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Dec 2, 2010|

Jaws joins D&C to break down all things Pats/Jets. If you are a football fan this interview is a must listen!

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I think I can safely say without fear contradiction that nobody I know on TV in fact Alex -- that statement. Nobody I know doing any jobs in any profession seems to enjoy their jobs more and perhaps do it as well. As Ron Jaworski for Monday Night Football ESP n.'s NFL analyst extraordinaire and author of a book we've talked about a number of times very interest reading called the games that changed the game. Ron Jaworski joins us on the AT&T hotline hello John how are you. I'm doing great -- always a pleasure being with you guys and talking football particularly Monday Night Football this week. Yet before we get to that it would appear that your Monday Night Football broadcast partner Jon Gruden is not taking his talents to South Beach. Are you happy about that. Absolutely but at. And honestly got I have learned so much from John drew. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know John as a coach -- I've been around these guys like -- the Bill Parcells the world pick for meals of the world you know there's a part of them. That loves to coach at loves to teach. Still loves to motivate and it is great his job has to work with that these that it's certainly starting Monday Night Football. I know so we're down the road you can get back to coach is that that's what in his belly. -- right W jaws of you and gotten the coaching bug audio system you would TV guy for life. Yes. After a bit easier at this point doubted that there was a time. Probably go in the in the midnight he's read my opportunities. You know Dick revealed off reposition the coach to quarterback from Saint Louis and I've spoken to cut the cutting about go to Kansas City working with the offense their but that's. I really do enjoy the TV worked out you know I have a great gig -- I I maintain an office -- NFL films -- -- Tuesday. Every game tape is there -- look at games it's you know it's it it's the epicenter of the NFL throughout the week over NFL films it's football people we talked football that I really enjoy that the TV side of it now. Just do you think Jon Gruden will be able to resist the lure in the offseason that might be some very high profile jobs and other collective bargaining agreement thing kind of clouds the water is a little bit. But Dallas might have an opening Denver might have an opening whoever might have an opening it everybody always is gruden and collar collar and gruden. You think you'll have a different partner next year at this time. You know I I don't have a crystal ball -- I think somewhere down eroded job we'll get involved in coaching because he's that good. You know working with John -- is you know for for three or four days every week now the last copiers are realized what what an amazing talent is it's a coach. Ed -- beyond that what do motivate here is what a hard worker he is how he prepares is if I start up of conversation. Almanac a lot better because that's New Year's Jon Gruden. Ever wanna know Monday Night Football crew is an -- a lot better because we've had two great years with Jon -- We hope it continues but I think well realists understand that that John is a teacher in any lead love that part of the game. Or -- I at a -- simply say that that. You know we're not nearly as smart about football as -- and gruden in the rest of the people. Who analyzed these kinds of things and not necessarily make predictions but look at -- we elected dumb things down like -- five year old here and and my question -- you with a look at. As we look forward to Monday Night Football would you say as a jumping off point this is a quarterback league. -- coach's league. Your book would indicate begin to change the game it's a coach's league because it's the game plans that set the players in the right position to win think what's more important the best quarterback for the best coach. All -- any doubt -- the best quarterback that this is a quarterback driven game. And you know we got a real life example on Monday night with the Arizona Cardinals there was a team the last couple years we're playoff football team. They were play away from winning the Super Bowl two years ago they had a great game and beat the Green Bay Packers you know 5145. In the playoffs a year ago Betsy. People lost on Monday night because -- -- border have Kurt Warner as their quarterback you can see the falloff you know to Derek Anderson it is just Puget. You have to have the quarterback I think I really believe what I love the coaching all the things they do and -- probably go to tell it's gonna have a quarterback obviously it's hard to win consistently. And in New England we have that debate all the time you take a backseat to no one -- when it comes to. Your respect for the head coach here at what what are you remove Brady from the picture. How good -- this team be how good would would Belichick a bend over the last decade. Well bill bill would be good there's no question that fact. You know you mentioned in my book -- that changed game and you don't want of the chapters and it is built -- checked in and that would over the Saint Louis ray of years ago. You know it was the best deep offensive game plan as I said after it broke that tape down at the game -- -- ever seen you know -- obviously tremendous defense you know coordinator is is -- head coach he knows how to stop all that is. But don't -- Will that be would