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Jan 5, 2011|

The edgy and opinionated Jason Whitlock joins Dennis and Callahan to talk Tom Brady, Scott Pioli, the tattoo culture, Randy Moss and Charlie Weis

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Are joining us on the AT&T hotline but it was possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible Jason whitlock from foxsports.com. Good morning Jason not happy new year may be the last two -- two issue that. -- -- There's a bunch of little talked about but you're you're observer of pop culture and things of that nature maybe it's not fair since you just got in on the maybe last thirty seconds of the phone call before you. We were discussing this tattoo culture. In the United States and in particular in in athletics we look at the it all the Chris Andersen's in the Jeremy Shockey is Mike Tyson's and all that. There's something going on here that did did used to go on we were asked you for theories is as. To why this is such a prevalence. Thing in our society in this day and age and that might be some small percentage of -- -- mutilate elation. Others have talked about zen like transfers from you know marking. Demarcation points in their life other competitive nature of one Denver -- -- getting a tattoo and the next guy getting one more self expression of the theories as to why. Everybody in the NBA with the exception of Ray Allen has a tattoo. Well. I'll I'll say. My period -- boat people in the NBA. Why taxes becomes so prevalent. Across the country. And Leo and maybe some blocks but we've talked about it. And what any kind of be incarcerated. Rich people of America have. There's going to be caught counterculture that -- from Matt. And all at CBO commons very. Our proven. It to -- all over the country and and it's what is this all. That he and other behavior. Comes straight from the penitentiary. -- We we have paid makes. Counter cold imprisonment. -- The free society. -- there. Which he had over and so we were locked up so only people that that aren't way to beat -- it's all -- It would increase kind of reached high society when you say we mentioned early -- All the country singers again had to write the freshman girls at Brandeis or get a butterfly on their fly does that have something to do. There -- mode that made that -- our poll people. Let's buy that but note here is different where it started and where we came -- -- and it. Unfortunate by product in my you know we incarcerate so only people that. You know it influences the rest -- You know just tying up this it was a bunch ruling to the talked about it would seem to me that a part of the reason for let's say NBA players to do this. Was discount of stand out and be different than the rest it's backfired now I mean as an. Everybody has the. Like it but they keep court. Further further went to despair about the -- Embarq have that live on the matter at hand. Crypt there have thought up that -- I think they are expected. I think it's bad for the game its its its -- news sports obviously. It's the PP ago it if you had seen. May televisions sold more popular you'd be all over. Desperate Housewives and American -- area that he -- I get the bad liquidity MBA yeah I think. Old people are a little bit at all for -- where that'll be what race everybody but the -- greatly magic epic based PP piece. They read the current. You tweeted this last night Jason we talked about it earlier again I'll just ask you what if Tom cable were were black and hue Jackson were white what would the followed the if they've made the switch which we're expecting the raiders to make any time now. While they would be tempered a little bit flat out papers but you know pop pop toy expert we met. The National Football League is fair to anybody and sometimes. Wanna focus all this happened black -- it never happens it happens -- Black quarterback. Ever you know take Donovan McNabb getting there. I didn't pick right -- -- -- away with the Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl a ball or -- And they let it go -- -- -- -- -- Elvis car wreck. NFL can be -- -- certainly. To some degree being unfair to cop hey what he's got a bag it's in terror he -- All feel they -- -- -- -- job earlier but he certainly be advocates this year. And defeat Jackson arrived that some potentially take -- job. Seeing the -- great yeah victor is outrage and protests. If it happens black vote the way. Out papers use V. Mitigating factor -- that he's history. Powell. We're talking with Jason whitlock from fox works dot com and end -- would you be surprised if if cable pick up the phone called man -- or vice Versa they -- you -- -- Marvin Lewis got a two year contract extension in Cincinnati. I need to actually I need to explain to me I guess as the round while we. If it's very it's the two ways you pick out they've missile -- that are well they expect great news -- that the battery. Think they have virtually no money on a chaotic partnered. Nobody'll facilities. Marvin Lewis is trying to make -- ballot should simple. And if you go back and look at their harass