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Mark Recchi, Bruins Forward

Dec 21, 2010|

Frede and Caron talk to Bruins Forward mark Recchi about Claude Julien and the team's recent struggles

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Great moments. Are born. Great opportunity. And that's what you have here tonight that's what you earned here one -- If we played them ten times that might win nine. Not this game not -- -- tonight. We skate. Tonight. We stay. And we shot down dot because we can't. Tonight. We. The greatest hockey. Greatest each -- a sports. -- -- sit there Tom. These ladies at risk hockey movie Kurt Russell channeling her brooks on American spine tingling. And development on don't you -- -- Hanson Brothers in the locker room saying now although -- market. Oh boy eleven on the well Youngblood one. Eric Nester active teaching problem like classic at the at the classic moment -- like dies you can well imagine our little letting -- conversation about movies get carried through the break in non. Thank union for queuing up a little bit of miracle there because. Any better off again he should be fired you know. I think the Adam and he proved once in -- with his actions and went what we had there what's number one that was a great moment. And I may even go right now miracle Youngblood slap shot went to exist to make very upset with just the tick you off well. Strange broke what else -- we -- others. What does this -- spread your I don't save me a Mighty Ducks may make it into the top missed it last Mighty -- like there's a plastic guitar planets -- -- up on Mighty Ducks -- many Mighty -- was slightly or one or go through. Mr. Alaska. You're but see now you're just you know trying to. Pentagon defended one Google -- as -- -- I -- spend way to much time. In the build up and not enough time and live shot spent way too much silent Paul -- walking round polyester pants trying to hit a Mike on teams. Estranged wife lets you NH Mike dunking IDI -- -- and jealous and I spent time on the American Hockey League bosses that is you have you can reality. I'd like -- do you have had your Johnstown moments more than you Manitoba. All Mark -- -- gonna have him sometime this -- right -- anonymous 617779. -- -- the he may be -- disgusted with our hockey talk that he's refusing to c'mon you know a secondary I think I think he's discussing music -- as the president -- instruction -- that said it was better than Christmas I'm gonna call that states. I mean I can start going and Holiday -- and white you know all these other movies is being great Christmas. But anyway and we can. You'll now Phyllis in the car wants to -- the Phyllis go ahead when he got. A couple of happy holidays yeah. Thank you for taking my call. I'm I'm I'm one of the things that makes at a crystal -- so appealing is for anyone that grew up in the fifties can truly relate to that. I can remember getting -- the longest time as a child waiting to talk to Santa Claus and I think in those days where everybody was so innocent. Are you still really believed in Santa and so it was a different mindset. And it's kind of nostalgic time for those of us who are overt. What ever. Certainly airs at Phyllis appreciate your call -- -- that's why it is hits such -- strong quarter with Tom Karen does click in the accept that that's because C I don't I grew up there are some dogs that much like the baucus is columns. So I have another connection panels and its connection. Let's step aside from the movie talk right now and joining -- and students and ask right now argued it would. On joining us on the AT&T hot line find out what's possible with the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T reaping possible news. Mark -- from the Boston Bruins markets Eric and Tom in Boston -- morning. We're no one had a ball we want to talk about last night's game and your thoughts on the team and we will get an apple we've just come out of a raging conversation about best hockey movie of all time I'm gonna assume that you've spent your time. -- -- -- -- I don't cloud our Brad. Mark mark you're the argument -- you got the best hockey movie. You know. Don't -- at -- outside to at all that's that's the way this thing. -- market. You don't hear great reports slap shot just you know -- O'clock. And a mark on you look at it with a critical allies though let's look at it a critical you have to as he respected it. Longtime professional hockey player you have to say slaps and I understand it's part of -- in the players agreement -- Don fehr is working that in right now wanted to be extended. But as you look at it with a critical line I mean c'mon. Yeah I know you know what I I have some -- spec really good friend Robert -- partly the eighty team great actor who coached me -- -- -- general manager one point there minority on me. You know -- that's I mean that's an amazing story obviously you know it's so special I mean obviously with little movie night that's great desert you know. To make it a little -- Low spot here mean -- what are quite like there are certain things that -- quite the same as what -- -- -- but it you -- to know that mean not to forget the special moments question US USA hockey mister and that's just something very special. But but have you ever foiled I mean that's the real question. Junior and evaluate you talking about movie realism I'll I'll take. On creative. License in miracle over let's get whole movement as a player coach some dynasty he's gonna -- in other c'mon I mean let -- that's more to reach you think. The out my my first ever junior gateway epic career -- -- what I was sixteen years old that there won't act by -- result of their. It was told you Oglethorpe a part of that brawler. -- Could have been. Well mark let's so let's talk about this Bruins team right now and obviously it's not the greatest morning good to talk to you after last