operate obviously not it's good but I think he. We saw what could happen when Matt Cassel was there he stepped in when with Tom Garner. You saw the offense move along nicely but without the special guy we we all know that he's seven incredible season this year. And and and and studying you know for this game so far this week what I noticed about Tom nothing ruffles and you know there's a lot of player changes I'm. -- audit office this year and nothing seems to bother me but father time it just keeps. Moving along very smoothly. -- got a very interesting analysis with -- the eruption once Tony got talking about users you're days so played football together on the other program. A week to patriots. Verses it's Monday night against the jets Randy Moss is gone and they've made some changes as well. How different is this football team autistic but the offensive side the -- the patriots are going to put up their versus what they showed in week two against the jets. Oh my god it's it's incredibly different football team you know the that the you know as an I didn't mean any disrespect toward you know toward rainy -- don't know -- no problem just. You know I I. I saw what was going -- actually saw this so often begin developed noted that draft last April when they ordered and as a Gradkowski were drafted I mean bill mostly do what I would say don't got a vision. The worst team is going to beat down the road and and you could see the evolution of this football team what was going out they had that speedy tight ends as well as. Guys like blocks we could see with his team was going. About the acquisition of Deion Branch was really a stroke of brilliance to bring him back -- about eight possessions style of offense. If you're gonna get some plays -- would take -- stretched the field. But -- promise so good at spreading the field sideline to sideline and it's sometimes we think of you know that it did the spacing often it is. If people click of the political game all the time what were the patriots are so good it's sideline to sideline and find the -- between people rather over the top people. When you when you look at the patriot defense and you look when you focus more on offense you're an offensive guy but. Is. Is it good enough I'm and we know statistically. It's not very good but do you look at that -- say that's going to be a problem for this team for Bill Belichick. Somewhere down the road that that. Yes I do what I think you know that that that's the eyeball test and they don't when when you watch his defense -- giving up -- before yards -- -- That it's not typical of the woman Patriots defense but if -- say this is eight people and continuing to be tinkered with by billed as the entire defense to step I'll look at the paper this week actually just. All kinds of rotations that it it is it's somewhat amazing you know what what I see. It's our personnel packages and it was on the field and -- they feel about themselves yet it's so I -- I think yes it will be a problem as you -- In the playoffs where you see some juggernaut -- and you -- you've got to have a defense I know they may have turnovers at opportune times they've made plays an opportune times. But I don't think in this league give up four yards on the average and games and be a playoff suitable. What about this week -- Braylon Edwards Santonio Holmes and LT out of the backfield to get. Mark Sanchez is is this one of those offenses that is gonna exploit this defense and and and could this be a big problem for the Monday night. Thought I don't think it will be that's not the way it is that the jets play their offense you know that they will take their shots they'll feature some -- down on the field but the -- wanna run the football and they've gotten away from. From what I saw last year primarily maybe with a loss of Alan Faneca change what they do. Offensively they're power running game where would they would pull L Faneca and run the right there were predominant right handed team a year ago. They're now more big stretch running team which -- greeted with being a comic book a little bit of a different style but they wanna run the football first. But don't have a Santonio Holmes to Braylon Edwards. He got guys that could make plays. And and you look at the tight end Dustin Keller he's -- -- making plays with tight end spot so they're gonna take their shots he'll preach the big plays. But -- look at the jets right now they wanna run the football first and foremost. And his -- Bill Belichick will concentrate his defensive efforts I know he wants to be all things the wall elements of of another team's offense. But what does he wanna take away first just. They've got steak with a -- and that it it's kind of funny as we travel route their money breakthrough and -- with each and every team lead that we cover on the weekend that's all we hear first formal got to stop the run I don't post by the -- the -- laughable because everyone says -- yet. You look at the NFL it's a passing week. You know it could -- by out of I think people wanna stop the reality it's double because we could say their personal loss first becomes the other up. This day passing we get to be -- if -- -- that the coach. The first thing I'm gonna say is we've got to stop the explosive play it very typical twelve plays eighty yards and happened about about 11% of the time. So you know to me it's stop it -- spoke to play I'll give them 34 yard play all day long well I'm not gonna give chunks. -- -- I think we know that the real reason nor the big reason the patriots are nine and two is big