people back and look -- It acquired a girl and there's no ball put in what they're dual threat -- -- At all for -- to -- school where characters in. Obviously. And her role -- Have characters. And bringing to people's. Era that it -- themselves as individual reality TV star more so we'll all wear. Marvelous work and hot -- I'm it and so that is -- or all got a lot we driver that organization and so. You know a year ago you wanna division beat everybody -- This year not surprisingly well our. I'm not sure it -- It can't make -- -- what are the -- so I can see I got the contract. Country get legitimate points about how they're constructive exe and he wants more controls are well. If it has a very good way only. With well what we're doing this week obviously -- trying to figure out who's the biggest threat to the patriots. And in the AFC the one guess in the one team they haven't played the chiefs you would not put at the top of the list you don't think there much of a threat. Well. Primitive group development teams on the ball and they built her -- -- that base unit pages opal city. Do Blackberry it the other area code in place. -- -- probably around them to call with gay or. If it's going off all or at some point absolutely. You know but the biggest threat to the patriots to -- the Pittsburgh is I still think Pittsburgh that all. Specifically to what again Pittsburgh Pittsburgh just besting the ball even has even put all. And the patriots. That does not mean that the patriots won't win -- -- I think they've got the best quarter racket ball picked it got the best culture of wall. But Pete Best he -- a bottle. I think the Pittsburgh Steelers -- applaud. I love their quarterback. What about like operating but I -- like we have a lot cheaper -- if -- and the -- Outlook for all follow. There's a lot like about it. It'll never be said that Jason whitlock is afraid to take a stand he just took one -- -- the best team in the National Football League. And -- what are your more recent things on foxsports.com. Not the lead but near the top you talk about. Todd Haley Todd Haley modest and the city chiefs is quite possibly the biggest fraud in football. If they fatally flawed head football coach he's insecure mean spirited emotional and irrational but you talk about Scott Pioli formerly the New England Patriots. In an environment pioli is a low character self absorbed ego maniac in love. The sound of his own voice now certainly you're entitled to your own opinion. Of those guys are what you say how is that the chiefs have succeeded in spite of their leadership. Well -- -- right the rest -- story. Where despite critical it -- capital. Every person -- -- you've got a mask out of the zone read -- and I also like he's he's all all the Belichick will forever that it. Will grant her. Six. To see the patriots. The Atlanta falcon comments to be -- The -- regularly back up what their stated her. We're boy draft and acquire high here players. Players -- Foundation where they can accept. Direction from other it and it and so they're you know you become -- -- -- -- wait for it had a male role model applied. I think he looked up and down there Ross. A typical that routes more than -- And I. I think it may at some of the most responsible. And ask hopefully can -- to take care will fall. Not killing themselves with these. Post repeating that they led the league if you get away. -- tickets went to. Scott Pioli acquired players were easy to -- and he has been solar and a beer -- -- on. It is. Rex can't see seat and he made it easy effort for namely is that the coat that players. These cats have been bullied in accepting whatever your rational oh well. Level coaching. This is out. I give DiCaprio -- lot of credit for. What can be accomplished this year. He two he had an account where you want required. That this orca. What makes them a low character self absorbed ego maniac this week. And I -- see that when he was here is very low key when he was here he was in -- It really -- a few sure yeah. Who didn't do anything okay to it to me I guess. -- -- -- different deal with a human and have treatment in different it's way I treat players I treated people in the media 11 got here. Ian Todd Haley. Some key members of the media out there. He wouldn't allow it crackberry was allowed it's all it's all over top of how -- would try to talk if you would shouted down do all the talk yet. And at one point starting you know it's critical been out for problems that the media about how. We need you at all or what you do it if we didn't try to pixel golf -- -- -- -- deal with. Did he know you to be the and he -- you don't follow orders get on board. Yeah. I have about oh I know it when it was work -- removing it because I happened studying what the patriots have been bill Whitaker. Require players about wrote about it he'd like it. We talked about it and live. Serbs or maybe we all the whole year. Before Carl Peterson got fired about how easy it is it is CP. Lou scrap dealer relatively well. When he got hit the eight. We all lot better restaurant called growth slow upstairs in the