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Doc Rivers, Celtics Head Coach

Dec 30, 2010|

Neumy and Ryan are joined by Doc Rivers and talk about the injury to Kevin Garnett as well as the other injury problems with the team.

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Lying is the -- the Boston Celtics saving us from ourselves awkward thanks you very much like your dog got -- what coach. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's good so. You guys I would go right to you know we wanna talk but first it's -- it's Kevin what can you tell us what your feelings. We know how you approaching this whole thing. Well only god can do much more than what you know already. You know those US -- well again. Let -- -- more tests today the tubular tomorrow. We -- smoking related we bill could live and who would do two million. Don't don't know there and so we're just gonna win and couldn't. Okay short run. Patty go about the size as soon -- baby to line -- and then rotation wise what what happens now. Well well written submission location clearly. What we don't have a lot of big love particularly no no. Right now we would we would probably -- -- With Shaq and then you schedule promote prevention in no familiar -- Lou you know go would have smaller -- merchant. No that's good we really haven't thought about it much. And I Jermaine. Would you project of him as should -- -- signs of of life and adopt a lot of lust to scrape off. No question a and he said he was shaky against Orlando but -- are you hopeful now that that he will be able to make them a meaningful contribution. Momentum do know and played great you know destroy religion obviously Orlando put him back. But I thought Indiana in the second half restricted. Also saw that last night he was one of the few bright spots torso -- great and you can do this job the troops and so at this -- -- -- -- guy any timetable for Rondo or Perkins. We'll -- -- now. We didn't even talked about it I didn't wouldn't come. -- -- no good today. Don't know we've still some room tomorrow and that but it didn't close in the know are also are these studies looked -- has been slowing. And that's a concern. So we're gonna -- -- and women are gonna presume that we're just gonna -- W President Bush. I've been monitoring your assist column since Rondo. Has been injured and I know that yours is filled up -- A mini games with eight assists here are nine here eleven here six year Ray Allen six here -- here but could you tell us if from your view. -- what you're missing out without -- on in your lineup. We already know no golf and so well they also have a they agreed to go along who need the volume should get the ball you distributed well. You don't have more on the floor you don't have that in Mormon that's completely garment obviously and -- there -- -- -- WW -- three days persona as well as there's been very little changeup. That's scored lord who's been very liberal judge. But it's been more difficult there's no doubt about the arts. -- when -- general couple things about Nate. The the first thing is. He. Is 8592. Guard and heart is he not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No -- and never going to be -- -- are inevitably guided its greatest system could get one last night. You know. -- undecided number one it's good to go to the floor. And I -- that's some good news but it is. And so you just. Luke Jensen from the things that run Wilkinson. So don't expect him do that Mets well we've just got to change often in this little stretch and -- diagram on the ball and and them we're just gonna try to make. What -- what the concept of them the very little guy and as making it go his way into the NBA now you. And you're playing and coaching career of observe some. Extraordinary little man you played with one instance but went. You play against. -- he boats to the all time and phenomenon at five feet three. And and now you you've seen other -- I just Earl Boykins is is making a living 55 let me -- it could -- to suggest that for all of us. Commitment how -- absolutely unimaginably extraordinary it is for us to comprehend what it's like that did make in this league at that size. No there is amazing and I would say this and -- -- Very little wind didn't go particularly -- an objective look in the -- above that we were allowed to -- So who -- -- -- a lot more equipment back into the game. You couldn't undecided into the wind would have little bit more now. I am so that when you're playing in the -- of direct somebody that I didn't like been termed a bit of them. I applaud him quarterback. No primary quarterback are playing football and trying to mobilize. -- -- -- -- There and didn't let the close good luck -- good with a -- about both. Supplied it's like you when you first. Either a heard they had. Drafted a guy 56 or maybe ready to see him in college I don't know but when you first which saw him on the court I mean technically that would with -- Well what is what's but I do know that blue -- group so what's. Well this. Children protruding jumpstart it and so wouldn't have embodied. Moved to another guard to be invited to -- And so we -- the diamond at least -- put Warren spoke well I had no intent of the go to. Move in the womb remember go on the might -- to America but couldn't play -- amendment would have looked. Captives but let America different ethnic. In the front month was. That the diamond. Sold more than coaches owners and small is nowhere implemented and you can see them try to just let it. Well I've been you know whatever it was and and so it took some convincing for multiple approaches this but -- And obviously residents were put to a. I -- game if you you remember specifically but I do with that. What playoff