of the offense and Brady is so prolific that aside. Is it because they require other defense other offenses. To drive and drive and drive and have long protracted drive that maybe they can make a mistake and then they force a turnover and while they may be giving up big chunks of yards. Sort of similar to -- last year they created turn over the bails them out at the end. Yeah I I think that's with a -- of the patriots kind of approach it that the gonna make plays again. The other -- they're gonna give yet but short passes Connecticut and the other route to the football and you know create turnovers -- up global what -- about as the deepest thing have a field wall type if you look at the patriots situation I believe -- -- a 113 possessions this year that the fewest of any offense in the NFL you know you I think you'd use some people like the Redskins -- -- there -- the 140 -- You know you're you're you're taking away games games from pro offered to -- when you have all the weapons that they accomplish have a offense. You know I would like to see that -- have more possessions rather averaging about gun possession of the game while other people getting twelve opportunities so that's two more possessions per game. We will widget which could mean a lot points. Who or what specifically. Is that in the weakness on defense that could come. Come back the vitamin -- is at the past the lack of a pass rusher at someone is it back in the secondary. Thought I think it's more the past Russian Alexei pass defense the combination of coverage and perhaps Russian and I seen a lot of you know average quarters become great corners because you make Olympic cover for 2.4 2.5 seconds the past rush. You know the top of the five step drop and most teams now reverting to heal the five step drop as the state staple of their offense to work the the ball about the quarterbacks in the two point one seconds. Now the the play action deeper game got -- -- on the ball for two point not the three seconds so that's all you have to cover for elected it's like your doctor for five seconds -- the cover wide receivers. But then again -- -- come to pass rush pressure I think this is where. The pages of struggle a bit when they haven't got that pass rush pressure and the quarterback can stay in their pockets. Bounce around be mobile and allow guide on covered that's -- -- pick up themselves in trouble I think the if the pass rush would. Would force the quarterback to get the ball at the quicker the secondary would play better. Just in your mind what's the most. Important stats over the course of the season for a team or or the most important -- or two there there's one website that talks about defensive passer rating. May be the most underrated staff that there is if you're good at that you're probably going to be a good football team what you look at. The debt that's that is it is actually correct I don't think it's the most important it is one of the most important. You know that I learned that years ago from Dick for real you wanna you know evaluate -- defense look at the quarterback passer rating of -- gonna get legally templates for. A number of statistics the one step that you know we talk about. -- -- -- to all the time -- -- that's an 81%. We have it your plus one or better so far after twelve weeks to -- in 81%. Win. The other step that did that that I moderates got a unique it took to -- people. Our Russia's plus completions. Now Russia's plus passes its completions and it -- -- team. Is both fiftieth indices and I can almost guarantee you they'll be a playoff teams so to number -- Rogers. And then number of completions and historically that's that the -- has proved to -- one that shows how he was playing. What is Brady doing now that that. He's that is -- better than he's ever done and -- and when you watch and you break it down and you're an expert on these quarterbacks what does he do better than other guys. Yeah I did -- -- because I I think you said it DR I I -- starting quarterbacks is it it's kind of what I what what I what I've made by. The Obama might save money as far as the game goes to value and and -- he's always been one of my favorites along with Peyton Manning -- with Drew Brees and Philip Rivers that category right now guys that are playing -- league level but. But Tom has always been kind of big guy at a at an output cut pick a lot of people opposite. The most mobile quarterback in the NFL this Tom Brady's -- Ever think of mobility -- Michael they can run in the router but Donovan McNabb and guys human Jeff Garcia running around and make it -- to meet mobility. Is quarterback nick moved maybe three feet and forty -- step up and really be a push up in the pocket and make the -- kind of moved to meet that's mobility. At the quarterback position in the NFL and that's what Thomas always been fantastic the feel for where the pressure is coming from. The slide one way to slide back to slide up despite it two or 3% for the second that's all you need. The -- receivers aren't covered get the depth that need to get to and manipulate the defense so I think that's one area -- -- always been outstanding. -- -- with in the pocket. Just a week all agree that Brady is one and Manning is two or vice Versa Manning of one Brady used to. Who is number three in the National Football League and not just based on how they're playing at this moment and that's sort of you know overview of quarterbacks and their talent and their ability to lead their teams. Yeah I have Drew Brees right now I think the fact that Drew Brees is put together. You