private deal. And he I'm. Lol and load it right back ago you know without my outlet football game about not -- -- we Yugoslav -- Irritate rears his lap inside. Model which he's payroll while the -- -- there's a whole different -- -- -- -- Than -- what he comes across the radio. It was journey wine involved at the end of this when it got nasty. Don't know that one bottle I don't drink called at all on -- really new. Now it was not know he was not draw out it was just it was try to draw a lot of say yeah. But this year -- now and bureau. You know I hate that America outlet with -- got to hear it writes a column. And I guess and he succeeded so you think he's gotten worse now is egos and bigger in your opinion. -- -- I left if we start August it and spend most my time out Moehler the report back get back other media members reality -- -- -- -- he's even more. -- blood the other aspect it's easier to bully. Because most of the media wanna -- on -- women because it could today's bill that'll. Com equals have it is. On an electric current. Bullies like yeah so yes he allegedly. Mama -- IPO would -- water or like I used to be yes eat more. We're talking with foxsports.com Jason the luck Jason as best as you can tell you that you observe the patriots from a distance. How does their approach and llamas are mean the bully approach but the words he used a fatally flawed mean spirited. Emotional. That's really correct and and and hot hot -- the Haley. Come. Personality and appeal -- personality compared to what we see in the two headed. Guy leader sovereign if you will here in New England Bill Belichick how they like Charlie different. Are very clear military views as more sophisticated cocktail. Am I victim having won two purple. He has -- systems in place to get the partnership with the quarterback. And it older. He. Com colts to a Davie here rational and network saying he got a whole different. Background. In -- about it then you're. Actually a good role. Are out -- -- it's a train movement eat at the -- He can't also -- them the next. I think what the pages do they're they acquire the people. And then they'll add it -- -- malls in use -- of people forced to. To do things their way and -- went -- malls here is created. In vehicle along. Oh anymore where the good people -- -- bill Belichick's right where they get ago. And it and this. If a mystery what the patriots bill it's really about -- with a -- -- -- or -- BP -- at the San Antonio Spurs at Indian beer. They really believe they have chemistry. And responsible people start -- being. Young people. Your response Leo people billions of dollars here asking him to be even more here as well. And so that the patriot -- Belichick he'll only good -- they want -- hand money to young people who have shall responsibility. And and hope that they can handle. But you know take could be -- needle we have all right philosophy stated in money out indiscriminately. To -- And -- people -- -- to be very responsible to our coats apart you'd have a consistent message and move forward. That are -- I think I know the answer has -- do you think it was a Haley a pioli who drove Weis out of Kansas City and and on to the University of Florida. There's pales very typical war. Very good will be -- -- -- chair Haley. Fired right or dispute. And you know I think he promised Charlie -- A lot of autonomy. -- at all. And it took it away probably. Because. Mr. kinda elite -- you know make up events if you eat you didn't play high school football had a bad back to the call for college is that it was a personnel. Person for the Pittsburgh -- -- who's still possible treatment of the year well. Probably life. It occasionally. Built military can be self made people. Bring up the insecurity in daily. I think -- -- explosive button. Elite want more control offered -- for what they were built on it Robert -- OK we could go on your outlook floor. Adjacent lot as were examining consciousness and some consciousness and psychological evaluation I'd be very interested in you were. And cliff notes take on Randy Moss. Talking his way out of the out of the place the one place where he could showcase his -- the most to get a contract for next year. And going to two places and absolutely disappearing you think he's -- play next year. He'll probably play next here but for the NFL animal. I think it -- really. Our. World radio aren't. I think he's probably. Mental health issues. Like a lot of people undiagnosed and maybe back -- and so it's not surprise -- -- you know he could keep it together forever. And the pages at a great. You know there are. -- -- This photograph we'll start reading law yet -- my account to be degraded so where all. But you know -- -- -- -- -- You know but but Willie Plavix -- probably somewhere. Probably in the early may still need the money go. And he'll try to get -- might be happily productive here this. Nick -- -- I consider. What you I would I would ability to equal split of ground. And now a man among the guests that you're with us -- most people think and Tom Brady's MVP but. Since as whitlock I can't be sure you like