series with the Celtics it down 30 spud Webb Percy -- And the it'll flow from Brooklyn welcome to. One of those in the film it's important. And then when. I went from point and buddhism -- and I've got to move between them compressor goes so liberals and it was great but -- -- and then. It was unbelievable. Doctor what if you could compare and contrast the passion and energy that you feel your guys are bringing this year during the regular season. That maybe they did not during the regular season last year in their reasons for. Welcome it when Google in the last year about two it I would -- if you remember unless you're never going to start last year. Who played two really good that's -- -- go to Susan. Then -- we do have a ton of injuries no killer solution here but worse in the bed injuries. -- went out. Poland out of concern. And we know also meant a lot of movement that we have to do what I thought that would go to our first notice and boom. Because we didn't do that -- our momentum of the second half of the year log onto an estimate -- in. -- political truly like to -- The rest of the second half of the season so why I was so very similar to last year as far as we've been -- -- -- -- are the beginning of the year and -- -- make that decision as far as we know. Union products is the -- and -- play god bless minutes. To do sort of what else uses one of those extraordinary use pleasure build another room about to do that. So -- that it incorrect assumption. For us to assume that that the stories came out that you were not sure where they were gonna come back. That it was all about your disappointment. Is grinding through the six months of the regular season and being kind of disappointed. With the effort of your guys are not going to go through it again. No that's not gonna do with it I mean I didn't I didn't I would tell you would movie. They're not a good movement coming back about who it is important part of that was more. Montgomery. And in this you know opened remotely and what it. But. And removing food unless you're but it's -- -- And so very good look at the movement coming back there were not lesser. On the subject of shacks we -- foul trouble a couple things one I thought superstars got the calls that always way I understood this league to work -- and then bought the league worked. And you know they may not be -- in his prime but he still Shaq and doesn't seem to get those benefits. Number one and how concerned are you mean you do need him on the floor he's gonna play more than 1214 minutes. Move move look better no more than me. -- -- -- -- -- Odom and the only Latin then let them play well you know go to punitive about it. And -- blood. And so. But the -- until the problem goes little movement didn't like that broke no you have to upload photos we looked at -- Oklahoma will work. Remote -- and I've moved out awards to the itself well. But are built some bad news Google reported stretches. Employers could imitate -- out of the way -- and most improved. -- whatever was shackled to represent. Now you give it some and increasingly little playing time to Avery Bradley. Is -- Karen -- remotely ready for any prime -- exposure now in this -- host Garnett world however long it lasts. Well -- promoted him to Israel no I Roman Oben whose -- but will play I don't have a minimum removed. Innuendo we're probably going to boil. Into the big Newton just bring up the -- -- What we don't want Obama go to the same time -- probably try to limit the minutes. Yeah it does on the floor. -- didn't know numbers right now it may have had no choice. A duck -- is Jermaine O'Neal and will the Garnett injury. Give you a chance to use Jermaine and they get his game back to speak. Well written wouldn't listen no drilling -- influence. Welcome to a -- minute and so Whitman met changed much -- gonna go between chat and implement them in Manhattan. That was important. To guide and support really so. Other groups -- commitment to really change. Much to it goes to himself. The -- January's loaded with home games and you're looking at that as -- opportunity that funny you know. Make some some headway and and really pulls yourself through this stretch. -- were well -- You know obviously when you look at his schedule originally because she didn't starts. Look lemon fruit this industrial thread here you know Melo will look and edit and saying no Muslim -- can do we know what all the god so hopefully. Doing the stretch and good guys faculty returning back. In this stretch. Well I'm -- combat and then yes. Until like we can make order. Know if this does still well then hopefully you -- -- the probe of the student that survived group. Republicans. Doctor you -- these coaches that that simply spends. 99% of your time worrying about your own team or do you follow. The likes of the Miami Heat team -- the Chicago Bulls the -- trade. Etc. from week to week to week. I've pretty much what Jones didn't know. This would then go to neither of them Nintendo would film and not doing anything -- -- -- -- today. But I don't watch it because my M resort in Orlando. Nor do what you gotta go a little bit more dispatches and are so close. Saw watched the number -- other than that. -- -- big -- -- just note to my own house clean and not worry about anybody else's. -- last question that is i.'s theory a timetable for information that you may get about Kevin Garnett today tomorrow or whenever. We all love our wounded today. You know. Who were in good shape here. But just never know what I'm just gonna we put him back. But I -- no nobody mid afternoon or some time today. -- thank you happy new year to you and your family that's happening -- Okay because open certain.

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