn't didn't why they shouldn't. -- -- you're continued success and talk the next week. -- and Dennis and Callahan of the AT&T outlined by the what's possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T reaping possible. John rivers is -- you -- Alamo laser right consultants 20/20 vision is great but 20/20 happy he's better vision 20/20 happy dot com. And also by Herb Chambers in good. It may be a Boston and I would. Nine in west -- we've got to get -- chambers dot com. Invite Mikey -- here doctor doctor Robert Leonard at 18. -- -- -- --

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