night's game when you as a player. Your thoughts on how that game kind of developed last night because you were watching -- that there didn't seem to be a lot of jump in a lot of energy and and it. And in the building reflected that little bit and and the final score frankly reflected that what did you sense NC last night. You sure don't -- -- And I felt like we -- -- History and we are talking about a year -- an -- and I'll get to court and EPA conflict in the plate and and got to execute your article about it in an idiot and a feature where you can't have those in. We know -- games but compete ought to be there every night and it's just you know something we out there as a group have to address keep getting better and -- They're two games and -- you know still an opportunity. In the next couple weeks here to jump -- the first flight in a position at third and which -- optical Sumner who can't keep keep that jumper now and not something that could be very important in the next little while. And that really really tough -- after we got -- win Thursday. And then we -- huge stretch after a very tough games on the road by the cloture and and you know make it so I end up its unity that we and and that we have to really you know concentrated focus on you you. Yeah market you realize and you sensible what's the solution I and we had people today and we've been talked about what you gotta change the coach because she's the one responsible for giving the team to play but I've kind of -- there's got to be player accountability they're the ones who can. It themselves going in and get moving what is the solution the answer. Well it's up to us without the players this -- that we have to be you know we got the stopping we've brought it addresses and obviously there's a certain respect -- to do I had and it vote it was you know vote cricket -- and that. Now there are certain things that you got to address in the week -- -- leaders support and you know that's within a block and a couple days and and you know but we do know. You know there's some concern that absolutely but you know what I think -- you know the -- exit -- it's great thank. -- we've shown that -- -- that we can do that it will be like. But it have to be every night. You know there's some young guys -- You know the -- like that via via. You know it's superstar every night it's -- not -- -- picked to be a good view everything not a that they are not are not -- you think it's very art the you know. You know do you know be settled on the team all but. Sure reward with -- I think that message here to talk to and I -- we're -- -- -- but we gotta get there it would gut believe that we got you it. There's a lot of things back it up in the next little while and I pictures -- talking about it. Cam Neely I had to -- comments last week in an interview talking about can't play for 00 tie you gotta gotta open -- up this is a very defensive system. On that you guys plight is is it too defensive does the -- that tilt back a little bit towards the offense. Like a lot easier to get defensive a -- incident we talked he doesn't talk vote. Believes look at our own and so he has actually since they wanna -- can you write ups bookkeeper. Mean he's been talking he'd been preaching or check off that you know organized -- her rushed. You know basically since -- they wanna treat acute and you know scored more hurt it doing certain things in and you know it. You know we ought to -- what you have and that's something that means we practiced -- -- Neutral zone building speed and and create offense. I mean we've been doing out here still. I you know our belief that you know quote doing the right thing right yes -- opposite -- what -- -- Don't physically in the defense's own Beatles were but. You know we he better on the other hand though you know hypocrites they want -- its credit unit and it and that. It's just the simple and he's certain that people. Generally and in in your time playing hockey as the most active coaching method Ben. Kind of taking away ice time more rewarding guys have more I mean that seems to be what the next step would be here from the head coach. It it would be I think I think. You know up. Obviously he ought to hear. You the -- people ever to keep -- healthy. Let's -- -- it takes guys way at -- her period you know out here -- -- yes. You know that player becomes you know biting her greatest teammate that's when -- accountability and players -- says you know what. Not competing it's dark you can't listen to him. Understand why and and look they're in every night and it won't happen again. And on I think that's where you know you don't. OG Batman in the leaders you know -- Leaders of the -- on the eight page and you know that defaults prompt it to the next step for him you know I don't. If he doesn't like to let me think that it like you that I doubt it. You know wear long -- -- but you know what it. That's what it needs be to be a great that we -- in the -- then that. You know keep it -- to do it and and we'll support 100%. You know well. Who won't let anything happen literature what will continue to move forward and and -- become a great he. Mark it as one of the leaders on this team do you go individually to players or is it you stand up in front of the room I mean how does it play out when -- trying to get a message across maybe. So they kind of mindset of the entire team or individually that someone that you see taking off more than one -- gay anymore. Or maybe not playing at a level that you need -- player to do you kind of try to handle that yourself. Yeah I'm more individual like crap art on the side octagon. You know there's there's -- you know obviously some did some graduate -- -- -- the other guys keep people great. And they pay apple pop panel. You know certain weight and the things that you. A lot of you probably out. You know what. Where you know the player