know a couple good years sitting on the Super Bowl last year he's playing rock solid football this year they've lost a lot of weapons are starting you know they get down to wardens. And -- it could be -- I think there will be many people that might put Philip Rivers in there at number three and I think -- -- played outstanding football he reminds me a lot of Tom Brady. Would you go to push up in the pocket. You don't find it you know move up in the eye of the storm private -- spot within the -- I think he's played a very high levels well actually this the first time guys it'll walk outside or -- -- For quarterback I would say airplane hit big league level and -- league level it's this real simple you're gonna come up for sixteen weeks. For sixty minutes of the game and you're gonna get good solid quarterback exactly lead level. This is Peyton Manning's still not -- and after last week. It could at that point and by the way to articulate -- let it -- I'm -- because -- throughout the Peyton -- courtesies and don't. In a given -- -- might be right there. You're welcome to Indianapolis is Ron is in Cleveland now has happened -- this joke about the fact that you know what I quote -- at a Philadelphia got booted out of the -- that election. They your your book obviously breaks down game plans the best game plans ever and as you point out the best. Bill Belichick called the best defensive game play you've ever seen but -- my question for just one of -- all the time when a Sigalet Josh McDaniels study learn on the under Belichick then go to Denver and struggle -- -- same thing he had some success in New York he moved on. Why can't they duplicate what they learned from the genius it's -- is a -- just it's finite you can't I mean this. A limited number of things you can do with those eleven players. Why does one guy do -- so much better than another guy. I think his people skills and an -- that's the one area that that that we often overlook and it always -- I travel around this league have been bit of public yet have filled out since 1973. So that's up 37 years of my life has been. You know being around the NFL and everyone's got the same playbook they make all the plays differently you know -- got the same place you know you look at this coaching fraternity. These guys talk they do ripping get a drug drop the week they talked it. -- other teams I don't got the same playbook they make all of differently but you -- they did the same exit polls would you be into doubt whether coaches Beckham motivated to motivate thirteen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For the long grind of the NFL -- the option doubt that you have to deal with injuries that you have to deal that's what's separate. You think. The the thing that makes -- stand out are people skills and say press conference that better that's fascinating. I pray -- we just did a poll here the most interesting guy in Boston on our website. And Belichick won even though he doesn't get -- -- Because I think people that they're fascinated by his. His reticence they wanna know more bottom you've spent some time with -- for this book correct on the one of the one of the interesting anecdotes is when he was trying to improve his running game. He looked at navy the Naval Academy they led the nation in rushing he watched every game every run they had for the whole year. And tried to figure out how he could duplicate navy's running game and you know with the conclusion was the -- You can't because -- quarter publisher quarterbacks a threat to run you can't run like maybe. And that he had -- and that quarterback get at the college double can be great running that's -- office but that does not projected the NFL -- by the way I will interject on the press conference stop and it's it's it's a thing you know -- -- -- built back in -- anyone with a personality you know on television -- much like -- You don't like -- REIT which of people to adult urgent that they get the actually ballistic and Amy Holmes press conference he cleared his throat and at times yours and it's the movie tells you not think. But trust me. I know the players -- that -- I know the coaches on the team dislike it of the player difficult to know when the these guys will go to the wall for Bill Belichick -- -- -- read -- the personnel that we see on TV is not what the players see in the locker room. You know -- pocket pretty -- you guys okay he's gonna be honored Monday night units of one of the class taxable world and I don't -- said he feels about Bill Belichick I don't all the players historically the belt bulk -- -- checked. They're together as a unit as a team you know their job is to win football games not with personality contest. Ron Jaworski that leaves me beautifully to my next question -- say eighteen reflects their coach's personality. And their could not be more opposites coaching against one another on Monday night. If bill took his and Rex took fears which team would be more successful with the other guys troops. While that's a very interesting question I'm not. Because you are -- these two guys are different -- yeah you know I look at I'd love Rex Ryan by the way I I love what he's brought to the National Football League. You know as to what we saw with you know what with Rex and rob a few weeks ago and two Brothers coaches' -- where. -- -- -- -- -- prior to the game on the weak open you see it this week -- And Rex has incredible respect for the game and coaches but he knows how to carry get people to talk a little bit I liked a cattle like that part of -- with the Latvians. I