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NFL Sunday – Brandon Spikes Suspended for 4 games

Dec 12, 2010|

Dale, Price, Fauria and Brown discuss Patriots rookie linebacker Brandon Spikes being suspended 4 games by the NFL for using a banned substance.

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We got word on Friday. That the patriots have lost player on defense for the next four weeks we. We learned as the afternoon went on that linebacker Brandon spikes had been suspended for four games by the National Football League. Four and and a violation of the league's substance abuse policy. Spikes without a a release in which he adamantly denied that it was operating performance enhancing drugs. He said that it was a mistake they would not appeal the suspension he apologized. To the organization his teammates the fans and we'll take his medicine like a man what it means is that on Monday January 30 eligible to come back to the team. And would be eligible for the for the playoffs as well. Tom -- Tom. Is now reporting that the substance. Which he flunked the drug test for. Was amphetamines. In -- medicine designed to combat attention deficit disorder. I understand completely. Why a young man would feel. Not an obligation but would be very hesitant to admit a situation like this we keep it quiet. We should point out Troy and I were talking about this earlier on this is something that you could go to Italy on. Before us and say listen here's the situation here's my diagnosis. Here's the drug that's been prescribed. To combat that diagnosis and you'll get a waiver. What is what -- driving in what was it it's believed to be at all I think it is an -- I think the report states that you but but you could yet. You can't get away for a that it could but if I'm not mistaken on that -- I think you have to go when you view or some type of medication at the go to your trainer. And tell them this is this is my situation this is what I'm taking in and you know and I'm not sure this going to be legal illegal whatever but as a type a steroid and whatever and you can get. A waiver for having that medication if I'm not current on and on a mistake. Here here's how it works you have to do you exactly you personally at temperature. And it you have it which he obviously it is we have prescription. And then you do he just like sources tell your trainer because when that does come up. Okay it's it's it'll be red -- -- Tuesday and then you'll you have automatic excuse it'd it'll -- type box as quick as possible. After all does a bunch of different things okay yes it does help you focus but he does it also gives you a lot of energy. They gave it if it -- help you. It's almost like a jolt of caffeine that's. Continuously makes you active -- means you think about in the stars they take at all they don't need. And have all this energy. They get skinny does that also depresses draft. So this isn't something you need personally I happen that it's my first time here guys speak after all. To get an edge. It's not something that a you can use it as day. Have a legitimate excuse for sure but you can also use it. You yourself energy to keep yourself focused on the field that keep yourself. Going faster longer stronger. And and I don't I'm not sure how he was using an -- -- other -- views of but I know that it's something that. That -- -- as a supplement. Okay two whatever. Energy -- they ought to they get and I don't know. You need for -- it -- -- if he's he's prescribed for -- -- it is this is a state something narcotic it's not a it's not a it's not something you get off the -- okay you have to have a prescription for it has to be administered by doctor legal doctor. I've seen cases in this before. You know where guys -- you know from whoever. But if you wanted to write it wanna light if it's legal it's legit. -- -- cycle therapist so it's doctor -- just being polling place in the rule the devil's advocate here that you can you can make an argument that he did not speak it. Strictly for forty DP purposes you can taken you can get it -- you get an agent in some other area when it comes to your performances put. I don't know not if I don't I'm not -- -- -- that don't they understand. That those those drugs. All our our can also be used. For different ways which either on the ban that the winds it way that's -- CNET at all. Whatsoever because it usually lot of guys takes up and they don't know the problem -- -- artwork he's -- clue what what was actually in. Bill if you do your homework you know Seattle I don't I -- whenever you athletes that Donald I ask you if you're just your ideas are about this is now but it put it here but if you're an athlete you have. Have to know what goes in your body I agree if you have tonight. And you you're not gonna take that if you know I mean -- -- -- if you don't know what that is. You don't know what's gonna do for you do do you mean I'm assuming you have a prescription for the drug you know and and that's the deal with the that these criminals and then now and and ended it depends on how long he's had to put it can afford these things to -- with something -- with some touted typing in that -- be one thing also and we just got them as if an easier. You know some kind of weigh in as owner of the ball game. You know not not before you you know either you're talking about a lot of things that I had no I did it Dino when this stuff was. I would just what we believe will -- to see this. All the time but I can tell you that I on light Chris I would sisters are okay. It is athletes all they don't know what it but I can tell you is honestly is possible that. There's a lot of these out there just don't know. You can take last year and he could be anything you want. -- and it's. It's them call me. Ignorant but like I don't or stupid because that I -- I -- not gonna -- look at that list to see what I can't -- cannot but you know though I didn't know he doesn't that just don't believe it is the only a little -- what do you go to traded and you go and you just look at that now -- -- about it. You know I can't concentrate. -- am so pleased -- -- concentrate on stressed out okay. I go see your doctor okay I'm mindful. I don't -- -- -- it would allow traders now OK so listen if you gonna tell my coach if you have to -- -- of us -- on the problem -- but it has -- invested -- you as an -- -- -- players forget it okay it doesn't exist -- talk about. -- perspective in my pocket. There's a pride issues ago let's listen it's an upbeat take this a list yet -- about it. I don't think it's just it is not knowing that there's there's. There's any event it's hyped up it's not the reds and blues or whatever that it's