probably bought the next couple days just to themselves in and that -- water in it again what was up like. You know about a it it's a general discussion with all the leaders of the -- but I'm or I want to -- -- -- -- -- guys ago. It's not on all and god help. Party -- keep it that it I don't know that without that benefit. But I think if you do -- you speak to diet. Right with them. -- at all or he has that you need -- better be right secret that the good way to get proper. Tyler say again planned on -- line as it is a young player tremendous upside and yet he was healthy scratch last week and you know is now dealing with maybe you know 303540. Games into the season. I kind of working through this rookie year had had conversations with him at all about getting through the tough times here. But you know what it was I think you're I think quality keynote it that he can't watching -- understanding it. I don't beat the best thing I thought it was actually a bigger learn I think -- could really care that he's handled it well and he he actually you beat it -- That it but better you get much better. I mean we all know I had guilt -- you know -- the NHL level yup it at a player every night you have to win battles. -- big guys afterwards. -- every night and he's getting. That's -- good sign that the things that you know. You know at that point on what -- -- you know he got beat up on this I mean aren't all out -- your last night you know experts give you -- back from you know that that help scratchy. You went out to -- it and you know got a future column about eight U. You play part very direct way. And that's great that's a you keep. Keep playing like it -- there ought to put on the figure out what you know I. I didn't -- yet. It baby steps but in the process as well -- your body and the better. You guys at 45 shots on hill last night to argue look at the score the box she does what he needed watching games and that's tremendous lot of action they -- and integrate goalie but. Watching the game a lot of those shots seem to be sort of want and Don you know rush up the -- he makes a save that was about it what do you guys do. It to create a little more pressure create a little more traffic to make those shots -- a little more. But the commitment from the guy that's the bottom line you got it going on air bag on the street traffic. And that would do it up. Where your outlook you have -- right now. You know kind of you know do it that we don't do it out product. Packet that it yet Kennedy worked you know the first fifteen games -- we're good we're up by the -- we got away from. A lot sixteen -- it is that it happened that we get back to that under -- We are eight. -- -- -- We have it up in the right -- we're not great talent -- -- that you know. All that idiot well the key point here hope that by lap I mean that's what we really need to be -- -- order division but. We need that we believe we have a long process here by the edit -- you -- you wanna be visible -- in the processor stock. And yet -- you mentioned a few moments ago Margaret he's our guest about needing to goal it's like almost a must win this next game are you sensing that. This team right now is real important crossroads is how the season's gonna play out here over the next couple weeks. I think it is because we're gonna -- -- and audit meeting road trip that. The lot of trouble and -- -- yet it is it we've been pretty good on the road so. Offensive to agree together -- -- I would. You know get it together -- I'm regarded by the right way it. But -- stated it is so much -- -- Planet at about where he. It offered that we need to eat. Developing it -- -- -- the final say -- this -- a lot of factors that we -- to better opt. You know we've got two days of practice you're gonna be better. -- got to ask you people make it a big deal about Brett Favre might be at the end of the road and how long he's been playing you were three years into the league by the time he started play in the NFL. Did -- do you ever scratch your head just amazed that you're still out there doing this of the twenty years. Ireland the united I'd never thought I'd make it yours and mine is the possibility that the program and I've got so much -- I -- how they -- about -- like. You are slightly to -- -- here I am I. Brett does it feel like that the people that elected -- that much. Like this -- -- also it can be up on the Internet don't you know like this stuff right now. -- bullet through -- still love it you know about the building process but -- -- you -- -- a lot of that regard it. The funny thing is mark you're not just here in playing in your forties kind of skating around on the fringe I mean every time we look up your your. Paying the price of front and that didn't beat up a little bit dishing it out to. In the line of fire I mean has that. Just been an area where you said that's my game I don't care how old all right I am how many games I've played I've got to camp out at the top of the -- no matter what may come. Absolutely and we've got -- part of our smallest part of my game -- -- machine now on I think. August yet but I want to show us whether it's doubtful that. -- leader and I know what -- deal with Benedict BD player that even. The public -- doing that stuff. I enjoyed it doesn't bother me that you ordered. -- you what the walls of green energy. Great atmosphere. Parents and also. You know really just on -- part. -- we watching closely to see how many of -- teammates are paying the price of prominent -- be very. Compelling game coming up this Thursday and will allow will have our eyes open have a great holiday we appreciate time. Mark Recchi. Who. Came into the league in 1980 hate -- and on the foil lot of -- that's a do know they make it out that junior brawl that sixteen year old is still playing at age 42 back after this.

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