Brady over Vick for MVP. Yeah I thought that it was a bit of a -- says. Optical optical atomic outlook clearly Tom Brady and BP. Or by -- -- six bill passes for. Blood up and so last week you know it kind of flamed out it picked -- play better. I've seen someone being a close second. But now there is locals. It's clearly can't bring out the whatever the season like this that -- -- This is more impressive that as the PPP these. It's more impressive. Pay any 121. Passer rating exceeds. Four interceptions. But. All on a team lost games -- -- -- Clearly show here over I don't know -- -- get this -- -- Tom Brady -- better quarterback Peyton and and he you know what I think the all time great quarterbacks. -- -- -- -- and operating. -- -- -- muscles feel whole lot of people on the discussed. Jason we wrap it up with something a little bit more Monday and based in your previous comments I suspect. You pick in the Steelers and the pats in the AFC championship game correct me if I'm wrong we elect in the NFC championship game. I don't well. They are really go our guests via outlook stay true reform like say Atlanta. This -- you know they were on the page. As. But I truly truly don't know for a while I -- -- -- Philadelphia Eagles. Put actually. -- personality lot I think it could struggle with his success. You know if it's. When they're back into according you have to do all right here all right take it easy. Start I think the success start facility is excellent what I've got. When it came out let me ask you -- -- you BP was I don't care it was joke that are. Except I picked myself. Double red flag. When you're of the quarterback. You have to stay caretaker -- And you trust become Brady knows could be easier BP even the National Football League but he's not gonna say it because he's the quarterback. He was that a poll for C. And an opposite -- Strolls. Through. What to do the right thing to do all -- he's doing a great job arms who wrote for. But I I think he struggled with the success. And or that the Packers. Eagles game this week yeah I'm kind of expect. The Packers. What did you move to LA -- you men you -- for fox sports and not the Kansas City Star but. You get and in the movies or something or just hang on the beach with civil. Born or -- I had heard this -- haven't I haven't seen yet. All well Colorado. -- I'll upload up their boxes. Headquarters are out in -- it and it does require an economy later we're happy to be out there -- all about -- it. Across it would undergo so. Not this it just better for me about all those -- to be in the Bay City at two different things that topic or Mexico. Is is that is the state and Kansas City you'll gonna keep it is as the -- more hardcore than foot fetish or. You draw the line there Jason. I -- very pretty -- But but without ill -- indicated that it let those -- it. You know what I try to do it it could be out so it. Interesting and compelling conversation Jason has always appreciate the time in -- spend some time with us. Jason whitlock from foxsports.com joining us on the AT&T allied -- it was possible. The nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. -- possible he may have met may have hit the Randy Moss analysis read on the head -- yeah. I think he's mentally ill with the issues undiagnosed. Meant to -- also said and I agree a 1000%. Like a lot of us in like a lot of people there's a lot of I undiagnosed he had some diagnosed yeah especially the guys who wanna get some -- DD medicine. They wanna get diagnosed but there's a lot undiagnosed. Issues. Among athletes and we try to. And attach some logic to their behavior -- right and there is none and redeem could be the best example of all we can do that for months Tina trying to understand yeah -- money thinking maybe it's not an understandable yes -- -- beyond. Are a much attention yes I'm on hope and -- open it. Jason look tweets about every -- ease of mad Tweeter tweets accurate and also this Alec mrs. Ryan's videos more than I think I would like Jason weblogs yeah yeah although with Rex. A cold in that could both be in the video -- Jason and sure mrs. Ryan but. Be a couple of old you have to have your investment in the and yet to be the partner of the yet your your your partner has to be. A boy get busy right correct but what we've seen that Jason could commit and watched you know Rex watching his wife and some other guy be a couple. You've gotta you gotta relinquish control of your spouse. Is a. Asi heard the last of mrs. Ryan night that mr. in this run I probably that's when -- look at -- now I know he knows we know that. There's more to come nearly twenty years on how many twenty note on always -- But when she first. Was when he was in Baltimore they admitted that yes they made the video to put -- which she first went public with other with something afoot that issues than it was a few years ago I think. And and I think maybe either they hit a boring patch in the area. Of work that all that another tattoo a little bigger a little brighter a little or a noticeable if you will.

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