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Steve Buckley Comes Out

Jan 6, 2011|

Dino and Gerry discuss their friend Steve Buckley's column in the Boston Herald in which he comes out as a gay man.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan as we've mentioned earlier Doc Rivers will join us at nine hole five. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Page -- of the Boston Herald. Back page d.s of the Boston Herald. And page six inside the Boston Herald. Headline reads welcome to -- coming out party Steve Buckley writes very interesting very notable are savory brave column. And I'll give you the highlights of it just a bit and and -- makes fun of himself by bury the lead 123456. Paragraphs into the peace. But nevertheless when he gets to -- he gets to it. Just over seven years ago Steve writes my mother said I think you should go ahead and do that story you've been talking about. Really yes she said just go ahead and do it and then we will have a party. She was talking about the story in which I would say that I am gay. He goes on to say that his -- worried about the prejudice that might disrupt his career he's gonna put this off long enough. I have been fair to my family my friends or my coworkers. I certainly haven't been fair to myself. For too many years I've been on the sidelines of Boston's gay community but not in the game. Figuratively. And literally of very well written and it all the ties to go to -- on jumping around Indians with this. I -- sobering stories about people who came on done. Killing themselves after being -- these tragic events help guide me to the belief that -- more people are able to be honest about who they are. Ultimately fewer people will feel such devastating pressure. It is my hope that from now on I'll be more involved I'm not really sure what I mean by being -- -- but this is a start. I'm gay Steve Buckley Austin there. Now. I give credit to -- -- it takes guts and it I'm sure it changes his life. If I were him my -- again have that that kind of guts we. We I knew and -- yen and -- -- -- no problem with it now I think he people here you mentioned soared way Jason -- -- the no no I mean doesn't change anything here now going to choose anything at The Herald. But baucus on this you know he's in the front lines it's down in Foxborough he's in locker room -- You know and in dealing with -- he's going to be out there in the open and it's not going to be easy. Warm yet. I don't those -- I'm sure that's what I was reluctant all these years I I mean vice -- about to say I'm taking nothing away from Steve Buckley because you're right this is a bold move a brave -- -- move. He understands that things are going to change their will be. Certain things that aren't the way they used to be. This isn't quite as braves would have been seven years ago we talked about it or seventy years ago -- and my guess is that. Effected in the locker room we don't want is an MIT myself it was walking on the field at at at at -- -- of Foxboro -- -- that there there will be some maybe some fans some idiot some trumps whatever that might have something to say. But in this day and age. -- -- the locker rooms you can picture. Would say. Everything negative or or unkind or or disruptive or disrespectful. Steve Buckley coming to us that the statement -- clubs bombs and it's still brave. I think the overall feeling in this country by and large is. Okay so what about that makes a point it's it's who I am I'm talking about. I am coming out and I'm Eric explain to people who I am and what I am about. And the reaction and response to that in this day and age not seven years ago certain about seventeen years ago it's okay so let's move on. In your fantasy land as -- I mean you keep an -- on the human Foxboro you walked and I walked around Elise Olson now on I I certainly -- -- -- -- blocker right. It affected in the -- how to affect Elise Olson in the locker ruled -- seventeen years ago so -- -- actually I'm gonna do with you know gave feelings about gay people I'm not saying that it makes his job impossible it just makes it harder. And it might -- sophomore stuff. With players -- people in the locker room you know snickering. Or or giggling whenever I'm not saying. It's appropriate it -- is gonna happen any and he knows Andy's prepared to deal with it but we don't 122 year old kids yeah. Just not just out of the frowned at SeaWorld -- much Leo key is right right exactly just on the frat house mean. There are certain places where you know they may be -- the world hasn't. Evil advanced as much as others I think you talk about. Like I said. -- newsroom at The Herald the studio here. Wherever LC goes I would say is locked up. Opt out of -- mind I think your iPod and estimating. How much people have put this as a back order issues that it doesn't matter doesn't affect my life it's not contagious. I -- I -- not look at that -- and in a sexual kind of lay audience that's all behind them now I'm not suggesting. But it the other the patriots game he's walking on the field or org a situation where fans in drunks and and crew of the world have access to him at their -- Not be some comments of course. I don't think there will be. Any kind of reaction. Negative that even noticed in the Red Sox club policy in the patriots locker room or the Celtics are broad block premiere I couldn't disagree more you think. 2324. Year old fans get my part time the 2324. Year old correct is correct don't mind at all almost fans won't give a hard time either you know your -- I'll tell you read the text like you know that the hatred it's out there and it's a small dose it's a small percentage and those people exist whether he was gay -- was African American. He was a martian you have comments from people think they're trying to be smart we've already at a couple on the thing here but the top one says. Who cares people don't -- -- -- is gay. That is that that guy with -- all due respect America is -- that guy it is is -- kidding himself. And and we've had a few text I saw the comments. In the heralded the news of the comments under the call on the reaction McCollum. Anybody and everybody -- who cares. Is full of it I mean that's I I assume that's -- of the the reflex reaction by those people figure above that they all even if you applaud and support him as we do. You care because you'd find it interesting I mean it's not sports but it's. An interesting study and in human nature and human of the. Hate it could take care than were partially -- -- -- Hair -- -- the right word do you think less of him do you not want to bring your locker room do not let him interviewing you do you not want him on the big show do not