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Does Tom Brady have any flaws in his game?

Jan 5, 2011|

A person texted the show saying Dale and Michael were homers for Tom Brady, but it made the guys wonder what flaws Brady actually has. Amazingly one caller was bold enough to come up with something but Dale totally disagreed.

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Not a problem this is for this for you army and make people. You are an insufferable Brady -- while teammate worsening Callahan and that's tough to pull off. You know I I actually heard somebody make this point yesterday on the -- total rumor -- in those guys Tom Tom. Help me out here and -- Ambien dead serious. Tell me something critical to say about Tom Brady's game. I I hear that's not that other people and insufferable Brady rom swap okay yet got. Now you'll help me out here 617. Give me something critical about his game April I'm dead serious you know what they're gonna come up with I don't care about football he's married to a supermodel is evident LA Costa Rica. Just in court that's a -- system it gimme sums it up like this guy to -- oh my god Michael of course Belichick would have. As got a record when Manning you are more rock. I can't believe they -- -- in the complex somebody tapers on away from. Ellen dance of love and care and they tell us what I get both of you on the campus. I got people here -- Aren't they like your creativity your new balance now it's a simple question I asked this before -- These two teams tonight at the two best records in the NBA they are one and one day. There -- also a little older okay. It got questions about can you stay healthy. And and you party -- some of those questions with the Celtics you've got Kevin Garnett unavailable for tonight's big match up between the two titans. You get the Miami Heat scored just behind them now won nineteen of their last money and they -- fly and younger. Presumably less injury issues although ironically they've got a couple of guys out right now as well including Udonis Haslem. At the end of the season which of these three teams will have the best record. Are the best record doesn't matter and that's question one the west or other very -- to the Miami sure I'd probably well I mean I think they probably will too. And then the question that we asked yesterday is which one of these three teams which you think has the best chance to win the NBA title at the end of the season at Miami third. Third of the three yes. Well I'll say this if you could somehow you know peer into the crystal ball and tell me that these. Other two teams are gonna stay healthy he's older veteran teams are gonna say hell I got I might buy. But I but I think that's the expectation. We're talking about help the teams all the teams are healthy and they got. They've got has them and they've got Miller they've got all their people the the the Eagles. And the Celtics have all of their big man available. Jack Jermaine Kendrick. And the spurs are healthy. I mean two of these teams have won championships before. The spurs obviously won multiple championships the Celtics have won one played in one last year. You know few minutes away from up from winning it and in the heat -- never been there's -- go with. On the go with experience. And I'm also gonna go size because that's one weakness sure to Miami Heat that's something to be able to do anything about for the seasonal. Look I was one of the people who opt in in I I tried to come up with ways that I thought that the Eagles were gonna fail early on in the year. And I was wrong I mean they had a hard time jelling. They didn't have a pre season to have worked together the way other teams had. They sorted -- you know they are a whole lot better. Then than I hope they were going to be at the beginning embassies daily ever -- All the time. Ever you ever. You are saying we got -- Hope we got all the time we've got one. Line two -- where is Beckett. Lester -- You know hijack -- -- -- 15 point five that. We I don't know I don't know that I don't I start like -- I still happy new year with the -- Threats that are up but they've by saying that -- huge. Great supporter OK I still think you -- that have not -- that the plate again but I wanna say about that between Beijing. I was in the end zone and I thought my brother's side. Okay he was around. Around the 3035 yard line and in -- Deion Branch wide open in the infield in and last week. He met another receiver wide open in the end don't arm from about same area dark -- I can sometimes. Bring it tends to look at the the checked out. First. Instead of looking downfield and now. Are you guys like creamy Eric -- -- -- -- that's why not just what I saw. There is so if you're safe to answer. -- question that weakness with Brady. Is that most people who say that -- Brady rump swabs gimme -- critical while he's only a processor activity why I let down I will respectfully disagree with Jack. I I forget what the number is I was looking at this earlier Jack reducing the number all forty plus yard plays the patriots have had this year. No I haven't but it's unbelievable. But how many of those girls upcoming year and how many adult -- So so if he doesn't. Throw the ball forty yards in the air that's a weakness. No I'm just saying that I think he can't duplicate check there first okay and I think that it what do you what do you base that. What I -- -- -- it because. You saw a guy who was open who he didn't hit. And so you'd think he's automatically looking at the check down first when you don't even know what the what the check down what made the guy in the end zone was to check downplay. Look maybe it. The intent wasn't you know maybe we'll look at the fact that the -- was playing that he let them giving. I'm -- -- -- to a place where we're receiver go down as seen wide open and and he he didn't catch you didn't see. They're going to jail there don't you ask for a well but I mean yeah I you know you're right I asked for a summer came up with a density. I I will respectfully disagree with Jack okay. In fact I I would I would say at this point in the NFL. There is not a better quarterback in the National Football League making the right decisions at the right times. And going to the right people I have I will just respectfully disagree and if that means the deep ball he'll go with a deep ball like. The pass to Deion branch at the end of the first half against the Chicago Bears. If that means the short ball he'll go there infected in my opinion it's probably the strength of Brady's game is his decision making. And going to the right guy at the right time. Who can make that the play that will that will be the most effective. It if anything the trade of Randy Moss taught me that you know they decided before. This year -- earlier this year we don't worry too much about 228 we don't worry too much about senator Randy on fly patterns and let's see if we hit him with a fifty yarder. Like he did in the jets game that great one hand catch you know what would Darrelle Revis trailing in Greco we wouldn't worry too much about boats. Let's go back to you know his favorite guys the only -- that. You can editors for. I mean it if you see if you see the -- -- -- Take. Behind the defense feel like Tom Brady's gonna -- almost every time. I stand corrected by the way and I think that can't remember which Texas said it. Yes Dwayne wade has a championship. Those are about the -- in Iraq right marriage he does Chris Bosh doesn't have line. LeBron doesn't have -- the NBA finals MVPs so yes. Another great question by the way the -- brings up from for a one would Manning have won all of the cold in bad weather games Brady -- legitimate question. Tom Brady has performed you know outdoors northeast. There's been a decided advantage for Peyton Manning with -- all the dome games in the and the controlled climate condition games that he's had the Brady hasn't had. It's a legitimate question. Would Manning if you switch the two quarterbacks as you said would Manning have been as effective here given the conditions is Brady spent I don't know the answer. Where -- you gotta put a guy. You gotta do from the start me Tom Brady at least it I'll ever need. You know at an if you if you go back even Michigan you've got -- music those four years previous. You know playing those games and Ann Arbor I don't just games in November you don't have to play college football games and cold weather and in in December -- January but. There are times you go to yeah and go to Wisconsin. You go to Ohio State to go to state college. Chicago outside of Chicago I mean there are lots of -- lots of a cold weather there all cold weather cities so yet for years of that college. And that's always known pros whereas Peyton Manning played Tennessee. And then all those years in the dome. You'd you'd have to go to the start of his career as the high respond.

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