I would probably ethical -- -- I still think off that -- there's there's they're probably does is that one of the best offenses in the leak out -- -- There are some problems and I'm not even sure Rex vote is designed think he doesn't keep that could take this Patriots defense to have them be successful right now. Iran I know for a fact that ESPN frowns on you making predictions about games you're going to call also rather than ask you who's gonna win Monday Night Football because I know you'd have to dance around it give a couple of things -- in the division. Couple things to watch for Monday night global tell us early on who's going to win the game. Yeah I I think first and foremost. It will be the patriots -- it's -- if they can get Mark Sanchez to move from his launch point you know they will have success -- -- not -- -- -- gonna beat you. From the pocket stop the prototypical NFL quarterback yet and by the way Mark Sanchez gets better every single week although I thought he took a little bit of a step back into steady -- going off the big game he had the prior week but I think Mark Sanchez is the kind of guy that we. In the pocket you'd need to get bodies around him -- I think this it's -- with a push up the middle. Will be critical of market -- timing and rhythm guy -- I think you wanna get. To coordinate -- others the other team's Jersey color -- debate and force him to move and throw off balance. I can you assure us that cam Newton has no shot in the NFL and Tim Tebow will never be a good starting quarterback you know what it takes better than anybody. You know I I thought I that I got for number one look Tim Tebow the person but his. His throwing mechanics and passing ability to meet never projected the National Football League I hope he proves me wrong because he's such a a quality person now PM new doubt watch some games on TV but I'll be out of the guys I I hate to make projections. Until I look at every pass but he -- thrown at Auburn preparation for the draft but it went out shell like what I see. Would that be fun but it's it's funny it's the NFL. That I faults in me it's too bad the guys like. Tim Tebow they can't succeed at or even Neil Patrick aura. A white what's his name. Yeah I have quite an impact like us that it's too bad but it but it's true I mean you know they need to geez can't they just don't fit the mold. What you don't look at the one thing in the NFL the most important attribute for a quarterback is your ability to throw the football actors to accurately. I think velocity is right up in -- as well because of the tight windows that you have to throw the football and do we don't you know mom watch and you know the patriots now play and seven -- that took back the browns -- seven defense to back the jets multiple defense to back. These are quick Agile athletes in the secondary -- you don't have these big windows to throw the football and do so I think he. It was strong arm is obviously critical and so was accuracy LL look at some these guys that played the spread offense in college and it receivers are wide open I mean the other that he did lead to complete these passes but it's different in the NFL and I think the other thing like. It otherwise is that the people's in the Pat -- to those guys. You know you can you know the quarterback doesn't make his living running the football NFL you will get killed and and it's it's that simple book by the nature. Of the NFL game the number of games being played running quarterbacks will not laugh. So will be back -- last. Now. He's already you look at that edit and he'll be out again that's what you know the Eagles are so. Adamant about keeping Kevin -- as a backup quarterback they feel they have dipped to number ones. Our -- we say thank you and -- -- -- jobs there are three things you need to know about Ron -- number one pick up the -- the games that changed the game fascinating reading and the patriots at three point about our featured prominently in here number two -- -- the entire Monday Night Football team to Rico and gruden and deploy everybody are showing up early to getting your Saturday into Boston in honor of the Graham -- -- foundation it's a fund -- 7 o'clock it begins at the greatest bar on friend street is 25 dollar cover charge and all the proceeds from autographs and auction items benefit the -- -- -- foundation and finally justice and for you. We have a text machine where people just send in their little text and their comments as we're doing something and I and I -- this looks like it read it to you -- who say goodbye. The three smartest pulls in history copernicus let less -- and Roger worse. Up up up up up. Not necessarily in that -- -- a -- -- you are in good company at -- always a pleasure talking football with you thanks to the diamond we certainly will be watching enlisting Monday night. Stand by that would come up the great response Saturday at its going to be a blast rock could be there and raise some money for a great cause I -- email Carter foundation it's going to be there we got a lot of great auction items and by the -- a -- Michael Vick autographed helmets of good stuff. To that the bring your book by first and bring it to you got the idea -- Christmas. And it usually. Pick up orders or any bookstore editor Gerri so I'll be happy that it decided that they bring to book Giles talked down the road exotic gadget that. Ron Jaworski Dennis -- an -- AT&T hotline fine it was possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. -- think possible.

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