legal but there there is. There is that narcotic unit that is -- red -- and it might be minuscule. It's like to -- not -- but it's a red flag certificates up okay. Everything out on the table you can now trying to explain yourself -- -- him beat this thing that these are issues that come that it is if he did. Athletes. It's on the yet we -- -- yes and that's what happens is trying to light. You know it's as it sometimes just. Assume your okay. There's so much stuff on the miss you would never know. You know what it is I mean I did a good example look at haven't to a guys got his stuff in those images have been in the -- -- CBS news has an article discusses movies on I don't you know article that -- -- -- but I didn't -- -- -- practice you know -- and -- gives -- -- but he -- -- down. You know -- players as a young players to come in and you take some sort of being -- thinking that you. I attacked isn't hard enough I was Bartlett -- I don't think that social I don't know so I don't think any going to restore embezzlement and it could be considered it was narrow coastal credit ignorance or just what is it from ever heroin and with the samples. -- -- -- You guys guys -- his old files with veteran pure legal over the counter by the GC whatever. Took them all the time but dehydrated you it is I started cramping up -- answers because they wore high injury okay within and also got your heart rate up. Two point were. Of course sugar yeah guys are just like passing around endless summer the the thing that -- -- -- that he was he thinking pattern and it was. Everybody was to get I could take it I just -- I like now but I'm not a problem hyper as it is. But it's like to -- we noticed -- apparently it wasn't an audio out with the and that fuels that wasn't a bit like it. Different different these products on the market. Sure and it trainers or hand them out. I trainers we'll give these -- -- -- -- it shut down like those that like the little by higher energy drinks -- okay but it was like. Multi purpose you know like jacked up okay you take those things. Those of the things that these are -- and -- so that again all these all these products produced on the market. -- -- -- centered -- so tired I don't like three copies made progress they make my teeth yellow it actually takes a real quick give the court threw out through managers ought to be focused. -- -- What these are taking us up that's the -- -- -- -- it would you assume ignorance stupidity it's billiard ball. Okay and start taking the next you know -- flag. Suspended IT's gotta know it's like take HD to shoot yourself. No -- NM and adjusting that -- I'm not suggesting in this instance. On we're kind of going off operators like but but but I think as an athlete you have an obligation not only to yourself you know because -- -- But the team has been an investment but at the same time. You need to educate yourself and interest in the list is as long as it is I I realize that existed in you have to -- check off seventeen different things before you tickled. But at the same time I think athletes. The note that doubled to educate themselves -- what became the unity. They do you talking about young related to the head I mean if he has -- -- of -- thinking everything's okay you know you have to understand it team and you know and in the league is really the legally protect themselves against -- do because what they've done -- -- -- Sonia. You know and then we take into the -- There's an Obama do -- Lindsay has to I was just so anyway you look at the do we take until they re being greeted us on the back. That's all they do now -- would wanna get it -- you -- send it to a lab and have everything tested and OPEC it's and they would tell you know every bit as if you may be embarrassed to. Noah and and in next -- again -- bid as -- whatever and maintained it was -- -- May not you know so you never know what -- you're -- so you. It was a I was I was afraid of going to -- he did anything. And the biggest because of the regional because it to you by the hole and samples notice them. One of the things that in the one thing they do understand where you guys are coming from is that the team doesn't necessarily always have your best interest at heart. -- look at you with an investment in about how to get to the field about how to get rid of play on Sunday. And if we from a health perspective they always don't have the best interest of the player of the -- -- But I. Do I have to believe that it's obviously did I do OK here's here's the here's taking a shot in the dark I -- -- to guestimate as they. Investigative reporter okay what happened in this situation. He has prescription. He doesn't know what traders just like -- said. He gets flagged you betraying confidences with the help wanted to help me this is so easily and traders don't want. You'll have to have a great. Okay yeah hit they have actually on one of the best I've ever been around okay. He's he's honest he looks he's worried about you he cares about your performance once it's back on the field but just on the right way today and this is that got you can be like listen. I got this prescription. -- I don't -- -- nobody I don't want to become freaking out I got issues OK but I need to say this because. They are counted out but I don't know about what they insert Jim Wales you can listen this is just -- or articulate as this this -- this and it. No okay we'll listen to so you know okay now you're fine it's -- it's it's legal but I get to it. That's probably. The case he probably didn't tell anybody he was speaking because he was in exactly the. -- young man who thinks they're gonna think I've got mental health issues I don't want them -- that I don't want I mean I understand completely why a young man. Beginning his professional athletic career is afraid of being statement ties. Right there -- I've got issues that you are a talented young -- aerial view a young guy also who is -- a questionable off -- -- earlier in his professional career. It is indeed he's starting to worry you might start to worry that he's getting a reputation as something from it and sororities statement you -- to advertise -- not field that's volume -- advertises the only U blocking tight and or purchase only -- -- didn't -- to my -- gets hurt too much you know you. And then. These little boy's club they all know each other so in the coaches you might be free agent and you -- and because your coach and say hey guys trouble makers as. The farther from the truth. The fact is once that labels on you. It's too it's like it's like rehabbing your -- if you blow up it's two years before fully recover.

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