want him in the Boston Herald the actions that I think Pietrus. So it doesn't make any difference that doesn't make a difference but I I mean we've we've got a call into them problem -- ask myself. If he thinks it'll affect his life at in the locker room in the stadium. On the scene it's going to be easy to be. How many alike talk show -- avail lately that was our other -- but I don't have to be enlightened. To -- what. Yes I -- so back to do you aren't you know you couldn't be more wrong in my opinion that there and arts and every place in his fifty patriots. Is going to be a handful did I'd love to believe you're -- I mean I'd I'd beat him all the current work I've put myself in the position I mean it's an adversarial relationship to begin with your columnist and a good one. There is certain. Certain animosity towards you when you're in the locker room anyway that's what's unpleasant you and I always say -- glad we witnesses. You know group in the locker room and players or coaches or. Present your just your presence there. Mean IE. I I mean I know like get a hard time that were me for anything -- for anything whether where's my. You know my haircut -- might close it means -- did they don't watch it they don't like if you're any good you're not one of them. -- that is because of what you do for a living and that built in adversarial relationship yes and I don't think could exacerbate to -- I really think you're under estimating. The progress with which I use that I don't need it to mean. Progress with which and how much this is now. In the back of people's minds that does it matter to people anymore. It did back in magic Johnson's day it did what people did understand -- it did when Ellen DeGeneres in 1997 came out intelligently all my -- this is so commonplace -- this is it every aspect of life I guarantee that most of those. Athletes at people and their family or people they are friends with the people they are acquaintances -- who know -- as people who who are either friends or or restaurant owners or somebody that they do business with or somebody -- they have some kind of relationship who also happen to be -- this is 1975. Any -- is in the locker room meters actually write it is in sports sports is different which is why. This takes such guts I mean and if that's if this were new lose if this were the editorial page -- They should have like heterosexual come out on the globe editorial page. Say I know isn't that collectively albeit a -- I mean there are so many ways solely places where he could. You know and not worry about. The the reaction. Sports is different which is why doesn't happen to think about how many that's a good -- -- coming homosexuals are good points -- sports channel and there probably is. Homosexual or two in the NFL or an MLB. Yeah. Probably news but they don't come out they want what. It's different being on the -- the trash talking ability in the ability to be somebody's face on the court on the field. Say it all by the way I'm gay that gives a whole -- accept the Tina may -- -- but they will accept the -- and they. Error that Steve Buckley is gays and ladies locker rooms. But their teammate they would care now shut down their ticket to the the opposition. Let's just say the some wide receiver says I am I comes out the paper says I'm gay you think the cornerback covering him next Sunday. Might be mentioning that up and I'm enlightened about the opposition but they are about to -- right Politico I don't know -- competition if you're any good your job and -- in the media you are the opposition. That's why he'll have a problem the opposition because that's what you do on the up the -- they have more Lar of their opponents in the -- -- I'm willing to give the people in a in the locker rooms a lot more respect you whether they've advanced beyond. Oh it's a big deal with Steve Buckley or Jerry Kelly Amazon and you only get big deal it's just something that a will be present you'll feel a little bit the bullet to argue 61777. -- fury through to -- football. -- around -- card on top ball good morning. -- good morning guys I ball great a great show you guys out thank you I'm I'm normally Jerry diggreel if you. But this morning at third -- chime. I think the culture has changed so much especially for younger people nowadays that. It's something like that it just much more accepted and I don't think it's going to be a big problem Christie I mean he's one. How big a problem it will be a problem there will be Snickers I mean they'll be Tim Hardaway is for example who has opened paper song -- and so forth since he said. I don't would it was -- I don't got a problem with -- I don't like gays -- in his driveway right into the camera. On the T only one out there who who just flat out says. I think they are still are outnumbered by the people who don't care and because there is an aberration in every single aspect of society doesn't mean everybody feels that way and I would say say this further on. If somebody there is some creek and some locker would say I'm not -- you get away from your gay Steve -- your data body else. Do you give a rat's ass about this Neanderthal on what he thinks. Did you ever hear them -- quote the Felger when I heard you gay you gate right. And that those things Felger is and what year was that. Gotta be kidding you think Willie McGinest is a Neanderthal but all the guys. In the locker room today are like Ellen DeGeneres is audience I all I don't think daycare I don't know the web Maginnis is -- which is about three years ago by the way to today -- advanced to the point where. No athlete is gonna. I looked down his nose the -- McGinest dated someone who he thought was -- Look down their nose at him but they won't say anything to him you'll feel that you'll notice that it won't affect how he does his job or ability with surrogate. Quotes. So this got this text it thinks I said the wonder -- this was perfect one or two guys -- -- in the NFL or -- Major League Baseball and he thinks it's much more than -- Okay how come no one's come out how come no one has done -- blocked it in unburdened his soul. Because sports hasn't changed at least not enough and they know like would be very difficult it knows it was going to be article guy could take of the stunning -- -- gray -- Ed gray and we talked -- Who was it is a great guy but he was a horse racing guy who never went in locker rooms. If you racing -- it was and I think it's a semi retirees on Florida. Annie Annie wasn't going to locker rooms -- along the end zone and Foxboro region to worry about that part of the -- ball larger political get right to -- we get back.

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